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  1. @Bartender That tree code is what I originally tried, it doesn't work. The code you have is definitely the one for variation. The thing is, the naturalresourcetree.rsc that is used to spawn starting trees and resources is the same file as the one that the forester uses, so I don't see any reason why it would result in a different dynamic.
  2. Or... keep it empty. There are so many ghost decorations available now, and things like @Ketchup ghost firewood storage would be a great addition to a place like that. Or, make some ghost storage shacks that are useful. Personally, I like having the decorations minimal on my buildings so that the player can do it as they want.
  3. @Ketchup I was trying to make a red dirt road texture which is typical of Prince Edward Island... but it comes out so luminous in game. I need to bring it down a bit.
  4. Hello all, This is the first town journal I have done. I decided to use it as some shameless self promotion to showcase the Maritimes collection so far! Introducing the township of Lonetoe (what a name from the random generator!). Lonetoe is a small town of 40 something souls, carving out an forest based existence. The town, to date, has started to grow from the discovery of highly valued after furs and pelts. This lead to the construction of the first designated forestry outpost, hiring a forester to tend to the woods, and make sure plenty of animals are attracted in for trapping. Local critters include fox, beaver, and hare. The abundance of wild animals lead to the establishment of a trade post, and the development of a small town around it. Another resource is the dense pine and conifer forests on the north shore, home to more wild animals, and plenty of trees for tapping. In fact, a new industrial area sprouted up on the forests edge, burning down boughs for charcoal, which are used to make turpentine from pine resin. So far, things are looking up in Lonetoe.
  5. Not so much a funny name, but a good one for me. I was testing something, and failed with the screenshot (hit print screen instead of numlock so didn't get the UI). I grew up in Portsmouth, UK. Across the harbour entrance is a town called Gosport. So when Banished threw up the town name 'Gosportsmouth' I thought it was pretty cool!
  6. I've never used one for stone or iron but I always thought these were not much of a cheat, I found wood to be terribly under powered in vanilla environments so my Maritimes Trees mod now gives 4:6 (doubled) per tree rather than 2:3.
  7. I'm getting closer to an update to the pine set. I've now sorted out the natural resources, although for some reason when spawned by a forester the variants do not show up, only the first mesh in the list. Gotta look into that... @Bartender any idea? The variants spawn fine wild. Here are some new and improved natural resources for this set... Cranberry bush... Fiddleheads... Rabbit/Fox hole (two types, 1 model)... Maple Sap - now appears as tapping buckets!... As does the pine resin... Dead fall trap! There are others too but they don't show up... Apples... Blueberry... Pine boughs (the variants won't show up)... And finally, the chanterelles... So how will they appear in game? Well, there are three sets, with some cross over. Here is the break down... Wild/Vanilla - Spawned naturally and also by the vanilla forester. All food resources collected by the vanilla gatherer. Herbs (vanilla) Onion (vanilla) Roots (vanilla) Mushroom (vanilla) Beaver Lodge - collected by trapper, produces 'Pelt' (textile). Blueberry bush - new model, produces 'Blueberry' (fruit). Chanterelle patch - produces 'Chanterelle' (vegetable). Cranberry bush - produces 'Cranberry' (fruit). Fiddlehead fern - produces 'Fiddlehead' (vegetable). Fox Hole - collected by trapper, produces 'Fur' (textile). Nest - collected by trapper, produces 'Eggs' (protein). Rabbit Hole - collected by trapper, produces 'Game' (protein). Pine Set - Spawned by the trees planted by the pine forester. Collected by the pine harvester. Bough - produces 'Pine Bough' (material). Chanterelle patch - produces 'Chanterelle' (vegetable). Flax - produces 'Flax' (textile). Nest - collected by trapper, produces 'Eggs' (protein). Pine tap - produces 'Pine Resin' (material). Trap - collected by trapper, produces 'Wild Animal' (textile). Maple Set - Spawned by the trees planted by the maple forester. Collected by the maple forager. Apple - produces 'Apple' (fruit). Blueberry bush - new model, produces 'Blueberry' (fruit). Cranberry bush - produces 'Cranberry' (fruit). Maple tap - produces 'Maple Sap' (inedible fruit). Nest - collected by trapper, produces 'Eggs' (protein). Trap - collected by trapper, produces 'Wild Animal' (textile).
