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  1. @KevinTheCynic I jumped the gun a bit with Ridiculous Storage. Upon deleting the original starting storage and creating new, Ridiculous Storage kicked in. Still using the NatDiv Easy condition.
  2. Worth waiting for! Got a question about using Starting Conditions other than the NatDiv conditions. Running with the NatDiv Easy condition the earlier mod "Ridiculous Storage" was not functioning. Wanted to see how running using one of Jungle easy conditions got a crash message. Just to check that I had followed the standard restart properly I restarted using my M. Jungle easy and received a crash message almost immediately. Using the NatDiv1 version I had no issues, using NatDiv2 I am restricted to only using the NatDiv conditions or I crash. Back to my new NatDiv easy start. I do have a complete ModList in load order with 132 mods, if you are interested.
  3. I started growing Bamboo in a plantation and noticed the harvested Bamboo was not showing up in the DS Tudor Barn or the RK Large Storage Barn. Ran a check an it appears that the flag may have changed. The plantation information shows Bamboo as a Textile and what estherhb posted shows a Misc. Maybe I have done something wrong?
  4. Thank you very much Paeng. I very seldom venture much beyond here and WoB.
  5. I like the idea that WatersMoon110 put forward. One issue that I see may happen with MM is the amount of time necessary to keep it updated. One of the earlier posts spoke to that also. I really like having groups by maker and by function would be my choice if possible. But like Ketchup, I will support what ever Blackliquid brings to the table.
  6. Dwro, I have gotten that message a number of times when loading new mods or updating them. One of the things I have learned is to update your Mods, then completely exit the entire game. Then reload. That may take care of the crash.
  7. Thank you very much. With the Specialized Storage, could you please provide the storage limits on the new facilities, and are any of the other units change limits? Considering Ridiculous Storage Mods, are the Specialized Storage Units covered under these mods? Exceptional Work, Greatly Appreciated.
  8. I have also noticed that the new 1.07 Beta and CC 1.72 appear to have a conflict with the Ridiculous Storage mod. It seems with Ridiculous Storage is enabled I am unable and have it picked up at the various land based lumber producers after it is generated. That is without any other mods enabled except CC 1.72, and Ridiculous Storage on top of the new Banished 1.70 Beta with the new flags. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. I am still using the full Maritimes edition, and I like it a lot. Fantastic work. Modular sounds like a great idea.
  10. Paeng is gifted. Not only knowing the game Paeng is able to create beautiful landscapes using Banished (enhanced with Black Liquid's as well as many others creations) to it's fullest is a treat for viewers. I feel that Paeng has now reached a new level. To be able to create a scene of great beauty and have it convey a feeling is truly a gift.
  11. Love that little buggy.
  12. Love those new fires. Wondering if the new fires will or can be added to the various buildings that burn things in the open?
  13. CC 1.7 is looking like a whole new game. I will never get any sleep and may even forget what my wife looks like, and her voice will become louder and a bit more shrill. The Northern Pine start will be a great addition. The tall straight pines can lend them selves to the construction of log buildings. Are there any plans to add additional log structures?
  14. Love those culverts!
  15. I really like these wall sets. Does the tall fence set also sit under ground level and include a drain or barred pass through for spanning small streams?