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  1. Could you post a picture of your map and Town Hall?
  2. The custom items refer to the new flags that are included in CC 1.75 and other mods made for Banished 1.0.7. I believe that 0 = Crafted, 1=Forged, etc. (I could be referring to an old list.) HOWEVER, the Debug Menu doesn't really work for these new flags. If you press "0" you get more Crafted items (no way to specify which ones) and if you press "1", "2", etc. you also get Crafted Items. Red Ketchup brought this up to the Developer, but it was not fixed. The rest of the DeBug Menu works as it did before.
  3. In Journey, you no longer need a Market or a Trading Post to get Nomads - just the Town Hall. It can take several years for Nomads to come. Note that Nomads can enter the map from all sides. If their way to the Town Hall requires them to cross streams or rivers that don't have bridges, they won't come.
  4. I checked mine out. In my Banished>WinData Folder, it is called ColonialCharterJ and has a file size of 1509810 KB (1.71 should be smaller). In my Mods List in the game, it is called CC 1.75 Journey. Be sure to delete 1.71 from your Banished>WinData folder. If you're using Steam, you also need to unsubscribe to V1.71 from the Workshop. After you make the changes, make sure you check the items in the Mod list and then exit the game completely. Then go back and start a new game. It helps prevent crashes. Please let us know if that doesn't work.
  5. The Debug Menu mod simply gives you access to the Debug Menu that is built into the game. Have you tried unchecking the Debug Menu in your mod list?
  6. This is being caused by one or more of the mods you've added and/or the order you have them in the game's mod list. Make sure you have these mods in this order: Compatibility Mod 1.0.7 CC 1.75 MM .07 MM .07 Deco Make sure you are using the most recent version of Banished 1.0.7. The final was recently released on 9/13. (I use Steam which automatically gives me the current version since I've OK'd beta versions, so I'm not much help here if you use a different version. If you need it, there is a patch available at ShiningRockSoftware.com if you need to upgrade from 1.0.6. I don't think you need to keep the other patches but just in case move them to another file.) So then begins the task of determining which mod(s) causes these issues. I would start by unchecking the SeasonsFX mod, all of the Maritimes mods and the elfStorageCarts. As always, when adding or deleting mods, exit the game completely; then go back in , verify these are unchecked, and start a new game to see if the problems are still there. If this isn't the fix, you may need to start with the 4 CC/MM mods and add a few mods at a time. I play with a lot of the mods you are using (mostly ones from WorldofBanished.com and the Japanese Houses) and they work just fine together. Let us know how it goes.
  7. I tried placing an Iron Gatherer in my game just now. You're right that the Resource Limit says "Materials" with the Glass icon next to it (both Glass and Iron Ore used to be "Materials"). However, my gatherer started collecting Iron Ore immediately and it is being added to Minerals as it should be. Check your limit on that category and make sure you have a stockpile nearby with room. Also, make sure you don't have any older mods (such as MegaMod) that are using the old Flags placed above 1.75 on your mod list.
  8. @Freedom - Looks like it produces Chickens too!
  9. I could see how shoes could have been introduced into the game but I'm not sure it is worth it. As @Ketchup and @Necora mention, shoes could be included in recipes for warmer clothing. Also, Military Supplies, instead of being delivered to the Quartermaster by a stealth submarine in the middle of the night (which isn't a bad thing at all) could have been made using a combination of items such as Boots, Uniforms, Muskets, Hardtack, etc. Here's one way Clothing could be expanded: Clothing - 1 item used wool, leather, cotton, linen, silk, buffalo hides (from Bison instead of Leather); reeds + feathers is the exception Warm Clothing: 2 items used, could include the above plus shoes, hats, etc. Uniforms: Counts as Warm Clothing (or is even a separate item. Mmade at Fort - replaces “Full Livery” at the Fort): boots + wool, leather + wool, etc. Fine Clothing: Can count as “Warm Clothing” but the real value is for trade. Reduce the profit margin on clothing and make these higher priced, higher profit items for trade. Buffalo Robes from Buffalo Hides + Cloth Fine Leather Jacket from Cured Leather + Silk Full Suit from Shoes + Coat + Hat Ball Gowns from Silk + Shoes + Hat
  10. I did a Google search on "Banished Precious" which led me to an article in World of Banished that says the jade quarry isn't one of their mods, it was part of a mod called "My Precious" by Kralyerg. So I came back here and did a search and found that @Vrayna posted this answer to a similar question on April 1st: "As far as I remember, those were part of Kralyerg's original extra mod for precious stuff, and not in CC. Maybe they were in CC during the Golden Llama times and got removed afterwards? I'm not sure. I used to run My Precious above CC if I wanted the marble/Jade quarries, but I guess they might cause crashes now with the new inventory categories. I don't think those quarries will come back directly in CC (but who knows for sure!), and I'm not sure Kralyerg still has the code for MyPrecious or if it got lost in his GreatHarddriveMeltdowwn." Trade may be the only way to get Jade currently.
  11. It works both ways IF both ends are firmly on soil. The problem is that there are some spots along streams where you are allowed to build it but one end doesn't quite have enough land on one side. This is where DeBug is wonderful - allows you to plop down a finished bridge at no cost to save your citizen's life.
  12. The developer told everyone the game was finished when he released it in 2013, so this recent announcement is really nothing new.
  13. Why not have shoes - or even hats - and let them count as "other clothing"? Might be nice to have a cobbler or milliner.
  14. Wonderful as always! I love seeing how all of these mods can be used together.
  15. I think one of the ways to make this happen is to keep in mind that "size matters" when it comes to storage. You can build a small specialized stockpile - each square holds 250 (all storage numbers based on weight). Or use a fuel cellar can be attached to a building and stores 500. A Fuel Market Cart holds 600 and has the advantage of being staffed by a Vendor who will make sure the cart is stocked.