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  1. Subscribing to a mod from the Steam Workshop should be the easy way to load this mod, but if that didn't work for you, I think you should download it from here. Before you do that, make sure you have unsubscribed to CC 1.76 from the Workshop. Then go to your Banished > WinData file and make sure the only files are data0.pkg, data1.pkg, patch0.pkg and patch1.pkg; you don't want a copy of 1.76 to already be in the folder. When you download 1.76 from here, it is a compressed .rar file. You will need to extract the .pkm file from that using a program that does that and put it in your Banished > WinData file. I think Windows 10 has a program that will extract the .pkm file, but if not, 7-Zip can be downloaded for free from the web. Start Banished and select CC 1.76 from the list of mods. Then exit the game completely before starting a new game. This will help prevent crashes. Please let me know if this works for you.
  2. Luke posted another update on November 9th. It's rather technical (maybe an understatement) but interesting reading. go to: Shining Rock Software
  3. You can use 7-Zip which is free from 7-zip.org.
  4. I've seen a couple of playthroughs on YouTube and it looks interesting but not a lot of content. I don't know if he's going to make a mod kit or how soon. I bought Forest Village when it first came out as an "early release". Mistake. I understand it has gotten better, but I still haven't tried playing it again. Made me swear off of early releases. However, I'm weak. Not too long ago, I bought Depraved as an early release. Really love it; now waiting for a full release. Banished does have A LOT of great mods and more are made all the time. I think you'll enjoy playing it for a long time.
  5. If you have more houses than you have adult male/female couples, one parent may move into the empty house. It would be unusual for there to be a child that gets added, but stranger things sometimes happen.
  6. Black Liquid does not create translations. They do provide the String Tables for their Colonial Charter mod so others can create translations of that mod. However, MegaMod is a compilation of over 200 mods and they do not provide String Tables for that. I do not know if that will ever be available.
  7. Probably not. MegaMod is now so big that it has to be divided into three files. Each of those would be a separate Steam download. Too much of a problem to make sure people download all 3 and get them in the correct order. There are a lot of great mods here and at WorldofBanished.com that are not available on Steam. To me it is well worth learning to download these mods yourself. Let us know if you need help in doing that.
  8. Sorry, I could not find out this information - no one seems to know. It might have been provide by one of the people who drop in and help out from time to time then disappear again.
  9. How nice to see you again! MegaMod 8.01 uses the new flags so you need Banished 1.0.7 which added those. MM 7 doesn't use the new flags and should still work with Banished 1.0.6. The Compatibility Mod was created so MM7 would work with the newer version of Banished.
  10. To increase the number of babies born, each male/female couple needs their own house. They will stop having kids when any of their kids become adults and don't leave home or when they grow too old. Stiles also points out an important point - some houses only allow 3 people such as the Colonial Charter shack - couples in them will only have 1 child. I usually build houses that allow a family of 5 when I'm starting out. By the way, if you build too many houses, couples will split up and not have kids. People don't usually have kids if they are living in a Boarding House and having babies has nothing to do with Hospitals and Churches. To slow the number of babies being born, you can limit the number of house built to a few per year.
  11. I was disappointed to learn that there isn't a single file that creates the toolbars which would make it much easier to organize them. Most mods these days are set up to be listed under the Community Toolbar by Modder. The Modder determines how those listings are done. Kralyerg has made an attempt to also put things under the regular toolbar so houses are listed together, foresters are together, etc. The problem is what do you do with themed sets? If I'm building a dock town, I want everything listed together; however, I often use these pieces (especially the market, houses, workshop, etc.) on ground with regular buildings. So, should those be listed separately too? That's going to mean that any item in a set will need to be included in 3 places: in the Community toolbar, under Themed Sets and under the "regular" toolbar. The fact is that this is a hell of a lot of work and Kralyerg is one person. It's awfully helpful if you're already familiar with the mods that are in there - but how many people have played with all 200+ mods? If there's a lot in MM that you don't want to use, you could do as some of us do. Play MM to find out what mods you like, then switch to using CC, along with the 40 or so mods you especially like. Over time, I would expect that it will all become better organized - but keep in mind that "better" is in the eye of the gamer.
  12. If it is giving you one big file then you aren't using the most recent version of MegaMod - which is 8.01. It is also out of date 8.01 is available on this forum.
  13. When you use 7-Zip, it will extract the 3 .pkm files. You put those in your Banished > WinData folder. When you Go into the game and check the 3 files to activate the mod, be sure to exit the game completely. That will help prevent crashes.
  14. Because the flags change with 1.76, I would be concerned that it would crash if you try to open a save made with and earlier version. As long as you are OK with how your current town is working, I wouldn't try it. Wait for the next town.
  15. I would try taking the planned buildings off pause, deleting them and then placing them again to see if the windows now show up. However, you are playing with an older version of Colonial Charter - one that is not designed to work with the current version of Banished - 1.0.7. I can tell because your General Statistics window does not show all of the 19 Flags being used. You really need to start using Colonial Charter 1.76, available from this website or you will find that some things don't work correctly and it could cause crashes. You can also avoid many panic attacks by turning disasters off when you start the new game.