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  1. Mods that affect the same code turn red - it doesn't mean they aren't working or causing conflicts. Did you try starting a new game with the mod activated?
  2. You should also try switching to DX9 or DX11. I find that DX11 loads faster, but some find it causes crashes.
  3. Verify that you are using Banished 1.0.7 - Build 170910 (it is at the bottom of the opening menu. Also verify that you are using MegaMod 8.01, and that you extracted the .rar file into the 3 .pkm files put them in your Banished>WinData folder. Anytime you make any changes to your mod list, be sure to exit the game completely then load it up and start a new map. This helps prevent crashes. Until you make sure MM is working OK, don't add any other mods. Note that MM is HUGE so it could take 10 minutes or so to load up. If this just isn't working, it could be that your PC can't handle the combined size of the files. Try running just Colonial Charter 1.76 with vanilla Banished and see if that works (CC 1.76 is the largest mod in MM.) If you are crashing during autosaves, it could be that your anti-virus sees Banished as a threat. In that case, you will need to add Banished to your program's exclusion list. (There should be instructions for your software on-line.) Please let us know if any of this helps.
  4. I don't know what "the 2 seed traders" are without the full name and the toolbar info, but I'm glad it's working.
  5. The main reason trading posts cause crashes is because the inventory uses "flags" (think "categories") that aren't in the vanilla game. This can mean you are either using a version of MegaMod other than 8.01 or a version of Banished other than 1.0.7 build 170910 or it could mean there is a trading post in MM that somehow did not get updated to use the new flags. Since you have verified which version/build of Banished you have already, please verify that you have all 3 MegaMod 8.01 files activated, in 1, 2, 3 order. After you verify that you are using the right version of MM, let us know exactly which Trading Posts have problems so Kralyerg can check the code for that particular model - it will help if you tell us which toolbars you used to access them and include a picture.
  6. Make sure you are using the most recent version of Banished - v 1.0.7 - build 170910. You can find that at the bottom of the 1st menu. Also, make sure you aren't using any other mods at 1st to make sure there is nothing incompatible. Make sure you have all 3 MM8. 1 mods in 1, 2, 3 order and no other versions of Colonial Charter enabled. They will be red which is normal. Also, anytime you make changes to your mod list (add or delete), be sure to exit the game completely before starting a new game.
  7. Please verify which version and build # you are using - it is shown at the bottom of the 1st menu. Should be v 1.0.7 - build 170910. If that's OK, try lowering the limit for Construction and Fuel to 10,000 each to see if it is an issue with the building not reading the limit correctly. (I tried placing the same building with your limits and didn't have an issue.)
  8. I can completely understand why you want to keep playing this game. Unfortunately, I don't have any way of helping you solve this problem since I can't duplicate the issue.
  9. It isn't something I can recreate. For one thing, you are using an old version of Colonial Charter (v. 1.55) while the current version is 1.76. However, I don't remember that there was a "fix" for the bridge, so it could be a glitch caused by the map you are using since you mentioned it doesn't happen on another map. Maybe someone else has experienced this and will have a solution.
  10. So, no need for "laborers" to clear the area? Are the resources that were there just lost and not really needed in this game?
  11. On a different note: looks like an old version of Colonial Charter. If your PC can handle it, I would upgrade to CC 1.76, the current version. There are several mines that can be placed on flat ground - and can be upgraded 2x so they become limitless.
  12. Can you attach a picture?
  13. The current version of Colonial Charter is Journey 1.76. The Forge Awakens will not work well with the current version of Banished (1.0.7) - Build 170910.
