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  1. I dont get CC to work. here is what i have done: 1. Delete anything from Banished & Mods & Data etc. 2. Start steam and install Banished 3. Update to the beta version 1.07b Build 170608 4. Download Mods Colonial Charter 1.75 Journey MegaMod 0.07 MegaMod Deco Pack 0.07 1.0.7 Compatibility For MegaMod 0.07 v2 5. Put the unzip the RARs and put the .pkm into ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished\WinData 6. Load the game without any mods activated 7. Activate Mods and put them into the correct load order 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.75 Journey Mega Mod 0.07 Mega Mod Deco Pack 0.07 8. When it asked to reload the game i click on "Yes" and after a long loading time with black window i hear the new sound from CC but get an error and the game stops 9. So I started every mod individually (i also redownload all mods again) CC 1.75 Journey -works fine 1.0.7 Compatibility -not working Mega Mod 0.07 -not working Mega Mod Deco Pack 0.07 -not working 1.0.7 Compatibility + MM 0.07 + MM Deco Pack -not working I hope you can help me. I want to play banished. If not i have to wait for the next version
  2. Thank you very much. I will delete everything from banished and reinstall all again. i never installed MM 0.06 the last time i played i had MM 0.02 or something
  3. i unsubscribe every mod in steam and reinstalled Banished. My windata looks like this
  4. still not working i have the correct load order now. I use banished on steam with the beta version 1.07 I cant load megamod solo but CC 1.75 Journey works fine solo thanks for your help
  5. hi i need your help with my load order. I want to use CC1.75 with MM0.07 and maybe the mediveal mod