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  1. the real problem, is that these abstract resources should be stored somewhere...
  2. can we have that tag?
  3. hi to make game more difficult, and to make a funny colonization dinamic, i'd like to add stone quarry and different ore mines as resource.. so you can build mines and quarry only in the specific place maybe there will be ordinary mines and quarry, but not upgrabable
  4. yes agreed, the toolbar is wonderful now
  5. a new version! http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/2017-03-21-1-0-7-beta-version-2/
  6. nice, i'm blind. i looked for 15 minutes
  7. i can't find CC 1.74...
  8. wonderful.....markets are updated to the new flags?
  9. nice, thx well, for now there is no storage based on new flags....
  10. well, it's great!!! but now i'm bit confused. i'm not playng banished for a while, and this is only CC, not mega mod...so what kind of mod should i put with CC without breaking the new flags?
  11. YES now at work, i want 10 new flags!!!!
  12. just arrived the mail with luke update! the problem is WHEN we will have new flags....... i stopped playing banished for the flag problems...my logistic foolness told me that
  13. hi boys!! i was a very active guy on the old forum, then i was busy and forgot with which mail i did the subscription to the forum!! now i'm back, glad to see that you guys are working hard! now i have to understand what mods i have to download.....