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  1. I believe that is a crack in space-time. Look out for prisoner 0
  2. You could try to turn down the graphics options in the game. Go to the options menu, and turn shadows and reflections to 'none'. It doesn't look as vivid, but I often have to do this when running big mods with lots of additions to trees otherwise my computer overheats.
  3. Hmm it might be down to the start you are using. I can't remember, but doesn't this Appalachian start change the trees on the map? If so, try loading it with a start that uses the vanilla trees and see if that works. I'd try one of the basic vanilla starts.
  4. Hello @Kerlyssa and welcome. The new foods are introduced by the New Flora mod which is included in Mega Mod. However, as you have to use CC1.75 above this in the load order, the chances are it overwrites the part of the code where New Flora introduces these new foods and flax. This means that you won't be able to get them on the map. I would try disabling CC 1.75 for a test and see if you can then get the new foods and flax. If so, unfortunately I don't see what can be done until Mega Mod is updated once more. You will have to use regular gatherers to get other foods from the map, and wait until you get flax seeds in the trade post for the flax.
  5. Bit of a photo upload here...
  6. @QueryEverything the high:low create values are determined in the rawmaterialxxx.rsc file. So in this case, the mod will change those values in the iron, stone, wood, and ironore template files. These are universal (apart from iron ore), so it will effect all mods, not just CC. Now, it depends on your load order. If you load this on top, you get the values from this mod. If you put the pine set on top, you would get my wood values etc. It is a case of what mod overrides the rest, not what one has the higher values.
  7. @stiles Ann with an E is a new series, a modern re-creation of the original Anne of Green Gables. @QueryEverything well it's actual network is on CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company ) I think Netflix have international rights. Problem is, I don't have a TV. You can watch it on CBC.ca but their streaming isn't as good as Netflix... some how Netflix does some magic that allows a show to buffer even on the slowest of internet connections, and keeps playing when the internet drops out. Other streaming services are pretty much un watchable. A couple more screenshots... Thanks to @tanypredator at WOB I have been working on some compatibility patches for New Flora and others so that they can work well together and we don't have to continue to choose between mods. There are two patches, one is for flax and will make the New Flora flax chain compatible with all other flax chains, and the other patch is specifically for the Pine Set so that all New Flora and Pine Set natural resources are present on the map. I've not tested it with Nat Div yet, but I can only assume awesomeness when I do.
  8. Hi @Endo-Chick and welcome! Sorry to hear about the crashes. Well, no one can read the crash dumps except the game dev I believe, so unfortunately we have to do it the hard way. Firstly, the random pop up dialog on starting the game, I am assuming this is the dialog that opens up the very first time you open the game? It always pops up when you open the game after a fatal access crash and lets you change settings before launching the game. Now the crash, we need some more info. What was occurring when the game crashed? Was it a specific thing she was doing? Like clicking on a certain building? Also, what game version is she using and what mods does she have loaded? If we could get those bits of info we'll be able to start trying to figure out why the crashes are occurring. Cheers!
  9. @QueryEverything turns out Ann with an E isn't on the Canadian netflix! How rude! Dev Update... You might have noticed I've been updating all mods lately. Well, I only have two more to go. 1 is done, the storage mod, I just got to wait until I'm in good internet range to upload it. The second, the Pine Set, is actually quite close. I've re-made a load of the models to give the houses especially more height. This should help them to fit in with other mods. Hopefully you will have noticed this with the Sherbrooke set, everything is bigger than it was, and I think it does look better. Now with the Pine Set, it is so big, I have to play through a few times to make sure I didn't cock anything up. Then I'll probably put it up for a quick BETA so you can have a go and see if I missed anything. In the mean time while I am finishing things up, I was having a test and thought hmm, you know what would look good here? Diagonal cabins...
