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  1. And Happy Birthday to you  :flower1::)


  2. Hiya Everyone. I have finally made it back :)

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    2. rejectedegg


      tyvm estherhb

    3. Necora


      Welcome back! Will you be continuing on your Williamsburg recreation?

    4. KevinTheCynic


      Hi there, glad to see you're back with us :) I hope this means you're getting some quality time with Banished! :D

  3. See you in Mid January. Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

    1. ShockPuppet
    2. KevinTheCynic


      Yeah, what @ShockPuppet said. Here's hoping you have a great 2017 :)

    3. DesoPL


      **** christmas...

  4. I apologize everyone for not responding to any of this, but I am having some very stressful real life problems right now. i will be returning to discuss this further sometime in Mid January. Until then I hope everyone has A Very Nice Christmas and A Happy New Year
  5. @KevinTheCynic Being as how you posted this right about the same time I posted my Status Message, I will respond to it. I don't think it's MM. I don't hink it's any of the mods I am using. I think it's just my crappy luck. Anything that can go wrong , seems to always find it's way to me. Sad but true, such is the case here. I will just have to continue to play Banished for what ever time the game will allow me to and deal with it.
  6. Sorry all but I will be remaining silent for a while.  I just had a serious Real Life Event happen and I am fighting back tears right now.  Hope you understand :)

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    2. rejectedegg


      At least until the first part of January I still have a roof over my head.  Although I am in a state of WTF at the moment.

      I didn't see his betrayal coming nor did I have any idea he had someone else on the side.

      All I can say is I am numb and confused.  Need to make it throught he Holidays and then I can hopeful return here.

      Take Care everyone :)

      P.S. Came on to get a download for TFA that I found got corrupted when I moved stuff over to this computer.  For some reason this computer decided to rename my TFA 1.6.2 file from .pfm to .rar :(


    3. estherhb


      You can "unzip" the .rar file using 7-zip which is free. Let me know if you need help with it.

    4. KevinTheCynic


      Hey @rejectedegg I don't know if we here can supply any material support but we can provide moral support even if it's just someone to bounce an idea or two off.

  7. This is why this type of communicating can cause so many problems. Lack of the ability to be able to show proper emotions effectively. Emoticons do help but lots of people can still misinterpret them. Kudos to @ShockPuppet for supplying us with more to help alleviate this problem. And some people completely ignore them. And also when you are trying to hurry an respond to someone you may totally forget to even use them. If anyone ever has a question about my tone in a chat message or chat type response, please just send me a private message and ask me how I meant it. I am the Open & Honest type of person. I tell it like it is. So I won't lie to you if you ask me if I am mad and I am really mad
  8. I mean it's affecting me, but i am trying to not let it consume me
  9. @stiles Oh please, dont take me serious either I just had a serious life event happen and I am just trying to not let it affect me
  10. @stiles do you ever read any thing on other pages of the threads? @Necora and I already discussed this on the previous page.
  11. And you are most likely on a right path here @Necora. The page I switched to was ran using flash. Because it is Interactive. When I loaded up the save to try to see if I could reproduce the crash I did not open that page on my browser to view the picture. Later when I had exited Banished for a few minutes, I went and opened the page I referred to above and took a screenshot of it , pasted it in to Paint and now I open it with Windows Picture Viewer. I was actually able to play and build more on my map and at the same time I had the picture open the way I described in the sentence above this one. Albeit it was minimized. I was looking at it to study details then I would minimize it. As of right the last time I had Banished open I had not had a repeat Crash. I however have not reopened the game yet because I had a very serious life event happen about 40 minutes ago.
  12. Give it a break @stiles You just responded to me with this on this thread http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/topic/126-fatal-acces-violation/&page=2#comment-1732 with the following: "you arent suppose to have that many mods.booooo thats more than me. now where is the list to compare??lol as to your problem,i am surprised it only happens in large maps.or is it that you havent played a smaller map as long? what all other programs are running that may interfere? i had an issue if i try to open my certain websites while running banished. if i minimize banished 1st it doesnt drop the banished. i take it you already upgraded the banished files??" If you had bothered to read the OPs Initial thread before responding on here you would have seen he provided a link to this thread http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/topic/32-very-large-maps-with-lakes/&page=2 where I discussed my issue with Large Maps. And further into the thread I even ran into an issue with this very map that I am using in this thread. And on one of those threads I even said I use Paengs' method that he has posted here http://banishedpeople.freeforums.org/about-fatal-error-in-runtime-x64-and-more-t109.html And in one of those threads or possibly even both I mentioned that when I first started playing Banished (not long after it came out) I was on Steam but later bought Banished straight from the Owners Site. While I apprecialte you commenting , please just try to reading up more on the issue before doing so in the future
  13. @Paeng So I can only play with MM and no extra mods or Not use MM and use up to but don't exceed 40 -45 mods at one time? Is that what you are saying?
  14. Hmmm... It appears I shouldn't be using all the moads I need to use in order to complete this map And to have to remove some will mean I have to start a whole new map yet again And I won't have the building styles I need for the different kind of buildings that I need to represent in it either So for now this project is gonna be put on hold until I figure something out
  15. Okay But now tell me why in the world Kralyerg is making MM for then? I mean it has 95 mods packed into 1 mod. Enlighten me please, because I am beyond confused at this point.