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  1. Are you using a current version of 7-Zip (or whatever program you use to extract the file)? I understand there was a change made by WinRAR in their file format that requires an update by these other programs. Let me know if that isn't it.
  2. One of the things you could do is not activate the Inedible mods for the foods that you are most likely to need at the beginning of a game such those collected by the Gatherer or Hunter and maybe your first crop or two. Then, after your town is more established, go back and activate those inedible mods. Kralyerg doesn't remember whether all of those foods will become inedible at once (but believes that's the case) or if they become inedible when harvested. Let us know how that works for you.
  3. I found what I think is the correct building under the Community tab > Other Modders > Food tab and built a New Food Gatherer (NFG). I noticed that the vanilla gatherer also was collecting rose hips and wasn't sure the area wasn't being depleted of those items so I placed the NFG somewhere else - in a pristine forest area where I'm sure there was plenty of wild oats and rose hips to gather. I also built a house next to it with a small barn to reduced the amount of travel time. S/he immediately began gathering rose hips and wild oats just as s/he's supposed to. Since I can't duplicate the problem at all, I'm not sure what is wrong. Could be that you placed the NFG in an area where the rose hips and wild oats have already been picked up. Also, there are various starting conditions - I'm not sure all of them have been populated with those plants (I'll need to ask) - but you should be able to see them if you look closely. Also, when you assign a gatherer to the NFG, they could start work at another location that has gatherer's instead - so you may have to adjust max staffing at other locations. Hope this helps.
  4. Are you using any other mods? if so which ones/versions and in what order?
  5. So the building is just called "Hut"? Which tab did you find it under?
  6. MM8 contains CC 1.75 and replaces MM7 so you should only be playing with MM8.
  7. Could you tell me exactly the name(s) of the building(s) and the name(s) of the modder(s) for each?
  8. I'm assuming this is an error received when you tried to extract the .pkm files from the .rar? If so, you may need to update the program you are using, such as 7-zip and re-try it.
  9. Re the person who is starving - It looks like one house is partially blocking the other. Even though the door isn't blocked, it could be enough that the occupant can no longer exit (even though they entered the home in the first place). Re the buildings that won't be destroyed. Try just a few at a time, starting with the farthest piece, as Red Ketchup suggested. I believe you are using the Maritime Mods? I'm guessing there could be some incompatibility with those which explains the materials being left on the ground - especially since you put those mods above MM8. When you put one mod above the other, the 1st one in the list overrides those below it if they both affect the same code.
  10. The version you're using will be shown in the Mod list. Let us know if you have any other issues
  11. Are you using DX11? For some people it doesn't work at all; but for others (like me) it reduced start up time a lot. Also helps to delete your old SAV files and any mods you aren't using. Can always move them to another folder.
  12. @LadieWinterOne other thing you should check: Make sure you are producing 100 food per person per year and have at least one year's surplus of food. With a large population 2-years' is even better. If food gets low during the summer, before the crops are harvested, workers spend more time away from the job looking for food and that could be one reason they aren't returning to harvest their crops. BTW, I found that Increased Resources Combined caused crashes with CC 1.75 on my PC so Kralyerg made CC Increase Resources which works like a charm. If you continue to have problems, I would try playing without any other of these mods. Most, if not all, have not been updated to work with Banished 1.0.7 and may no longer work properly due to the new Flags/Limits.
  13. This is not a "bug" in MM; it happens in vanilla too. You mention that your fields are near a market, however, it is better if you have barns near the fields. Make sure you have plenty of laborers to take the food to the barns. Farmers become laborers during the winter. If they become busy gathering stone/long/iron or, they sometimes forget to come back to their field in time to plant. When that happens, I fire a few farmers, wait a minute then hire again and hopefully get someone who is available to work. If the field is planted late, you may need to assign another farmer to help harvest the crop in the fall.
  14. They do not "conflict". They turn red because they each affect the same code - but they still work just fine together.
