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  1. @Kralyerg, thank you very much for this release. You just recently undated CCJ to 1.76 and I was wondering if the new update of CC was included in the MM 8 release. The PDF file shows CC 1.75. Again thanks for this release.
  2. @estherhb I really like the current spawn rate of flowers. They add really nice color to the areas. I have added a florist to the areas to collect the flowers and it works very well. I have found that the DSViking Storage will not store the collected flowers however it will store the perfume. The vanilla barn will store the flowers but not the perfume. Guess it has something to do with the flags. Have not tested other storage types.
  3. Thanks @estherhb . Got everything loaded... Oh am I in for a treat@! Yea
  4. Can not wait to get able to load and run this update tonight. I noticed while checking the PDF of included mods that both Almond Tree and Hazel Tree were included with Roasted Nuts. If I am not mistaken @Discrepancy had indicated that Almond Tree and Hazel Tree were no longer needed with Roasted Nuts. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=2239.msg45053#msg45053
  5. You have saved an old man what little hair he has. I had read a long time ago that you could get better speed at loading using the ALT+TAB trick. The tab out function did not seem to work as well with DX11 as DX9 (Visually) so I began using DX9 only. As I loaded more mods along with the Black Liquid work, loading got slower and slower. I had completely forgotten about DX11 supposedly being faster with a large group of mods. @estherhbI kneel to your wisdom. Thank you so very much. @BuildHappyI had thought it was my system : Processor : AMD A6-7310 APU wth AMD Radeon R4 Graphics at 2.00 GHz Ram: 4 GB (3.44 GB usable) System Type: 64 bit, x64 based processor.
  6. When placing a Tiny Shack I placed it 2x4 next to another structure, then when upgrading to a Tiny House it was rotated 90 degrees to 4x2. After then upgraded rotation it appeared to be over drawn on the adjacent structure. Sure hopes this makes sense as I forgot to make a screen shot.
  7. You have outdone yourself @Kralyerg. Absolutely fantastic! Now I will definitely have to get my computer upgraded. Before my system was slow in loading even with using the ALT + TAB trick to put Banished in the background when loading. Even with that trick I find myself waiting close to 1-3/4 hours until I hear the music and can go to the main menu screen with this version of MM. I will wait that time for this great compilation of work from so many great modders until I can afford to get more memory in my poor little computer. Once loaded every thing seems to run ok, only got to 10 years so far, with only minor delays. Great work.
  8. Thank you @estherhb. This will go into my library for a thorough read and guide for my very next town.
  9. I consider you to be a master at this simulation/game @estherhb, and I would love to have you lay out your methods and thinking when you play. So please, if you would, provide a guide. I have been playing for some time and I have yet been able to even come close to what you do.
  10. On the 'World of Banished' site is a neat little mod that can be used for invisible crowd control, An Empty Square V102 by: Necora Here is the link to the download : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=29 Great little mod.
  11. Oh boy large worlds. Even on the CC Very Large Maps it seems small at times. I would like to see a series of maps that are linked in some way so you can ship items between maps. Maybe like one map you can use for resource production, another for forests, crops and orchards, then the villages and towns on another. The complexity of having to manage three or four maps that were linked in some way would be a quite a challenge.
  12. What are you considering for object location or building placement and what sort of limitations?
  13. @KevinTheCynic I jumped the gun a bit with Ridiculous Storage. Upon deleting the original starting storage and creating new, Ridiculous Storage kicked in. Still using the NatDiv Easy condition.
  14. Worth waiting for! Got a question about using Starting Conditions other than the NatDiv conditions. Running with the NatDiv Easy condition the earlier mod "Ridiculous Storage" was not functioning. Wanted to see how running using one of Jungle easy conditions got a crash message. Just to check that I had followed the standard restart properly I restarted using my M. Jungle easy and received a crash message almost immediately. Using the NatDiv1 version I had no issues, using NatDiv2 I am restricted to only using the NatDiv conditions or I crash. Back to my new NatDiv easy start. I do have a complete ModList in load order with 132 mods, if you are interested.
  15. I started growing Bamboo in a plantation and noticed the harvested Bamboo was not showing up in the DS Tudor Barn or the RK Large Storage Barn. Ran a check an it appears that the flag may have changed. The plantation information shows Bamboo as a Textile and what estherhb posted shows a Misc. Maybe I have done something wrong?