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  1. Some time ago, I created a list in Excel for the crop seeds, orchard seeds etc. I've used them for every game I played since. The other day I suddenly discovered "Mushroom seeds"..... I was like: hmm, that's something I haven't seen before, only "Field Mushroom seeds" Did I just never encounter this before, or is the mod trolling with me? LOL
  2. The Tudor Town Barn does not seem to store Misc. items (flowers for example), while it should, according to the description
  3. I think you're misunderstanding me: there is no message at all that there are nomads at the town hall... and thanks Ketchup, I will try placing the vanilla market and trading post, see if that works
  4. thanks, got it. Another weird thing: new game, 43 years in, and the regular townhall hasn't given me any nomads yet. Am I missing something? I have markets and a trade post
  5. Where did the hardwood forester go? I can't find it with the other foresters...
  6. got my new computer screen yesterday (went from 24 inch to 27 inch, went from 1920x1080 to 2560x1440) and now the game is flickering slightly. I tried to adjust some settings, but so far the flickering is still there. Does anyone know how I can fix this? It's quite annoying....
  7. G-Sync has to do with my new computer screen, it's an option there
  8. I am talking about G-Sync, not V-Sync.... I can use the ingame V-sync just fine
  9. I think I found the culprit guys.... the G-Sync option.... if I turn it off and then load and play Banished, everything seems fine.... so I guess I'll have to turn it off every time before I play...
  10. Sadly I already tried that, and it didn't help... also tried the 1920x1080, but to no avail
  11. whoa....nobody knows how to fix this? I'm surprised...
  12. 2 kids in the same family with the same name... that's weird... never seen that happening before....
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1395487994
  14. I took in about 400 plus nomads, when I still had so many without a home (that signpost gives absurd amounts of nomads everytime LOL) I did start a new game now though, since my computer cannot handle more than 700 people....
  15. Am I going blind? I can't find RK's Tavern (the one that uses Hops) anywhere, and the others I've tried so far don't use hops...
  16. Is there a written list of the crop/orchard seeds somewhere/did anyone make one (in Word or Excel)?
  17. I don't use any other mod(pack) other than MM that adds seeds, hence why I nudged Kralyerg in my post...
  18. thanks, that was a great idea, I was able to write everything down nicely. Oh btw @Kralyerg, by doing so, I noticed in the list there is Fig and Figs.... I am assuming those are the same thing? Maybe one should be taken out...
  19. Something strange I just noticed: why is there both a Tool limit and a Forged limit on the Large Smithy?
  20. you need a Luxuries storage to be able to store the perfume... best option would be the Strong Ale Storage (a few barrels together)
  21. aren't games in general supposed to do that?
  22. as Kralyerg noted, this is not your computer, this is an error somewhere in the mod coding
  23. Jaelynneth the Worker depressed about his/her situation and committed suicide.
  24. is this compatible with the latest MM? If so I would like to give it a go (my chickens are driving me nuts, LOL!)