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  1. OK, thanks .... yup, dl'd again and bug is corrected and tickety-boo - wonderful!!
  2. When I go to 'small covered yards' and click on the icon in the toolbar, the game crashes with the fatal access violation notice. I am on PC and on Steam. I tried it in two different maps, one with a fairly well established town, the other just beginning. I restarted and tried several times with the same result. Wonderful Mod though - thank you team!
  3. I feel privileged that you bothered to do this just because I asked, a big thank you! I shall do as you say - hugs ( this is an old lady hug so you are OK) and is it also Kralyerg that does the all the wild things forester? That too is a must for me in every game I play. And is it Ketchup that gives us the garden walls? Wonderful stuff. You are all such treasures!!
  4. I do not suppose this is possible, but I would like the 'glitch' back which spawned too many flowers on some maps when using MM6 (I think). I am on MM8 R5 now and very happy with it, it is lovely, but too-many-flowers was a feature I really enjoyed - it was like gardening in paradise! I still have the world in which this glitch presented itself, but sadly I did not keep the early saves, and it never happened again on subsequent use of that map seed, or any other. so the only way I can get back to start that map again is by destroying my town of 18 years growth. I hoped you might be able to say to me 'if you just go into the .ini and tweak this line..... (or something) all your maps will overgrow flowers - I do not suppose it is as simple as that - but it is worth an ask
  5. really? wow.. that would be wonderful - but if not, life goes on - in which event I shall just destroy my town, save the empty map so I can return to it and hope it still overspawns when ever I want to start again
  6. thank you esther - I gots 'em now Help appreciated
  7. I keep losing things. I do not mean something goes absent without leave, I mean there are so many treasures I don't remember where they all are.... specifically, sunflowers, not the crop, the decorative plants. They make a lovely show in front of a white picket fence, so, in a new game I want to put them in again, and I cannot find where I got them from - I HAVE looked, and I have googled and I did look at the .pdf for the contents of MM8 but got no results, so here I am. Can anyone point me to them please?
  8. OK, thanks - did not want to miss an opportunity to enhance the well-being of the Bannies with extra funds or food
  9. do they have a function or are they just decorative please? loving the megamod..small donate coming
  10. thanks to Vrayna's help I think the problem is resolved. Once I built a luxury store house the goods shifted to there and from there to the trader and also got recorded in the town inventory - so not a bug, just me not thinking things through properly