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  1. I should have recognized it instantly since I live in California - it's the San Andreas Fault!
  2. Hopefully these suggestions will fix the problem: MegaMod includes CC 1.71 which includes everything CC New Frontier has and more - so get rid of CC: New Frontier. MegaMod also includes Renewable Resources so get rid of that too (you're using an old version BTW.) Note that MegaMod version 7 indicates "(1.0.6)" after the name. That means that you need Banished 1.0.6 for it to run. At the bottom of the screen, it shows you are running 1.0.4. Upgrade to 1.0.6. There is a second file that contains all of the decorations that you should load if you want those: Megamod .07 Deco. Never heard of Season FX, but it indicates it's for Banished 1.0.4 - it may not work with 1.0.6 and could cause problems. It probably isn't doing anything since you've placed it under MegaMod. (There is a newer CC - 1.75 that can be played with MegaMod. It requires a Compatibility Mod and Banished 1.0.7 Beta. Let me know if you want instructions for loading this.)
  3. You should see a bunch of changes since there's 100+ mods included in MM in addition to CC 1.71!!! So, are you using MM .07 and MM .07 Deco? May sound obvious, but does it show on the list of mods in-game and did you check the boxes? Did you start a new game?
  4. Right now, there's nothing you can help with. Kralyerg is including the mods from the modders who are willing to submit to him the code files. Most of those modders are either on this site or at WorldofBanished.com. He can't include a mod where he only has the .pkm file. That's why mods many of us like such as Brondo's Japanese Houses aren't included - he has never answered Kralyerg's messages. If there's a mod you would like included, feel free to list it
  5. Are these new foods gathered by the regular Gatherer or do you need a special one?
  6. You might also like kid1293's Nomad Well. It attracts Nomads every year. Eventually, you may need to remove it as the groups of Nomads become too large. However it does help you grow your town quickly.
  7. CC 1.75 requires Banished 1.0.7 Beta because it uses the new flags (think "categories") that are now available. Mods turn red because they affect the same code - not because they don't work together. If you use MegaMod and CC 1.75 together, you also need the Compatibility Mod. See answer above.
  8. MegaMod .07 includes CC 1.71. If you want to use 1.75, you need Banished 1.0.7 Beta and the Compatibility Mod in this order: 1.0.7 Compatibility Colonial Charter 1.75 MegaMod .07 MegaMod .07 Deco The list of mods in MegaMod are in the thread on MegaMod. And listed in-game.
  9. Need additional info: Are you playing using Banished 1.0.6 or 1.0.7 Beta? Which version of Colonial Charter are you using? Are you using MegaMod too? Any other mods? What order are they in?
  10. The most recent MegaMod is here on the Forum - .07 plus MegaMod Deco .07. This contains Colonial Charter 1.71. If you want to play the more recent version 1.75, you can download that from here as well. Because this newer version uses the new flags (think "catagories"), you'll need to use Banished 1.0.7 Beta along with the Compatibility Mod (also available on the Forum). These need to be loaded in the following order: 1.0.7 Compatibility Colonial Carter 1.75 MegaMod .07 MegaMod .07 Deco
  11. I think you could do it mid game. From that point forward, you would be gathering more Iron Ore (or Iron), Stone and Logs. It doesn't change anything else.
  12. Because they missed changing that number in the code.
  13. Kralyerg made me a new Increased Resources Combined because the old one kept crashing my game. Try this: IncreasedCC.pkm
  14. Additional stats have been requested before. Unfortunately, it isn't something that can be modded. However, there are things, like moving water, that no one thought could be modded until it was, so maybe some day someone will figure it out?
  15. Actually, my response was good too; I decided to NOT respond further.