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  1. i bought too forest village...but i asked refund immediately :-D. I was lucky, now it sucks
  2. really cool!
  3. hey

    hi blinkin!! nice to see you again
  4. hey

    very good, now shock can build his house with more than 2 materials too
  5. hey

    will be ever not in beta, banished?
  6. hey

    yes sure. i have to return my real life now, pumpkin are fully grown. wait, what's my real life? :-D
  7. hey

    where is the blackliquid team? tell us that you are developing the new game
  8. the real problem, is that these abstract resources should be stored somewhere...
  9. can we have that tag?
  10. hi to make game more difficult, and to make a funny colonization dinamic, i'd like to add stone quarry and different ore mines as resource.. so you can build mines and quarry only in the specific place maybe there will be ordinary mines and quarry, but not upgrabable
  11. yes agreed, the toolbar is wonderful now
  12. a new version! http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/2017-03-21-1-0-7-beta-version-2/
  13. nice, i'm blind. i looked for 15 minutes
  14. i can't find CC 1.74...
  15. wonderful.....markets are updated to the new flags?