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  1. There's a mod for that in Kralyerg's Kave of Krazy Kontraptions here: Legal Marijuana Mod. Keep in mind that you need to put the mod above CC. Also, it is a Luxury, so you need one of the Luxury buildings (like a Tavern) to store it and distribute it. Sorry, but you can't mod a change in the behavior of people - they are already pretty mellow anyway.
  2. The Rice Planter doesn't require Sand - you need 100 Rice, which you should be able to buy Rice from a merchant, and 20 Logs. (By the way, Sand is usually produced by a Shore House and is used for making Glass. There are several mods that have Shore Houses including CC, Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice Mod and Embx61's Village Production Set.)
  3. It should be consumed. What mods do you have? What order? What are the version numbers?
  4. The ColonialCharterJ.pkm file needs to be in your Banished > WinData folder and not in a subfolder. Banished won't read anything that's in a subfolder.
  5. This chart shows the temperature ranges that fruit trees and crops grow well in. It also shows the number of seasons it takes for fruit to mature for harvest. It's kinda old, but it is still valid. Temperature Chart
  6. To play MegaMod 8.01, you must enable all three files - each one is just 1/3 of the code needed and aren't designed to be used separately. I know it's confusing, but when mods turn red it doesn't mean they conflict; it just means they contain code that affects the same thing.
  7. I would assume these are from different mods as well. The one for 4000 is from Colonial Charter. I would buy the one for 2500
  8. The primary source of resources for industries and your citizens are Markets and it appears that you aren't building enough of them. The Vendors in the Markets go out and get items that are stored in Barns/Stockpile and bring them back to their Markets so there is a variety of goods available there. Often just one Vendor per Market is enough to accomplish that; but as your town grows, you may need more Vendors per Market to make sure they are stocked. Markets should be placed so their work circles cover all of your houses and businesses. Once you have Markets well placed, a lot of the issues you are having go away.
  9. Since I've started using Slightly Ridiculous Storage, I pretty much only build general stockpiles since they seldom become full. To make sure specific categories of items are available near production sites, I'll place a specialized Market Cart/Stall nearby and let the Vendor wander around and pick up inventory to keep his cart/stall full. Your method sounds like it will work well too and won't use staff
  10. For most of us, there is no "simple" edits. However you can take a look at the modkit and see whether you find it something you can use to create a mod that changes the environments in vanilla Banished. The modkit cannot be used to modify mods created by others, unless they are willing to give you the code. If you want a more difficult game, you might want to try Tom Sawyer's The North mode. I've never played it, but I hear it is more difficult since it tries to realistically model a harsh climate. We don't recommend that you use it with the Colonial Charter mods however. You could also add to CC one of the More Food mods from Kralyerg's Kave of Krazy Kontraptions; there are 2 - one where people require 125% more food and another requiring 150% more food HERE. That mod would go above CC in your mod list.
  11. There is really no control over which stockpile items will be taken to; all modders can do is specify the type(s) of items, based on Flags (categories), that a stockpile may hold. Citizens tend to follow the same routes once they get used to them; this is part of "pathing" within the game (something modders can't touch). When you add a new storage structure, it may take a while for your citizens to discover the new buildings and create new paths they will follow.
  12. I couldn't figure out why placing a Slope Conforming Pasture would effect your stockpiles, so I asked Vrayna (another moderator and very experienced player of Banished) if she had any idea. She took a look at the placement of the pasture on your map and this is what she said: "It's because workers can't access the point of the pasture where they'd need to drop off the logs to build it. Could be an edge issue, or could be that he's placed it too high up on a slope. The pastures do have issues if you put them on mountains and not hills. It's too steep for workers to get where they need. Usually you notice the problem later on when they can't collect stuff. I'd bet in this case the laborers are picking up logs they need, then see "nopes, no way there" and drop the logs right where they are. And they keep doing that with fresh logs from the stockpile hoping for a miracle." She also pointed out another problem that you may be creating: "Oh, it's right up on the edge of the map? That's likely to mess up everything. Same as using the terraforming tools there. It breaks the 'impassible' thing that's on all those squares on the edges of the map and makes map edges look as the 'closest' pathing point for a bunch of things. If he gets a fire, people will probably try to walk there to fill the buckets too. So it's probably not a slope-pasture issue, but a map edge issue." Hope that helps.
  13. I made two suggestions as to how to solve it: 1) get rid of the old mods and 2) make sure there is walking space all around the stockpiles. You've chosen to not try those. Your choice.
  14. If it is a script error, I would have thought that others would be having this problem.
  15. I can think of two things that could be causing this weird behavior. One is using mods that have not been designed or modified for use with Banished 1.0.7. The other cause could be crowding your stockpiles between buildings without any space for roads around them. You don't even need to place roads - just have the room for them. Bannies often pick a side they prefer to enter stockpiles, and if that side is blocked, there will be issues. *Since you are storing huge amounts of firewood, you might want to try using one of the Ridiculous Storage mods which increase how much can be stored in stockpiles.)