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  1. Besides making perfume, you can use them for trade.
  2. Mods turn red because they affect the same code not because they aren't compatible. Ignore it. Domesticated Animals are Misc. Items. To produce them, you need plenty of the grain you chose as a requirement, workers and room in a barn that will store Misc. Items such as the standard barn. The DA shouldn't decrease unless you are using them to build something that requires them (such as Animal Pens) or have told the Trading Post to store them.
  3. Love it! I would probably add a bonfire and some torches from Red Ketchup's I See Fire mod on the shore.
  4. MM8 is a huge mod and, depending on your computer, could take 20 minutes to load. Some people (like me) find that it loads faster if you use DX11; others find it crashes more frequently with DX11 and DX9 works best. Some say it loads quicker if they delete excess Save files. Also, make sure you aren't using any other mods - especially CC 1.75 which is included. Others use the time to make coffee and still others press Alt + Tab and surf for a while.
  5. I believe it is just decorative. Looks like a Bromeliad, which is a tropical plant.
  6. All mods go in your Banished > WinData folder. Mine is located at: C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Banished > WinData. After you put the .pkm files in this folder, go into the game and check the mods you want to use and uncheck those you longer need (such as CC Journey 1.75 which is included in MegaMod 8). Then exit the game completely. This helps to prevent crashes. Then you can go back in and start a new game. Note that to extract the .pkm files from the .rar, you should make sure you are using an updated version of your extraction program (such as 7-Zip or WinRAR). Enjoy!
  7. Not sure which plant you are talking about. Can you provide a picture?
  8. Go to Food Production > Raw Food Gathering on the main toolbar.
  9. No. He's still working on MM8. After that, he may want to take a break or have other priorities. You need to be more patient.
  10. Mods turn red when they contain code that affects the same thing - it doesn't mean they are uncompatible. Since MegaMod 8 contains CC 1.75, you don't need to use a separate CC 1.75 - you are only going to make the game take even longer to load. You should uncheck CC 1.75 from the mod list. Don't forget that anytime you add or delete mods, you should exit Banished completely before starting a new game in order to avoid crashes.
  11. @Reino The code related to marriage and education has not been changed from vanilla Banished. There are some things where I avoid looking at it too closely to try to understand the developer's intent. However, I believe he really didn't consider all of the issues you've brought up.
  12. Make sure you are using the current version of 7-Zip - some people have had trouble with older versions. You can also use WinRAR - and download a free trial version.
  13. That is certainly the plan!
  14. Someone could probably do that, but the question is "Who?" Modders often have their own list of things they want to mod or are already working on large projects. Unlike my fantasy, there isn't a room with modders sitting around, with nothing to do, waiting for us to make requests. There are some smaller markets with smaller radii that you might want to use for single purpose areas.
  15. Not sure. Kralyerg changed the code so they are still spawned by trees, but will not also spawn themselves. That will reduce the number. But until he compiles the new version, it can't really be tested.