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  1. Version 2.2


    DS Tunnel Mine (CC edition) new v2.2 - 20/12/2017 New v2.2 - Requires a new game. The mod is now 107 ready. adds Lumber and Candles, required as build cost for upgrades. Build a Tunnel Mine in your town: Random production version - produces Iron Ore, Coal and Stone randomly. Employs 1-8 Miners. (*allows 2000 resource production) Select production version - produces Iron Ore, Coal or Stone, select production via UI. Employs 1-8 Miners. (*allows 2000 resource production) once depleted, or if you like straight away, you can upgrade either mine to any of the following: Upgrade option 1: Tunnel Mine upgrade - upgrade the mines for further Iron Ore/Coal/Stone production. Employs 1-13 Miners. (*allows 32000 resource production) Upgrade option 2: Old Tunnel Mine Storage Cellar - stores all Foods, total capacity is 20000 by weight. Upgrade option 3: Old Tunnel Mine Mushroom Farm - Grow Mushrooms in the old mine. Employs 1-3 Farmers. Installation: Download file "DSTunnelMineCC_v2.2.zip" 'Unzip'/'Unpack' file, and copy the file "DSTunnelMineCC.pkm" to your Banished WinData folder. Enable mod in mod list. Place below Colonial Charter TFA / Mega Mod / The North Thanks to Kralyerg & BlackLiquid for use of Iron Ore Resource files enjoy. Change Log:
  2. To translate a mod. You will need to alter the stringtable files. in vanilla Banished there is the main game stringtable located within the resource folder of the modkit: Dialog/StringTable.rsc the game displays the text highlighted within the code: String _text = ""; so that is what will need to be translated first. This stringtable is the most important as it is connected with most elements of the gameplay. The other are within the Game folder, they are for the in-game help reference material (Game\Help\), and for the tutorial game options (Game\Scenario\). Make a new folder within your modkit root folder and give it the name of your mod (C:\BanishedKit\**your Mod Name here**) It might be easier to copy all of the folder and files that are part of the example translation mod: example/translation if you are also going to translate mods, you will need to also create a 'UI' folder. Your folder structure should look like this: C:\BanishedKit\**your Mod Name here**\Dialog\ - StringTable.rsc *** this will require editing/translating C:\BanishedKit\**your Mod Name here**\Font\ - CharacterSet.rsc *** this will require editing/translating - Font.rsc - FontLarge.rsc - FontLargeTexture.rsc - FontMedium.rsc - FontMediumTexture.rsc - FontSmall.rsc - FontSmallTexture.rsc - FontTexture.rsc C:\BanishedKit\**your Mod Name here**\Game\Help\ - **too many to list - check the translation example mod or copy from the resource folder** C:\BanishedKit\**your Mod Name here**\Game\Scenario\ - **too many to list - check the translation example mod or copy from the resource folder** C:\BanishedKit\**your Mod Name here**\Texture\ - UITexture.rsc C:\BanishedKit\**your Mod Name here**\UI\ It is important that you include all the folders and files above. If applicable for your mod, the file 'CharacterSet.rsc' will need added any other font characters that are needed to display your translation. Translate all the stringtable files, as I said earlier altering the text within: String _text = "**translate this text**" ; If translating mods, download the available stringtables, You will find most of the mods will have them within the UI folder, but you should check each mod by loading it up in game and looking at the mod info in the mod list and scroll through the list of included code files and note down the location and names of the stringtables. (most will be in UI folder: UI/MODNAMEStringTable.rsc, others might also have them within the Dialog folder: Dialog/MODNAMEStringTable.rsc) Ensure you place them within the same named corresponding folders in your mod. Create/Copy and edit your Package.rsc folder (located: C:\BanishedKit\**your Mod Name here**\Package.rsc) on line# 1 of the code it is best to give the mod the same name as what the folder is called: PackageFile **your Mod Name here** { String _name = "**your full Mod Name here**"; String _author = "tuggistar"; String _description = "This is a translation mod by tuggistar."; String _icon = "icon.png"; String _preview = "preview.jpg"; int _userVersion = 1; // all files in resource directory String _includeList [ "*" ] // exclude package files, mod files, file used for building packages String _excludeList [ "Package_*.crs" "*.pkg" "*.pkm" ] } complete the rest of the Package.rsc file. Below the above part is where you must call up all the stringtable files you have altered: ExternalList list { External _resources [ "Font/Font.rsc" "Font/FontMedium.rsc" "Font/FontSmall.rsc" "Font/FontLarge.rsc" "Game/Scenario/TutorialCommon.rsc:tutorialGeneral" "Game/Scenario/TutorialFood.rsc:tutorialStrings" "Game/Scenario/TutorialGettingStarted.rsc:tutorialStrings" "Game/Scenario/TutorialSurvival.rsc:tutorialStrings" "Game/Scenario/TutorialTrade.rsc:tutorialStrings" "Game/Help/HelpTopics.rsc" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:achievement" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:autoSave" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:citizenActions" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:climate" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:clothing" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:common" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:disaster" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:diseases" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:events" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:gameDialogs" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:gameKeys" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:general" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:globalNames" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:graphKeys" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:graphTypes" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:graphYears" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:inventorySort" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:inventoryType" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:keyNames" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:loadingDetails" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:mainMenu" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:merchant" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:multiSample" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:objects" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:orderTypes" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:productionYears" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:professions" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:purchaseTypes" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:rawMaterial" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:reflectionQuality" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:scenario" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:seasons" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:shadowDetail" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:shadowResolution" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:startConditions" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:terrainSize" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:terrainType" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:textureFilter" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:toolBar" "Dialog/StringTable.rsc:toolType" ] } Even though you do not alter the files: Font.rsc, FontMedium.rsc, FontSmall.rsc, FontLarge.rsc, you must call them as they individually call up the CharacterSet.rsc file themselves, and depending on how many characters added, you might need to alter the size code within those files: int _sheetWidth = 256; int _sheetHeight = 128; (when trying to build the mod you will be given a warning if size is too small). I think for better translating and seeing some of the changes occur in game, you might find it easier to build and package your mod in stages and play through modkit before packaging. you will need to make 3 TextDocument.txt files, you will then rename them, along with the file name extension: in the first text document file, insert and edit the following code (once again substituting **your Mod Name here** with the folder name you made earlier): ..\bin\x64\Tools-x64.exe /build Package.rsc:list /pathres ../**your Mod Name here** /pathdat ../**your Mod Name here**/bin pause now rename the file to: 01build.bat the next text file: ..\bin\x64\Application-x64-profile.exe /ref Package.rsc:list /pathres ../**your Mod Name here** /pathdat ../**your Mod Name here**/bin pause rename to: 02run.bat the last text file: ..\bin\x64\Tools-x64.exe /mod Package.rsc:**your Mod Name here** /pathres ../**your Mod Name here** /pathdat ../**your Mod Name here**/bin pause rename to: 03package.bat Now you can build your mod by double clicking on the 01build.bat file you created, and if done correctly it should build with no errors. If you then run the file 02run.bat it will start the modkit game environment, where you can run the game and see if your changes have worked and displaying correctly. If you pause the game and Alt-Tab out of the game you should be able to make translation changes while the game is playing in background allowing you to see changes right after you make and save them. Once happy with what you have done. it is best to delete the bin and build folder and contents that the 01build.bat made. Then re-build the mod again by double clicking 01build.bat . make your mod icon.png image (48x48px icon displayed in modlist) and if adding mod to steam the preview.jpg image (360x360px image, displayed on steam workshop) you can now skip 02, and go straight to 03package.bat, double-click and it will package your mod into the .pkm mod file. once packaged you will find it located within the folder: C:\BanishedKit\bin\WinData\
  3. I get the same message as well. Also no Downloads section, and the whole Mods 107 forum is gone. I stand corrected... still there, only the MODS Garage category is in a different order than I was used too.
  4. This can happen if the boat can not adequately get to the dock even though it may be on water, or other jetty structures could be blocking the path further up that you might not be aware of. If possible, could you please post a screenshot of where you have placed the traders, also an overview that shows where you have bridges or structures that cross or overlap the rivers.
