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  1. About PlanetBase you just need to do all the challenges for a great time both the ones that come with the game and one made by modders.. Woot it is a blast! learn where to choose your landing sites so they are more interesting then the majority of places.. When you find your self snaking up the coast crushed my mountians and the sea waiting to sink you to its depeths it becomes an interesting game, I've pointed several people to the challenges and they've all said thank you!.. You can even make your own!
  2. A worker is simply a person that does any thing that is concidered to not need a person of skill to do the work, who can hold positions of a skilled laboror at reduced output like choppng logs for fire wood a person who is skilled in this can work faster and create more product from the same amount and unskilled person would get some but not much..
  3. wow I just clicked on Quote for Goblin Girls posted issue because today, I came here to post an issue that is very similar in Kids the blacksmith is igorning the work list and basically just doing every thing, but there is no material at times.. this was ver 3 i just changed to ver 4 so I have not seen if the game is still doing this.. but it really weird that the tools and coat all keep updating even though only one is selected. like coats but the tools keep replenishing even though they are turned off.! When I clicked quote it threw me completely out of this web page?? I found myself instantly at my home page.. probably my stupid mouse but ..
  4. I don't think so either BTW my main question was asked second their amount of time they spend in School, does not seem correct.. the 15 year old prior to marrige was 2 houses away and after marriage across the street from the school. the other 3 2 17 year old females and one 16 year old male are still only about 4 houses now in difference of travel they all come off of the dock and walk directly into school.. all road travel.. seem very strange they are still in school 2 and 3 years later.. but do to the mod I'm required to report here.. so hopely he will read it. but I dislike the game breaking up couples for forming another couple.. when both women are still child baring.. the aging mods seem to change this code some how.. Its a game right but not everything is permissable, even if it is a game, anymore.. there was a time it was just condsidered code .. but it is not anymore.. especially in Banished. In many countries this is still legal.
  5. Well since I came here to report a few bugs and found a new edition, I promplty didn't report them but replaced my old worn-out mod ver 3.. for ver4. Thanks for all your hard work This is contunuing in Ver 4 .;. Now to a problem that is probably totally game related and not the mods at all but, since I'm using your mods I'm reporting it here first. It involves students and the time they are actually in school, well the amount of years they spend.. I had a student that graduted at 15 he was married to a worker. My problem is I have several student 17 and 16 that are still in school. not married, but it seems they are required to be married to a worker and not another student.. This is the part of Banished I really dislike, because it seems to be promoting a type of marriage that is considered perverted 60 year old men marring 14 year old girls and women in their early 30s marrying a boy age 12.. Today I had these couples in my game, when I had the 16 and 17 year old student.. the game chose to break up a married couple and put the married male 33 in the home with a 15 year old student.. his daughter in fact.. May question is why isn't the 16 year old male allow to marry the 17 year old student..? and secondly I know their gradutation date depends on travel time but the amount of travel between the 15 year old male that graduted at 15, is nearly the same.. theres about 4 houses seperating one of the 17 year olds that is still in school? the 15 year old was the first student in the school?
  6. Just so you know the honey from the small hives is bugged, they don't give any during there harvest they used to, untill just recently.. they are not part of any honey mod to my knowledge they just appear at random in the wild growth.. I'm not using any of those mods at this time anyway..
