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  1. To make a food inedible, just leave out the 'Edible' part in the template .rsc So instead of: 'Edible | Protein' - you can have just Protein, it will be stored as a food, but will not be edible by citizens.
  2. I think with some clever texturing and using all those arches and cross beams, and the curves, most of the glass is broken up anyway. To simulate, I'd use a single plane with a semi transparent dirty/hazy/cracked etc texture behind all the iron work. We wouldn't have reflections though, so not really glass. But early glass was far from being perfect anyway. I'd give it a go if I didn't already have enough to do.
  3. excellent. You have done a remarkable job.
  4. the game engine only understands: build_001, build_002, build_003, etc create_001, create_002, etc use_001, use_002... smoke/particle systems seem different. you can set any text and call it up in template.rsc So, easiest to keep the create, use and build points in same place for F-key variants. The smoke points, you can name: smoke1, smoke2 - have as many as you'd like on a building, they can be different for each variant if you attach directly to the model, instead of to the 'points' holder. you have done great work. And it is good to get asked direct questions, makes it easier to get modding information out.
  5. The vanilla houses have their smoke points attached to their respective models, that is how they can have different location smoke points. How it is done, is by not calling up the point list in the particlesystem entry in the buildings template. leave that part out. attach the smoke points directly to the models and they will work as f-key variants. The "points" would be the build and use points. I'm not sure if you can individually set those though for f-key.
  6. ... and I will add my own observations to this: Over my time with banished I've had a lot of crashes, and most I put down to 'Alt-Tab'. Make sure you press Esc to pause screen first. Direct x9 seems to handle it better, but suffers in load time. Whereas Direct x11 is quicker to load, but struggles with the 'Alt-Tab'... Don't remove a mod from a savegame. The moment it's in, the save's made, it stays. Be careful of updates, any updated mod that says it's save-game compatible, might not be, for many different reasons. Mine are notorious for it. I seem to have a habit for having mods with bugs. Sorry everyone! Delete the games registry when starting a new game. I recommend @Gordon Dry's "Create sorted list of Banished mods" - very easy to use, this also allows you to get a .txt file list of the enabled mods
  7. thanks for pointing out that post on WOB, it has opened my mind to the nomadic ways.
  8. That would be rather scary. Makes for a great screenshot.
  9. I second that statement.
  10. I myself with my own jetty set would happily like to give this to players, but a picture, or even texture would be nice there are a lot of different colored hard woods used for jetties and docks. If you can find me a texture I will make an F-key variant of my own docks for you. (there is no time-frame of when though)
  11. @Necora, I will send you a private message with my Stythe Tower sourcecode and the way you can have a building randomly produce a group of items, and also how the production UI history lines can be increased. For everyone else, I will one day add more tutorials over at the WOB website
  12. this is my Christmas anthem: (*Warning, contains some rude words...) every day I listen to at least 1 Tom Waits song
  13. Just use the normal youtube link, not the embed code. It will automatically add it. so for above it will look like this: all i did was post direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9jbdgZidu8
  14. I remember staying in the hills north-east of Newcastle and hearing them all day. I don't have them where I am now though. I always enjoy listening to this song...
  15. excellent. You've done a great job. I look forward to playing it once I also have the time. Necora, you might soon realize it is more addictive to mod Banished than it is to play!