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  1. Hi @BuildHappy no, you don't need them both. The new trees are included in the Pine Set and will spawn on start up in replace of the vanilla trees. The difference between the two sets is that the 'Maritimes Trees' set is visual only. All it does is change the trees from vanilla models to new models. The Pine Set adds a load of new natural resources such as beaver lodges, chanterelles, blueberries, cranberries, fiddleheads that are also spawned on start up.
  2. There are two mods (as far as I know) that produce fur. The training camp mod by Ketchup produces it from the hunting towers, and my Pine Set produces it (and pelts) through a trapping chain.
  3. well glad you guys are figuring it out. Well, it probably needs to be done anyway. There have been so many changes lately that it is hard to keep up and I can't remember what I used for the earlier sets. It will probably all change again when the game comes out of Beta! @QueryEverything I have no idea how that was done, so I might not be the best person to ask for that! @Bartender I have a question for you. What does CullMode do? I know it determines if you can see the faces even from behind, but what do I set it to? I want to make sure that if you rotate around an object (a fallen tree) then you can still see the textures from behind (branches). Do I set it to " CullMode _cullMode = None; " for this to happen?
  4. @QueryEverything and @KevinTheCynic What a conundrum you guys have. I have no idea why these crashes would occur, nor do I have any idea why the maritimes needs to be above any other mods that also have all the new things associated with them. I had a look through the code for the PEI Shore and there is nothing in there that stands out as something that could cause a crash, it is all unique to those buildings (i.e. no links to other template files). Maybe something deep inside the code is from an old version or something, it is possible that with all the updates to the game lately something hasn't followed along. I guess the only thing I can really do is re-build all mods and make sure everything is up to date. @Bartender nope I didn't try again, I will do though. That sounds like an interesting idea. It would be cool to get a nice ice texture to show up on water during the winter. Oh and those reeds are pretty cool, mind mixing up the heights of them for decorations so we can have them go down a river bank? So we can place them at lower levels and they are low to the ground.
  5. Glad you like it. I've attached the zip to this message so you can test out Version 2 of the Riffle WIP. By the way, in case anyone was wondering, riffle is a term for fast moving stretch of river, also rapids if you like. I chose riffle though because it sounds funnier. In this next version, you'll find... 1x ghost water steam particle. 1x ghost water foam particle. 4x ghost turbulence textures, all below water level, each with three different angles. These textures have the foliage material so they have a pronounced movement when placed. 4x digging tools = 0m, -0.25m, -0.50m, and -0.75m. 3x ground level (0m) water squares = a corner, an edge, and a center piece. These all have a foliage material on the center of them, to give some nice ripple like movement. 3x lower level water squares = -0.25m, -0.50m, and -0.75m. 3x sloping water squares = from 0m to -0.25m, from -0.25m to -0.50m, and from -0.50m to -0.75m. These have a turbulence texture overlaid on top that has the foliage material and gives them some movement. All pieces are ghosted and free to build, apart from the digging tools which are free but not ghosted... they need to be deleted to work. Known bugs - for some reason, the foam particle 'breaks' at some point. It does nothing bad to the game, it just freezes and becomes a star in the water. I have no idea why this happens, so need to dig into the particle system a bit more. No ghosted items here change terrain height, so you need to use the digging tools to make a sloping river. These (in combination with CC and other maritimes mods in these screen shots) should allow you to make something along the lines of this... MaritimesRiffleWIPv2.zip
  6. I have started to play around with some more decorations. This time I've made a 'paintable' water square, to make a pond on land. There are currently 3 F-variants of a center piece, corner piece, and edge piece (which will be turned into individual buttons because it is annoying). I need to play around with the edges, they are rather harsh. But, the water does 'move' slightly (like the trees to in the wind) so this gives the pond a nice, but subtle, bit of movement to it. I plan to make some at a couple of sunken stages so you can ultimately build a stream through your town to the river. I'll also make some rapids and turbulence sections for this. And some diagonal pieces too. I will probably work on this while listening to the hockey tonight, then share it tomorrow. But for now, thanks to the decorations included in CC and a few of my own, we have a nice, custom DIY reflection pond
