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  1. you need a Luxuries storage to be able to store the perfume... best option would be the Strong Ale Storage (a few barrels together)
  2. aren't games in general supposed to do that?
  3. as Kralyerg noted, this is not your computer, this is an error somewhere in the mod coding
  4. Jaelynneth the Worker depressed about his/her situation and committed suicide.
  5. is this compatible with the latest MM? If so I would like to give it a go (my chickens are driving me nuts, LOL!)
  6. It's not, I have disasters off I was watching the Pasture some more, and at some point the number went back up.... so it's really kinda strange
  7. something weird is happening... I had a Standard Pasture of 150 chickens... I've been watching it for the past 10 minutes, and my Chickens are dying off for no reason at all.... I don't understand, looks like a bug
  8. another bug, actually one that has been around since Rice seeds were introduced: the Rice stays on the field, it's not being picked up appropriately.... it even stays on the field when the farmer starts planting again
  9. another bug I found: Embx61's Bakery won't make Sugar Cookies.... I have plenty of Flour AND Sugar, but the Sugar won't come into the Bakery
  10. thanks for "the digging" @Kralyergatleast I know now that it's not just me having the issue
  11. wow... now the whole game won't start anymore.... what on earth.... EDIT: removed the save files, started a fresh game, tried to build an orchard field. When I tried to select it, the game crashed again. These are my game settings atm http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1340912664 EDIT2: I am starting to suspect it has something to do with the Crops DSSV setting... @Kralyerg, could you chime in on this?
  12. mkay.... hmm... not sure what's going on then
  13. which type of orchards do you use? I always use the Dense Orchard
  14. Just now I placed an orchard field. When it was finished and I wanted to assign the type of orchard, my game crashed. This crash has happened 2 times, so it cannot be a coincidence....