  7. This is a brief start discpition using Mega Mod and DSSV's harder starts This is a Spoiler if your having issues but still want to make the start using Harder Starts, These are starts with No gear no food basically a nothing start, and my choices have changed involving them and CC's starts. Seed 379733510 using Waterworld this works for Harsh and CC's Very Harsh starts disasters ON DSSV Harder start. First you need to pause your game and set it all up, don't waste anytime looking around first, I look around after its paused, and make sure the start can be made. starting with 2 trees won't get anything built! If you want to try use this seed 937732329 um I got 2 trees you may get any number they vary on Your start. there were plenty on the other islands I just had no way to get to them.. and live. Second. lay out your starting camp, while still paused I choose to place a stockpile with 24 spots that 6x4, I then place a small wood chopping block and a very small storage I generally start in Kid's Mod for both of those, I then place a small shack from CC that uses 10 wood and 2 stone. I set all the starters to builder's. I select around 15 food first for them to cut, I then pick the bigger trees and select about 8 to 10 of them, you need enough to get the stump and storage built and start chopping firewood and I turn them on, and watch them do about nothing for 30 seconds, after most of them started on the food and have picked a few, I then start pinging the stump for woodcutting, until someone comes over and starts it, followed by pinging the storage, you find the ping button in F2 normally at number 8 , next, as soon as that has started building, unpause the house and select more trees for the house don't forget to select the stone too. after they have it all done I watch them bring in the food, and if the ones that don't have a house are not getting anything to eat, I turn the house off, if you have to ask how to do this you've not played enough, this is a managment choice by me, this is after the firewood is in the house, it keeps them all fed and you shouldn't even loose a child to stravation. and wait for everyone to eat or for them to empty the house, I don't want the house destroyed as it is needed to keep everyone warm, after Im sure everyone has eaten I have them keep cutting trees and keep picking up food and I lay out a bridge, if you need it. I need it on my seed because they simply don't have enough to live off of.. I also place down a hunter shack, out of the small building mod, you will find this in CC's mod list it on the far right side, after that is built I place down a fishing dock and a herbs tender using the same mod. and I start queueing up 1 or 2 small shacks, after that I get up a tools and coat shed I prefer Kids mod for this but you can use what you wish, as long as it does both and its small. The object is to build with the least amount of materials and work, I don't use the one out of small building mod. and the Kids mod has a stone tool choice, this uses twice the wood as the Small Buildings mod uses but it a matter of choice, leaving all the iron for later to be used as Iron and not iron ore.. if you've gotten this far your on you own..6 um bye now. that is probably the longest sentence you've every read in your life. I don't use much grammar Edit some of the Very Harsh start will have to have the build order slightly amended. if the first way doesn't work place down your chopping block and your storage but pause the storage you will need to build the house first but you then want to get them to build the storage as fast a possible, if your keeping them all alive your going to have to pay close attention to make sure the kids get there meals in this type of start so be sure to evict the house tenents for a bit but not to long.. You don't want the house dismantled...
  8. no the DSSV start I use gives you nothing at the start not even a tool nor food. you must get the things done in order are die? I found a new order today yeah. the idle issue is nearly breaking that start, until I tried a drastic move.. you just get 2 families and nothing else. when MM had the bug that caused the wagon to miss loading certian things I learned to get by without having them and when you guys got it fixed I missed those starts as they became much to easy.. but when you added DSSV starts he has a couple I like using. the beehives that spawn naturally all over the ground used to drop honey when you collected them for food.. they are part of the spawn in the wild food I believe or was added somehow to it.. The Field medic tent requires Fur, new to me, If I have to trade to get animals its way to far away, if there are traps for animals I've not found them yet, but then I havn't really looked yet. if they use iron to make I'm not at that stage yet soon its steadly growing Oh there is another tent huh I didn't know about that one in the Forts I just found one that uses 8 leather and 3 furs and a few logs to build. it was in one of the mod in MM. if you want I will take a pic of them in game and you can see.
  9. @estherhb I'm not using there barn I prefer the stuff from Kids mod for storage.. um that is a little out of reach for a 2 or 3 family start that have nothing, they have all they can do to keep them selves feed and housed in the very early game I removed the other mods I had no Typhus this game? I could maybe swing the hostpital tent but I can't seem to get the required fur no idea, if that is just from trading or livestock but that too then would be much later in the game.. I think the mod that offers teh tent must have trapping of some sort but I havn't really looked yet. Wait does that barn cause issues when it is never built?? I will doulbe check that Idle file I was sure I removed them from the game also.. no day and night cycle currently but the two mod and the sub file are both back after I started a new game, so I assumed it came from MM since all other mods removed? maybe I left it in the game and just unchecked it? would that still load that mod?
  10. bug They are not supposed to store Industrail coal in there homes. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1350297598 Edited I removed all other mods but Mega Mod Bee Hives no longer drop Honey you can queue them up and take them out but they give nothing. that Idle file is added from one of the mods you added to Mega Mod.
