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  1. Way to make the best of a bad situation! I'm not sure what causes it but it has happened to me before where the UI got its wires crossed. Nothing you can do really but set your auto save to 5 minutes.
  2. I don't think this is possible. Ghost items are a bit of a hack in the code where the footprint is removed, hence why they can't be used with a typical remove tool. They are also hard to test because they crash the mod kit. I guess some those deco don't have their edges visible, which is why you can't click on them. Report it as a bug and hopefully it can be fixed in a later update, but for now test ghost pieces in an unimportant area before you use them to make sure they can be removed.
  3. @QueryEverything and @estherhb if you look closely at the picture by @ShotDead then the UI is calling for wood choppers not builders, it is the wood cutter's icon there not the builder's icon. I think this particular instance bugged perhaps if you demolish it almost instantly as it finished building? I don't now if there is much you can do apart from checking you have enough laborers to pick up supplies.
  4. @QueryEverything I do still play... sometimes... and it is always good to share ideas about mods. The reason I started modding is because I had such a large wish list I decided to give it a crack myself because I wasn't sure if many others had a similar tastes. @Bartender Glad to hear about the grasses being denser, even if it is just making the models take up twice the space. I'd be interested to see the new fuel. I certainly think that you should increase the amount of wood per tree in the mod (high/low create of wood) as the main way of compensating for reduction in trees, vanilla was already under powered. IMO fuel still needs to be a two step process though, you have to harvest something and turn it into fuel rather than taking directly from the map. That in itself would remove the easiness of it and make any addition similar to the firewood chain. Another issue with the thatch in V1, although by removing it's use as a fuel you have probably fixed this already, is that the material counts towards the fuel limit but the thatcher uses the construction limit, so there is a miss-match between the two there. And I also think his medieval stuff looks fantastic, it wasn't meant as a knock against that at all, especially as most things in CC and a lot at WOB are very medieval looking. It would just be nice to have a wooden version of things as well as the stone versions. Anyway, looking forward to seeing the next version!
  5. I've just downloaded the Norseman mod, will give it a go this evening. I've been wanting to have a go at the North after reading Tom's play through blog on it at WOB, but forgot to download it while at work earlier so it will have to wait. There are some fun ones coming out from Kid and Discrepancy, the house boats look very fun!
  6. There better be decorative versions of those reeds/grasses in this set Will the reaper grow thatch denser than the thatcher in the current version? Not sure if you saw my comment in another thread somewhere, I would like to see the fields of grass develop a bit denser around the thatcher/reaper. What did you decide about fuel? I found that the thatch as fuel as is in 1.0 is not really worth it, you can't support more than a couple of houses without clearing vast areas and the thatcher doesn't produce too much of it as it is a construction material. However, now you have the reaper > thatcher > thatch chain, having a fuel option in the thatcher (fire bundles eg) would be a good option as you can increase the output and make it worth while. EDIT - the models are awesome, and that fish trap is inspired. However, you are really pushing the medieval style... not that there is anything wrong with that, but fancy giving some of the buildings a colonial/coloured wood panel version? EDIT 2 - it's actually just the thresher I'd like to see in a colonial skin the other two would fit in great
  7. @QueryEverything take that lid, and put it firmly back on the can of worms you just opened. Tight. Make sure you pick up each and every worm too. Yes, it can be done, however... terrain can be raised to any height (not sure if there is a limit, but there is a limit as to how high the bannies will walk so probably no point in going higher than that) however the question is, how high? We can make the height increase in .0001 of a mm if you want. The problem with this sort of thing is that it will need a very comprehensive set of tools, unless we just do a short 1m height or something. The terrain in Banished is a lot less forgiving than that in SC4, we won't be able to make the great terraforming tools that people made for that (the god mode ones I'm talking about) unless someone finds a hack in the code. So at the moment to change the terrain height we rely on models, with the same method of placing normal buildings. The riffle set only has 3 levels, with the minimal number of transitions between them, and already it has a lot of tool bar pieces. Also, making rolling hills will be much different than sharp inclines as we can already, bigger buildings and either a stricter placement regime or a tonne of different tools for different parts of the hill. I was thinking of making some hill tools, and a set of buildings to go with them, and another idea I won't let on to, but that will have to wait for the fall.
