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  1. Thanks for the Wiki recommendations. However, I'm really not going to do another Wiki any time soon if ever. Maybe someone else will see it and want to do it.
  2. You should obtain the update to Banished to the current version (1.0.7 - Build 170910) from wherever you bought Banished.
  3. Also, if you aren't using MM 8.01 (only MM8), please update that.
  4. While it's possible, it isn't probable. Right now, Kralyerg is working on MegaMod 9 and still has lots of work to do. To make this a separate mod, all of the items required to build the wharf need to be included as trade items; otherwise, the buildings that produce Lumber and Hull Components need to be added too or the items would only be available through trade. The 4 items produced by the Wharf need to be included in the mod too. Note that the Whale Blubber won't be able to be used for candles. All of this info is contained in various separate files. At this time, it is unlikely that a single building will be turned into it's own mod. However, at some point in time, Kralyerg may make additional CC mods that contain groups of buildings with similar functions like he did with the Docks.
  5. The Wharf & Ship needs to be placed on the main river or a lake. The ship is used to hunt seals and whales for Seal Meat, Whale Meat and Whale Blubber, and to catch Lobster. Whale Meat, Seal Meat and Lobster are food while Whale Blubber is used by the Oil Press to make Lamp Oil, or by the Chandlery to make Candles. Size: 8 by 8 Construction Requirements: 30 Stone, 30 Lumber and 10 Hull Components; Work: 400. Must be built on a shore. Profession: Sailor Maximum Workers: 4 View full article
  6. A new Wiki would be nice to have, but I'm not sure one will be accomplished any time soon. This forum appears to be rather limited as to what it can do to create a wiki. During the time that Black Liquid was regularly creating new versions of Colonial Charter, there were several of us who helped add items to the Wiki. It was lots of work, but dividing it up really helped. When the host of the forum was changed, moving the Wiki over required a lot of re-entry. Many of the pictures and most of the cross-referencing was not re-done - it was just too much work. These days, MegaMod has the spotlight. However most of the individual modders do not have a single resource that provides Wiki-type information, pictures, etc. So, if a Wiki was created for MM, it would take a lot of time and effort. To do that, it would really take 3-4 people with extra time on their hands, who are willing to work together to do that - and it would take someone to work on finding a web site/program that could accomplish the type of Wiki you describe.
  7. There is hardly anyone who has successfully made an animated animal for the game. Shock Puppet made a few and found it really difficult and frustrating. Unfortunately he seldom visits the forum these days and is primarily working on a new game with some others. Red Ketchup has a contact who gave him several animated animals for the game which he included in his RKEC mod. I believe he is contacting him to see if he can help you with your efforts. Hope you are successful - it would really be wonderful to have someone who has learned the key to modding more animals for the game.
  8. Sounds like you have a conflict somewhere. Please verify that you are using MegaMod 8.01 and Banished v. 1.0.7 - Build 170910. Are you using any other mods? If so, what are they and what version #.
  9. The current version of Banished is 1.0.7 Build 170910. I don't know if having an old build is causing the problem, but I think you should update the Banished you are using. MegaMod is a huge file and if you are going to have problems, it will cause them. Have you tried just running just Banished? Then try running Banished plus Colonial Charter 1.76 (Journey)? CC 1.76 is a large mod that is included in MM. If you can't run CC, you won't be able to run MM. Let me know how that goes.
  10. I am not able to read/understand a crash.dmp file and I don't know anyone who can use it. Sorry. Have you verified that your Anti Virus is allowing the game to save the game?
  11. What are the structures at the mouths of the river going in/out of the lake? I don't recognize them.
  12. Each trading post has it's own set of merchants (I think there are different 5 vanilla ones, which are the type that visits the Large Port). Merchants don't visit more than one trading post. So, apparently your other trading posts aren't being visited by their merchants? Did they ever get merchants? Are they now blocked by another building that juts out into the water or a bridge? A picture would help.
