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  1. Thank you, how stupid of me not to try that. I thought Quit had the same result as Exit. Thanks for replying!
  2. I haven't been able to play the game with the Medieval Town mod, I have exactly the same versions of Banished, CC 1.71 and Mt 2.04. It does work to start a new map with the mods both activated. But quitting the game or exiting, makes it crash. I have disabled all other mods and I have tried running CC on top and MT on top, doesn't change. I really hope it will work soon. My town planning depends on MT, so I think I will be using the megamod till CC 1.71 and MT 2.04 work together. However, i would like to thank everyone working on this for the great content that you have made, it has really changed the game for me and you guys are amazing!