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  1. And you checked to see what your Raw Materials Limit is set at vs how many Raw Materials you have on hand?
  2. In CC, Bronze Tools are made by the Foundry and Forge and not at a Blacksmith. Sort of makes them hard to find.
  3. I have 4 Shore Houses producing clay in my current town of Possum's Run. All have 2 educated workers. They produced 180 (a partial year), 240, 250 and 260 clay last year. I'm guessing one worker would produce 1/2 that. So 17-19 clay in a year is ridiculously low. In CC, Clay has the Raw Materials flag - make sure you haven't achieved your present limit for Raw Materials; if so you will need to increase it. Also, make sure you have stockpiles nearby that have room in them. If you are using mods by other people, it's possible that they have assigned a different flag to Clay - do any of them have a shore house, clay pit or other build that produces clay?
  4. Bricks cost more to make than they do to buy when you just consider the raw materials used - and even when you have an educated worker However, when you produce your own clay and furnace fuel, do you really need to consider how much you could trade them for? There's also the advantage is that once it is producing bricks, you don't have to worry about whether your merchant is going to bring any bricks to buy. Having an Industrial Trader helps. Once I have plenty of extra laborers, the chance of accidental death is something I've really never worried about but I can see your point.
  5. The Brickworks, as the name suggests, makes Bricks; it can also make Charcoal and Coke. It can be built as an upgrade of the Stacks Burner or directly as a new building. Products: It uses Clay from the Shore House, and Furnace Fuel from the Fuel Refinery to make Bricks. It can make Charcoal from Logs. It also can make Coke from Coal. To build: 40 stone, 15 lumber, 60 Clay, 85 work. Size: 9 by 5 Profession: Kilnman Number: 2 maximum View full article
  6. Basically. There is some sort of random "accident" generator in the game that decides when it is time to have an accident and chooses which profession has the accident. I believe each profession also specifies the likelihood that profession will be chosen - that's why those that work in mines and quarries have accidental deaths more often than others. The description of the accidental death is in the code and always remains the same until the code is modified. When modders add a new profession, they can describe the way that profession dies if there is an accident.
  7. SoftwareSimian has created a really terrific database. Note that this information is also available in spreadsheet form here on the forum, CC Spreadsheets, in case you wish to download these and print them out for use while you are in game. There is also additional information in the forum's Wiki.
  8. It's great that your computer can handle CC 1.76, RKEC and other mods, however all of those are much smaller than MM. Since it appears that you have tried running MM8.01 with no other mods and that doesn't work, I would recommend you use the larger mod of your choice and add the mods you especially prefer to use which can still result in an excellent modded game.
  9. People usually die from old age. They can also die from disease or from being caught by a tornado. There is also a random chance that every so often, someone dies from an accident or a disease specifically related to their profession. If it's a Kilnman's turn, he dies from black lung.
  10. Make sure you are using the most recent version of MegaMod - v. 8.01. Try loading those 3 mods without any other mods. When you check them, they will turn red. Red doesn't mean mods are incompatible; it just means they affect the same code. After you make the changes to your mod list, exit the game completely; this will help prevent crashes. Then go back in and start a new game. MegaMod is a compilation of over 200 mods; some needed to be modified to ensure they would all work well together. When you downloaded MM 8.01, you also received a .pdf that lists all of the mods. When you add additional mods, they may or may not be compatible with MM. Once MM is working, you can add other mods and see if any of those are the reason you get crashes. Some people find that they can speed up loading by switching from DX9 to DX11 or the other way. From the main game menu go to Options > Video > Renderer and choose the other DX option. I find that DX11 speeds it up; others find it causes crashes. You also can speed up loading by unsubscribing/deleting any mods you aren't using and deleting extra Save files. Let us know if this solves the problem.
  11. After a little more than a year, Luke Hodorowicz has finally posted a new message on his website, ShiningRockSoftware,com. Looks like he has finally decided what his new game is going to be and started designing in that direction! There's not much info provided, but any progress is good news in my book. Here's a LINK TO SHININGROCKSOFTWARE.COM.
  12. Because Colonial Charter was created over a period of time, I think it resulted in products being added without rebalancing the group of similar items in many cases. Rebalancing the entire mod would be a huge undertaking and would certainly result in some people being happier while others would be really upset. Honestly, it is a no win proposition. Personally (which isn't any more or less valid than your recommendation), as long as I know which items are good > better > best, I can deal with it. Change it and my whole knowledge base is thrown for a loop. Some day, the Black Liquid Team may decide to rebalance this huge mod, but there are no plans for that currently.
  13. We have not changed the flag for Lumber from "Construction" to "Wood (Logs)". If your Lumber is being stored in the wrong category, it could be because you are using the old version of Banished instead of the newest version - v 1.0.7 (the version is shown at the bottom of the opening screen.) If that is not the problem, you may be using a mod that conflicts with Colonial Charter 1.76.
  14. Unfortunately, the person who updated Steam did not realize that Colonial Charter 1.71 was a version that was not updated for use with Banished 1.0.7 and will require the creation of a new town. Because of the size of old files, no one here has saved a copy of 1.71. Therefore, you will need to update Banished to the current version - 1.0.7 and use the current version of Colonial Charter - 1.76.
  15. You might want to ask this question at WorldofBanished.com and/or send Discrepancy a private message from there.
  16. Yes, They are based on the same code as the regular fishing docks.
  17. Shock Puppet was told that CC 1.76 had never been uploaded to Steam. (Actually it was on Steam as "CC" 1.76 and not spelled out so it is hard to find.) So, a few days ago he uploaded the newest version of CC 1.76 as an update to 1.71. SP apparently didn't think about the fact that CC 1.76 is updated for Banished 1.0.7 and uses the new flags/categories it added, so it is not save game compatible. I will try to contact SP to see if he can fix this, however it is difficult to get hold of him. One solution, if your town isn't too large, is to destroy the buildings that no longer work such as the townhall and trading posts, and then rebuild them. The new building will be compatible. If you have a copy of the version of CC you were playing, you should be able to use that with Banished 1.0.6. Otherwise, you will need to start a new town using CC 1.76 and Banished 1.0.7.
  18. There was already a "CC 1.76" on Steam. I think it was fairly difficult to find it because the other versions were spelled out - Colonial Charter. It looks like you took a previous version of Colonial Charter - v. 1.71 that was not compatible with Banished 1.0.7, and updated it? Now there are two copies of Colonial Charter 1.76 - the one by you and the one by Kralyerg, labeled CC 1.76. I don't know what this update will do to games that were saved using the previous version of CC.
  19. Thanks for letting us know. I'll add it to the list of things that should be reviewed / fixed before sending out the next MM. (Note that there are no updates scheduled right now.)
  20. Since it wasn't updated for Banished 1.0.7, I'm not sure the mini-town hall will work. Might not show all of the new flags.
  21. I don't know whether this will work on pastures created by others. You could try it out to see. Let us know if it works.
  22. Not sure what you are asking, but this is my best guess at the right answer: You need to use the most current version of Colonial Charter - 1.76. You should not use the Compatibility mod with it.
  23. It may also be an indicator that you are building too many houses and couples are splitting up.
  24. Attached is a list of the mods included in MegaMod 8 RC5 (as of 7/26/18). If you notice any "bugs" or have any difficulties, please let us know! Mods Included in MegaMod 8.01.pdf
  25. If you ask me nicely, without the cuss words, I will answer your question.