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Files posted by Discrepancy

  1. DS Bridge Crossing - v2.0 **NEW VERSION -- 01 March 2018

    Adds 6 Bridge Crossings that can be built over streams, rivers, or even lakes.

    Toolbar location:
    -  'Mod Collections toolbar'
    -      'DS Mods'
    -          'Roads, Tunnels & Bridges'
    -              'Bridge Crossings'

    Build a drag-able (from shoreline-to-shoreline) Bridge Crossing:
    - Rough Log Bridge (2 logs + 2 work per tile to build)
    - Log Bridge (3 logs + 3 work per tile to build)
    - Covered Log Bridge (5 logs + 4 work per tile to build)
    - Stone & Log Bridge (2 stone + 2 logs + 4 work per tile to build)
    - Town Stone Bridge (5 stone + 5 work per tile to build)
    - Guard Tower Bridge (2 stone + 3 logs + 5 work per tile to build)




  2. Players of the mega-mod noticed a major bug with the Blast Furnace: builders weren't building it even though all resources were delivered to site.
    It turns out this bug isn't isolated to the mega-mod version.
    I re-did the build points and made a patch mod:
    DS Mods - Blast Furnace Patch
    download mod.
    Installation: place the .pkm file in your Banished/WinData folder.
    Enable in mod list and place above MegaMod and/or DS Blast Furnace & Industry Mining.
    Exit completely out of game, then restart game to ensure smooth playing.
    If adding to a save-game, demolish any Blast Furnace foundations in your town,
    Enable the patch mod in the Pause mod menu, save and exit game, restart and load save-game.


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  3. DS Tunnel Mine (CC edition)
    new  v2.2 - 20/12/2017
    New v2.2 - Requires a new game. The mod is now 107 ready.
    adds Lumber and Candles, required as build cost for upgrades.
    Build a Tunnel Mine in your town:
    Random production version - produces Iron Ore, Coal and Stone randomly. Employs 1-8 Miners. (*allows 2000 resource production) Select production version - produces Iron Ore, Coal or Stone, select production via UI. Employs 1-8 Miners. (*allows 2000 resource production) once depleted, or if you like straight away, you can upgrade either mine to any of the following: Upgrade option 1: Tunnel Mine upgrade - upgrade the mines for further Iron Ore/Coal/Stone production. Employs 1-13 Miners. (*allows 32000 resource production) Upgrade option 2: Old Tunnel Mine Storage Cellar - stores all Foods, total capacity is 20000 by weight. Upgrade option 3: Old Tunnel Mine Mushroom Farm - Grow Mushrooms in the old mine. Employs 1-3 Farmers.  
    Download file "DSTunnelMineCC_v2.2.zip" 'Unzip'/'Unpack' file, and copy the file "DSTunnelMineCC.pkm" to your Banished WinData folder. Enable mod in mod list. Place below Colonial Charter TFA / Mega Mod / The North  
    Thanks to Kralyerg & BlackLiquid for use of Iron Ore Resource files enjoy.
    Change Log:




  4. compiled with Banished ModKit107, but works on 106 also.
    Better Stock Piles  v1.1

    This mod alters the resource stockpile models of the vanilla Coal, Firewood, Iron, Logs & Stone.
    Place above other mods that reference the model code of these RawMaterials.

    Download & Installation:   - Download from above the latest version of the file.
      - Extract/Unzip the contents of the .zip folder,
      - place BetterStockPiles.pkm inside your Banished/WinData folder.
      - enable the mod on the Main Menu and also enable through the Pause Menu when loading into a previous save.
      - Place above other mods that reference the model code of these RawMaterials.

    Change Log:
      - v1.1   -- 15April2017     --- file size: .pkm 12.3MB (12,650KB) / .zip 3.91MB (4,005KB)
                 - added replacement models for Coal & Iron stock pile models.
                 - optimized Firewood, Logs & Stone models for poly reduction.   - v1.0   -- 14April2017
                 - Initial release, replaces the vanilla Firewood, Logs & Stone stock pile models.