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  1. I don't use any other mod(pack) other than MM that adds seeds, hence why I nudged Kralyerg in my post...
  2. thanks, that was a great idea, I was able to write everything down nicely. Oh btw @Kralyerg, by doing so, I noticed in the list there is Fig and Figs.... I am assuming those are the same thing? Maybe one should be taken out...
  3. Is there a written list of the crop/orchard seeds somewhere/did anyone make one (in Word or Excel)?
  4. Something strange I just noticed: why is there both a Tool limit and a Forged limit on the Large Smithy?
  5. you need a Luxuries storage to be able to store the perfume... best option would be the Strong Ale Storage (a few barrels together)
  6. aren't games in general supposed to do that?
  7. as Kralyerg noted, this is not your computer, this is an error somewhere in the mod coding
  8. Jaelynneth the Worker depressed about his/her situation and committed suicide.
  9. is this compatible with the latest MM? If so I would like to give it a go (my chickens are driving me nuts, LOL!)
  10. It's not, I have disasters off I was watching the Pasture some more, and at some point the number went back up.... so it's really kinda strange
  11. something weird is happening... I had a Standard Pasture of 150 chickens... I've been watching it for the past 10 minutes, and my Chickens are dying off for no reason at all.... I don't understand, looks like a bug
  12. another bug, actually one that has been around since Rice seeds were introduced: the Rice stays on the field, it's not being picked up appropriately.... it even stays on the field when the farmer starts planting again
  13. another bug I found: Embx61's Bakery won't make Sugar Cookies.... I have plenty of Flour AND Sugar, but the Sugar won't come into the Bakery