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  1. Maybe it could be a hard difficulty map seed ,at least you will have enough logs to make trading post and buy logs from trader. Or if it could be override then it would be great..
  2. I'm delighted! I'd love to have this mod. Who can make it , how difficult is to do that? Is there a way I can help?
  3. From the album Desert town

  4. From the album Desert town

  5. From the album Desert town

  6. Also roads flat the terrein so it looks really bad near hills or rivers.
  7. Yeah , I am curentlly trying that. It's just that it takes alot to remove all the trees and other things from the map.
  8. In meantime i discovered Rise of the Pharaoh mod , maybe it could include my idea if it ever get's finished.
  9. Is it possible to create the mod that will have areas on map without growing trees or wild foods. I got idea of making a oasis on desert map. Or just having trees and wild foods growing near rivers or lakes. Or even if it's not desert there are fields without trees in real life.
  10. Thank you for putting them all together!!!