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  1. I'm really glad you persevered and was able to sort this out. I've had trouble with remembering to unsubscribe to mods too. That's why I stopped doing it. I keep a folder with all of the mods I've downloaded and move some into my WinData file if I choose to use them.
  2. See my comment that's just above your post!
  3. You can delete them from your WinData file for now but will need to unsubscribe once you are playing on-line. You have all MM 8.01 files activated and only those and you verified you are using Banished 1.0.7 and BUILD 170910? If this doesn't clean up the toolbar. Try a new town.
  4. Thanks for letting us know. Kralyerg will take a look at the code for this mod and, if needed, will fix it for MM9. I will let you know what he will do.
  5. Make sure you are using Banished v. 1.0.7, build 170910 (you can find this at the bottom of the start screen). Then make sure you are using Megamod 8.01 (all 3 files). And then make sure you aren't using another copy of MegaMod or Colonial Charter (which is included in MM) nor have you subscribed to them (if you are using the Steam Workshop). If all of that is OK, please provide a picture, showing the menu.
  6. We provide the string tables for Colonial Charter to anyone who would like to create a translation. Those are usually made available on the Steam Workshop and other sites where mods can be posted. However, we do not keep track of which translations are available.
  7. Are you using MegaMod 8.1 or an earlier version?
  8. Yes and no. You can add people, plop buildings at no cost and the named categories (flags) work, adding resources: including Food, Logs, Stone, Firewood, etc. However, Ihave never tried to new flags and I understand only the works. Luke, the developer of Banished, was advised but he never fixed it.
  9. Was your 1:1 aging mod created or updated after the last update to Banished in September 2017? Are you using Banished version 1.07 build 170910? If that's not the problem, maybe Red Ketchup can help. Let me know.
  10. It is included. Let us know if you have any other questions
  11. Which mod(s) are you using? Please include version #. Not sure what is going on from your description. Could you post a picture? (A picture really is worth a 1000 words!)
  12. CC 1.76 is the "stable version". It was specifically designed to work with the current version of Banished (v. 1.0.7 build 170910) which came out in September 2017. Previous versions of Colonial Charter do not use the new Flags (think "categories") that were added which will cause crashes. You need to verify that you are using the current version and current build of Banished. Make sure you aren't using any other mods that were not created for or updated for the new version of Banished. If those aren't the problem, please send a picture of your town showing the buildings you are having issues with - and have the info window open for the building. We will try to sort this out for you.
  13. No. We haven't tried to put together resource materials like we did for Colonial Charter. With more than 200 different mods it would take a lot of work.
  14. Nope. That was created by someone else, using different software.
  15. Housing is included in the Construction Spreadsheet.