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  1. You need at least 1.0.5 to run most mods nowadays.
  2. It absolutely is the issue
  3. The clocktower mod is on hold until gears or clocks are added to CC or MM.
  4. Narrow Rowhouses is now in the testing phase, after being functionally completed. Tweaking numbers and deciding on whether even tiers should be buildable are the final steps.
  5. That happens to me when my farmers live far away from their fields
  6. Progress seems to be coming along nicely (in PMs), just a heads up Tier 0 holds a family of 3, Tier 1 holds a family of 4, Tier 2 holds a family of 5, Tier 3 holds a family of 6, Tier 4 holds a family of 7, Tier 5 holds a family of 8, Tier 6 holds a family of 8 with more stuff and better warmth. Tier 1 should have the same warmth as a Town Abode and Tier 6 should consume the least firewood of all (warmer/more efficient than Estates) because of its modern construction and close proximity to other insulating buildings (since they would look weird by themselves).
  7. http://www.textures.com/download/substance0008/125766?q=stone This can be made to work. One F variant with this color, one with lower saturation, one with higher brightness.
  8. The Tier 1 buildings look good. I was thinking that there should be an F variant of the building (the one with the blue door) where the triangle under the roof was wood instead of stone. Maybe use a different, more angular (such as stone brick) stone texture for the rectangular base. The Tier 3 and Tier 4 buildings with towers in the front are based off real rowhouses in Bath (in England) so should come in brown and pale stone varieties. Here is a picture of Bath so you can see the predominant color of stone in the area.
  9. The stone foundation looks perfect! I meant to say greased paper windows, which can easily be textured by giving the windows a brown tint, preferably with a dark wood trim.
  10. These look great! They should have stone chimneys and might look better with a layer of stone around the base but that's up to you. However, I was planning on using wax paper windows for tier 0 and diamond paned windows on tier 1.
  11. Required building materials Tiers 0,1: lumber, stone Tier 2: lumber, stone, building supplies Tiers 3,4: stone, building supplies, homewares Tiers 5,6: brick, building supplies, fine homewares (I worked out the numbers on the old forum but they might have been unbalanced before so Kraylerg should choose numbers that are well balanced)
  12. Sure, I will upload the last 4 models for the additions I haven't done yet. The 2-story one is a bit complicated so I will need advice on what to do with the side that connects to the main building.
  13. If they are supposed to be separate packages, I will upload them in separate packages myself. BTW, I made a 4th version of the 4x3 house with windows made the way they were sketched. The previous one was sort of lazy (just moving around the door). Narrow Rowhouses: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B05cVVKRDbAmYnJjdi1rTzhZLXM Colonial Houses: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B05cVVKRDbAmbVVYZExiRWc0VFU
  14. I just randomly (by freeform size tool) increased the size of the chimney in both of the single-chimney 5x3 houses. This should add a little variation but the houses are supposed to be similar. There are 3 sizes with 3 varieties each. I went off the diagrams without reference photos but I like how they turned out.
  15. Here are all the models. What's still needed: build states, textures, UV maps, icons, turn into a mod