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  1. Use the most recent version of Banished 1.0.7. This is a really big file; depending on your computer, it could take 15 minutes to load. Some people find that changing to DX11 speeds it up considerably but others say it crashes. You can also press alt + tab and see if that makes it load quicker.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "I noticed the CC 1.75 mod won't load because it's either CC or MM." Based on previous questions from others: Make sure you extracted the .rar file into a .pkm file. If you have Steam, you need to unsubscribe to previous versions of MM and CC and delete the .pkm files from your Banished>WinData folder. Are you using the most recent version of Banished -1.0.7?
  3. You need 20 Marble to make one statue. Do you show that much on hand at the Statue Carver?
  4. A decorative native icon. In North America, totem poles are made by many indigenous peoples the Pacific Northwest. Their meanings are as varied as the cultures that make them. Some are symbolic reminders of stories or important events. View full article
  5. A decorative native icon. In North America, totem poles are made by many indigenous peoples the Pacific Northwest. Their meanings are as varied as the cultures that make them. Some are symbolic reminders of stories or important events.
  6. The Native Wigwam is a round native structure, traditionally made from wooden poles, bark and thatch. If you give the natives some Muskets and Arrowheads, they will let you use it either as housing or as a storage place. Construction Requirements: 28 log, 14 leather Size: 4 by 5 Upgrade cost: 2 Musket, 25 Arrowhead. Note that you will not be able to destroy the Native buildings that were present on the map before your people moved into the area unless you manage to upgrade them first.
  7. Wow - that looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
  8. A .rar file is a compressed version of a .pkm file. You need to uncompress (extract) the .pkm file and put it in your Banished>WinData folder. I've used both WinRAR and 7-Zip which I got free from the web.
  9. You need to use Banished 1.0.7 (it's no longer Beta) and unsubscribe from the Steam version of the mod. I would then delete the copy of Journey 1.71 that is in your Banished > WinData folder. When you 1st use Journey 1.75, go into the game and check the mod. Instead of actually starting a new game, exit completely - then go back in and start a new game. Have fun ...
  10. Taverns should only store Luxuries - things like Ale, Wine and Pub Meals. If they are storing more than this, there is an issue with Flags (categories like Luxuries, Construction, etc.). Make sure you are playing with Colonial Charter 1.75 and are using the current version of Banished 1.0.7 (no longer Beta). If you are, are you using any other mods?
  11. Below are links to the Production, Construction and Storage spreadsheets for CC 1.75. To print, make sure you specify Landscape and Fit Columns on One Page. (Best to print preview before printing so there are no surprises.) CC 1.75 Construction Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.75 Production Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.75 Storage Spreadsheet: HERE
  12. I don't believe any resources were added between 1.73 and 1.75. However, if anything seems to be missing, please let us know.
  13. Yep. Not sure how that happened but will have to wait for a new CC to get fixed.
  14. A small home with a nice front porch that will house new families of up to 4 people. However an existing family of any size may move in if being re-homed. Use the “F” key to cycle appearance. Can be upgraded to a Town Abode. Provides more warmth and larger inventory space. Some resources from the existing building will be reclaimed. Footprint Family Size Fuel Storage 3 x 5 4 90 1000 Construction Requirements: Work Required 25 Logs 6 Stone 40 View full article
  15. How long did you wait? Could take 15 minutes or so. Changing to DX11 made mine load faster.
  16. It hasn't been decided yet. There's some good reasons to have people come here to download it. BL doesn't have to keep the various downloads up to date and people with questions will tend to come here. Users also become familiar with the other mods BL has created. Steam is notorious for the problems it has and in not being particularly good at protecting the works of modders from those who copy them and post them as their own. But, a definite decision, one way or the other, hasn't been made yet.
  17. Fantastic!!!
  18. So, what the hey, I tried X-lg map 999, Lake Waters, Northern Pines Easy using CC Journey 1.75. I used DeBug to plop down bridges (about 8 of them) over rivers and streams (did not place one across the lake). I put the Town Hall to the south of the village next to a road that ran through a bridge to the land below. I wanted to make sure it was easy to get to. Across the Bridge on the same road, I put Kid1293's Welcoming Statue which also draws Nomads. Using DeBug, I added enough people until I had 37 adults, 4 students and 13 children. I didn't have a trading post, but I did have an old Market (markets aren't required). Ran the town at 10X. In Late Spring of year 4, both sites got Nomads almost at the same time - 6 at the Town Hall and 9 at the Welcoming Statue. I don't know what to tell you. Worked for me.
  19. I've never played with this type of map. While it looks like you've got enough bridges so you should have some Nomads, I'm guessing that there are just too many obstacles (water) for Nomads to bother. You might try placing a few other Nomad attracting buildings somewhere other in the middle of all those lakes. There are several in Kralyerg's Kave, including Mini Buildings mod (has a small town hall) and using Many Town Arrival with Town Arrival Nomads. Over at WorldofBanished.com you could try Kid1293's Tiny V1.4 Separate - the Nomad Well attracts Nomads every year.
  20. Could you post a picture of your map and Town Hall?
  21. The custom items refer to the new flags that are included in CC 1.75 and other mods made for Banished 1.0.7. I believe that 0 = Crafted, 1=Forged, etc. (I could be referring to an old list.) HOWEVER, the Debug Menu doesn't really work for these new flags. If you press "0" you get more Crafted items (no way to specify which ones) and if you press "1", "2", etc. you also get Crafted Items. Red Ketchup brought this up to the Developer, but it was not fixed. The rest of the DeBug Menu works as it did before.
  22. In Journey, you no longer need a Market or a Trading Post to get Nomads - just the Town Hall. It can take several years for Nomads to come. Note that Nomads can enter the map from all sides. If their way to the Town Hall requires them to cross streams or rivers that don't have bridges, they won't come.
  23. I checked mine out. In my Banished>WinData Folder, it is called ColonialCharterJ and has a file size of 1509810 KB (1.71 should be smaller). In my Mods List in the game, it is called CC 1.75 Journey. Be sure to delete 1.71 from your Banished>WinData folder. If you're using Steam, you also need to unsubscribe to V1.71 from the Workshop. After you make the changes, make sure you check the items in the Mod list and then exit the game completely. Then go back and start a new game. It helps prevent crashes. Please let us know if that doesn't work.
  24. The Debug Menu mod simply gives you access to the Debug Menu that is built into the game. Have you tried unchecking the Debug Menu in your mod list?
  25. This is being caused by one or more of the mods you've added and/or the order you have them in the game's mod list. Make sure you have these mods in this order: Compatibility Mod 1.0.7 CC 1.75 MM .07 MM .07 Deco Make sure you are using the most recent version of Banished 1.0.7. The final was recently released on 9/13. (I use Steam which automatically gives me the current version since I've OK'd beta versions, so I'm not much help here if you use a different version. If you need it, there is a patch available at ShiningRockSoftware.com if you need to upgrade from 1.0.6. I don't think you need to keep the other patches but just in case move them to another file.) So then begins the task of determining which mod(s) causes these issues. I would start by unchecking the SeasonsFX mod, all of the Maritimes mods and the elfStorageCarts. As always, when adding or deleting mods, exit the game completely; then go back in , verify these are unchecked, and start a new game to see if the problems are still there. If this isn't the fix, you may need to start with the 4 CC/MM mods and add a few mods at a time. I play with a lot of the mods you are using (mostly ones from WorldofBanished.com and the Japanese Houses) and they work just fine together. Let us know how it goes.