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  1. Just so everyone knows Esterhb had it correct. I did some digging and found it to be true, I've corrected my play to suite cold realism, So I was able to keep it.
  2. QueryEverything thanks for the quote post, that makes not asking question you have much easier. So it is still used, I figured it was because it deals with older mods. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply, it turns out that CR is better after i install CC1,73 and MegaMod. 007, it goes here, works fine, you just don't get the start choices, but I'd rather have CC 1.7? start choices. But yiou can certainly tell CR is running.
  4. really, hmm , well it doesn't matter I decided I could deal with this after I posted this, funny, I have to post about it before I can see my direction, playing as Adam and Eve starts is really super rough but it only nearly killing them. I would think it was actually banished that cawz this to happen. I do wonder how the Cold Realism mod is causing with 4 files that modify how plants grow. oh well, he's not answered a post in ages. college he says. I just have to give up queueing.. to make the game work, as intended.
  5. Has nothing to do with this mod or any of the others you have included in Megamod ? When I'm playing on harsh or very harsh starts, this is an issue that can't be coped with. Am I right in believing this and it all has to do with the Beta 1.07 of Banished?
  6. Thaniks I will try it Okay, I'm using this and I've found one issue, but it is working, When hunter kills and animal, in my case a deer, he just leaves it nothing will get him to pick it up and place it in storage. However, when attempting a fix by putting in a food cellar, the labor went out and promptly picked up the meat. I will update this I forgot to wait it out for the leather and bonemeal.
  7. Well I did a little test tonight, I added Compatibilty mod back in I had 5 starts with my cart empty, zero stuff. 1 game with tools only I tried to play it but, they idled themselves to death over stone. I had one game that had all ingridents in the cart that game they idled themselves to death but I diidn't know what it was at the time. in the second game I figured out they could harvest it but not put it in a stockpile. I had one start with tools and clothes, I didn't play it. I took out the compatibility mod and loaded just cc 1.73 and megamod and played a game for a while.
  8. No I was not running Cold Realism when the crash ocurrred. just the mods I mentions I state, in my opening statement, the name of the mod it is clearly visable, so that Your mod has a reference @ estherhb. I also stated the mods that i was using when it happened. Since I don't have the crash using just CC 1.73 and Megamod, they work just fine, that crash only happens when I add Kralyerg's compatibliity mod. and also my cart starts are messed up when I'm using that mod. Its fine without firewood, I can still make that work, but when it takes tools and food its a no go. Cold Realism actually does what it says and even more so in CC . it makes it very hard but it is still possible. I load it after I've loaded both CC 1.73 and MegaMod .007, while you don't get the map settings, I'd rather use CC's very harsh, the part that kills the veggies, is the only part that is working fine for me, because I load it last I expect it to be that way. cold realism is working just fine load the game without CC and Megamod you will see the setting to select polar or artic and a few others it adds. When you load it after CC CC gets precidence and the game loads its setting choices instead, but the part that CC doens't have work just fine, in conjunction with CC. Now not having the compatiblity mod, makes the later game a mess, since it does do great things, just not on my 64 bit computer. Oh and Thanks for your interest in my issue. sorry I forgot to add that.
  9. I'm going to reply to Kralyerg's mod here. You can ignore me if you wish too! ver 1.73 of CC and your mod results in the same thing that happened in 1.72, when I start on hard, nothing at all in my cart!. Now when I start it without your mod its all there! Your mod seems to break the 64bit version of the game and as my computer is totally about 64 bit, the mod fails. I am using Cold Realism, it seems to limit much more then it should, not just a few herbs and plants, but in use with your mod, I actually find it clamping nearly every thing down. totally zero on herbs all year long and food plants are much less, why!, not to mention the crash to Desktop only happened with your mod in use and CC and Megamod, no other mods were in use. when I take your mod out all that stops happening, but later when I get to what your Mod is useful for, that stuff isn't going to work. but I can't play the game with it, its just to risky to use.
  10. Okay I seem to have a problem, with whats been DL'd from Google the packed version says the unpacked size is 1,539,415,441 yet it is unpacking to 1,503,371 what gives? It has the correct time stamp on it? it appears to be ok? I just don't understand why its off so much? even though the file is the correct says when it unpacks, is a lot of it just going into the game?
  11. You say this but the only game I played that crashed to desktop was with this enabled. Now if there is a fix in CC 1.73 for this mod so it won't crash the run-time steam64bit.dll, that'd be great. but I don't see it listed.
  12. huh did someone call me?
  13. now that is an interesting answer, as most games tell you to send them to the creator of the mod? Thanks
  14. who or where, I am using CC 1.72 and MegaMod .07 the game created a fatal error in steam64bit.dll ? And I am the proud owner of a crash dmp file.
  15. I so hope that was for real!