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  1. That looks awesome dude! Never seen such a modern looking city in this game. Keep it up and keep posting!!
  2. Try toggling the pickup button, it's one of the buttons on the farm detail popup and was a relatively new addition to CC. Instead of having the farmer be responsible for harvesting and storing the food, they will just harvest and drop the food on the spot, and your free labourers will take it to storage. This frees up a lot of time for your farmers and allow them get way more harvesting done before winter. The harvested food will not go bad once winter hits, like it would if it was unharvested.
  3. Is there anyway to add a seed or two to my crop list? I went with the shipwrecked - hard start and would like to add in just a choice seed or two. I don't want to activate them all with the debug tool as I like saving up and buying all (read:most) my seeds. TIA!
  4. I like it! You decorate well.
  5. Ugh, I am blind. I could have sworn I looked there yesterday but alas there they are today! The people of New Craigsland bow to their one true king, kralyerg. I am merely a representative. Thank you!
  6. Hi guys! Fired up Banished yesterday using CC 1.7 in conjunction with the Megamod and a few other mods (more wood, more stone, more iron, storage mod and hot crops, maybe one or two others in a similar vein), but I couldn't find the edge fences. Looked around to see if they were moved to a different area of the menu, but still couldn't find either the ghost or normal edge fences. I have CC loaded overtop of the Megamod, which I believe is the correct load order. Please help, the people of New Craigsland need you! TIA!
  7. And this is why we all love you guys. To echo the common sentiment - I would not have had anywhere near as much fun playing vanilla as I do with CC and the Megamod. Can't tell you how awesome it is that you guys are as invested in the game as you are, and that your mods continue to just get better and better. Thank you all so much for your hard work and efforts. You have truly taken this game to the next level.
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm Outcast, but my parents call me Craig. I'm a 30 year old male from Southern Ontario, and a huge fan of sandbox/city simulation games. Currently been playing Prison Architect, however I just learned that the CC community has moved here and that the BL team have some awesome looking 1.7 updates, so now I'm getting the Banished itch again! Nice to meet you all/see you all again. Glad the forum is back up! (I'm a little late to the party, I know, lol).