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  1. Many of the drawings I see look like the red desert terrain and have rather smooth hills. Add red rocks. Maybe design some decorative spires and odd-looking large stones, some in oranges or even purples that people can add. Need different looking trees/plants. (Although re-coloring some of the current trees might do the trick). I don't think you can recolor the sky and water can you? Unfortunately, you can't modify the look of merchant boats to look like shuttle craft! But it's an interesting idea.
  2. Actually, I do remember a discussion along these lines. All that's needed is a modder (or 2 or 3) willing to give up all of his free time for the foreseeable future
  3. Yes - be sure to use v.17.
  4. If you are using Ridiculous Storage v16, upgrade to v17 (just uploaded). That should fix the problem.
  5. I tried to duplicate the problem and found that the Old Town Market is storing Luxuries. Are you finding that any other Markets are storing Ale, Wine or other Luxury?
  6. @CaptVader Are you using CC 1.75 and no other mods? Which markets?
  7. There is a tab for our Wiki at the top of the page.
  8. According to the Wiki, Mulberry Leaves are "Miscellaneous" items. You currently have 916 Miscellaneous items (if I'm reading the upper window right). Check your Miscellaneous Limit and if that is OK then check the others. Let me know. According to the Wiki, you need to upgrade a mine before you can remove the hole it leaves after destruction. Maybe that applies to the whole structure. I'll check that out. Did you upgrade it 1st?
  9. "Adriana's" mods were created by Red Ketchup.
  10. I don't know what you mean by "working better". I play tested the mod and found that it started producing fruit in year 4. It produces a little all year up to about 715 (1 Forester and 1 Gatherer). Note that the Gatherer's circle is larger than the Forester's circle so the Gatherer also picks up the usual Gatherer stuff that's lying around.
  11. Just a thought - Are you using the most recent Ridiculous Storage mod? v16 (it will be shown in the game when you select "Mods)
  12. Mine is on my C: Drive - note that some people put games on the D or some other drive. For me this is where WinData is: This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Banished > WinData Hope this helps
  13. Well, Heck Ned. Let's ask the expert: @Kralyerg - is this a known issue when using the compatibility mod + CC1.75 + MegaMod? I never play them together.
  14. Duck meat can be used by the Preservist to make Potted Meat (but I think it costs too much to produce). Duck and Seal meat can also be made into Tinned Meat at the Meat Tinnery. Adding more recipes is something that could be considered in the future. There isn't a way to make sure stored items go into the specialized storage areas instead of general storage areas. The best way to encourage it is to put the specialized storage area right next to the producer. When you 1st build it, it will take a while for workers to start to use it (the "pathing" in the game has to catch up). There is a tool that can raise and lower terrain in Kralyerg's Kave and in the new CC Terrain Tools. Be sure to save your game before using it as the results aren't always what you want. Re Cemeteries: You're right. It can't be done. (But it would be pretty cool if it could.)
  15. Forgetting what I've built in old saves is probably the main reason I start so many new games. There isn't a way to turn all of the building names on and off at one time. All you can do is click on them one by one. The good news is by doing that, you will re-familiarize yourself with how each building looks; the bad news is it can take a while and can be tedious.