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  1. Merry Xmas Everyone or Winter Solstice. Have Fun and be Happy.
  2. In this section you can find several information from CC building and production chains http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/forum/11-resources-charts-information/ Regarding other mods contained in MM i don't think there is a single place with information.
  3. I think you need a boarding house too... not sure..
  4. Try change the User Interface Scale, once I try changed that and it messed up a little bit the interface. You can also try windowed option with smaller resolution and after loading you can maximize the window. Hope it helps
  5. Those area great
  6. This mod is quite large and it has to read a lot of stuff from the hard drive into memory. If your hard drive is slow and if you don't have a good amount of memory it can take a long time. What you can do is to just enable the 3 mods from megamod and see if it helps. I remember to have a similar issue and I had solve it by starting the game enable and disable the mods that I want and then going back to main menu and exit the game. Then start the game again and you can create a new game now using the previous defines mods.
  7. You can always check the Town Hall (activate debug, and make all seeds available), you can also check this post enjoy.
  8. I was thinking of something like Red Ketchup choo choo mechanic to create a bank building. The building could convert coins, silver pfenning, gold coins, silver bars, gold bars into 24k Gold Bars diamonds that could be used for trading (trade posts, trains ) and they will use much less space than the input stuff. The bank could also have some inventory space to be used to store precious items. Regards,
  9. I was thinking it could nice to play something like Tolkien middle earth Theme, maybe just with Hobbit buildings. Just an idea
  10. I've tested and I can confirm that situation. Floor 2 to 6 with or without roof are not properly align with ground floor. The Deco 2 to 6 are align to ground floor.
  11. Hi Kralyerg. I've tested the new version now and it is working Fine. Thanks a lot. cheers
  12. I am using Busy Pastures. I did the test and I had confirm that it was Busy Pastures that was causing the problem. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. Pastures growing Trade Beef Cows and Trade Deer are producing Trade Horses
  14. Hi! I've tested the new RC3 and found a problem with RK - ChooChoo Trains, they are not accepting coins, a worker gathers coins from the market tries to deliver them to the train, but returns the coins back to the market. Maybe something related with storage flags of the trains since coins have a different flag (precious) in MM than in the original mod. (this was also the case in RC2 - build new station and new train for RC3 test) Thx.
  15. Hi Guys. Great work providing this new version of MM. Thank all in the community for been so collaborative. I don't have that much time to test, but in my recent tests using MM8 RC1, I found that Trade Beef Cows and Trade Deer pastures are both producing Trade Horses, they are different items on inventory but the name is the same. Thank you.
  16. Portugal, Lisbon. Near the most western part of europe (continent)
  17. I was not aware of that limitation What about producing a new product like "High Sea Food" and then having a sorting facility that would transform "High Sea Food" into various types of food.
  18. Just saw you made it work, congrats. my idea come too late...
  19. HI Necora, I love your work, i going to use your mods in my next game. Regarding your idea of idea of using dory, what about creating a Fishing company that can produce fish and other types of marine goodies using the dory has na input. Who can employ fishermen and the production time could be very large, like 3 or 6 months and a lot of fish has output - In the old days seafearing could take men to the seas for months in a row. Just na idea.
  20. Many thanks Esther for your hard work.
  21. You have also to take into consideration that the pasture will olny start producing trade animal goods after its max capacity is reached. A max sized Pasture will take a lot of time to be fill with animals, but after that it will produze a lot more also. But you can always move the slider of max capacity down in the begining of the game so they start to produce more, it is a good way to aquire seeds and other lifestock in the begining.
  22. I like to use trade leghorns, trade chicken and trade ducks. You can get a nice output from a pasture using olny 1 plp if you use a 15x16 pasture, and there is no need for input material. Using large animals like horses or cows is not so good cause they take time to grow.
  23. You can use Trade Animal (lifestock) version on your pastures in order to produce na asset that is also a trade animal (good) that you can use to trade in your trading posts. Your farmer trader or general trader can supply you with traver versions of normal lifestock animals, at a identical price of non trading versions (ex: 800 for a trade fressian cow). You must breed those animals in a standard pasture, and the pasture, once it is full, will generate a trade animal (a good not a life stock) that will be value 250 for you to trade. This pastures will not produce anything else than the trade animal good. Chickens, Ducks and Leghorns are the most profitable trade animals to produce. Be always carefull with the trade lifestock and the trade good because names are identical, you can always notice the diference because of the price, always 250 for the good and higher for the lifestock. You Cannot user trade animal goods to start a pasture, olny the lifestock. Hope it helps
  24. I thought Ridiculous Storage had been already updated for 1.0.7, I've been playing with this configuration for some "years" and everything seams to be working allright.
  25. Hi there, try to put Ridiculous Storage on top of 1.0.7 Compatibility, I have it running like that and my old town market has a pretty large storage capacity.