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  1. I noticed on Steam that he was playing Rimworld so I sent a Friend Request. Problem is, I think he may only speak Japanese as he mentioned that he translated the mods using an auto interpreter. He did two houses (thatched roof vs tiled roof) and a boarding house (called it a row house) in one mod. The other has a Temple, Shrine and School.
  2. The Physician cures sick people but doesn't add to health. Your people need a diet that includes all 4 food groups: fruit, grain, protein and vegetables. An Herbalist can improve health a bit. You need one to gather herbs; your people will pick up herbs at the market and take them back to the Herbalist so she can make a potion for them.
  3. @Ketchup I really liked your buildings too. Partly, my concept of a "Japanese" building is really way off. (Thanks @richuringo for educating me - great pictures!) Your buildings would work work well for me when creating an immigrant town, especially near my Silk production. I would probably add Brondo's mods (anyone know where he is these days so they can be added to MM?) It's similar to using kid1293's Mexican Fantasy mod - I'm not sure I've ever seen Mexican housing quite like that, but it works just fine. (Reminds me of a colorful version of the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, which is actually Native American.) It might be unrealistic to create a complete Banished to the Far East mod - just the most basic pieces would be great for now. The mod can always be expanded as time goes on.
  4. Are you familiar with the mods by Brondo which include Japanese Houses and Facilities (School, Shrine, Temple)? Both of these are available on the Steam Workshop (if you have Steam). I believe only the houses are available at BanishedInfo.com. Also, CC does have Bamboo as a crop. There's also a starting condition with just Bamboo as trees and another that starts with everything needed to produce Silk. The red maple trees look nice with the these pieces, as does the Jade Statue of Buddha. Kralyerg is working on a mod with lots of flowering trees including some that can pass for cherry trees.
  5. I really like the changes to the toolbars; much cleaner
  6. That's how it is currently done. The problem with that is it is difficult to know where all the items are to one mod if you would like to use them together. Also, using the Community Toolbar gives greater visibility to the individual modders. I still prefer everything to be categorized like it's one big mod. Neither is perfect. It will be great if Kralyerg can find a way to do both.
  7. I select the chain link in the toolbar at the top (it's to the left of the quote marks) of the post then paste the URL of the YouTube video in the box labeled "URL" and type whatever you want the text to read, such as "video here" in the 2nd box. Those words will be in blue in your post.
  8. I'm guessing a mod or mods could be used to simplify some foods - similar to the way there's a mod that simplifies Clothing. I've never quite understood the huge assortment of food available only through trade. On the other hand, if you over simplify food, I would feel like I was playing "Banished for Idiots".
  9. I use Steam and mine updated automatically
  10. Are you using Banished 1.0.7 and CC 1.74? If not, what are you using?
  11. If you are using Windows 10, this could be caused because your Documents > Banished > Save file is Read Only; if so, you need to change it to Read/Write.
  12. CC 1.74 doesn't work with 1.0.6 because of the new flags. When you switched to 1.0.7, did you start a new game? Are you using any mods besides CC 1.74?
  13. I probably wouldn't want to play Banished if it accurately reflected life during those times. Those definitely weren't "the good old days". Geeze, I'd have a hard time without good internet!
  14. This has already been answered multiple times. Those are all part of a larger botanical mod that Kralyerg is trying to finish.
  15. Are you using Banished version 1.0.7 beta? The version is at the bottom of the opening screen.
  16. Which mods (and versions) are you using and in what order? Are you using Banished 1.0.6 or 1.0.7 beta?
  17. Those were part of a bigger botanical mod. Kralyerg is working on finishing it up.
  18. Furniture is made from Logs by the Joiner. The Homewares Supplier uses Furniture + one of the other products specified to make Homewares. Flag/Limit: Crafted (Prior to CC 1.72: Materials) Trade Value: 22 Weight: 8
  19. The Hardwood Forester grows and harvests trees much like a classic forester lodge, but produces Hardwood instead of regular logs. Hardwood can be used at the Joiner to craft fancy furniture. · To build: 20 lumber, 20 stone, 60 work. · Size: 5 by 5 · Profession: Forester · Number: up to 4 · Hardwood Flag/Limit: Raw Materials (abbreviated as Materials) (Prior to CC 1.72: Materials)
  20. Just like the classic Hardwood Forester, this lodge grows and harvests trees to produce Hardwood instead of regular logs. The only difference is cosmetic, as it plants the kind of trees specific to the mod, to fit in with some of the special game start options. Hardwood can be used at the Joiner to craft fancy furniture. Construction Requirements: 20 lumber, 20 stone, 60 work Size: 5 by 5 Profession: Forester Number of Workers: up to 4 Hardwood Flag/Limit: Raw Materials (abbreviated as Materials) (Prior to CC 1.72: Materials)
  21. Homewares are an assortment of household goods, packaged together at the Homewares Supplier. They are required for the construction of fancier houses. They can be made by packaging together Furniture plus any of the following: Copperware, Tinware, Rug, Pottery, Lamp Oil, Bedding, or Glassware. Homewares used to be called Furnishings. Flag/Limit: Construction (Prior to CC 1.72: Materials) Trade Value: 190 Weight: 10
  22. If you are still downloading CCJourney and Forge Awakens then you haven't really deleted them. You definitely don't want to use both. First uncheck these mods from the opening game menu. Exit and check the Workshop to see if you subscribed to either of these and unsubscribe. Go to your Banished > WinData folder and delete these mods from there (do not delete the four .pkg files - Data0, Data1, Patch0 and Patch1 . While you're at it, delete all of your old Saves from your Documents > Banished > Save folder. Once you are sure vanilla Banished works by playing it for an hour or so, then re download CCJourney 1.72. Add that mod to the game and make sure that works OK before adding MegaMod v0.07, MM Deco 0.07 and Compatibility v2. Make sure you are using the correct version of Banished - 1.0.6. The version # is listed at the bottom of the opening screen. To help prevent crashes: Every time you add or delete mods, you should go into Banished and check the mods you want to use. You'll be asked "Do you want to apply changes & reload now?" Say Yes, then completely exit Banished. Then go back in, verify the mods you want are checked, and start a NEW game. To select DirectX9 vs DirectX11, go to the 1st Banished Screen and select Options > Video and change the Renderer. I've found DX11 works best for me (reducing load time from 3.5 minutes to less than 30 seconds), but that's not the case for everyone.
  23. If you are having large die-offs, it's because you are building too many houses at one time. That results in a bunch of kids being born at one time, then a spike in kids going to school, then a bunch of graduates needing houses again. Try building just 3 or so houses a year - or at least just a few each season. If you are accepting Nomads, leave them in the Boarding House as you add just a few houses at a time. When you see a bunch of old people are getting up there in age, stop building more houses since you know some will soon be available. All those old people are still productive workers. More kids isn't the only thing a town needs.
  24. Those chickens are really good to have! With the Chickens, you get feathers. If you build a Dock Reed Farm you can make Survival Coats at a Dock Workshop (can go on land if you prefer). At the Workshop, you can also switch to making Rough Tools. Saves you from having to build a Tailor and Blacksmith right away. Also, with Appalachian and Bayou Easy Starts you get Eggs and Rice as your starting foods. Be sure to build a Dock Rice Planter before your people eat up all the rice (costs 100 rice). The Rice Planter produces rice all year long instead of one big harvest (over 1000 rice per year total!).
  25. That has to do with the Cold Realism mod.