  5. Haha, by design.... ... more like laziness on behalf of the modder who couldn't be bothered making another template file, sprite image, string text. I think somewhere in my brain I have plans to properly set out the fencing menus...
  6. Modding Banished might be limited with our ability to do major changes in the modkit, but it has a quaint beauty in its appeal to all ages and times, that makes it a one-of-a-kind game that is still deserving of a lot more. And, it feels like monthly we stumble across something new, over the last year and a half, a few new modders have found things in the modkit we hadn't, further enhancing the community and new mod content. With limited developer info, modding banished has very much been guess work and a lot of testing, this in it self is an appeal for me, a big puzzle to unravel So, I'm also hoping:
  7. you can download the older version 0.06 from here: ** now I know this is the link to 0.07, but scroll down to the bottom just before the comments where it says: What's New in Version 0.07 "See changelog" click on the "See changelog" button, change to 0.60 now below you will see With version 0.60: and a 'download' link to download the earlier version. alternatively the mega mod is on banishedinfo also, and if you click on Change log you can also download earlier versions
  8. The Wagon Workshop will make Wagon Parts. Toolbar location = Mod Collections - DS mods - Resource Production - Wagon Workshop
  9. Version 2.0


    DS Bridge Crossing - v2.0 **NEW VERSION -- 01 March 2018 Adds 6 Bridge Crossings that can be built over streams, rivers, or even lakes. Toolbar location: - 'Mod Collections toolbar' - 'DS Mods' - 'Roads, Tunnels & Bridges' - 'Bridge Crossings' Build a drag-able (from shoreline-to-shoreline) Bridge Crossing: - Rough Log Bridge (2 logs + 2 work per tile to build) - Log Bridge (3 logs + 3 work per tile to build) - Covered Log Bridge (5 logs + 4 work per tile to build) - Stone & Log Bridge (2 stone + 2 logs + 4 work per tile to build) - Town Stone Bridge (5 stone + 5 work per tile to build) - Guard Tower Bridge (2 stone + 3 logs + 5 work per tile to build)
  10. @Lizbot, could I ask you what screen resolution you have? 800x600, 1024x768? or other? I have a feeling it is my own code changes that are causing the longer toolbars to be cut off.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Players of the mega-mod noticed a major bug with the Blast Furnace: builders weren't building it even though all resources were delivered to site. It turns out this bug isn't isolated to the mega-mod version. I re-did the build points and made a patch mod: DS Mods - Blast Furnace Patch download mod. Installation: place the .pkm file in your Banished/WinData folder. Enable in mod list and place above MegaMod and/or DS Blast Furnace & Industry Mining. Exit completely out of game, then restart game to ensure smooth playing. If adding to a save-game, demolish any Blast Furnace foundations in your town, Enable the patch mod in the Pause mod menu, save and exit game, restart and load save-game.
  12. Horn Carrots should not replace the other carrots. Horn Carrots are made of the following files: Seeds: NaturalResourceDSCarrotPlant.rsc Horn Carrots: RawMaterialDSCarrots.rsc CC carrots: RawMaterialCarrot.rsc
  13. @Tamras, it looks as though your Horn Carrots are only just starting to sprout/grow, they won't get to full size until the yield is 70%+
  14. @Periandre, @WNovizar, thank you for informing of the issue with the Blast Furnace. It turns out this bug isn't isolated only to the mega-mod version. I re-did the build points and made a patch mod: DS Mods - Blast Furnace Patch download available here from the Downloads section. Installation: place the .pkm file in your Banished/WinData folder. Enable in mod list and place above MegaMod and/or DS Blast Furnace & Industry Mining. Exit completely out of game, then restart game to ensure smooth playing. If adding to a save-game, demolish any Blast Furnace foundations in your town, Enable the patch mod in the Pause mod menu, save and exit game, restart and load save-game.