  10. @Takit I have had problems before with ghost pieces. Most place and remove fine, but every now and then one becomes bugged. In my case it is usually non-clickable, although, it seems that you can actually click on your square, and bring up the UI. Did you try a test on another? Try placing the exact same item next to it and see if it happens again, then try a few tiles away and try again. Obviously don't save your game while you are testing. There could be a couple of answers. 1 - is that there is a missing code, which may have been corrected in a recent update or may be something no one has seen yet. If you still cannot demolish the piece when making the test ones un-passable, then this is probably the cause. If it has not been corrected in recent upgrades, then you are the unlucky one to discover a new bug that needs reporting. 2 - if you can remove the test pieces properly, but still not the trouble some piece here, it may be that it just bugged for some reason. This seems to happen, rarely, but it does happen, with ghost pieces. But, as you can still click on it, I would assume it is more of a wider issue with the piece. Some thing to note, if you were using Banished 1.0.5, you are actually 2 releases behind. The most recent release is the 1.0.7 BETA test, which is what the most recent CC (1.75) is designed to be used with. I don't know how GOG works, but it might be a good idea to opt in to BETA tests if you can to make sure you have the most recent game version. All mods being released now are for Banished 1.0.7 BETA due to the game changes such as limits and flags. I don't know if this is the cause of your issue, but it is totally worth getting the BETA if possible because the game play is much improved.
  11. Hey @despo20 and @Discrepancy I'm gonna tag on here because it was something discussed earlier in the thread. I'm still having trouble with the smoke points on F-variants. I've tried what was mentioned earlier, and put the different positions in individual models (basically 2 models, left and right, with 2 variants in each). My particle code looks as such... InteractDescription interact { PointList _pointList = "Models\PineCabinPoints.rsc"; } ParticleDescription particle { ParticleAttachment _systems [ { Time _fadeInOutTime = 2.0; bool _addOnCreate = false; bool _addOnNotify = false; Particle _particle = "ParticleSystems\Fire\FireSmall.rsc"; } { bool _addOnCreate = false; Particle _particle = "ParticleSystems\ChimneySmoke\ChimneySmoke.rsc"; String _attachNode = "smoke"; } ] } Each .fbx has a points list with 'smoke' in the correct place, but the smoke always comes from the basement in game. What am I missing??
  12. For all the amazing things the internet allows, I honestly believe that this is going to be the undoing of humanity. There is just so much false information being propagated and repeated through out the internet, in all aspects of life and science, and it has given people the ability to completely surround themselves in it and, in their minds rationally, reject alternative points of view. As a scientist myself it is rather depressing and overwhelming when I read it knowing there is little I can do to change it. For all the knowledge the internet gives us access to, I think it is making a lot of people dumber, even regular people who read things online and instantly take it as fact without doing any research/checking for themselves.
  13. Plant geeks all around! So is my girlfriend, which admittedly is the only reason why I know how to ID most of the trees around here and the 'all pines are conifers but not all conifers are pines' bit... Then again, I did go and call it the 'Pine Set' even though there is only 1 pine tree in it.... but that is more for the fact that the pine pitch and turpentine chains are a central thing to the set.
  14. @Kedryn Nice shot, glad you like the detail! I've not zoomed in close enough to notice yet haha. Making the textures was a mix of google image sleuthing and some gimp editing. Luckily, all of the trees I made had a few representative images on google image to use. It was a case of finding the right one then stripping off the background. The aspen (that you pictured) was a nice branch on a white back ground. So I made the white transparent, although in gimp for some reason this also makes everything slightly transparent. So I had to duplicate the image a few times and merge them on top of each other then play around with contrast and saturation to get it to show up nice and vivid in game. Not much to it really, I wish I had the patience and skill to draw them! I have thought about taking my own pictures of them though, maybe if I get a lot of time in the fall I might do that and set up the branches exactly how I want them to be. I really want to do this with the evergreens in the set because it was much harder to find good images of those... people really don't know the difference between a pine and a fir! So when you type in pine needles or branches, you mostly get firs (christmas trees). It is mighty annoying, and I have plenty of all types around here so will probably make my own next time. @QueryEverything I've not yet seen the show, I'll have to watch it. I took a lot of inspiration from PEI, similar to around here in terms of style but a bit more farm orientated. I want to expand the Crystal Cliffs part at some point with some farm houses and more barns and things, so might look there for more inspiration. PEI is pretty much farms from one end of the island to the other, mostly farming potatoes. And it is famous for the red roads! So I had to make them! Glad you like it and see similarities in the mods and the show, it was the aim to try to bring some maritimes flavor to the game.
  15. What mods are you both using when this happens? Which blacksmith?