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  1. @KevinTheCynic Hmmm. Yeah, I was thinking of a mill pond on the land behind the mill, it would be fed into by a stream of some sort. It would also be fun to have a modular pond or something that can be built anywhere, like the current canals but at 0 height rather than sunk. More of a visual thing than a functional thing. One of the problems of a modular dam system in the river is you are asking a lot of the player to create such a thing. While some are great at the visual stuff and willing to put the time in, others perhaps don't want to spend a lot of time making one mill. Also, the terraforming tools in Banished are so rough, once you have changed it you can't get it back to how it was. Perhaps it will be something I work on an see if I can get something that works, but for the time being I think this does the job quite well. It would be neat to find a texture that mimics the water texture, the only problem is I don't think you can code such a transparent texture in game (see discussions on greenhouses elsewhere on the forum). I prefer the first option, making a whole land based stream system that fills into the rivers. That might be a good project for @ShockPuppet once he is done with 1.7!
  2. Great ideas all, keep them coming. Not all will make it, I don't have enough time! But there are some good ones in there that I will incorporate. Personally, I don't particularly like buildings that take foods and produce a meal or something, there are too many possible options and only so much value you can add to food and I would rather later game strategies that get rid of food rather than make more of it., such as 10 tomatoes = 1 tin of tomatoes. Perhaps though. I do like things like a green house, that would be good. A small dairy and a small butcher would look nice here. Perhaps break them up, so instead of the one in all dairy we have a butter churner, a cheese person (word escapes me), and a creamery. Butcher would be venison only, unless I add another resource (... not an animated animal, but perhaps another animal? someday...). I do need to ask @ShockPuppet or @Kralyerg a question though. I have production buildings that produce one of a specific resource, or that combine multiple resources into one. How do you do it so that the buildings produce a random mix of set resources, or a range of resources from one? For example, I want the pitch kiln to take pine wood and produce pitch and charcoal at the same time. At the moment I can only think of making a drop down menu to select either pitch or charcoal, I don't know how to get them both made simultaneously. A little development update... Sherbrooke village IRL was all about boat building, on a smallish scale, and lumber. Lumber was a huge industry here. I love how CC uses lumber strongly in the game, and I will continue that. I've started with some small lumber cutters, they allow you early access to the resource but at a cost, time. I absolutely love the CC saw mill, the land based one. It might well by one of my favorite buildings, well the wood version anyway. But I decided to make a stream version. Sherbrooke IRL has a great water powered saw mill, but there is one floor to replicating it in game. There is no elevation when it comes to rivers and streams! It is not possible to create a mill pool which will look good in game, as everything is at the same level. Perhaps it is possible, but it will take some doing, esp as you can't change the water level. So I've been milling this over (sorry) in my mind for a while, and today attempted to make a good looking saw mill that will straddle a small creek. This mill will produce lumber and firewood similar to the CC mills, and allow three workers. As it straddles the creek, it also acts as a bridge. Now, at the moment it is a fixed width, but placement is a bit tricky, you need a straight and relatively narrow bit of water. So I might play around with a few modular pieces for the bridges and damn, so you can have it on a stream of any width and it will still look good. Oh, and I forgot the bridge supports. They need to be added.
  3. Anyone know what height water level is in game in relation to ground level?

    1. ShockPuppet


      Yes, minus three quarters of a tile or -0.75 :)


    2. Necora


      Awesome, thanks. Kinda important when you're making dock pieces! Now my new saw mill will fit well on a small stream.

