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  1. Version 104.4


    PEI Shore Fisheries and Dock Set Based on small fishing huts in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Dock Set. 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 dock pieces with corners, T-s, and stairs. Some with covered and roped F-variants. Small shore fishing hut that produces your choice of mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, or seaweed. Has 5 F-variants. New food items (to the vanilla game) including mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, and seaweed. A general storage (2000 units) and an edibles storage (1000 units). A small lighthouse that provides happiness. All buildings have two versions, a worn look and a fresh look. For the shore fishing huts, each version has its own toolbar instance. For the lighthouse, general storage, and edibles storage the different versions are F-variants. Shipbuilding Industry Dock based rope maker and boat building to start a maritime ship building production chain. Rope maker - makes rope from flax. Dory shed - makes small boats (dory) from lumber and rope. New materials (to the vanilla game) including lumber, dory, rope, flax+. Crystal Cliffs Farm A farm set based on Crystal Cliffs Farm, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. Crystal Barn - 11,000 units of general storage. Costs lumber, stone and building supplies to build. Footprint is only 2x4, but it over hangs to a total of 4x8. This is so that it can fit above... Crystal Milk - A 4x6 milk pen which can sit as either a stand alone building or be placed beneath the Crystal Barn to make them look like one building. Costs lumber, stone and domesticated animals to build, takes up to 3 workers, and produces a fair amount of milk! Crystal Stable - A 4x6 stable which can sit as either a stand alone building or be placed beneath the Crystal Barn to make them look like one building. Costs lumber and stone to build, and will rear domesticated animals for the building of the milk pen. Domesticated animals are produced using either barley+, corn+, oats+, or wheat. New food items including Barley+, Corn+, Milk and Oats+. New materials Building Supplies+. New dry good Domesticated Animal. Port Royal Habitation A town set based on the 1700s Acadian Habitation at Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada. Port Royal Housing - various housing combinations including single level houses and modular double level houses that can either make corners or be built above the town hall and school. Port Royal Civics - A school (capacity 15), a town hall, and a chapel (capacity 20). Port Royal Food Production - A grist mill that takes oats+, corn+, barley+, and wheat and makes flour and a Bakery to turn that flour into bread. Port Royal Industry - A blacksmith and tailor which make Vanilla cloths and tools, and a lumber cutter who makes lumber from wood at a steady rate. Port Royal Storage - Some storage options for this set. A warehouse to store materials, stone, iron, and fuel. A storage loft that sits above the warehouse to store dry goods, cloths, and tools. Finally, a storage cellar which stores all edibles. Port Royal Fort - a few fort pieces to decorate your town with, including a gate house, palisade platform, and cannon platform. Peggy's Cove Inshore Fisheries A set of inshore fisheries based on Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. New dock fisheries building, with F-variants. Need lumber and dory (made from above buildings) to build and will harvest your choice of lobster, herring, mackerel, shrimp, or tuna. New dock general storage building. New food items (to the vanilla game) including lobster, shrimp, herring, mackerel, and tuna. This whole set will appear in a new tab on the main tool bar, with a maple leaf icon. Within this, there are a few sub-menus, one for dock buildings, one for farming buildings, and one for the Port Royal set (which itself has sub-menus for each class of building). This set will also change vanilla coal limits to material limits, and vanilla textiles limits to dry good limits, as with CC. Usage Notes - Important! + This mod will work stand alone. However, while a range of new resources has been added to the game, if used stand alone the following items will be available through trade only. The list... building supplies, barley, corn, oats, flax. If you want to produce these items yourself, you will need to use CC or another mod that adds any of these resources. Some will be released in later versions (for example I want to add wild flax and some wild oats etc.), others probably not. I do think needing to trade for certain things does add a nice bit of realism/challenge to the game! Compatibility. > CC and others - Compatible. You will get red warnings in your mods list if you use it with CC or any other mod that adds some of the same raw materials (mussels, building supplies etc.) however this will not effect functionality. I have purposely made my raw materials match the CC ones so that they will work together. The harvesting rates, values, etc. are the same so load order just depends what icons you prefer! > Wild Flax mods - Incompatible - The wild flax mod at WOB uses a different name for the flax resource, and therefore will not be used by the rope maker in this set. > Save Game - Incompatible. I have made a lot of changes behind the scenes and re-textured the buildings so this is not compatible with previous instances. You might get away with deleting all instances of these buildings before loading this mod up... See the development thread here... and give me feed back! Enjoy! Alternate Download Link for V104.4 --->> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2nh4ixEBQ-kS1hlUjVROG5kejQ
  2. @despo20 this is why I need photoshop.
