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  1. I believe we can all agree on that Well phrased my friend.
  2. I do believe my profile is complete but it's missing one little touch and that's my Logo as to which I call "Serenity & Loyalty" here let me add the picture so i can read all the likes and comments. Hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful day :) 

    Arcano Corps. Syntax 1.png

  3. Hello One & All, My name is David and I'm from Pennsylvania, some call it Penn's Woods because of our gorgeous nature trails, you should come check our great state out some time. I love to play survival, open world crafting games and in some cases a good puzzle or strategy. Thank you so much for the email to the new forum, it looks clean spiffy and really cool. Hope we can make some friends on here. I'll go work on my profile, have fun!