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  1. Hi there, Excellent! Thanks a million. Just tested it, works a treat. Thanks again! Best, Eumelbear
  2. Hi there, yes, Version 16 (1.0.7B) is installed. Best, Eumelbear
  3. Hi there, sorry, just to clarify, I am only using CC 1.75. Mods are as follows (in that load order): CC No Smoke Increased CC Inedible Meats (various types) & Milk Ridiculous Storage CC: 1.75 Journey. Best, Eumelbear
  4. Hi there, just checked, using Version 1.0.7, Build 170910. I did mean Pipe Tobacco, so the processed good. I used Old Town Markets and Small Markets. In the other game Ale was stord in all markets, not necessarily just those close to the production facilities. I also got to produce Cachaca and it stored as Spirits in the Tavern next to it as well as the markets. I started a new game last night and it is happening again with a Small Market and Ale from a monestary. Both games were started using Version 1.0.7 as far as I am aware. Best, Eumelbear
  5. Hi there, I'm using Banished 1.0.7 with various inedible meat mods, ridiculous storage mod, no smoke, and CC 1.75. CC is loading last in the load order. Alcohol (from monestaries and 1 brewery with berries) and tobacco are mostly stored in markets. Best, Eumelbear
  6. Hi there, sorry, forgot to mention that. Yes, all pub buildings are staffed to maximum. However, according to the description, that shouldn'd make a difference? Best, Eumelbear
  7. Hi there, I have noticed that storage of luxury goods in any of the pub/ tavern/ inn buildings doesn't really seem to work? I have to place a brewery right next to the pub or otherwise very, very few luxury products end up in the pub. And even when they are right next to each other, stock levels in the pub seem a bit low. I have loads of luxuries stored elsewhere, just not where I assume they are of any use to anyone, so it's not that I am not producing enough. Anyone else have a similar issue? What's, if there is one, the solution? Thanks! Eumelbear