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  1. After a little more than a year, Luke Hodorowicz has finally posted a new message on his website, ShiningRockSoftware,com. Looks like he has finally decided what his new game is going to be and started designing in that direction! There's not much info provided, but any progress is good news in my book. Here's a LINK TO SHININGROCKSOFTWARE.COM.
  2. The % on the Nomad sign is based on your total population. So, if you have 300 citizens, 5% brings 15 nomads and 10% would be 30 nomads. The % you choose is up to you. Make sure you have a hospital in case they bring a disease with them, and plenty of tools, clothing and food. You should also have enough temporary housing (boarding houses) - in MM there are a lot of nice ones to choose from . When you take in a lot of Nomads at one time, keep in mind they are free, but uneducated laborers. They can cause a population spike which later becomes and education spike, and even later, there's a death spike. If you really need more Nomads, you can start with a high % and later destroy that sign and put in one with a lower %. By "swamp bundles", do you mean "Firebundles" produced at the Dock Workshop or the Bundling Shed? Note that it takes 25 Reeds to make 10 Firebundles with educated workers. The info screen for that building should show the # of Firebundles produced during the current and previous years. If you are really low on Firewood, the bundles might be used fairly quickly. No idea why your Tiny House is storing a lot of Firewood. I don't have any Tiny Houses on my map, but I did notice that one of my Wooden Houses has 147 Firewood, while all of the others have much less. It could be that Firewood became scarce at some point so the Tiny House family rushed out and stocked up on Firewood at some point (I know this happens when Food becomes scarce). Just an FYI, I find the most efficient way to produce fuel for homes is to use a Stacks Burner which produces 11 Charcoal from each long. The Woodcutter only makes 4 Firewood from a log.
  3. Sounds like you are either using old versions of Banished and/or MM. Or you are using other old mods that create a conflict. You have posted your question under MegaMod 8 - RC5; are you sure you're using the most recent version of MM (should be v. 8.01)? Could you also make sure you are using the most recent version of Banished, shown at the bottom of the 1st in-game menu; it should be v. 1.0.7. Lastly, let me know if you are using any other mods; include version # and the order the mods are in.
  4. There is so much we would have liked Luke to add. Unfortunately he just wasn't interested in making Banished even better. At least he made an OK mod kit which allows modders, using creativity, ingenuity and hard work, to do some wonderful things.
  5. I believe that kid's mod added "spice" seeds so you can grow a crop of spice. You could check with him at WorldofBanished.com.
  6. The best way to discover the differences is to start a game using each terrain so you can look around.
  7. Are you using the most recent version of Banished - v. 1.0.7? Make sure you are using the current version of MegaMod which is 8.01 - there are older versions on Steam that you need to avoid. If so, all of the mods you use must be compatible with that. It is safer to only use mods that have specifically been modified or made to work with that version. When you make any changes to your in-game mod list, be sure to exit Banished completely before going in and starting a new game. At first, I would definitely only try loading MegaMod and disable all of your other mods. Make sure the 3 files are in order (1,2,3). Depending on your system, it could take 10 minutes or more for it to load because it is HUGE. I find that switching to DX 11 makes it load faster. Others find DX 9 is better (11 causes crashes). If that just won't work, try loading something smaller but still big such as Colonial Charter 1.76 and see if your computer can run that. (You don't want to use it with MM because it is included.) Let us know if you're successful!
  8. Yeah - specialized markets can help gather materials a business needs when placed close together. Kid1293's Market Puzzle v 1.2 was revised to work with Banished 1.0.7. There are also EB Market Set. Both are available from WorldofBanished.com in the section for mods that work with 1.0.7.
  9. Markets carry some of everything. They typically store a % of goods based on flags (think: "category"). 500 Logs in one Market sounds like a lot. The Central Market can store a total weight of 18,500. Each Log weighs 10 so that's a total weight of 5000 or 27%! To figure out what is happening, I need more information: Which market? What % full is it? How many Logs are in your inventory? Do you have stockpiles with room available near the source of Logs? Which mods (include version #'s) are you using and in what order? Are you using Banished 1.0.7?
  10. Thanks for pointing this out. This will be fixed in the next release of MM.
  11. This mod was designed to work with Colonial Charter's storage buildings and stockpiles. It was updated to work with Red Ketchup's New Medieval Town, however has not been updated for his Editor's Choice mod. To update it, the information for each storage structure has to be included and there are no plans to do that for all of the different structures in MegaMod.
  12. The value of Firewood was set in the vanilla game. Even when I played vanilla, I've NEVER been good at producing enough Firewood for trade for some reason so I've always relied on Ale. With all of the other great trade items, I don't even have to rely on alcohol anymore. There are Statues, Domesticated Animals, Trade Livestock, Perfume (if using Red Ketchup's mods), etc. (and I still use Reeds). By the way, I don't make Firewood anymore since I discovered that the Stacks Burner makes 11 Charcoal (worth 3 each) from one log!
  13. MegaMod is a compilation of over 200 mods from various modders. Most modders have designed their mods to be accessed through a "community" button from the main toolbar - that's the button with the people holding hands. Mods appear there under the name of the modder just as they were created by the modders. In addition, Kralyerg has added most of those same items to the regular toolbar so that types of buildings (trading posts, storage, houses, etc.) are in one spot for the most part. However, because there are lots of mods that consist of a group of matching buildings, those may appear under "themed sets" rather than pulling each item out, making it easier to find matching items. There isn't any way to design a search function. This is a HUGE undertaking and it there's no way to make it easy to find all of the things included in MM - only experience helps. It is also not something you can change yourself. I have no idea why you had a problem with the Boathouse - I think that's one of kid1293's mods. Perhaps there's a piece that should be used to connect it to land? I'm guessing that items aren't being built because the workers can't get there for some reason - can you provide a picture? The Merchants bring everything with the same Flag (think "category); modders can't specify that they only bring one item. It helps if you order those items you want and specify that it is brought every time they come. Or you could manufacture the items you need the most. Not sure why the lag with only 70 citizens. Extra Large maps can be a problem. You could try using the No Smoke mod. The screen resolution you are using could make a difference too. 10X is also a problem.
  14. Ridiculous Storage works for the vanilla and Colonial Charter Barns and Stockpiles in MM8.1 but not on those from other modders.
  15. I was talking about the size of the structure being too big to fit in a river. You don't want to block boats from going by either visually or actually. A 10x10 structure would barely fit in a river, especially since most rivers have little areas that are running horizontal or vertical.