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  1. Thanks to those who provided data. I have finished cross-checking all the data from the CC v1.75 spreadsheets vs my data vs data in the .rsc files and updated my site accordingly, now with building layouts where available: https://www.silisoftware.com/tools/banished-colonial-charter/ There were several discrepancies between the .rsc files and the Excel files, sadly I neither made a log of them nor attempted to reconcile them in-game, but 99.7% of the data matched up. Unfortunately not all of the buildings from the MegaMod are included in my data because while I may have the .rsc file that contains lots of useful info, one thing it doesn't contain is a building name, so it's not always easy to know what group and building a particular file belongs to. If anyone spots some glaring error in my data, or wants to help fill in the missing details, please let me know.
  2. Thanks, I would appreciate that. I already have an account on your site. No rush at all, finish your mod first and send me the files when it's final. If you prefer not to post them publicly you can PM me here (or on your site, or my email address is in my worldofbanished profile).
  3. @Ketchup: Forgive my newbishness to this forum, are you the Ketchup of the RedKetchup mods included in MM? If so, then yes I'd be interested in your files. If not, what mods do you have, and I'm probably interested anyways @estherhb: thankx for the link, much appreciated. I'll need to pore through those spreadsheets and see what needs updating in my database. Is there any chance the *.rsc files for CC 1.75 could be made available to me as they would be easier to parse directly into something database-friendly, and contain a few tidbits of interesting data (_placeBitmap for example) that are not available in the spreadsheet.
  4. Ah, that would explain why I'm having trouble finding them. So, would any devs care to share their \Template\*.rsc for buildings in their mods with me, please? That will let me extract all the data I'm interested in (footprint, build cost, input/output materials, production cycles, upgrade path, residents, warmth, etc). I guess the only thing not included is the name/description of the building which is off hiding in the strings file.
  5. I have found the kind of info I'm looking for in \BanishedKit\resource\Template -- but that's for the vanilla game. I haven't managed to figure out how to extract the equivalent .rsc files from MegaMod. I ran BuildResources.bat that created a bunch of stuff under \bin\WinData but as far as I can tell it's only for vanilla components. What am I missing?
  6. I'm looking to update my Banished Calculator (created when CC v1.61 was current) with updated details from the latest Colonial Charter, as well as add details for other buildings and items found in the various mods in MegaMod. When I created the calculator in Jan 2016 I found (but I don't remember where) two great Excel files (CC Production 1.61.xlsx, CC Construction 1.61.xlsx) that contained lots of really useful information. Are there equivalent files available for the latest CC? Is there a list anywhere of all the buildings and items available in the other mods contained in MegaMod? I tried installing the modkit in hopes it would give me some source to look at where I could pull the numbers directly out of the mods, but I didn't immediately find what I was looking for. Is there a better took that can look through the .pkm and find the info I'm looking for?