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  1. Are you using Banished 1.0.7 Beta - Build 170320? You can check which version you're using at the bottom of the game's 1st page.
  2. Some are bigger than others - much bigger: Giant Chicken
  3. United States. California actually.
  4. If you can't get Banished working, maybe it's time to update to the current version of Banished and Colonial Charter?
  5. Are you playing with CC 1.75 and Banished v 1.0.7 Build 170320?
  6. I looked this up on Steam and found two suggestions - hope one works: 1) Try switching to DirectX11 instead of DX9 2) Keep CTRL pressed while launching Banished so you bring up the Options before the game itself and try checking "Use software mouse cursor". (recommendation from Vrayna)
  7. Exactly.
  8. Are you using CC 1.75 with Banished version 1.0.7?
  9. There's definitely a learning curve when you start to use MegaMod - especially if you haven't played with these mods individually beforehand. Note that MegaMod is a compilation of over 100 standalone mods created by many different modders. Those mods reflect the differences of the various creative and sometimes changing viewpoints of those modders. MegaMod assembles these mods together to assure they can be conveniently uploaded and won't crash when loaded together, but there is really no intention of rebalancing MegaMod as a whole or to eliminate the differences you've noted.
  10. To me, the buildings in original Banished establish the scale that all other buildings should follow (I'm guessing a wooden house is approximately a 12' x 12' one-room home). I've found that the buildings in a number of mods are small compared to the original Banished buildings so I only use them where they can be placed away from the others. Reminds me of trying to use "N" Scale buildings with an "HO" model train set.
  11. I tried the Dock Wood Finder and it worked fine for me. This is a "market" type structure, staffed by a Vendor (Stall). The Vendor goes out and brings back logs that can be used for construction. Ale Wenches go to Wineries, Breweries, etc., and bring back wine, ale, pipe tobacco and other luxuries for storage and use by your citizens. Are you saying that you are producing luxuries but don't have any being stored in your taverns, inn and garden, etc.? I can see that the Chartered Company says it is using the Dry Goods limit (along with Food and Luxuries) and the Iron Gatherer says it is using Materials instead of the Minerals limit - those @Kralyerg will need to fix in the next release. Not sure why the crash when removing some Ghost Decorations. Thanks for pointing them out.
  12. Here's an incomplete list of Professions I did in Word which may help get you started. For the most part, the descriptions for Colonial Charter professions were taken from the String Table found under the Translations section. Those for original Banished professions were copied from the game. The descriptions may or may not need editing to make them more complete. In some cases the places where they work are listed, but there may be additional locations. (Guess you could go through all of the locations in the Wiki to find where they work.) The last item on the list is "Worker" - I have no idea where those people work. The Wiki and/or Toolbar Chart under Charts is a good place to go if you need a list of workplaces. Honestly, I'm not sure how you are going to put this together by watching someone's YouTube series (this isn't one I've seen BTW). I think you need a copy of the game at least; maybe it will go on sale for Easter Feel free to ask lots of questions. Professions.docx
  13. So sad. Wonder if he had been skimming products off some of the orders and got caught. (Somehow, it just seemed wrong to click on the "like" button.)
  14. The Debug Menu is contained within the code for vanilla Banished; all the mod does is let you see and use it. So, it works when you use any version of CC.
  15. Everyone is encouraged to add items to the Wiki. I think a chart that lists the professions, where they work, and any other info you think is needed would be great. I took a look at some of the entries for production buildings and they all showed the profession that works there. If you notice any that don't, feel free to update the entry or let us know. To make sure the list can be updated, avoid posting a picture file. I find it easier to make the list in Word (or a Word table) and copy that into Wiki since formatting is so limited in the Wiki. However, you might need to save then go back in and fix spacing and save again.
  16. You have lots of creative ideas, but I'm don't know how they would be implemented within the confines of this game. You should become familiar with the types of mods that have been and are being created so you have a better understanding of the limitations of the modkit. In addition to reading the threads here, also take a look at WorldofBanished.com.
  17. (Oh dear, I am so not going to answer that ) If you need any more help, be sure to ask. Enjoy the game!
  18. The software for the new maps and starting conditions are provided by the mods. Otherwise all you have access to is Banilla banished. Load the mods, select them, then exit Banished completely (helps prevent crashes). Then go in and start your new game.
  19. The most basic buildings in the game only require materials that can be gathered off of the ground by laborers. I think it is important that those do not require another structure to manufacture anything.
  20. Are you using Banished version 1.0.7 beta - build 170320? (version is at the bottom of the 1st screen when you load the game) Are you using the Compatibility mod for 1.0.7 followed by CC-Journey 1.75 then MegaMod .07 with MegaMod Deco (decorations) .07 last? Do these all have Xs next to them on the Mod screen?
  21. Note that when constructing buildings, CC tries to limit the number of resources needed for building to 3; this is partly accomplished by combining various resources into building supplies or homewares. If I understand it right, you are recommending introducing a couple of social values (culture and security) to replace one or more of the construction resources now used (stone, lumber, etc.)? In some ways, I can agree that It is too bad that these values aren't represented in the game in any way. Maybe "happiness" vaguely includes those. I'm just not buying into this type of broad change because it doesn't sound like it makes the game better or more fun. BTW, your last post didn't sound serious - was it meant to be?
  22. Make sure you are using CC 1.75 and Banished 1.0.7 Build 170320. Make sure no other versions of CC are being used and that you started a new game. Do you have any other mods you are using? Have all of them been updated for use with Banished 1.0.7?
  23. No. Can't make new disasters with the modkit or create any type of conflict. Luke would need to modify the game and to quote Ghostbusters "that's about as likely as a bus full of nuns going to Hooters.
  24. Kralyerg is currently working on an updated version of MegaMod which will include CC 1.75 as well as versions of the other mods that have been updated to be compatible with Banished 1.0.7 and the new flags. It will take some time since he needs to start from scratch and not all of the mods have been updated yet.
  25. They aren't the same; while the houses may look similar at first glance, there are definite differences in designs. Colonial Houses v1.53 is by kid1293 and is available at WorldofBanished.com. Designs for the homes in the New England Colonial Mod, which is included in CC 1.75, were provided by The Pilgrim based on historical blueprints, with the basic models by Azem Ocram and textures/finishing by Shock Puppet.