  8. @Bartender Oh I'm sure we can, not a problem. It is a shame that the only way to add new resources is by editing the tree file. I've tried not to, but I want some wild animals on the map and there is no other way. Unfortunately, this means it is not compatible with other wild resource mods such as the cool wild flora and wild bees at WOB but there is nothing that can be done.
  9. @Bartender how will you be going about replacing these models? Are you replacing only the naturalresourcemushroom.rsc etc., or are you editing the naturalresourcetree.rsc file? Just wondering because for one of my mods I want to add a few Maritimes specific wild resources, but as they are new resources the only way to do it is to edit the naturalresourcetree.rsc template file, but don't want it to become incompatible with this mod because I think they will look awesome together.
  10. @despo20 this is why I need photoshop.
  11. Version 100


    The Maritimes Collection - Maritimes Trees Addon Introducing the Maritimes Trees Replacement Addon. This pack replaces the vanilla trees with new trees from the Maritimes Collection. Includes Apple, Aspen, Birch, Fir, Maple, Spruce, and White Pine. All have a few variants. How it works. This mod changes the 'NaturalResourceTree.rsc:model' to swap the vanilla tree models for the new Maritimes tree models and their variants. It also increases the amount of wood produced as a little added bonus - These trees are bigger than the vanilla ones, so it's only fair. This mod does not change the spawning of other natural resources, nor does it add any new resources. Compatibility. As this mod is a simple tree replacement, the only aspect of the NaturalResourceTree.rsc template file that it over writes is the 'model' section. This means that if you run it on top of other mods, it should over write that part of the file, but not touch the rest. So any mods that change the wild spawned resources associated with the NaturalResourceTree.rsc, such as the Wild Flax Mod, should still work. It should also work with any mods that change the appearance of or add variations to the gatherer/forester/herbalist buildings such as the Forest Outpost Mod. This mod will not work with any mods that change the vanilla trees, or link a new tree file in the starting conditions. It should not cause any crashes, but either this will over ride the trees added to the vanilla file, or not show up on the map if the other mod links to a new tree file (some CC starting conditions may work like this). Acknowledgements None of my mods would be possible without the help, support, and general amazing nature of the Black Liquid Crew. This includes especially @ShockPuppet for modeling help and @Kralyerg for super coding magic. Thanks also go to @Discrepancy for his awesome intro to modding tutorial, and @Ketchup for modeling and coding help throughout, and of course the toolbar! Thanks also go out to all who have participated in the development thread with comments, suggestions, and beta testing. There are too many to name individually, and I'm worried about missing people out. So here's to you!
  12. I like the worn patch it gives to the door on the deck there
  13. @despo20 so how did you take the snow away? Add black to the alpha channel? Does this effect the shadows in the summer?
  14. @stiles about the trader post, you might have to refer to @Kralyerg about that one because I am not sure. Goats milk I want to make into goats cheese at some point, just for some variation. It has the same stats as cows milk. I've not changed the aging of trees, they are a replicate of the vanilla tree set, just with my models. So the growth should be the same as vanilla... should be. I'll check it. Domesticated animals in the wild are from CC. A forester will 'produce' them by clearing area to plant trees, the same way they clear the stone and iron. I've no plans for other trees, but I can do in the future. I wanted to keep them regional, not sure we have any nut trees here. I'll look into it.
  15. Oh and one more thing.. I'm not sure what this UI is called, it is the one that pops in or out when you hit 'N' on the keyboard in 3D Veiw and has the transformation options and things in it. If you scroll down to the shading menu, you can tick AO and it will display your values and some shading on the building (which I have made red here for fun). It is a rough estimate of how your values will come out, the result is a lot grainier than a proper bake in game, but you can play around with them to see the difference of changing certain things.