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  1. after you've activated each mod and reloaded the game, exit the game completely, then restart. That should fix the crash issue usually... Do that each time you add a new mod...
  2. gatherer, hunting lodge, fishing dock (or the one from the dock set), and depending on my starting settings a pasture, and later on I start building orchards and crop fields
  3. The game has been released officially today.... quite a bit too soon if you ask me...
  4. did you also get the Compatibility Mod?
  5. Dunno if it's normal... but maybe it's expensive because it's a special item? I know that IRL special items are also expensive
  6. 350.000 instead of 35.000?
  7. Hi @ShockPuppet, Was just wondering how you were doing? Haven't talked to you in almost three months (and I keep missing you on Steam), and haven't seen you on the forum for almost just as long. Hope you're doing alright Take care, Sabine
  8. new one: Ward the Joiner fell on his hammer and saw. ouch!
  9. [name] was murdered! yikes...
  10. found the buildings, going to try them out and see how that works, thanks a bunch guys
  11. I just built the Wood Butcher, and from what I can see in the list you can make various meat stuffs from animals like for example: partridge, goose etc etc... Where can I get those animals from?
  12. Inedible Barley Ridiculous Storage CC No Smoke Super Easy Trading Inedible Milk Inedible Wheat 1.0.7 Compatibility Inedible Sorghum Inedible Coffeebeans Inedible Sugarbeets Inedible Canola Inedible Oats Inedible Vegetable Oil Inedible Olives Inedible Rye Inedible Sunflowers CC 1.75 MM 0.07 MM Decopack 0.07 Radius Recolour Call of Nature Soundtrack (but in this playthrough inactive) Those are the mods I use, in that order.
  13. I have 2 melting houses: one for silver pfennigs and one for gold guilders. The one for guilders works just fine, but the one for pfennigs just won't receive the materials it needs to craft the pfennigs. This sounds like a bug to me...
  14. @Kralyerg: can I still use any of the Inedible mods, or do they have to be updated somehow first?
  15. I'm actually surprised you have so little citizens after such a long time...