  13. You can only designate which Flags can be stored, not individual items.
  14. The only way to regulate population is by building or not building houses. If you are playing vanilla Banished, each house can be occupied by up to 5 people: a mom and dad and up to 3 children. When the children become adults, you can build additional houses so the young adults move in together and have more kids. Once the young adults move out, mom and dad will have more kids until the house is full. Or, if you don't build more houses, the adult kids will continue to live at home and mom and dad will stop having more kids as long as an adult child lives there. In Colonial Charter, there are Shacks which only hold a family of 3, which can be upgraded to hold up to 4. The Wooden and Stone Houses hold up to 5 people, and the other houses can hold varying amounts which is listed on the Construction Spreadsheet HERE To prevent having large die-offs, you need to spread out when you build houses - maybe just a few every season. If you want to really limit the number of people, build just 1-2 houses a year. If you build no houses, your town may stop having children and your population may start to die off. It is extremely hard to maintain a stable population with 0 growth - the game just isn't designed to do that. The only way to keep people from starving is by producing at least 100 food per person per year plus enough food for new people and for new houses. Make sure you look at your Town Hall stats frequently so you know how much you are producing and storing. Keep in mind that some food producers like Gatherers produce food all year long. Others, like farmers have just one big harvest and food on hand often drops low just before harvest as it is used up. It is best to have at least 1-2 year's supply of food on hand. Trading for food can be a lifesaver if food production starts to drop. One reason food production drops is when you accept Nomads. They are uneducated and produce around 25% less or worse than educated workers. Of course, not having enough tools or firewood can also start a death spiral. Preventing such shortages is all part of learning how to play this survival game well. If you have any other questions, let us know. Enjoy the game
  15. Those for CC 1.75 are the most current:
  16. Seasons FX is a very old mod that hasn't been updated since Heck was a pup. Try the game without it. If it still crashes when you try certain buildings, let us know which buildings are causing crashes.
  17. Vrayna uses the GoG version of Banished and MM 8.01 works fine. Do you have any other mods enabled? If so, what are they? Which buildings are causing MM to crash?
  18. Try playing without one of those mods at a time to see if either is causing the problem. I tend to think Voeille's mod is the more likely culprit. Let us know. Don't forget that everytime you make a change to your mod list, you should exit Banished completely then go back in and try starting a new game.
  19. You need to obtain an up-to-date version of Banished - v. 1.0.7, build 170910.
  20. Thanks for pointing these out. All of the mods included in MM are made to be "compatible", which means they don't cause each other to crash. It doesn't mean they all function the same. Different modders have different ideas of how their pieces should function and some of that still exists. Part of that is deliberate and part of it is because there is only one person, Kralyerg, who assembles MM, and he may miss an inconsistency. During testing and subsequent play, errors may be noted and fixed in later editions. Kralyerg is working on MM9 and I will pass on your concerns to see if these can and should be fixed. There is no ETA yet for MM9 - still early days.
  21. In Colonial Charter, Luxuries such as Wine and Ale aren't stored in barns - they are only stored in Luxury buildings such as Taverns and the Coffee Shop; excess needs to be moved into your Trading Post. I believe that is still true in MegaMod. However, in MegaMod, there are mods included from various modders. Some of their barns may store Luxuries and some others may not. I have no idea which products Kid's Tiny Workshop uses. Kid may not have designed it to use flax and if he did, he probably is using the "other" flax. The flax issue should be solved in MM9 which is being worked on. Kid's Tiny Market is probably the same problem. Yes, I would have thought it would store all tools. I'll ask Kralyerg to look into this for MM9. For some reason the stats are only showing steel tools. I don't know if Kralyerg will be able to fix this. I'll also see if the icon chart can be fixed.
  22. In Colonial Charter 1.76 and MegaMod 8.01, bricks are stored in regular and construction stockpiles since they are considered Construction materials. Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice mod also stores bricks in stockpiles (but I don't know if they use the Construction flag too). If that isn't happening, then you may be using a version of CC or MM that is out of date or another mod that is not compatible. Also, make sure you are using Banished version 1.0.7 build 170910.
  23. I'm really glad you persevered and was able to sort this out. I've had trouble with remembering to unsubscribe to mods too. That's why I stopped doing it. I keep a folder with all of the mods I've downloaded and move some into my WinData file if I choose to use them.
  24. See my comment that's just above your post!
  25. You can delete them from your WinData file for now but will need to unsubscribe once you are playing on-line. You have all MM 8.01 files activated and only those and you verified you are using Banished 1.0.7 and BUILD 170910? If this doesn't clean up the toolbar. Try a new town.