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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out .... I've been following another game development here http://www.synekism.com/ Obviously he's heading towards building big cities always assuming he ever gets past creating an alpha version of it.
  2. I'm not using MegaMod, just Colonial Charter and a whole pile of individual mods, anyway I'm pretty certain that, if you look at the attached picture you went to fences, and then sturdy stone walls and you got the first stone wall, but if you went to the end of the menu and clicked on the end button another sturdy stone wall menu came up and these where much larger at least double the size of the first walls, but now they are identical to the first sturdy stone wall
  3. It makes sense, with crop seeds, the seed has obviously been blown away or something when the farmer was planting them, but with fruit trees a ripe fruit that's been missed and fallen from the tree could start to grow anytime so them being different sizes would reflect real life PS: It looks real good ... thanks I really do appreciate the work you guys are doing even if I don't say it as much as I should
  4. That probably means its still loading ... in my case i was able to go make a hot drink while I waited for it to go pass the black screen ... I'd give it about 10 minutes and see what happens remember you are trying to load over 2gb of data into a game its going to take time
  5. We call plants that do this "wilding" plants We have rather a lot of them in New Zealand http://www.doc.govt.nz/nature/pests-and-threats/common-weeds/wilding-conifers/ I think the trees look nice
  6. Thanks Its a pity the trader animation can't be changed to look like a train and the canal water to train tracks, but do appreciate how amazing the canals are
  7. Unfortunately the tree never survived the next stage of development ....
  8. Original movies I enjoyed watching, didn't like the new one that came out recently just didn't have the same spark to it .... Its still growing, but as I plan to add an irrigation channel between the canal and the city wall so can't see it surviving that
  9. Got busy building a city wall and it wasn't till summer before I returned to the same spot, its making more sense than before .... sort of
  10. I'd just finished building a new NMT3 canal and was doing a final check along to make sure I hadn't missed anything and came across this ... left-hand side of the canal just before the bridge
  11. The only time I've eaten quince was in a home-baked apple pie, it tasted OK EDIT: @BuildHappy after saying I'd only ever tried Quince in a apple pie, I was at the local craft market today and on the Jams and Preserves stand they were selling Quince Jelly (Jam) so got a jar to try, its a lovely ruby red colour and very sweet, the closest I could come to describing it .... is it very much tastes like the Rose-hip syrup my Mum used to give me when I had a cold as a kid.
  12. Pictures are stunning ... I've come back a couple times over the day to have a look and each time seen something I missed the first time ... or second .. or third Thanks for the link, if I wasn't worried my computer would melt if I tried it, I would download the lot. -catty
  13. Ditto on that they would look great as pictures and a vast improvement on what they try selling these days as art
  14. I've got family living in Christchurch and I still haven't made it down there to visit them
  15. North Island