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  1. It is simply by making another template file for the building and all required model files etc. In your DespoMods/D20House/D20House.rsc file, you can simply add another toolbar call section like this: Toolbar D20House2 // this needs to be called up in your D20HouseResources.rsc file like the first entry { Toolbar _parent = "Game\D20toolbar.rsc:Housing"; // this calls up your community game/toolbar button int _sortPriority = 200; // change this number to set the location of this button in the toolbar. Action _action = Tool; ComponentDescription _tool = "Template/D20House2.rsc"; // this creates the link to the building template file. bool _autoHotKey = true; } as long as you are calling up all building like this you should have no problem. If you are referring to adding more than one building as an F-key variant, you will need to create a similar template file to the WoodHouse.rsc or StoneHouse.rsc in the modkit. Create the model and materialInstance files for each new house and then call up them files in the single template file like the WoodHouse.rsc. I see you made your community toolbar, great job!
  2. Make sure your mod folder name (D20House) is the same as the toolbar file name (D20House.rsc) and also the Package.rsc file has the same name at the top "PackageFile D20House" Also I sometimes get that if I haven't edited the .bat files with the correct file names.
  3. The houses are still there (Village Townhouse), but the occupancy was reduced to 5 because I wanted to make a larger 6 person home. I felt, and some others did also that such a small footprint (and house) would not suitably accommodate 6. I did make 1 model for a larger Village Home, but never enabled it as I haven't done the build models yet. Maybe next update.
  4. If you are using the latest DS Storage (beta 5) then the barn should be storing Misc? checked code and Custom7 is listed in storage.
  5. I'm pretty sure you just copy the web address and paste into post, or drag the whole window into a post.
  6. I guess the large map size is too large. What resolution do you play banished on?
  7. ... and, I decided to try some of the DS Small Village buildings. I wasn't sure how well they would work as many are multi mesh objects. But it all worked fine, but slow going! but it looks very good. ... Necora, first the toolbar, now this! you have made my life busy re-doing everything. There is so much more to do now.
  8. thank you @Necora, I was always wondering why sometimes I baked the AO it worked correctly and others it didn't. Now I know why, I didn't realize the importance and the benefits of the other UV channels. I re-did my Celtic house model with proper AO and the results speak for themselves: (top is before, bottom is with new AO)
  9. Brilliant discussion and information sharing @Necora & @Ketchup ! Very, very handy now I can finally get back to finishing the Almond tree. Thanks.
  10. nice find. for those of us not on facebook, their website is here: http://www.aereal360.com/
  11. Yes it would be 'make-believe' in a way, the ferry won't move, and the people will walk under the water, but hopefully camouflaged a bit. It will still work exactly as a bridge.
  12. Have you updated to the new beta version of Banished? (version 1.0.7) or are you playing with v 1.0.6 ?
  13. going back in time... on the old forum, probably well over a year ago I remember making a suggestion for some kind of ferry... and back then I couldn't even get the modkit started let alone make a 3d model and get it into the game. but now, I should give it a go myself. I think it can be done.
  14. Great town @Paeng ... note to myself - there is not enough snow on the roof of the stone hovels during winter.
  15. Is this something I did? I'm guessing this is my part?