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  1. You can make Rough Tools from Iron Ore and Logs. To make Iron Tools, you need to convert Iron Ore into Iron. Since I'm most familiar with CC these are the buildings you need: an Iron Smelter (or Small Iron Smelter) which needs Furnace Fuel from a Fuel Refinery/Small Fuel Refinery. Furnace Fuel can be made from Firewood or Charcoal. There's an awful lot of stuff in this game that can be used for trade. I start with trade items that don't require a chain (and several workers). Stone or wood statues from the Statue Carver are good (I eventually buy Marble or Jade for him). Then there's Furniture (later you may need it for Housewares). Selling Reeds (from a Reed Farm placed on a river or even a stream) or Duck Meat from a Hunting Blind work for me. Once you have people, Perfume is good, so is Ale and Wine. Survival Coats are great if you need to get rid of feathers. Once you find all of the Domesticated Animals and build a Stable to make more, DA make great trade items. So do Trade Livestock (raise them in a pasture, but instead of getting meat, you get an animal that can be used for trade).
  2. Just like vanilla at first. After securing food and logs, I build a School, Blacksmith and Tailor (or if I have chickens build the Dock Reed Farm and Dock Workshop so I can make Survival Coats). I build a Sawpit so I can make enough lumber to build a Stacksburner. It produces 11 charcoal out of 1 log vs the Woodcutter only producing 4 firewood from a log. I build a CC Town Arrival so I can get stats. I like to start trading so I try to produce something for trade. Maybe add a 2nd person to the Stacksburner to produce extra Charcoal. The Reed Farm produces over 1000 Reeds a year - not bad. Maybe build a couple of CC Abbeys to produce Ale? and a Tavern to store the ale in. Making Perfume is great too. I push to add a small Iron Smelter and Small Fuel Refinery buildings so I can make Iron Tools. My 1st trading posts are either CC's Farm Supplier or kid1293's ALotOfSeeds.
  3. If you are referring to Necora's Maritimes Pine Set, the answer is: No, it isn't included in MM. None of Necora's mods were included because he never sent Kralyerg the code for any of them.
  4. Attached is a list of the mods included in MegaMod 8 RC5 (as of 7/26/18). If you notice any "bugs" or have any difficulties, please let us know! Mods Included in MegaMod 8.01.pdf
  5. By "conflicted", I think you mean they are red? Red just means they both affect the same part of the code. Several tried to get Luke, the developer to change the color so people don't think it's bad but he didn't. The two mods I would drop to see if it fixes the missing item names is Unlimited Mines and Quarries and the More Stable Population mod. Both are old. Unlimited M/Q isn't really needed anyway. CC mines and quarries can be updated 2x then are unlimited - I don't know about the ones produced by others. However, Unlimited Mines and Quarries would only affect the vanilla mines/quarries - and putting that mod below MM won't affect how they work anyway since the mod on top takes over. The Fast Food Stand may be produce Chicken Nuggets. I think Red Ketchup's Training Camp mod (which is part of MM8) may include a hunting stand (not sure what it is called) that produces bear, hare, maybe geese and some other different meats.
  6. The spreadsheets only cover the Colonial Charter mod. There are over 200 other mods in MegaMod that aren't included in the spreadsheets. Wild Shepherds ONLY bring in Domesticated Animals that are found on the map. Those eventually run out. There are quite a few items which are trade only, but with over 200 mods, there's also a lot of unique items produced. I'm really not which buildings from who's mod produces what. - Sorry. You shouldn't have any blank items; that's usually caused by a conflict between mods - are you using Banished version 1.0.7? Are you using the most current version of Megamod (8.01?). Are you using any other mods? If so, what are they (include version #) and what is the load order?
  7. We see a lot of problems when people use a lot of mods, especially when the mods are old or above CC when they should be below it. Glad you were able to fix it.
  8. It doesn't. Apparently the current farmer worked as a chicken herdsman previously and the boxes show what he produced not what the field produced.
  9. The Llamas should produce wool. How many do you have and what size is the pasture? The problem could be due to a conflict. Especially one where the barns are not storing Textiles such as wool. Are you using Banished 1.0.7? Are you using the most recent version of MegaMod - MM8.01? Are you using any other mods; if so what are they, the version #s and load order? It is really difficult to create new animated animals in Banished so not a huge number of different of animals have been added. Vanilla only has Chickens, Sheep and Cows. Colonial Charter added Beef vs Milk Cows, Leghorn Chickens, Ducks, Bison, Llamas and Pigs and added Deer to the list of livestock. Recently Red Ketchup has obtained some new animals from someone and included them in his Editor's Choice mod. The next version of MegaMod may include Editor's Choice and those animals. There are Goats and Geese but no Alpacas or Ostriches; not sure what else will be new. As to the new types of animals listed for meat, I have no idea which buildings you are referring to so I'm unable to answer your question. Please provide all of the specifics you can and I'll try to hunt down the answer (no pun intended )
  10. No, they are just decorative.
  11. @kaloyan_96 You're responding to a comment that was made over a year ago!
