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  1. I'm not 100% certain, but if you place my mods below CC1.75, but above both MegaMod files they should be okay. Only use the new icons from the new community toolbar though. 1.0.7 Compatibility Colonial Charter 1.75 DS Blast Furnace (normal version) DS Jetty & Bridge DS TownHouses DSSV: Homes DSSV: Production beta3 ... all other DS-prefix mods MegaMod .07 MegaMod .07 Deco
  2. You only need 1 points list without the smoke point. But instead attach the smoke point to the actual building mesh. Your code is correct, the particle section doesn't want to include the point list so it will look to the individual model instead. so in blender: mesh - smoke points - build_001, build_002, create_001, use_001
  3. wow, I never knew you could get it in a can! I did try haggis when I was in Scotland. I wasn't a fan, I doubt I would be now either. I always liked spinach in a can though... I must be popeye. makes me want to watch the french connection...
  4. wow, excellent @Bartender
  5. That is correct. They weigh 1, flagged as textile. They are basically an IOU between the trader and yourself and a trader... They can only be 'produced' at the 'New Styth Tower', the old tower will not generate them.
  6. But they aren't the same starts. What you have shown is normal. One says "Nuevo Arbol - Medium", the other says "Nuevo Arbol Lite - Medium" they are two different starts. The Note tip below where you select the start condition says the Lite version is for performance.
  7. If your mod folder is called 'BetterFish' , you should also name the Mod the same. So the package bat should be calling up: Package.rsc:BetterFish the first line of the Package.rsc should be written the same: 'PackageFile BetterFish' I used to find this not having same capitals didn't make a difference with 105 modkit, but I always get errors in later modkits Also, have you reinstalled the modkit to the same place you had it before?, does your user profile have admin rights? I have had issues before when putting the modkit into my user/documents folder. So now I have my modkit here: C:\BanishedKit107\MyMods\
  8. Very nice @Paeng, I think the water pump would look better with a diagonal version
  9. Those water effects look great @Necora brilliant.
  10. I agree that balancing does need to happen in my own individual mods, but as far as being able to balance all the mods in the MegaMod to work cohesively... whoa! Who has time for this? It would require a huge amount of time testing and altering a lot of different files. I don't envy Kralyerg as it is now when I send him updates to my mods that contain 1000's of files that he must sort through to update the megamod. And every update we do means the same for kralyerg. For us as modders to all conform to the same set of standards isn't as easy as it might seem. Not all of us play with CC, so introducing Building Supplies or such to our own individual mods could be counter-productive and instead we are just unnecessarily making it more complicated than it needs to be, plus we might all have different views on where our mods would like to go in the future, adopting a single approach is likely to kill creativity. To be honest, I'd like to see more of you take up modding - it really isn't that hard, just time-consuming. if you yourself would like to try and make this mod, I can point you in the right direction on how to do it. In terms of the happiness effect of buildings, there was a conversation and testing done regarding this on the WOB website and as far as we can tell the whole happiness code doesn't seem to have any significant effect on gameplay.
  11. One day I might do some more. But for now this is all :)
  12. Version 1.1


    compiled with Banished ModKit107, but works on 106 also. Better Stock Piles v1.1 This mod alters the resource stockpile models of the vanilla Coal, Firewood, Iron, Logs & Stone. Place above other mods that reference the model code of these RawMaterials. Download & Installation: - Download from above the latest version of the file. - Extract/Unzip the contents of the .zip folder, - place BetterStockPiles.pkm inside your Banished/WinData folder. - enable the mod on the Main Menu and also enable through the Pause Menu when loading into a previous save. - Place above other mods that reference the model code of these RawMaterials. Change Log: BetterStockPiles.pkm - v1.1 -- 15April2017 --- file size: .pkm 12.3MB (12,650KB) / .zip 3.91MB (4,005KB) - added replacement models for Coal & Iron stock pile models. - optimized Firewood, Logs & Stone models for poly reduction. - v1.0 -- 14April2017 - Initial release, replaces the vanilla Firewood, Logs & Stone stock pile models.
  13. Looks great! and such a well presented mod download page
  14. I just make different .fbx files for each building, attach the smoke point directly to the building. Then leave out the pointlist reference in the template file, like this: ParticleDescription particle { ParticleAttachment _systems [ { Time _fadeInOutTime = 2.0; bool _addOnCreate = false; bool _addOnNotify = false; Particle _particle = "ParticleSystems\Fire\FireSmall.rsc"; } { bool _addOnCreate = false; Particle _particle = "ParticleSystems\ChimneySmoke\ChimneySmoke.rsc"; String _attachNode = "smoke"; } ] } I did this with the Small Townhouse from DSSV.
  15. Are all textures properly linked in the .fbx file? texture/material has same name as texture file, with all relevant materialInstance files for every texture file the model calls up? so if you are multi-texturing a single building you must have all the materialInstance code for each image file. Also, have you correctly linked the correct textures inside your D20HouseStorageBBuild01Mesh.rsc, D20HouseStorageBBuild02Mesh.rsc D20HouseStorageBMesh.rsc ? GraphicsMesh resource { String _meshName = "Models\D20HouseStorageB.fbx"; int _instanceCount = 5; DetailLevel _detailLevel [ { float _transitionDistance = 10000.0; String _subObject = "mesh"; ImageBuffer _image = "Models\MaterialInstance\D20HouseStorageBAO.rsc"; } ] Skin _skins [ { MaterialInstance _materials [ "Models\MaterialInstance\D20HouseStorageB.rsc:damage" ] } ] } EdgeMesh edge { GraphicsMesh _graphicsMesh = "resource"; MaterialInstance _maskMaterial = "Material/SelectionMask/SelectionMask.rsc"; MaterialInstance _skinMaskMaterial = "Material/SelectionMask/SelectionMaskSkin.rsc"; MaterialInstance _edgeMaterial = "Material/SelectionEdge/SelectionEdge.rsc"; MaterialInstance _skinEdgeMaterial = "Material/SelectionEdge/SelectionEdgeSkin.rsc"; }