  8. @Jafar_the_Barmecide hmm I have had a similar thing happen a few times, mainly with storage yards. They seem to stack everything neatly on the ground right next to a perfectly good, empty storage yard (vanilla version). I have a feeling this might be a bug in the code of the new storage limits, has it happened with any other barns or this one only? If none others, re-build it and maybe it will correct itself. If it is happening a lot it might be something that has to be reported to the game developer.
  9. I've yet to use this, so I don't know what the footprint lay out of the house is. The squares under the wall there, are they road tiles or does it over hang the lot? If they are road tiles then there is nothing you can do to make them impassible. If it over hangs the lot, I have just the thing for you. I made a small mod called 'NEC Empty Square' which includes, wait for it, an empty square. This square is impassible, so if the walls over hang the footprint of the building you can pop the square beneath them and no one will walk over them. You can find it here = http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=294
  10. Oh... if only we had that terraforming, the ability to build on different levels... oh my. Awesome pics!
  11. A few more Port Royal teasers... Joining up with the bakery, blacksmith, tailor, and mill we now have some row houses. There are single story, small houses for 4, over handing two story houses for 4 to be build above the small ones, a two story central house (both floors) that takes a family of 5, and 3 versions of a corner house that takes a family of 6. I have quite a few things remaining in this set, and am not sure if I will finish them before I leave. But I'll wait on releasing it in case I do manage to get the time to finish some more up.
  12. Well the one in these pics, that would be me I made it because PEI (one of the regions I'm basing some of the content on) is famous for its red dirt and red roads. I thought it would add a nice bit of colour, especially compared to the vanilla roads. Although I do wonder if the colour settings on my laptop are slightly dull and it is brighter on other systems. But, it shouldn't over ride anything, and I've not seen anyone else use it, so perhaps there are more roads similar out there you have also seen.
  13. The small forest hamlet was starting to get a little cramped, so the woodland folk decided to expand into some more open land in hope of supplementing their food with farming and also developing more industry to make use of the forest products. A furrier set up, and started to produce high quality fur and pelt coats, and a blacksmith and even a spinner was built to start making some hardy tools with twine handles, maximizing the efficiency of the lumber cutters. So far, so good in Intervale. Indeed, not long after expanding out the forest folk found they had more space for homes and established the first church and school in the area, officially naming the new settlement Colwyn's Pond after one of the founding fathers who passed away from old age.
  14. Hello everyone, I've made some new road textures for my sets, trying to mimic the red dirt of PEI, and also want to re-texture the crop fields in the same way. Now I can change the texture .png etc., and it comes out fine in game but I have a few questions for clarification.. 1 - I'm using gimp to make my texture, and often get the following note when running build.bat when doing the roads and crop fields; Now, I am assuming the game wants to do some thing with the alpha channel, and I am assuming that is for snow cover because my roads disappear in the winter. However, when I mess around with the alpha channel until this warning goes away, the texture comes out with nasty transparent patches in game. Any idea of the proper way to deal with this? How do you get the road textures to look so crisp? 2 - I'm using textures of the size 1024*1024 but am wondering what is the size, in pixels, of a game tile? I.E. how much of this texture will actually be displayed on a 1x1 road or crop field? This will help me line up my shading in the crop field and get the right scale. 3 - I have turned the road textures into some 1x1 ghost squares for decorations, and have a triangle and a square version. The problem is that the textures on these squares come out very distorted/blurred on the stone tiles, and it has also happened to some of my dock pieces with flat triangle planes, even if they look perfect in blender. Does anyone know why this might be? It would have been really neat if the mod kit included a few examples of these sorts of images.
  15. Welcome to the region of Intervale. A small valley with flowing brooks, a meandering river, a couple of lakes, and proximity to the (imaginary) ocean, Intervale seems like the ideal place to settle. Indeed, our intrepid bannies believe this very thing, and after landing decided to make the most of the dense forests that line the valley. The first hamlet was established in the forest, with a flax gatherer, food gatherer, and some basic production buildings for tools and lumber. Surrounding the hamlet is three forestry towers (vanilla trees) making a triangle shape, where gatherers, hunters, and trappers have begun to harvest the rich forest fauna and flora. A small, close knit community is starting to grow around these resources, which have the potential to be very lucrative if they play their cards right.