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  1. esther I so appreciate your kindness in keeping me informed. I can wait until the next release. Thank you for telling me
  2. sadly it did not work stiles. No problems swapping to MM8, put CC Terrain at top of list, ensured it was enabled in new game but still I get black-leaved trees instead of the silver birch, which I love for their grace and seasonal colour. Disappointed I shall revert to 1.75 again. If you should sometime discover that a solution has been found ( I cannot be the only one noticing this) I would be pleased to hear. Thank you for your help. PS Tried everything I can think of. CC Terrain is fine does what it says, but not in MM8. Maritime trees also changes to other trees - but not the birch, and does not get on with MM8. Having no mods except MM8 does not solve the issue, so I know it is not because of some other mod, it is just MM8... am I the only one who can see this? Surely not.. back to 1.75 (sigh) exits to sad music..
  3. ok, I will follow your advice - gently puzzled though because the trees that got changed in the latest MM are the 'vanilla' trees from the unmodded game - silver birch - but I will follow your advice install the latest MM again put the terrain modular at the top and see what happens. Thank you, will report back if it is successful
  4. not sure to what you refer. I have MM 1.75 loaded and a few stand-alones - no separate CC mods. Are you saying I should download a stand-alone terrain mod? Sorry if I am being a bit dim...
  5. I will stay with 1.75 for now and hope that MM8 will get successfully updated when/if Kralyerg has figured the solution - thank you for the advice though
  6. has there been any progress on swapping the trees back please?
  7. oh wow!! I thought it was an intentional change, and it isn't! that has cheered me up no end - I was thinking I would have to fiddle with it myself ( fat chance of success there) or stay with 1.75 and lose out on all the other goodies.. I do hope it can be fixed........
  8. MM8 is lovely and everything is working fine, but I mourn the loss of the silver birch trees and would like to swap them back instead of what is now showing in MM8.. is that possible? I have downloaded the modkit 1.07 - is it something I can do myself??
  9. It is lovely and even more treasures to be found than in 1.75, but you have swapped the silver birch trees with their grace and seasonal changing foliage for something that is dark and stiff and, to my eye, most unattractive. I can't play the game like that and planned to go back to 1.75, even though it means I miss out on Kid's new dwellings and other stuff. It has been suggested on the Steam Forum that I come up here and ask you if it can somehow be changed back for those of us who prefer the original map trees, but I was shy to do that as you have already given me an 'extra flowers'.pkm for the previous version of MM8 mod - but here I am, asking...please....and thank you for all your work.
  10. OK, thanks .... yup, dl'd again and bug is corrected and tickety-boo - wonderful!!
  11. When I go to 'small covered yards' and click on the icon in the toolbar, the game crashes with the fatal access violation notice. I am on PC and on Steam. I tried it in two different maps, one with a fairly well established town, the other just beginning. I restarted and tried several times with the same result. Wonderful Mod though - thank you team!
  12. I feel privileged that you bothered to do this just because I asked, a big thank you! I shall do as you say - hugs ( this is an old lady hug so you are OK) and is it also Kralyerg that does the all the wild things forester? That too is a must for me in every game I play. And is it Ketchup that gives us the garden walls? Wonderful stuff. You are all such treasures!!
  13. really? wow.. that would be wonderful - but if not, life goes on - in which event I shall just destroy my town, save the empty map so I can return to it and hope it still overspawns when ever I want to start again
  14. I do not suppose this is possible, but I would like the 'glitch' back which spawned too many flowers on some maps when using MM6 (I think). I am on MM8 R5 now and very happy with it, it is lovely, but too-many-flowers was a feature I really enjoyed - it was like gardening in paradise! I still have the world in which this glitch presented itself, but sadly I did not keep the early saves, and it never happened again on subsequent use of that map seed, or any other. so the only way I can get back to start that map again is by destroying my town of 18 years growth. I hoped you might be able to say to me 'if you just go into the .ini and tweak this line..... (or something) all your maps will overgrow flowers - I do not suppose it is as simple as that - but it is worth an ask
  15. thank you esther - I gots 'em now Help appreciated