  3. Version 100


    The Maritimes Collection - Maritimes Trees Addon Introducing the Maritimes Trees Replacement Addon. This pack replaces the vanilla trees with new trees from the Maritimes Collection. Includes Apple, Aspen, Birch, Fir, Maple, Spruce, and White Pine. All have a few variants. How it works. This mod changes the 'NaturalResourceTree.rsc:model' to swap the vanilla tree models for the new Maritimes tree models and their variants. It also increases the amount of wood produced as a little added bonus - These trees are bigger than the vanilla ones, so it's only fair. This mod does not change the spawning of other natural resources, nor does it add any new resources. Compatibility. As this mod is a simple tree replacement, the only aspect of the NaturalResourceTree.rsc template file that it over writes is the 'model' section. This means that if you run it on top of other mods, it should over write that part of the file, but not touch the rest. So any mods that change the wild spawned resources associated with the NaturalResourceTree.rsc, such as the Wild Flax Mod, should still work. It should also work with any mods that change the appearance of or add variations to the gatherer/forester/herbalist buildings such as the Forest Outpost Mod. This mod will not work with any mods that change the vanilla trees, or link a new tree file in the starting conditions. It should not cause any crashes, but either this will over ride the trees added to the vanilla file, or not show up on the map if the other mod links to a new tree file (some CC starting conditions may work like this). Acknowledgements None of my mods would be possible without the help, support, and general amazing nature of the Black Liquid Crew. This includes especially @ShockPuppet for modeling help and @Kralyerg for super coding magic. Thanks also go to @Discrepancy for his awesome intro to modding tutorial, and @Ketchup for modeling and coding help throughout, and of course the toolbar! Thanks also go out to all who have participated in the development thread with comments, suggestions, and beta testing. There are too many to name individually, and I'm worried about missing people out. So here's to you!
  4. First off, thank you to all who have answered my questions over the last couple of days, you've been a massive help. Secondly, a huge thank you to @Discrepancy for your tutorial over at WOB. Very well put together. So You may have noticed by now I have been asking a lot of questions. Well, I have been bumbling my way through making a mod, from learning to model, texture, and compile. So far, after a lot of trial and error, I have come up with a house (with F-variants!!!) that bannies will actually live in and doesn't crash the game (well the mod kit version of the game anyway). It is meant to be a shore fisher, but as the tutorial was for a house, that is what we have. Looking through the resources in the mod kit, I even managed to compile F-variants (all huts in the above pictures are F-variants) and make it sit on water without flattening the ground. However, turning it into a production building and making additional walkways were not so productive. Following the apiary example I did manage to get it in game in the food toolbar and employ a beekeeper to produce honey, however after a year nothing was produced and when I built two the game crashed eventually crashed. With the walkways, I could not figure out how to put them into the same instance as the houses only as another mod, and for some reason my 3 package.bat did nothing, well it ran without errors, but I couldn't find a mod anywhere. I will continue my quests to make something functional! I do have a request though, would someone be willing to send me the .rsc files for some dock pieces and things so I can explore them? The examples in the mod kit are pretty minimal (and also quite varied in the lay out and order of items in the template files which really doesn't help)
  5. I like the worn patch it gives to the door on the deck there
  6. @despo20 so how did you take the snow away? Add black to the alpha channel? Does this effect the shadows in the summer?
  7. @stiles about the trader post, you might have to refer to @Kralyerg about that one because I am not sure. Goats milk I want to make into goats cheese at some point, just for some variation. It has the same stats as cows milk. I've not changed the aging of trees, they are a replicate of the vanilla tree set, just with my models. So the growth should be the same as vanilla... should be. I'll check it. Domesticated animals in the wild are from CC. A forester will 'produce' them by clearing area to plant trees, the same way they clear the stone and iron. I've no plans for other trees, but I can do in the future. I wanted to keep them regional, not sure we have any nut trees here. I'll look into it.
  8. Oh and one more thing.. I'm not sure what this UI is called, it is the one that pops in or out when you hit 'N' on the keyboard in 3D Veiw and has the transformation options and things in it. If you scroll down to the shading menu, you can tick AO and it will display your values and some shading on the building (which I have made red here for fun). It is a rough estimate of how your values will come out, the result is a lot grainier than a proper bake in game, but you can play around with them to see the difference of changing certain things.
