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  1. This issue has already been fixed, but you need to redownload the mod and overwrite the files you already installed. It shouldn't give an issue to do this in a game you already began with the mod, I did it myself with no problems.
  2. I'm getting a crash when clicking on the icon for Kid's in transit mod, but only the one in the main toolbar storage section. If I go to Kids section on the community toolbar and click, it works fine. I just noticed also that the icons on the in transit toolbar from kids community mods section are all duplicated, not sure if that is relevant to the crashing from main toolbar.
  3. Hehe, I'm glad you figured it out. I am having so much fun with Banished this last few weeks with all the amazing stuff that's come from the modders, it's like a whole new game again.
  4. The saw mill is wonderful, it's working just fine as a bridge and I didn't have trouble placing it correctly. The interface is a little messed up for it though. See screenshot. I'm so hoping you'll do some houses to match this set, with the stained glass windows from the Chapel. It's my favourite set of yours so far and it looks amazing in game. Thinking about this: maybe another mod I'm using is causing the interface problem, wouldn't know which though. Still had no problems with the lumber mill and it's been working all day in my game.
  5. Here's the CC mods I'm using with load order pictured. Not sure if the domesticated animals fix is still needed or not. The compatability mod I'm only using so that RedKetchup MT will work. I'm pretty sure it's something with the tools limit that is bothering the mine, maybe something in BS tools again, or that compat mod? My edibles market is up and working, it's storing mainly food with something like 4 candles and 3 iron ore in. It's as if some bani came along and was given a job somewhere else and thought where can I dump this stuff in my inventory, doesn't seem like it was brought there by the vendors.
  6. Mine is with a brand new game and CC is on top except for the companion mods that need to go above it. I didn't try the edibles market yet either, I've been concentrating on the Precious mine. It's still being flaky with limits, but I can get it to work on and off for a time. I'll build an edibles market and see what that does too.
  7. This looks fantastic, haven't had chance to try it in game yet, but did look at the new models and can't wait to actually build them somewhere, especially the Mill, the big sawmill from CC just doesn't look right on a small stream with that big wheel.
  8. From testing this, the precious mine appears to be using the tool limit, at least, once I raised the tool limit, the mine started working. After further use of the mine, I discovered that it is also using the mineral limit. What I did: When I built the mine, it wouldn't start producing even though the mineral limit was not reached. I played with raising limits and when I increased the tool limit above stock, the mine began producing. This morning after reloading the game and further playing, the mineral limit got reached and the mine stopped working so I raised the mineral limit, it started working. I then lowered the tool limit below stock to see if it stopped again and it didn't, it's continued to work ok so far. Will report any futher results later today. From further play: Mine hit a limit, not sure which one this time and stopped working. I raised a few limits on things it wouldn't start up again, so I ignored it a while then it suddenly started up again, not sure which limit it was this time though.
  9. I was just coming to post that myself after a lot of loading screens this morning. The problem with Bani's starting with no tools and food in hard mode is being caused by the compatabilty mod also. I'm guessing something with flags on the start up storage cart because with a barn start everything is appearing as normal. I just did a test with most of my other mods loaded and furnace fuel was still working fine, so yes, blacksmith tools is so far the only culprit (at least in my mods list).
  10. I tested quickly with just CC and it is working fine so now I'm going through a process of elimination to see which of my mods is the cause.
  11. Tested in a new game with the same mod list, still no furnace fuel under the furnace fuel flag. On the other hand, no problem with reads, feathers and bonemeal getting stuck in carts. Oh, and I tried to start in hard mode and I had no food, firewood or tools in the starter cart, so I guess something in my mods is messing up somewhere, will further test later with just CC to begin.
  12. I think a few things have been changed since I started this game, but it was a new game when I put the new version of CC in. I'll start a new with that mod list as it is now and see what happens.
  13. I discovered tonight as I was tidying up stock piles that my furnace fuel is heading into the mineral stock pile, if that's any help, maybe I have a mod loaded that's overriding it just now. Here's a sorted list of my current mods, if it's any use to you Sorted List of Banished mods.txt
  14. I haven't noticed flags resetting, but I'm wondering if your furnace fuel problem is because it's not registering as industrial fuel the same as for me and it's using another limit that you have reached.
  15. I tried the dock woodfinder today and he is gathering all sorts other than wood too, so it works very nicely as a small market, but for wood alone we are stuck till it is updated. On the other hand it has helped me figure out "conveyer belt" stock piles to my sawmills though :). I can also confirm the little 1.07 patch for mega mod has also fixed my tropical greenhouse, so my bani's can get rid of their bonemeal for something useful again The poor modders must be tearing their hair out with all the work this new update has caused, but also jumping for joy over NEW FLAGS. I know they wanted them a long time. I also discovered this fixed the kiln from NMT so I can make roof tiles again, even though it's a separate mod. I'm not using mega mod, instead a cobbled together collection of updated 1.07 mods from WoB and a few old favourites even though they might be glitchy for now.