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  1. Time is Money????? Never heard of it. What's it do? ***EDIT I went and read up on it and I like it as well. Thanks for the share
  2. It's working now And I am gonna use your Debug @Ketchup 1 because you were nice enough to send it to me to help me out. 2 because I like it Thanks Ketchup
  3. Just done a regedit and deleted mods that were still in there. Facepalm..... I forgot to do that part before starting a whole new game on a whole new build. LoL. Set the game to DX 11. Loaded the new files into Windata folder from the 1.0.7 Banished patch, loaded game up and it shows proper version. Now to put the MM8 Mods back in to the WinData folder and see what happens. Got them loaded
  4. No I just came back after being gone for quite a long while. So now I am playing catch up. I had been playing Banished 1.0.6 with CC NFA though at times while I was gone. It and Debug worked fine. I just cant get BanishedPatch_1.0.6_To_1.0.7.170910 and MegaMod.8.01 to play nice together now that I am back.
  5. Yup. And as I have said I have done everything I can find to do to fix this. Been at it it since Yesterday. I guess uninstalling, re-downloading, and re-installing everything is the only option I have left.
  6. Placed it below MM8....It still crashed. All I want to do is play ***** I just moved it above MM8 in the mod order and still got the Crash. crash.dmp
  7. Thank You Ketchup I will give it a try
  8. Hi all , i desperately need some help here. I keep getting a Fatal Access Error every time I try to use the Debug Menu. As soon as I click on it my game crashes. I have tried changing the DX versions... Error on both I have tried changing Terrain size. Small, Medium, Large and Very Large...Error on all I can't figure out the problem. My Version of the game. My Mods The Error The settings for my town. But it does it on any Terrain Size...Small, Medium, Large and Very Large crash.dmp <--------If anyone can figure that out
  9. Thank You and it's nice to be back. And Thank You for setting me straight. I have been gone too long it seems LoL But I have just started getting things back in order and I will, thanks to this wonderful community. <3
  10. Hiya Esther...long time no see. I have just been able to come back. Life got crazy on me all of a sudden and wouldn't let up. Question......Is MM 8 compatible with Banished 1.0.6 build 160521 ????? Or do I need the compatibility mod ? Or do I need Banished 1.0.7?
  11. And Happy Birthday to you  :flower1::)


  12. Hiya Everyone. I have finally made it back :)

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    2. rejectedegg


      tyvm estherhb

    3. Necora


      Welcome back! Will you be continuing on your Williamsburg recreation?

    4. KevinTheCynic


      Hi there, glad to see you're back with us :) I hope this means you're getting some quality time with Banished! :D

  13. See you in Mid January. Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

    1. ShockPuppet
    2. KevinTheCynic


      Yeah, what @ShockPuppet said. Here's hoping you have a great 2017 :)

    3. DesoPL


      **** christmas...

  14. I apologize everyone for not responding to any of this, but I am having some very stressful real life problems right now. i will be returning to discuss this further sometime in Mid January. Until then I hope everyone has A Very Nice Christmas and A Happy New Year
  15. @KevinTheCynic Being as how you posted this right about the same time I posted my Status Message, I will respond to it. I don't think it's MM. I don't hink it's any of the mods I am using. I think it's just my crappy luck. Anything that can go wrong , seems to always find it's way to me. Sad but true, such is the case here. I will just have to continue to play Banished for what ever time the game will allow me to and deal with it.