  9. @despo20 I gave wrote a late night, brief overview at WOB that a few people have recently deciphered, with no images. Here are some images for you, perhaps I will put it together into a blender AO tutorial when I get a chance. Image 1 1 - We start off in the 'World' menu. 2 - First, change the 'Ambient Colour' to 150, 150, 150. 3 - Tick 'Ambient Occlusion' and open up this drop down menu. The first option is 'Factor' which is how strong the effect will be. The higher the number, the darker the shadows. 4 - You can select to multiply or add each trace. Multiply gives a darker shadow. So each scan is multiplied by a factor of 2.5 in this set up. 5 - Tick 'Environment Lighting'. I'm not sure how much of an effect it has, but I was battling dark shading across the whole thing when I went through this so decided to tick it just because. 6 - Same with 'Indirect Lighting'. I didn't change any of the settings of either of these two. Image 2 1 - Scroll down in the 'World' menu to find the 'Gather' drop down. Make sure 'Raytrace' is selected and it is set to 'Approximate'. Other settings give lower quality shadows (grainy). 2 - Attenuation - This is the distance between faces that will cast a shadow on one another. (note - this is my understanding of it!) AO is about the effect other faces have on the one that is being scanned. Blender will scan out in all directions from each face, and see what other faces there are to cast a shadow on it. Attenuation tells blender how far to look for another face. The default is 10 m (!!!) so any face within 10 meters will case a shadow, and result in a very dark AO all over! I use 20 cm, it seems to be a good one for definition on buildings. On smaller things I will go less, 5 cm for a tree or bush where many faces are close together. Play with this depending on the model to get the amount of shading you need, it is probably the most important thing for AO IMO. 3 - Samples - how many scans per face. The more you do, the longer it takes, the smoother the shading is. There are also things like 'fall off' which is something to do with how quickly the shadow from another face stops having an effect, but I have not played with this yet. Image 3 You probably have used these already! 1 - Render menu 2 - Make sure normalized is ticked especially if you are using multi materials. This forces blender to assume all faces are bright white (ambient colour that we set earlier I think). If you don't do this, you can get dark/odd shading due to the textures applied to each face. 3 - Margin 10px. I don't know why, @Discrepancy said to do it in his tutorial
  10. @despo20 It looks awesome. A couple of points, before you lighten the AO, consider that the environment lighting in game is rather, well, I don't know a nice way to put it, let's say unforgiving My white areas of the AO are as white as can be, and I use a strong shading to it, yet the white AO areas still come out somewhat dark. I find that if the model looks great in blender, I will need to boost the saturation and contrast of all textures for it to look just as vibrant in game. In blender everything looks over saturated, but in game it comes out nice. I think it is because in the 'sun' the game casts some strange pale blue shadow on everything, and brightens it (but adds more contrast) in 'rain'. I would have thought it would be the opposite way around, or at least less blue wash in sun. Try tinkering with the contrast/brightness/saturation of the textures before you change the AO. The good AO from blender should not darken faces with no shadows cast on them, so roofs, walls etc. The AO simply adds some nice contrast around the beams, especially if you have the attenuation down to around 20 cm, which is what I use as default.
  11. If you did the AO the way I described in a few places then you don't need to invert it, it is correct the way blender bakes it Awesome house!... and say good bye to your life, this stuff is addictive...
  12. Good evening all, I added apples to a gatherer hut. The problem is, just one gatherer (educated) went on his or her merry way and collected 1500 apples in one year. Then the next. Then the next. This is on top of the usual 200-400 of berries and other things. I looked into the apple template in the resource folder, the low/high create is 50/65! I understand why this is, each orchard tree drops one bucket of apples, so the create unit has to be high to make an orchard of, say, 10 trees produce and acceptable amount of fruit for it to be worth it (500/650 in this case). But this is far to overpowering for a gatherer, even just for apples alone. The same can be said for things such as flax or hemp. If you go by the crop field production of flax or hemp, which if I remember correctly is between 200 and 400 a harvest in an 11x11 field, then the gatherers pick up really quite a small amount, >100 units, not enough for 1 rope. So I upped the create numbers for flax, got the gatherer producing 250 a year, but the 11x11 crop field then went and produced 1600 a year. Hmmm. So how do you go about balancing these? Is there any other number apart from the high/low create that I can play with that will even this out? I want the gatherers to produce a worth while amount, but not over powered. But I also don't want to then over power or under power the orchards and crop fields. I could add a new raw material, wild flax and wild apples, but then they are not compatible with regular flax/apple production chains which is just more of a hassle. Any suggestions? Is there anything I can play around with in the natural resource apple/hemp/flax file to speed up/slow down production?