  15. Kralyerg guesses this is caused by the limit being misspelled in the code - perhaps "Textiles" (should not have an "s"). Can you tell me which Town Hall you are using? (Mine's OK.) Thanks
  16. I tried duplicating this. I built a Flax Gatherer and increased the Textile Limit from 2000 to 2500. My Log Limit (shown in the Limits window) stayed the same (at 2000). Is there a specific building where you are seeing an increase in the log limit?
  17. One more thing: MegaMod 7 was made for Banished 1.0.6. Banished 1.0.7 introduced new categories (Flags, Limits). So if you want to play with MegaMod 7, using Banished 1.0.7, you also need to use the 1.0.7 Compatibility Mod (which goes above MM7), available HERE. Note that MegaMod 8 is currently out as a Beta version, but there are still a few bugs. You may want to check on it's progress here on the forum periodically.
  18. Try playing at 5x and see if that's better. No problem. We appreciate you playing the beta version and letting us know if you find anything that should be fixed.
  19. No, the trees shouldn't live forever. Which type of map, map size, climate, and starting condition are you using? Are you using any other mods? If so, what are they? Are all types of trees living forever or just a few (what are they - for example: pine, maple, etc.)
  20. Thanks for letting us know. Kralyerg says he has already fixed that bug for the next release.
  21. According to Discrepancy, the Horn Carrots don't look mature until yield reaches over 70%. So I could see that 10x goes so fast that there isn't time for the crops to look mature. I'm confused as to why you removed the workers - in my experience, if you remove farmers at any time (including when one dies and is replaced), you will harvest less.
  22. I tried to duplicate the problems you are having but cannot. My forester definitely stops working when the Log limit of 200 is reached vs the Textile Limit which I set at 2,000. Problems with limits are usually caused by incompatible mods. Could you please double check that you are using Banished 1.0.7? (The version is shown at the bottom of the 1st screen for Banished.) The map type should not create a problem where people become homeless. I couldn't get anyone to become homeless even by sending them much farther to gather stone. (The Pike's maps were created by Red Ketchup btw.) If RK's analysis - that you are building too many houses - isn't the issue, then again, I have to wonder if it could be that you aren't using the most recent version of Banished. If none of these are it, could you please provide a picture of your town where you have a house with no people and shows your population?
  23. I tried this out to see if I could duplicate the problem. I asked the debug menu to give me all crop seeds and apparently there aren't any carrots but there are horn carrots. I planted the horn carrots and blueberries. At first, the crops looked just like the ones in your picture, but eventually the crops grew up and looked the way I expected. The blueberries were harvested first (end of summer) while the horn carrots were harvested later. The horn carrots were shown as carrots in both the barn and in the town hall inventory. I'll check with Kralyerg, but I think the omission of "carrots" was deliberate because the mod that makes horn carrots replaces that. From the picture you submitted, I can't tell what time of year it is. Please check to see if your crops eventually grow up and are harvested before year end.
  24. Thanks for taking the time to fix the issue and letting us know what the problem was. Kralyerg pointed out that you were using an old version of Medical Marijuana btw.
  25. Offhand I don't see anything obvious. However, you can get rid of Legalized Marijuana - it's included in MM8. Rather than using X-treme Stockpiles (which is old - 1.0.4! - so it isn't necessarily compatible with Banished 1.0.7), I would use one of the Ridiculous Storage mods from Kralyerg's Kave which means smaller stockpiles can store a lot more stuff eliminating the need for huge stockpiles. I use Increased CC and it works great for me. I don't know how compatible Tom Sawyer's Hunting mod is with MM8, especially since it was designed for 1.0.6, but to me it shouldn't affect crops.. I would try getting rid of Xtreme Stockpiles (and use one of the Ridiculous Storage mods instead) and Hunting (and Legalized MJ - just because you no longer need it) and starting a new game and see if you have the same problem. In the mean time, which crops are only shadows - who knows, maybe that's where the problem is.