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  1. In CC 1.75, Coal cannot be used to heat homes so there's no need for the No Coal Mod. It would need to be converted into Coke first.
  2. In the CC 1.7, homes can use Firewood or Charcoal (or Coke) for heating. A lot of us build a Stacks Burner ASAP so we can produce Charcoal instead of Firewood because you can produce 11 Charcoal per Log vs only 4 Firewood per Log. I also use Charcoal to produce Furnace Fuel. In CC 1.75, which uses the new Flags, both Charcoal and Firewood use the Fuel flag as does Coke (Furnace Fuel uses the Industrial Fuel Flag so it is not used in homes.) Not sure why your homes weren't using Charcoal.
  3. When using CC 1.75, the easiest way to get Domesticated Animals is to start with the Wild Shepherd who will "find" around 8 or so DA over a couple of years. Then use those to build a Stable. Of course, you'll need Oats or one of the other designated grains to "grow" your own DA.
  4. I see that Banished is on sale on Steam for 75% off - just $4.99!! No reason to still use a bootleg copy or to refuse to buy your spouse and kids their own copy
  5. I think it would be a bit of a distraction while you're trying to watch TV to have the horse's "other" end in your living room!
  6. Back in Colonial times, it was traditional to have a quince tree in your yard. One quince tree. Not a whole orchard. Apparently they couldn't figure out what to do with them either.
  7. You may need to reduce the number of gatherers allowed at your Gatherer's Huts so the extra Gatherers go to the right buildings.
  8. That's Red Ketchup's Mod "Choo Choo". It is available at WorldofBanished.com.
  9. Yeah - I could see that. Your majestic Cathedral is a good example. Would be nice to require Candles too which IMO are under utilized. The additional building requirements are especially useful for standalone mods.
  10. Luke made the change at the request of Red Ketchup. It was something that several modders had discussed at WorldofBanished.com.
  11. I'm not so sure this is a "great addition" if you are using CC. I remember how it was before there were Building Supplies and Homewares. There were lots of buildings that required something different. When you went to build something, you never knew what special item you were going to have to go out and buy or produce before you could proceed. It could be frustrating. By using Building Supplies, you were able to choose one recipe and stick with it and it took some of the frustration out of the process. I understand why those who are making mods that don't utilize Building Supplies would want this - especially as they create new products like Thatch. I'm just not sure CC should go back and change it's current requirements for construction. Will have to wait to hear from the BL guys.
  12. Coverings are "ghost" items. Should be able to click on ghost items to get a window where you can click on the "X" and the item will disappear. With regular items, a builder has to come over and remove it. Not sure what is wrong with the one you can't remove. Sorry. Maybe you can put a few benches under it and some flowers around it as sort of a rest stop?
  13. The Coverings looks like they're from one of Kralyerg's mods and are part of MegaMod.
  14. I see that Luke has released Banished Beta version 3. You can read all about it HERE. This version fixes a few bugs and seems to do two things: 1) allow modders to require more than 3 resources for construction of buildings and 2) updates the Debug menu, adding the new flags. I can hardly wait for the non-beta to be released so mods can be uploaded onto the Steam Workshop again. For those of us on Steam, I think it's a bit easier to subscribe to mods than to download them.
  15. Assume each worker. Note that educated workers generally produce more than uneducated workers. To produce Hide Coats, the Tailor needs 2 Leather. An educated worker will produce 2 Hide Coats but an uneducated worker will only produce 1 Hide Coat.