  7. @Bartender hmm I can't seem to get it to build... C:\BanishedKit_107_170320Beta\MyMods\MaritimesRiffle>..\..\bin\x64\Tools-x64.exe /build MaritimesRiffleResources.rsc:resource /pathres ../MyMods/MaritimesRiffle /pathdat ../MyMods/MaritimesRiffle/bin SRS Toolset version 1.0.7 Beta Build 170320 Compiling 'MaritimesRiffleResources.rsc:resource' Compiling 'MaritimesRiffle.rsc:MaritimesPainting01' Compiling 'Template\MaritimesPainting01.rsc:resource' Compiling 'Template\MaritimesPainting01.rsc:model' Compiling 'Models\MaritimesPainting1Mesh.rsc:resource' Compiling 'Models\MaterialInstance\TestWater.rsc:resource' Compiling 'Material\SeasonalMaterial\SeasonalMaterial.rsc:resource' Compiling 'Material\SeasonalMaterial\SeasonalMaterial.rsc:normal' Compiling 'Material\SeasonalMaterial\SeasonalMaterial.srsl:Normal_vsseason' C:\BanishedKit_107_170320Beta\MyMods\MaritimesRiffle\Material\SeasonalMaterial\SeasonalMaterial.srsl(1): error C1010: Unable to open file '../constants.srsl' C:\BanishedKit_107_170320Beta\MyMods\MaritimesRiffle\Material\SeasonalMaterial\SeasonalMaterial.srsl(1): error C1004: Unexpected token '../constants.srsl' C:\BanishedKit_107_170320Beta\MyMods\MaritimesRiffle\Material\SeasonalMaterial\SeasonalMaterial.srsl(2): error C1010: Unable to open file '../lighting.srsl' Warning: Failed to compile shader 'Material\SeasonalMaterial\SeasonalMaterial.srsl:Normal_vsseason'! Video\SRSLCompiler.cpp(60) Warning: Failed to compile shader 'Material\SeasonalMaterial\SeasonalMaterial.srsl:Normal_vsseason'! Video\SRSLCompiler.cpp(60) C:\BanishedKit_107_170320Beta\MyMods\MaritimesRiffle>pause Press any key to continue . . .
  8. @Bartender so the bush is now a tree that spawns fruit? Nice idea, do you include it as another tree line or as a separate thing like the grass? Also, I think what @anni71 is getting at is ghost decorations either included in the mod or as stand alone. To be honest, I don't think you'll be able to get away for very long making such cool things without making them into ghost decorations
  9. @Bartender cheers, I'll have a go at them. Although, I think it does add a nice bit of contrast when used with other things. We'll see what the feedback is as more people use it/post screen shots. Also, talking about material, how good are you at going through the material codes to modify things? I can kinda do the .rsc, but the .srsl or what ever is a totally different language to me and I have no idea. What I would like to do is make a material that fades with the seasons, like billboard, but doesn't face the camera and doesn't change colour in seasons. I simply want a material to disappear in winter. What would be even cooler, is if we can then make a material that appears in winter, and disappears during the summer. I was thinking of making some 'paintable' water squares at ground level and perhaps -.5m, so that you can paint lakes/rivers/streams/ponds on the map, where ever you want. It would be neat to have two textures, 1 a nice blue water for the summer that disappears in the winter to reveal a nice ice texture beneath. I think that would be pretty cool.
  10. Yeah I was thinking that too. Perhaps also throw in a black version as well to match the Port Royal set.
  11. Thanks all, looking forward to some feedback and ideas of things to add to it/improve it. As for the shadow @Bartender it is because it is a mesh rather than just the points. I don't know, is there a way to stop something from casting a shadow? It stuck out to me at first, but once you decorate with some reeds and things, it is less noticeable. I had some time to make another storage, a dry storage loft. Stores clothing, textiles, fabrics, crafted, precious, and misc items. Only a 2x1 footprint, but over hangs quite a way so you can place other things under it such as a stock pile or smaller storage. In the last screenshot I've placed the food cellar and tool shed beneath it. I am trying to decide, what colour schemes should I use for these storage pieces? I've used just the ones from the Pine Set so far. Would people want more F-variants, or perhaps two toolbar buttons one for colour and one for schemes with brown, black, grey, orange? I can't decide how much variation is too much variation!
