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  1. Estherhb is right, make sure you are not using mods designed for 1.0.7 with 1.0.6. Also make sure you are re downloading the mods from steam after an uninstall->reinstall. Just go to the WinData folder and delete the mods. Your subscription will cause them to re download with the correct version. Or if errors were found an updated version for your 1.0.7 version.
  2. Graphically, I don't see this happening with a mod. If the dev wanted this, I think he would have placed water higher up on the needs list. However, an unmodded vanilla game of hard means even the most experienced gamers will fail several times. With this in mind, I can not imagine the pressures of a water system. In a historical context, water was your own business. You wanted a cup of water, you go to the well. There was not restrictions apart from "please keep the poo down stream'.
  3. @Kralyerg Thanks
  4. Thanks! Glad it worked!
  5. What always gets me is how roads end with a square tip. It would be nice is we could have a placer piece that is rounded at the end. They would cost whatever the normal road square costs, but take 2xs more work (cause you know prefection is an art).
  6. Ok STEP one: As annoying as it is, open the exe, if you dont have a steam link on the desktop make it. Click the Libray > Right Click the Banished tab and find the desktop link, add it. Then launch via this. If no launch, delete the game, hunt in the steam directory for files and delete them too. delete the mods aswell. EVERY-thing must go. Step Two, re-install. Take your time, make some tea and install the plain old vanilla. Then right click the Banished Tab and select Beta 1.0.7, let this download and install. Then drink your tea, calm down. You will have lost all the saved games, and you dont want to try and save them. Step three, go to Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\2##### and find out if any mods are now downloaded. For now dont enable before you play. We want vanilla to work. Step 4, launch via your desktop. If this does not work, delete the link on the desktop and forget about ever using it again. Step 5, try launching via Steam Library tab (of course if the desktop link worked this is good too) If it launches check for the mods, does the game recognize them? If not go in to Steam/ "the commuinty for Banished" and then the workshop, find the mods, use Notpad to copy and paste the names and unsub from them. Step 6, launch a vanilla game if possible. Explaination. Some mods dont work for Banished 1.0.7, and you need to get rid of them, but documenting the ones that work and dont are a pain. Also i find that when banished stops launching it generally a mod i tried to use that broke it.
  7. On Windows 10, and ever down to 7. USE the Windows Defender. It has better security. Just cause it doesn't look pretty doesn't mean its useless. No virus here and i set it to scan every day, and allow auto updates. You can also add Banished.exe to the ignore list of any scanner. I would actually add the whole folder to get the resources ignored too.
  8. Ok I know this sounds picky, but... when I use the debug to add coal, if you have a placer mine, or other gold/silver ore miner active, instead of added coal it adds gold and silver ore. Now thats not so bad, but if your debugging a building or map it causes slight issues.
  9. A suggestion for the mega mod. I know that the megamod comes with CC: Journey, but stay with me here! It would be nice if all original Banished building have a section to themselves. In such a way that on the tool bar they are in their own button preserved. I would like this for two reasons: The megamod is HUGE, and the content, once mixed in makes it hard to see what is original. Also, Megamod uses the names "old building" but these refer to old version of building not original Banished game parts. Its just one way I think people can keep their mods straight. Thanks!
  10. Question! What is the map size, terrain, and staring conditions?