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  1. I always start Adam & Eve and build a school to educate the first born children. It takes micromanaging like crazy to keep enough food/wood/clothes/tools, but it's nice to have the buildings up and running and as the kids get old enough to work they have their workplaces all ready to go for them. I never take on nomads, but what would encourage me to do so is the notion that the population, once exposed to a new nomad brought in disease and it's defeated the whole population has a resistance to that particular disease, to make it less likely to spread the way it did the first time.
  2. I don't think I've posted here before so let me take this opportunity to say Hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times.
  3. I let my labor count get high and then slowly fill in the vendors and merchants etc... and I love having 50-80 extra for when there is a population die off, in my case it's usually because I skip a few years building homes so there are just a bunch of people who die of old age and then there just aren't enough to fill in all the jobs. I recently went from having 320-ish adults to 210, I was cutting labor all over the place, candle makers honey gatherers shoremen the whole bit. Then it settled in and I built a few homes more steady. But I think it's always good to be ready in case that happens due to illness etc. I just wish when I had that culling I had a regular town hall so I could have maybe caught lucky with a shipment of Nomads. I hate Nomads if only because they're uneducated, but that's the trade off with them, need an influx of labor? They're not educated. But they do breed like rabbits don't they.
  4. Oh, and for the record, yes, in spite of looking like a fool for hours to figure out which blacksmith had the carbon steel tools going on, all I had to do was make the Medieval Blacksmith and then upgrade it once, although it only houses 1 blacksmith I'm sure additional upgrades will remedy that as well. Now to figure out how to make roofing tiles or whatever that symbol is that it requires for additional upgrades.
  5. I totally need to learn how to mod. If I had the skillz I'd contribute to the cause to be sure. For as long as I've been gaming and going in and making .ini "tweeks" back in the day, I should have learned some programming enough to do this already. Gaming slackerhood kicks in... HA.
  6. Well I ask myself, what's the means by which they make flour inedible? Maybe have a whole second set of crops/seeds that grow inedibles to circumvent the turning of it into foods. "Cotton seeds" and then "Cotton seeds(Textiles)" to make the inedible versions. Cotton seeds for oil, Cotton seeds (textiles) for clothes, ditto with Butter, but because it's not a planted crop but rather one that comes from cows milks processing I wonder if the dairy barn can have a dropdown selection of what it produces, like those bee/honey collectors let you pick honey from comb honey. Choose between cheese/butter and cheese inedible/butter inedible right from the dairy barn. Just a thought. And it's not like it's game breaking, it's how it would work in the real world. The barn would be owned by the dairy maker/baker or at least the dairy maker would put x amount aside for the baker.
  7. *cry* I feel like Beatrice, the old lady in the esurance commercial, pointing to the wall in my living room with all the photos "posted" to it.... I un-friend you. lol But seriously that's how it should work. Any tips to try and get it to work? like put my butter on the far end of the map or something and then the bakery's next to that.
  8. I have MM, couldn't find it, but I also haven't tried looking at the Medieval Blacksmith's upgrade. I'm going to be AFK till later this afternoon so can't check until then. Will report back if I was able to find it without any additional mods than CC/MM.
  9. Too OP, I'd sooner go for the inedible butter option. I don't mind using butter I just hate having to buy 12000 Butter from the vendor to keep up with my townsfolks consumption on top of my bakery consumption. Seems a bit silly. There should be a way to flag items in the same way a plantation flags them to not count as food. I can see orchards needing the same thing with Walnuts/Apricots etc. I don't want such a hack like not needing the ingredient in the first place, but rather to allow ingredients to only go towards baking or brewing etc. Inedible butter mod here I come.
  10. I seem to remember having these offered to me from a trader to purchase, yet now that I look it up to make myself I find it's not part of CC's mod or Megamod which are my only two mods running. Am I having a false memory or something?
  11. I wish this could be inedible if only because it seems they eat it up before I can turn it all into bread.
  12. Pathing is a bit odd, I had a fire recently and fortunately because I thought about it ahead of time I set up wells. It was near the river, but there was a well halfway between the river and the fire, what did they do? Yup, ignored the well and just went to the river. Watching this kind of thing makes you want to throw stuff at the screen. lol I've been slowly rearranging things in the town now, specifically where my fields/orchards/pastures are, adding closer housing and such. I'm coming to the conclusion that markets are VERY important and wish I could put more than 3 workers in the smaller ones. I've just been letting them overlap a bit. I thought I read somewhere that the traders can carry more than the market workers, this seems stupid since they should both be using the same kind of wheelbarrels to tote stuff around. The game is great, just a few nagging pet peeves.
  13. For me it's not always about economic advantage, in some cases I'm just looking for the most efficient layout I can do. How many markets do I really have to put down to keep things moving around well. What's the best ways to use all the various stockpiles. I chop wood in the forest but on the other side of the map I have my sawmill to cut lumber. Because a forester works best when there is minimal building in it's circle. Which would suggest a road, their housing, gatherer and housing, herbalist and housing, hunter and housing.. then storage and stockpile and you're really getting inefficient, so maybe moving the housing out would be best and make them walk back and forth, that would allow the houses to be closer to the market too, or should one put the market in the middle of the trees with everything else? There's got to be a more optimal way. A better mechanic in the game would be to let us choose the size of our circles, of course the bigger the circle the more people you need to work the whole thing. But at least then you can make a HUGE circle and just put everything the workers need in it without losing a ton of efficiency. I'm using this as an example, but I encounter this type of thing a lot. like with farms/orchards/pastures and industrial areas where you make your various later stage of the game items. I know you can optimize the size of those based on what you're laying down, but where do you put the houses? Marketplace, barns and stockpiles to optimize things, and what's a great road layout to take advantage of the game mechanics? I know.... I go deep. lol
  14. Great mod, fantastic work all the way around, I should have said this before but better late than never. Now, small suggestion before big one.... There should be a way to tell all houses to use a preferred fuel type to heat their homes. If that fuel type isn't available because it ran out, then it's a free for all, but when I have stacks of coke laying around and they're using firewood, it's a pet peeve of mine. Ok, bigger suggestion and might be something simple. Need a way to control population with something other than housing. If I get a baby boom of people and I don't need 50 laborers and 20 builders, I'd like a way to kill some off but to maybe have a payoff of some kind for it. These are educated people after all. Maybe make them explorers who "go away" and have a 50/50 chance of returning with something cool to decorate the town with. Kind of like how a small town builds a war memorial statue of a hometown general who dies. Cool looking statue, but sadly he's dead now. It happens. Again, thanks for the incredible mod. Keep up the fantastic work.
  15. Thank you! It was driving me nuts. On the one hand the bigger the house the more fuel it would need, on the other, the better the house the more fuel efficient. So I said to myself, that could go either way. lol