  15. I think this was part of my original DSSV mod. I have not re-released the start conditions yet. That one is pretty easy to add though. @Kralyerg, the Game/StartCondition/ file was just this, simply 2 people start with nothing: MapGenerator resource : "StartConditions.rsc:defaults" { StringTable _stringTable = "UI/DSSVStartsStringTable.rsc:startConditions"; String _name = "DSSVJackAndJillName"; String _description = "DSSVJackAndJillDesc"; bool _exposed = true; int _startAreaSize = 7; float _citizenRadius = 2.0f; WeakComponentDescription _citizen = "Template\Citizen.rsc"; InitialFamily _citizens [ { bool _educated = false; int _maxChildCount = 0; }, ] InitialStructure _structures [ ] int _initialWoodCount = 0; int _initialStoneCount = 0; int _initialIronCount = 0; int _initialToolCount = 0; int _initialFoodCount = 0; int _initialFuelCount = 0; int _initialClothingCount = 0; int _plantCount = 0; int _treeCount = 0; int _livestockCount = 0; float _livestockOffsetX = 0.0f; float _livestockOffsetY = 0.0f; float _livestockRadius = 0; int _livestockGroupCount = 0; } stringtable: { String _name = "DSSVJackAndJillName"; String _text = "Jack & Jill"; } { String _name = "DSSVJackAndJillDesc"; String _text = "A Jack & Jill game begins with a couple, uneducated, alone in the banished wilderness, not a thing with them."; }
  16. @Kralyerg, in the template file of ColonialCityWall3x5DSstorage.rsc there is an extra '\' in the point call up that should not be there... not sure if this is the same in the code you have, if so, my fault. InteractDescription interact { PointList _pointList = "Models\\Fences\CityWall\CityWall3longStoragePoints.rsc"; }
  17. Version 1.1


    compiled with Banished ModKit107, but works on 106 also. Better Stock Piles v1.1 This mod alters the resource stockpile models of the vanilla Coal, Firewood, Iron, Logs & Stone. Place above other mods that reference the model code of these RawMaterials. Download & Installation: - Download from above the latest version of the file. - Extract/Unzip the contents of the .zip folder, - place BetterStockPiles.pkm inside your Banished/WinData folder. - enable the mod on the Main Menu and also enable through the Pause Menu when loading into a previous save. - Place above other mods that reference the model code of these RawMaterials. Change Log: BetterStockPiles.pkm - v1.1 -- 15April2017 --- file size: .pkm 12.3MB (12,650KB) / .zip 3.91MB (4,005KB) - added replacement models for Coal & Iron stock pile models. - optimized Firewood, Logs & Stone models for poly reduction. - v1.0 -- 14April2017 - Initial release, replaces the vanilla Firewood, Logs & Stone stock pile models.
  18. big lake. this mod will give you bigger mini-maps: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=99
  19. From what I can gather from trying to edit this part of the UI... not likely. For DSSV I tried to make the Terrain Type drop-down prompt a text tip like the Starting Conditions do, but the code that makes this happen does not seem to be visible to us. ... unless we can set a sprite image... needs further investigation. But a possible option, that can be done is to display a small banner with all the pictures of the different Terrains/ground textures.
  20. looking great @Bartender& @despo20a masterpiece in the making. and a shameless plug for myself... I have made a Patch for my own DS mods to utilize 'Thatch' in construction when playing with NatDiv, it can be downloaded here.
  21. When I get back to updating DS Storage I will keep this in mind.
  22. I'm not 100% certain, but if you place my mods below CC1.75, but above both MegaMod files they should be okay. Only use the new icons from the new community toolbar though. 1.0.7 Compatibility Colonial Charter 1.75 DS Blast Furnace (normal version) DS Jetty & Bridge DS TownHouses DSSV: Homes DSSV: Production beta3 ... all other DS-prefix mods MegaMod .07 MegaMod .07 Deco
  23. You only need 1 points list without the smoke point. But instead attach the smoke point to the actual building mesh. Your code is correct, the particle section doesn't want to include the point list so it will look to the individual model instead. so in blender: mesh - smoke points - build_001, build_002, create_001, use_001
  24. wow, I never knew you could get it in a can! I did try haggis when I was in Scotland. I wasn't a fan, I doubt I would be now either. I always liked spinach in a can though... I must be popeye. makes me want to watch the french connection...
  25. wow, excellent @Bartender