  13. Hello, I want to add a couple of trees to vanilla, that will be planted by a forester. I don't really want them in an orchard, and I don't want them growing wild, just planted by a new forester building. I want them this way so they spawn specific resources for some production chains. I've looked at the fig tree supplied with the mod kit, and modeled a (poor) fir tree. However, I have no idea what the camera, or other parts of that .fbx are, where they need to go, etc. Also, a bit confused about the three UV channels needed. It also doesn't help that the tree template in the resource refers to 4 spruce and birch models (but only one oak model). Why? Would someone mind taking a bit of time to put together a blow by blow on how to model a tree and put it in the game? I think I get coding it into the game, apart from the 4 models, but not sure about actually building it. Cheers
  14. Besides the trees, I've been working on improving the natural resources and raw material models, so they all have much better texturing and things. So far I'm about 1/2 way through the pine set raw materials. I'm also planning on adding more secondary and tertiary things like tools and clothing so you can actually start to use some of these things other than for trade. Like pitch or twine on tools to make them grip and last longer (steel tool category). These are the models I've improved so far.
  15. @stiles What mod is the old town trader from? CC?
  16. @Ketchup don't delete! More trees! Plus I'm looking forward to your berries bushes and grasses. I still want one of those grasses as seaweed though So I realized I never take pics or test with shadows turned on, because I don't like them. Horrible diagonal lines on EVERYTHING. But, they do make for some good pictures. So I decided for some eye candy, i'd load up a few things and make some scenes. Unfortunately, it is using the mod kit because Steam is stuck downloading the update and my internet is too slow to handle it. So I couldn't use any of the ghost decorative fences and goats oh well... Here is Crystal Cliffs, Sherbrooke, and NS Inshore with the new trees as starting trees in winter and summer... (the trees might be a little big...)
  17. @Ketchup so I turned shadows on. I have to have them at high quality otherwise you get those horrible horizontal lines everywhere. And low resolution just makes them look like squares everywhere. Any hints on making shadows less system intensive? Unfortunately, on high res/high quality, I can barely scroll! It does look good for pictures though... Trees as natural trees, without shadows... And with shadows...
  18. @Ketchup yes, shadows slow my system down a lot. I actually completely forgot about them until you just asked.
  19. I would be thankful for any help... I have made a stable to produce domesticated animal, and a milk pen that needs domesticated animal to be built then produces milk. I've had a terrible time getting the stable coded in. At first, I was trying to introduce 'domesticated animal' as a textile, the game would crash every time I placed the building. I changed domesticated animal to a material, and I can now place the buildings fine. However, when I destroy them, the builders take them apart and the game crashes once the building has been destroyed completely or just after, when the bannies either pick something up or drop it off at storage. I am guessing there fore that this issue is something to do with my domesticated animal model or code. I have re-made the model, to no avail. the texture is 512x512, and the weight of each is domesticated animal is 5, which I think must be less than CC. What exactly is out of range here, and why is it crashing?
  20. @Kralyerg how about this one? I tried to put some new trees to start with the game, to replace the vanilla ones, and after about 20 seconds of running a new map it threw this up..
  21. I think I've tree'd myself out for the day.
  22. Thanks! I think perhaps the maples need some height variation. And what do people think about the red one? I think it looks cool... but there are no year round red maples... so should it stay as a variant in the natural trees or should it be just decorative? Firs are much better now... and so are the aspens! Getting close to a full tree addon here...
  23. @Bartender yup they work in game just fine. The one thing I'm not sure of is the falling animation, I've not actually looked into it, so I doubt my trees do it. Perhaps they just vanish when cut. I looked into the fig tree example but unfortunately it is not very informative regarding how it is done. If I get time I'll look into it more.
  24. Thanks for the kind words everyone! So the maples, the foliage was just too large and wide. The trees were very top heavy. Deciduous trees are hard, to get the branches looking good in winter. You can't do it all in 3D, because then the meshes have like thousands of triangles and it will slow the game to a crawl. So making them is a case of playing around with minimal numbers of faces, textures, and getting the right combination. Another thing about deciduous trees compared to pines, is that pines look good when they are sparse in variation. Deciduous do not look as good, so you need to make them very full. Anyway, I decided to make the maples in the same way I made the pines, but go heavy on the leaves. So now you can see individual branches, which are full of leaves in summer, and still look good in winter. As for the winter snow, I kinda like it! I can try to apply an AO to these trees to tone the snow down a bit, but with AO you get odd shadows sometimes. I'll mess around with it. Anyway, here are the new maples, version 2. 4 variants, 2 red and 2 green. Here is a fun before and after comparison. The new trees, and the old ones which are in the pine set. What was I thinking with that 'White Pine'????? All I can do is apologize for that attempt . Next I want to do the trembling aspen, perhaps a birch, and a few more conifers and pines. I need to re-do the fir, and I found a good texture for a jack pine. Then we'll have one of each of the major native trees found in Nova Scotia.
  25. I don't have photoshop, I'm a poor scamp who is using Gimp, which I hate . I just can't figure out the UI of Gimp, or how to do things like that. One day!