  12. @KevinTheCynic that's odd. I've not noticed any problems with them. I have no idea what would lead to an auto save error, I don't know what would effect that of the things I mod, @Kralyerg do you know why this might be? Is it just the fishing shacks or the trade post? The fishing shacks are basic buildings, nothing special about the coding in them so I have no idea why they would crash out. The trader however might be an error somewhere in the new limits/code or something, but again I don't see why because it was a straight copy of what people had out there. Odd that moving it above other mods resolved the issue. I wonder if it is because it was compiled with the first 1.0.7 mod kit and stuff, and something changed since then? I have to update the texture names and food resources in that mod anyway to prevent odd compatibility issues, so perhaps I'll do an update of it some time soon with the newest mod kit. I also want to make the food output more similar between species. I like the variation, but it is too much atm when you get a couple of hundred of 1 and double another with the same work effort and value out etc. As for a general update to what I am doing atm, well, not a lot! I've been playing around with this and that lately, but as the day light hours are getting longer my modding time is getting shorter. I seem to be working on a couple of avenues, and flipping between them each time I fire up blender. Some Sherbrooke here, decorations there, a bit of storage, and some Port Royal rarely in between. Also, I have got involved in a couple of projects at work that are taking up more time, and threatening to take up most time. I might be incognito for a couple of months during the summer due to some field work. So that is why I have slowed down a bit on getting the teasers I've been sharing lately actually released! So we'll see what I can get done over the next couple of months. I hope at least to get the Sherbrooke set done and bug fix/balance everything out there now. So after saying that, here are some things I have managed to play with. First, some little riffle decorations to be placed by the river, that will hopefully liven up the river banks with some steam, foam, and turbulence. More (including a test download) can be found >HERE<. Below we see them with @Discrepancy 's bridge and boat and some CC reeds and willows. And also I had a bit of time to clean up some buildings in the storage add on. I've given them some more detail, made them look better, and added a tool shed. I plan to add a couple of different small storage options to this, a dry/textiles storage, some materials storage.
  13. Great stuff! And welcome to the modding community
  14. In the resource section of the mod kit, find the template for the building you want to change and copy it into the '*yourmod*/Template' folder. You can do two things. 1 - you can either edit the part you want to change and leave the rest of the template as it is, then in your *yourmod*resources.rsc file you list 'Template/StorageBarn.rsc'. Then compile it, and it will 'rebuild' the barn with the new numbers but use everything else from the resource pack. 2 - you can change the part you want, in this case scroll down to the 'StorageDescription storage' section, change the storage value, then delete everything else in the template file so it looks like this... StorageDescription storage { RawMaterialFlags _storageFlags = Edible | Tool | Health | Clothing | Textile; bool _areaBasedLimit = false; bool _available = false; int _volumeLimit = 6000; } Then, in your resources.rsc you list 'Template/StorageBarn.rsc:storage" and nothing else. Compile, and it will rebuild just that section of the storage barn code, and when you play with the mod it will overwrite only that section and nothing else. Both will work to change the numbers in the barn, and you can do the same to any building. If you do change the storage barn, make sure you use the template file that has the new 1.0.7 flags. If you don't it won't work with new resources. The files in the modkit resource folder do not have the new things added to them, so you need to do that yourself. Hopefully this will change with the next banished release when it comes out of Beta. Here is the code for the new flags, notice that the capacity has also been increased. StorageDescription storage { RawMaterialFlags _storageFlags = Edible | Tool | Health | Clothing | Textile | Grain | Vegetable | Fruit | Protein | Custom0 | Custom1 | Custom2 | Custom6 | Custom7 | Custom8 | Custom9; bool _areaBasedLimit = false; bool _available = false; int _volumeLimit = 7500; } And this is what the *yourmod*resources.rsc will look like... ExternalList resource { External _resources [ "Template/StorageBarn.rsc:storage", ] }
  15. Did you get the multi materials working?