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  1. One of the problems with using some of the non CC tailors is that they take 2 leathers to make a coat instead of one.
  2. See Shock Puppet's recent post HERE Right now everyone is busy implementing the new flags allowed by Banished 1.0.7 beta. The inventory windows need to be modified, new stockpiles created and all mods where flags change need to be updated as a start. Your request has been added to the to-do list so it won't be forgotten.
  3. Colonial Charter doesn't have Linseed Oil; must be from one of the other mods in MegaMod (possibly embx61's Oil Press). I don't know if this is the finished product or if there's another use for it (like making paint). You might ask at WorldofBanished.com. In CC, you use Lamp Oil to upgrade mines from the 2nd level to the 3rd level.
  4. There is a separate forester for each of the types of orchard trees: Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Chestnut, Coffee, Fig, Grape, Maple, Mulberry, Olive, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pecan, Plum, Quince, Walnut, White Mulberry. Defines an area where this Forester will cut down trees and plant new seedlings for the type of tree chosen. When the trees mature, they will “drop” their fruit where your Gatherers can find and collect them. Footprint Profession Workers - Default Workers – Max 5 x 6 Forester 4 4 Construction Requirements: Work Required Radius 32 Logs 12 Stone 45 30 ITEMS PRODUCED Logs (fruit is picked up by Gatherers) View full article
  5. I've got Pet Peeves too.
  6. I've seen them do that too. They get used to a path and keep taking it. That "memory" of the path also makes them take stuff to a stockpile further away for a while even though you've built a closer one. I've watched the conveyor and have seen them drop off at one end and someone else pick up at the other. It doesn't matter which end the items are visually at.
  7. Not sure if Bannies have to go around or not. Do they cut through regular stock piles? I do make sure there's a space at both ends for a road or to cut through. I don't find it matters which direction I make it.
  8. If I use the same map seed and all of the same starting conditions, I always get the same crop seeds, orchard seeds and livestock. I have just one town I use to check mods. When I'm done, I simply quit/exit without saving to return it to it's pristine condition. I used to hate chickens and wouldn't use a map if that was the livestock. However, now I've discovered survival coats, I like chickens. Note that you always get chickens if you use the Bayou or Appalachian starts.
  9. Maybe try using Chrome or Internet Explorer?
  10. Let's see - at lunch I watched an episode of Thomas the Train. This afternoon I watched a video from Autodesk University (AU) called "Worrying too Much About Materials? Start with a Clean Slate." I understood all of Thomas; AU? not so much.
  11. I use a "stockpile conveyor" that I saw Skye Storme use in his Golden Llama YouTube series. You build 1 1x30 log stockpile from the Forester next to the road into the town and put professions that use a lot of logs right there. The Forester can put logs into the stockpile at his end and the Joiner can take logs out at his end. At first it felt like a cheat, but I got over it.
  12. They're like cats - you leave food out and you can't keep them away!
  13. Sorry you're ill! Hope you're well and back soon.
  14. Yes - it is! There's also a new separate mod for 1.0.7 which is what I saw.
  15. @Kralyerg - is this something kid1293 needs to fix?
  16. There are limits as to what can be done using the modkit. We can't tell houses which Fuel to use. I stop making Firewood after the first few years; I build a Stacks Burner and make Charcoal instead. That's because the Stacks Burner can make 11 Charcoal per log while the Woodcutter only makes 4 Firewood per log. Charcoal is also better for trade because you produce more: Firewood has a value of 4 so 4 Firewood has a value of 16. Charcoal has a value of 3 so 11 Charcoal has a value of 33. Coke has similar numbers. (All of these numbers are in the Production Spreadsheet HERE) Controlling population by controlling housing is one of the basic challenges in Banished. Adult children that still live with their parents won't have kids and their parents won't have more kids until their adult children move out. At some point (and for some players right from the start), many players limit new homes to 1-3 a year to prevent baby booms and later an influx of students - and later still prevent die-offs. That's also a good reason not to accept large numbers of Nomads. (I never seem to be able to do this for long - but it is a good idea.)
  17. That's a new mod and is not included in MegaMod 0.07
  18. Try using the gather resources button. That should place an X on all of the things you want picked up (I think laborers do it).
  19. You definitely want to build a Stacks Burner asap and produce charcoal instead of firewood; you'll need some lumber and a sawpit is fine for that. For each Log, you get 11 Charcoal but only 4 Firewood. The amount produced is somewhat reflective of the fact that Charcoal is a much more efficient fuel. However, the game can't reflect that efficiency so you are just able to produce more. It's also a help with producing enough Furnace Fuel for the industrial buildings. There are definitely some businesses that The Small Business Administration needs to visit and teach them how to be more profitable. The poor Cooper should think about more profitable wood products . BTW: The Silisoftware site info is from the CC 1.06 spreadsheets and in some cases is out of date.
  20. Below are links to the Production, Construction and Storage spreadsheets for CC 1.7. To print, make sure you specify Landscape and Fit Columns on One Page. (Best to print preview before printing so there are no surprises.) CC 1.7 Construction Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.7 Production Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.7 Storage Spreadsheet: HERE
  21. "Fuel" is a rating not a consumption number. So, a Stone House has a rating of 90 and the Wooden House has a rating of 60. These are the two types of homes in the vanilla game. According to BanishedInfo.com, Stone Houses use an average of 20 firewood per year (depending on the length of winter) and Wood houses use an average of 30 firewood per year.
  22. Thanks for letting us know. It is already on Kralyerg's "to-do" list.
  23. I have no idea what the capacity of the Town Tithe Barn is; tried looking it up on World of Banished and read the discussion but I didn't see what the capacity is. Ridiculous Storage increases Barn Storage by 5X. A regular barn holds 7500 (weight) or with Ridiculous Storage 37500; the upgrade (Warehouse) goes from 11,000 to 55,000. The Magazine stores 60,000 without Ridiculous Storage. I've never built one but that would be what I would use. @Kralyerg - does the Ridiculous Storage Mod increase storage at the Magazine 5X to 300,000???
  24. Have you tried this series: Town of Tuchus by Conflict Nerd Dylan - I don't see many decorations and things look "crammed together" (lol - to someone who prefers pretty towns) CLICK HERE. The vendors in markets pick up merchandise from barns and stockpiles - they do not make deliveries. Workers like the blacksmith can pick up raw materials they need and take finished goods to barns, stockpiles and sometimes markets or if laborers are available, they will do it. When people need food/tools, etc, they leave work and pick up those items to store in their own houses. They have to go home to eat.
  25. I've been using Ridiculous Storage and it is working fine on stockpiles and most of the barns. I'm sure some of the newer ones need to be added, but it is much better than not using it at all.