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  1. HI! All the latests versions regarding CC and MM are available via the menu : Home -> Annoucements. You can find the latest version of MM in this post:
  2. You can use the short cut keys: F2 for the tools menu and it should be 5 for the big mini map.
  3. Hello @stuartgare you by any change talking about the "large mini map" option inside the game on the game menu? I play the same resolution that you play and the "large mini map" ocupies the entire screen, but if you go to the menu and click again in the large mini map option it will close. Was that any Help? regards
  4. You can try using Choo Choo Mod to get a steady amount of desired types of goods (it's included in MM, but you can use it with CC) it is another option to "trade" for goods. The nice thing about this Mod, it lets you select what you want to trade in and out. The down side, you have to build several train stations and several trains if you want to trade many type of goods.
  5. Hi! I found this real live 360º pics, it feels like playing banished in the real world. They are portuguese cities and landscapes. Have fun.
  6. Thanks for the hard work.
  7. Hi Guys. I was able to do "testing" ( I was playing") this weekend, and I found a few strange things: (using MM + MM Deco + CC 1.7 + MM 1.07 Patch all lasted versions) 1. Some trader just want to sell me 1000 units of nothing at a cost of 1, there was no name on the item and no icon.it happen on a Small General Trader by Kid. 2. The other strange thing, is related with livestock for trade by BL team, both Trade Beef Cows and Trade Deer Pastures are producing Trade Horse (they are listed has diferente trade horses). Case #2 seams a problema of string name, #1 it seems tricky if I get that situations again i will try to find some more info. If you guys need some Help, private msg me, I'm a programmer (but no 2d/3d modeling just puré code) , maybe i can Help.
  8. Hi! first of all thx for all the work done in assembling the MM. I was playing a bit and notice that the scale of houses from Mexican fantasy during the last contruction phase is out of porpotion, the constructing building appears oversized. There is already na image of this in the gallery by QE. I don't know if this is already a bug on kids mod or olny in MM. Thx
  9. Hi There! Any news regarding Shock? He is gone a long time now, hope everything is ok.
  10. regarding this issue, there was already a post about it and a reply from the Team. Just to let you know.
  11. So many new things you guys are putting out, you guys rock. Thx a lot. I wish i had the time to play
  12. Found it, that is a strange place for a production building. Thx a lot. cheers
  13. I was curious about all the species of fish that the traders had to sell (Bass, Bream, Carp, Cod, Eel, Mullet, Perch, Pike, Salmon, Tench, Trout) and i found out they were part of DS Small Village – beta by Discrepancy and were produces by the Jetty Fishmonger, but didn't find it any where. In DS Small Village Mod there was a new menu entry but didn't find on MM. Maybe it was not part of new DS Small Village pre v2 beta 11 but the several species of fish were there.Just to let you guys know that.
  14. Hope to ear from you soon and that everything goes out smoothly. Get well mate.
  15. Hi! I don't know if it is already on the list, but I cannot find DS Jetty Menu buildings. thx.
  16. From what I had understood about modding Banished, the buildings have a set of models reflecting the several steps of construction, the error seams to be on the step just before the building is finished, that's why you see a huge building in the map and then it disapears because construction is finished. It looks like a scale parameter is incorrect. But it happens all the time a 3rd floor is build, no matter the color.
  17. Hi everyone! I wish you all a great year of 2017. A special greting goes to all the Modders and everyone that contributes to this great community, thank you all.
  18. This new stuff are looking great you guys are amazing
  19. Hi Guys. What I would like to see in a future version, would be more upgrades to buildings, so they can be more eficiente and produce more stuff. There are already lots of upgrades but I would like to see even more. Some upgrades could required special items like books, muskets, fishing nets. It would be fun to be able to upgrade na hunter cabine using muskets, a fishery with fishing nets, a farm with Books (maybe weather atlas create by a new ancient observatory building). I also would like to have more ways to use raw food, having new receipts maybe. just a few ideas. I will put here some more thougts whenever i dont Forget them.
  20. Hi! Glad to see the site up and running again. I'm 44 and i am from Portugal. I like to play strategy games but i don't have too much time to play CC is an amazing mod and with the Help of the all others modders the Mega Mode made banished a really nice way to spend some time. Great job you all.
  21. I Kralyerg. Your Mods are amazing thx for all the hard work you and all teh guys are putting into it. Regarding this mod that is great to use with traders, I was thinking if it is possible to twick a little bit the values. The value of each trave version should take into account if they are small, medium or big animals. Also 250 for each trade duck or chicken is a little too much something like 150, 250, 350 depending on the size could be more fun. I using it on a megamode map where I have all type of trade itens and the big and medium trade versions I olny have a small pasture for them. thx.