  4. @stiles the two buildings in the second pic are the maple boiler and cider press . They are small lots, both 1x3, with a basic pot over a fire for the maple and a small apple press for the cider. They are meant to be small little things you could pop in a court yard or a yard of a house or something. We're thinking tiny industry here! They will both produce a respectable amount of syrup and cider, but not too much. I might make larger versions for the Sherbrooke set. A still... yes. I was going to use the turpentine still as a base for whiskey still. It will be smaller than the current turpentine still, but a bit larger than the maple and cider buildings. I'm thinking 2x2 or 2x3. Hunter... yup can do, would be a nice addition. Storage and market... there is one storage building at the moment, I used the turpentine still and took away the stove and still, it makes a great double level storage for materials and textiles. I definitely want some small storage bits too, I get so tired of seeing stock piles everywhere! I can't decide between general storage with a few F-variants or resource specific storage. What would you prefer? Residences... love the idea of ones that can be placed 'above' the humble industry. I will definitely give those a go. Fur trapper... I found a nice pelt texture the other day and thought about it. I kinda want to wait and see if @ShockPuppet or someone comes up with something for that, I know the discussion is on how to implement it with respects to just producing something out of nothing or actually having a wild resource to harvest. I like that lodge idea, I thought about something similar a while back but wasn't sure how to implement it. I also guess you could have the traps spawn like wild foods, and then when harvested they produce a type of pelt. All good ideas! Isn't there a trout lake out there too? A lake would be interesting, even from a decorative point of view too.
  5. @Raerae, the mod has been updated with fixes for the dory builder and all other things! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2nh4ixEBQ-kS1hlUjVROG5kejQ As usual, I am very grateful for all of the feedback and bug reports - so have added the Sherbrooke Church to this update! Enjoy.
  6. @Ketchup thank you, much appreciated! So the humble industries are moving in, and the pine industry is also expanding. We have a few new additions to the town... A humble loom to fit in with the other small industries, a wood version and a nice yellow version. It produces canvas from hemp and linen from flax. That makes a loom, blacksmith, tailor, and lumber cutter so far. I cheated with the loom and the tailor by making the shack bigger and having most work done inside. I couldn't think of what to put for the tailor to work outside, that would look good, and I couldn't be bothered to make a loom (although I will probably go back and do that at some point because I think it will look cool). I've also gone very Canadian (how could I not eh?) and added a back yard maple boiler, who will turn maple sap into maple syrup, and a back yard cider press, that turns apples + maple syrup into good old hard cider. Our little pine forest industry community is looking pretty thriving right now! So now a question or two for the crowd, what would you like to see added to a small forest industry set or a humble industry set like this? I'm open to suggestions. So far, I have been concentrating on a few buildings that I need for the production chains, hence the pine resource buildings, lumber cutter and the loom. I've also thrown in a blacksmith and tailor, may as well have the original vanilla industry represented here and add some variation. I would also like to keep expanding these two styles to include a few more buildings, so figured I'd see what you all would like! I'm up for most things if they fit, and am already thinking about adding some small civics and houses at some point that continue the theme so you can have a whole town in the forest. Perhaps even give the hunter, gatherer, and forester a make over to fit too (although, there will be a 'gatherer' type building to collect specific material resources for this chain (pine boughs, pine resin, flax, possibly hemp), perhaps a food gatherer (apples, maple sap) and also a forester type building to plant specific trees for these chains too (maple... apple... pine)). Building sizes are small shacks and coverings, and if possible things to be displayed on the outside. The idea is that anything that can fit in the forest gets 1 wood version - unless it will also look good in a town setting (like the four humble industries) in which case it also gets a nice colored version. At the moment, they are in two tool bars, one for the pine set and one for the humble industries, but I might make them all into one small industry toolbar for ease.
  7. Right of course, I completely forgot there were more than one version of the trees! Thanks.
  8. Hello, I want to add a couple of trees to vanilla, that will be planted by a forester. I don't really want them in an orchard, and I don't want them growing wild, just planted by a new forester building. I want them this way so they spawn specific resources for some production chains. I've looked at the fig tree supplied with the mod kit, and modeled a (poor) fir tree. However, I have no idea what the camera, or other parts of that .fbx are, where they need to go, etc. Also, a bit confused about the three UV channels needed. It also doesn't help that the tree template in the resource refers to 4 spruce and birch models (but only one oak model). Why? Would someone mind taking a bit of time to put together a blow by blow on how to model a tree and put it in the game? I think I get coding it into the game, apart from the 4 models, but not sure about actually building it. Cheers
  9. @KevinTheCynic yup... I just assumed that CC named their building supplies 'buildingsupplies' and never bothered checking... they didn't ha! Never assume anything... Even though, the Maritimes version should be available from the trade post. It will be changed in the next update, as soon as I figure out how to sort the gate house out.
  10. Ok so I have solved the problems @Raeraementioned, but there is one thing I need to change before I update, and that is the gate house ui. @Ketchup I added your trash button to the storage, and it works great. However, when I add it to the gate house (uses the well.rsc as a template) it does not show up. What am I missing here? Attached is the gatehouse template file. PRGate.rsc
  11. @Raerae thanks. The set should work fine with CC, the only mods it will have a problem with are the wild flax mod from WOB. The wild flax in that mod is named something from mine and CC, and therefore will not be used by the rope maker. Re. the lumber cutter, yup that was a mistake in the UI, sorry about that. I initially wanted it to produce firewood as well, but there were two issues. The first is functional, I couldn't get it to work! I but since figured that out. The second is game play, because you can only set the work time for the building as a hole, not a specific output of the building, the cutter would produce firewood but at a very slow rate, the same as lumber. This made it kinda pointless to have as a firewood producer, because you would barely produce enough to heat a house let alone a small town. So I decided to take that function out, but forgot to change the UI! I'll remove that in the next update. Re. Dory Builder. There does seem to be an issue with this, but I thought I fixed it. >> Ok I just ran the dory builder for a while with CC and it does produce Dory, at a slow rate. Perhaps I didn't upload this version... sorry about that! It will be added as soon as I fix the next issue... Re. Building Supplies. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! It should have been the same, but I guess I assumed that the CC building supplies were named just that, maybe not. I've asked the devs what they named the CC building supplies behind the scenes, then will update the mod with that included too. Stay tuned...
  12. @Kralyerg I'm just skipping through the forums, passing some time, and can't believe I never saw this. I have not tried any of your new foresters, I stopped using MegaMod because to was too much, so can't see it now. But I would like to know how you got the trees to grow pots of maple? I was thinking of how to get a forester type building, or orchard, that would produce resin from pines but couldn't think of how you would make it visually good. If you can make it so the trees have little collectors on them, that is awesome. Are the buckets of maple spawned next to the trees, or on the trees? Does the forester still only produce wood when the trees are cut?
  13. A house is a good one to start with. @Discrepancy's tutorial at world of banished is really easy to follow and covers everything you need to do. Or if you wanted to avoid the smoke and use points etc. and just see what it looks like then the well.rsc in the mod kit is probably the simplest one, you would only need to change the toolbar UI and model section as it is already a 3x3 square, which is what your towers look like in the pics above.
  14. Haha where to start? A blacksmith that fits up against the walls, a bakery or kitchen the possibilities are endless. You could re-create Winterfell with those round towers. Have you thought about trying to get them into the game so you can judge scale etc?
  15. @The Pilgrim they do look pretty cool. The only problem is that they don't line up perfectly, so you get a bit of window sticking out here and there.