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Everything posted by DesoPL

  1. Mini tool maker where can make as well coats from leather.
  2. It is intended, that can't produce wooden tools?
  3. That's why i wonder if this old greenhouse will back. If not... Maybe add Adam & Eve with seedlings difficulty?
  4. I mean that one what produced seedlings.
  5. Where to find RedKetchup greenhouse building in MM8?
  6. My question is, how to download it? I feel confused.
  7. Personally and it is only me, i rather would like more wild west, colonial, asian settings for Banished. I know there is Chinese mod with asian setting, but is not working with CC i've heard.
  8. Any idea if Kraylerg will made new version of megamod, included latest Kid mods for example?
  9. Like Adam & Eve etc i mean from CC.
  10. Any chances may seperate CC difficulties mod might happend? Like it is allready for themes etc.
  11. Where i can download newest version of natural diversity? I got older one.
  12. Everytime i start new game, sooner or later i got access violation error only on map size from CC. :( Demotivating... :(

  13. I will not lie, i could love see a city builder game in setting like game Saelig is. Problem is, that doubt it might happend...
  14. So this will be evolved Banished by Black Liquid? Can't wait see for more!
  15. http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/2017-09-13-1-0-7-released/ And sadly it is last patch.
  16. Idk if it's just me, or one of my viliagers gone mad? Tip. Look left down corner.
  17. I hope someday see Megamod update so i wouldn't need download some of mods seperate, like that Medieval Houses etc.
  18. Looks promising and got some features what i miss on banished like technology advacement. Wish could be an city builder, where you can build city from prehistoric to futuristic times. Could be fun playing it.
  19. Too big price for me, shame on me.
  20. Allmost is one year since i seriously played Banished and i see so much good stuff come to the game with mods. I need your help guys, because now i am confused. I wanted use Megamod but idk if got lately na april - may updated etc. Help?
  21. That's what i talk about! Since also there is new versiuons of Discrepancy mods etc, what i want try out.
  22. Do you have plan add more house variants or making idk. Some docks set to that houses etc? Looks very promising.
  24. Is possible for maps like large lakes etc, add addintional difficulty choice like easy northern pines etc? I wanted use northern pines on large lakes map lately.
  25. Do i need download seperate CC 1.75 or what?