  12. This is something we've been aware of for some time. However, we have no idea how to fix it. The Wooden Bridge is the original vanilla bridge and it is the example used when creating all other bridges. The problem is contained in that code and appears to not be accessible to modders.
  13. @LadieWinter Kralyerg will fix the model for the next release. Thank you for pointing this out. Note that the other model, which is the current CC model and is available as an F-key variant, works fine in case you need to use it.
  14. Kralyerg verified that the Central Market and other CC Markets have code that specifies the max % of categories (such as Stone, Food, Fuel, etc.) markets will store. This was adjusted when the additional flags were added so a few items will not inundate a market. The total storage for the Central Market is 18,500 which indicates the total weight of goods not the item count. Stone, Iron and Charcoal should not take up 90% of your Central Market. If so, it is likely that you are using a mod that is causing that. Please let us know which mods you are using, the versions and load order. Also, it would help if you could send us a picture of your market with the inventory open.
  15. Another possibility is that you have overhired Vendors so they have time to grab everything in sight. I only use one unless I'm having trouble stocking the market because it needs to obtain goods from afar. I will also make sure Kralyerg sees your post
  16. Markets are a way of making a variety of items, produced all over the map, available for citizens living within it's circle. Usually, markets offer a wide variety of goods and don't get filled up with any particular category such as charcoal, stone and/or iron. The exception is the Food Market and the smaller, specific market wagons and stalls. Possibly you have periods where there isn't enough food, clothing or tools to put into markets, allowing them to fill up with other items? Or,an overabundance of stone, charcoal and iron? One way you can reduce the amount of unwanted items in markets is to remove them from circulation. Putting excess in a Resource Depot or a Trading Post (one situated on a land-locked lake are great storage buildings) are options for storing excess items. BTW, which CC are you using and are you using any other mods?
  17. The Dock buildings can go on dry land. (However, sometimes it's best to flatten the area 1st to make sure parts aren't buried under a layer of dirt.) Since you always get Chickens or Leghorns with the Appalachian start, you might want to build the Dock Workshop which can produce Survival Coats from feathers & reeds (build a Reed Farm) as well as Rough Tools from Iron Ore. Also, the Dock Market has a large radius.
  18. What are the other mods/version #s and the load order.
  19. We are seeing a number of people who are using a large variety of mods, some old and some new, who are complaining of crashes and/or bugs. The problem is, it is impossible for us to determine which mod or mods are creating the problem. That's because the only real way to do that is to start with your base mod (CC?) and add one mod at a time until you see an issue. I tend to have very good luck using mods by DS and Red Ketchup, but here's a few things you could try: RK's Medieval Town 2.04.1 has not been updated for use with Banished 1.0.7. Many of those buildings, such as the 3-story houses and the Canals (you're using a separate mod) are included in his Editors' Choice mod. You should delete Medieval Town and Canals. There's one person I saw on Steam who has reported an issue when using the More Stable Populations mod. You could try deleting that too. Try deleting Grass Guardian - it's old and some of these older mods have surprise affects.
  20. Problems like this are usually caused by a conflict of some sort. Which mods and versions are you using, and in what order? Are you using Banished version 1.0.7?
  21. I shop around for a good map too. I like Easy starts. I never take a map with Horses as the livestock. I used to hate getting Chickens, but with the Dock Reed Farm and the Dock Workshop, they are great for making Survival Coats. I want a river near the town and a connected lake not too far away since I love the Dock pieces. Needs a good place to put a forest node. My 1st market is usually the Dock Market, which has a large work circle, placed in the center of the starting houses - not bad looking when decorated with brick around it and plants added. Also important is getting good crop/orchard seeds. I prefer one grain and something I can use to make wine or ale. I try not to use Debug, because once I do, I'm too tempted to keep using it; I do have a tendency to use it to decorate the town.
  22. Did you place the mod above Colonial Charter? Are you using any other mods?
  23. The practice of having people become members in a forum is common practice. E-mails are not sold nor shared with non-admin. Membership is completely voluntary but does have the benefit of being able to download mods from this site. Note that non members are free to look around. I'm going to lock this thread to keep us from "beating a dead Horse."
  24. The Gable House in CC is more in this style. So are Red Ketchup's 2-Story Colorful Houses (available at WorldofBanished.com and the Steam Workshop). These houses by Despo20 are in a similar style:
  25. The Small Tavern is a place where people congregate for social merriment of all kinds. It is also where alcohol, luxury items and smoking products are stored and used. A worker is not necessary but will help move the luxury items into storage. It has a smaller capacity than the regular tavern or the Inn & Garden. Construction Requirements: 10 log, 20 stone, 20 lumber, 60 work Size: 4 by 5 Profession: Ale Wench Number of Workers: 1 maximum View full article