  14. Attached is a list of the mods included in MegaMod 8 RC5 (as of 7/26/18). If you notice any "bugs" or have any difficulties, please let us know! Mods Included in MegaMod 8.01.pdf
  15. Welcome to Black Liquid Software. There are spreadsheets for Colonial Charter HERE. That section also contains many other charts. These were made for CC 1.75 and the there may be a few minor changes. They can be downloaded and modified. Any suggestions you may have to make them more user friendly would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Go to Downloads - Colonial Charter Modular and download: Themed Sets - CC Docks Various Elements - CC Terrains, CC Terrain Tools and CC Transport Then go to Kralyerg's Kave of Krazy Kontraptions and download: One of the Ridiculous Storage mods (will work on vanilla barn and stockpiles, and the storage that's in the dock set); I use Slightly Ridiculous Storage Increased CC - increases the logs, stone, iron/iron ore that is gathered Then go to WorldofBanished.com. Login and go to Mods Downloads under Mods Garage. Choose Mods 1.0.7 near the top. Then select the heading you want to sort by. I usually sort by Member (aka Modder). Download these: EB Production Sets 1 and 2; OR EB Unified Mod. I think Red Ketchup's Red Friesian Cows are included in these Kid Colonial Modular Housing (includes a really nice townhall, hospital, boarding house and school, plus there are some nice, inexpensive-to-build houses. Kid Forest Outpost v2 Fixed. The gatherer, hunter, forester, herbalist have smaller work circles than the vanilla buildings but produce as much (maybe more) and are less expensive/quicker to build. Cute little houses, some at an angle. Kid Alotofseeds - small trader that brings nothing but lots of seeds. Kid Bed & Breakfast - the plaza has 3 apple trees that produce more than a regular orchard - looks great in front of the townhall btw. Other buildings also nice. Instead of all this, you could download Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice - Light. Not sure how small the file is. However, he has replaced the vanilla buildings with his own (which you may or may not prefer) and has added some additional resource requirements early on - such a lumber and glass. I think it is a bit harder to play but has really great looking buildings. Not sure if his dock set is included. I have never used the 1 year is 1 year mod, nor have I used a mod that changes food production, so I can't recommend any.
  17. All 3 are required. You do need Banished 1.0.7 Build 170910 - it won't work without that because of the added flags (categories). Instructions for downloading an update depends on where you purchased the game. Let us know.
  18. Did you put an X next to each of the three parts? The mods turn red because they have code that affects the same things. It doesn't mean they are active (or conflicting).
  19. That's odd. Red Ketchup can help you solve the problem unless you are refusing to provide the information required to register.
  20. The most common reason for the game to crash when it tries to save is because your anti-virus software is not allowing it. You will need to go into your software and make sure Banished is given permission.
  21. Thanks for the Wiki recommendations. However, I'm really not going to do another Wiki any time soon if ever. Maybe someone else will see it and want to do it.
  22. You should obtain the update to Banished to the current version (1.0.7 - Build 170910) from wherever you bought Banished.
  23. Also, if you aren't using MM 8.01 (only MM8), please update that.
  24. While it's possible, it isn't probable. Right now, Kralyerg is working on MegaMod 9 and still has lots of work to do. To make this a separate mod, all of the items required to build the wharf need to be included as trade items; otherwise, the buildings that produce Lumber and Hull Components need to be added too or the items would only be available through trade. The 4 items produced by the Wharf need to be included in the mod too. Note that the Whale Blubber won't be able to be used for candles. All of this info is contained in various separate files. At this time, it is unlikely that a single building will be turned into it's own mod. However, at some point in time, Kralyerg may make additional CC mods that contain groups of buildings with similar functions like he did with the Docks.
  25. The Wharf & Ship needs to be placed on the main river or a lake. The ship is used to hunt seals and whales for Seal Meat, Whale Meat and Whale Blubber, and to catch Lobster. Whale Meat, Seal Meat and Lobster are food while Whale Blubber is used by the Oil Press to make Lamp Oil, or by the Chandlery to make Candles. Size: 8 by 8 Construction Requirements: 30 Stone, 30 Lumber and 10 Hull Components; Work: 400. Must be built on a shore. Profession: Sailor Maximum Workers: 4 View full article