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  1. Is it possible to get stone and iron storage buildings for the dock? Also, ways to gather those resources without mines (like the driftwood gatherer, but for the other materials)? A dock town hall would be great too. But, not being too greedy, I'd just enjoy storage sheds for iron and stone
  2. I like hitting the random name gen until I get really long names, lately. My most recent successful town (until I flubbed it up) was called Scobelvederick. Newest town is named Oshkoshkosh (there is a real town in the US called Oshkosh, but the game decided it needed another Kosh). Not a long name, but I got a town called Lemon once, from the generater.
  3. I just recently learned (after years of playing) that in Banished, kids are considered adults at 10-12 years old. Creeped me out as a 22 year old had a baby with a 12 year old...