  11. bug They are not supposed to store Industrail coal in there homes. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1350297598
  12. This is more a queston then a bug report, sorry if it needs to go some place else then plz move it.. I've had the same actions with both loading old saves from v2 and new starts.. in all cases.. I've noticed when I use DSSV starts mostly DSSV Harder start the one with 2 family that on several starts I've actually had 3 families instead of 2 I seem to develop Typhus in every game at a very early stage. When you start 2 or 3 families there is no way to have a doctor by the time I get sick report I did find the tent but I can't staff it.. I don't have the manpower. BTW thanks for including these starts they are a lot of fun. a true nothing start. I guess I will put the compat mod back in, as my workers are still idling way to much at the start of the game. and they don't put the food in the storage soon enough and die holding it, result is all that they are holding on to, Poofs.. and no one gets it.. they should be able to drop there stuff, that they pick up, and it shouldn't poof, either the game needs to fix this, since its an incorrect action or the mod does. the stuff they pick up should drop! I am using a few other mods like the happiness and sadness circle mod day and night cycling mod DS Ale house mod, maybe I should remove this as they may be in your mod too Charburner pkm this is out of date 1.04 but seems to work without interference Nordic house Pkm IdleHeiye.pkm I didn't add this mod nor do I know why it is in the game? is this added by Mega Mod? um what is it is this what is forcing my people to idle over and over at the start of the game? I'm tired of all the time they waste at the very begining of the game they walk way to far to idle and and some of them just stand there for ages everyone has gone back to work but them.. they all are loaded after Mega mods though.. I'm using mega mods ver of the Colonial Charter 1.75 mod I did finally manage the settlers with the house taking all the food immediately out of storage and killiing the rest, I've started setting their home to demolish and after the others get to eat turn it back on.. stupid little kids copying their parent arrgh..
  13. Can someone tell me why this is happening, I've never had this problem before. Problem is a barn that suddenly throws out half or so of the stuff in it, its happened repeatedly. please see the ScreenShot with information as to my settings overall. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282497823 I apprecaite all who reply..
  14. Adam and Eve works for all other version as well I start by harvesting 20 - 30 wood or so and 5 rocks, while they are getting those I set down a stock pile on bare ground close to what they are all working on as soon as the first tree falls I set down a small CC Shack of 10 wood and 2 stone and set two of them to building. Then I draw in a road to the storage cart past the home they are building, they will ignore the road and grab the food and fire wood out of the cart if any. If something is missing from the cart, I'm sure to queue that up immediately after the home, and set one on it. rather its food or firewood, I always get it in time.. even in the harsh starts.. this means you need to be sure to have the 30 wood from your start. After they start on the road, I then queue up the fishing docks and hunter lodge both from Mini Buidling Mod a Black Liquid mod.. after the the wood is chopped for firewood or food collected, when they are an issue. I place the correct buildings down before I mark the road. and let them build them prior to making the road. after that it is pretty much up to you what you choose to do.. or you Bani's as they are called above.. The reason for the house first is clearly because in harsh start early spring freezes are an issue. I once lost an entire colony, save one young girl, who lived to the ripe old age of 64, I earn my zero's. That playthru was one of the funnest and sadest times I've had in banished, I cried when she died.. who says they are just numbers of data on a sheet.. hasn't played banished..
  15. WOW Cold Realism is now fatal to CC 1.75 in 1.07 any form.. once it locks the harvester and hebalist to labor setting it won't change back for the summer.. bybye Cold Realism.. To bad you can't come up with a form of it for a CC start. When the last game bugged on start and your normal storage was most missing starting food or fire wood ,, I still made good starts for Adam and Eve under those starts , it was much more of a challenge and made the game more fun at the start.. I having no wood or food proved to be a very good start for Adam and Eve Harsh Cond.. Also can you please add a confirm to deleting stuff, since the docks and Dock Storage flat delete it all, todays minor mishap nearly destroyed my playthru. While marking a building for deletation, I accidently deleted a portion of the dock and a Large Dock Storage that was under consturction, and the game flat ate all the resources, I had in completion of the Storage unit. I didn't get the lumber back it just poofed when the dock was accidently deleted. the big problem is as soon as you draw the delete building icon over the docks or anything built on the dock it just flat deletes them.. when they are under construction. it does the same thing to the docks once they are bulit, they just go poof and take the rescources with them. I'm afraid to draw it over a dock home for fear it responds the same way. Edit Actually I find the mini Buildings mod, a Black Liquid mod.. very useful in any of my starts I build a small fishing dock and hunter lodge both from the Mini Buildings mod and I'm good to go. even starting Adam and Eve, can be started in this way very successfully..