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  1. Looks nice , but have you ever thought about buying food for some high value trade items instead of building so many fields and pastures?
  2. Nice one!
  3. Beautiful model!
  4. Thank You!
  5. share link worked here. as well in my topic. thanks everybody for help. issue solved!
  6. I know how to do that , but that is just how to add yt video link to post. I wanted to add yt video in post something like this:
  7. Looks nice!
  8. Old video I made about 9 months ago, it's showing some orchards using for decorating my city. Thanks for watching!
  9. And what trees will be on map or will there be any , you do that?
  10. How are new terrain types made by modders?
  11. How was new maps made and what is used to generate new textures and all?
  12. Maybe it could be a hard difficulty map seed ,at least you will have enough logs to make trading post and buy logs from trader. Or if it could be override then it would be great..
  13. I'm delighted! I'd love to have this mod. Who can make it , how difficult is to do that? Is there a way I can help?
  14. From the album Desert town

  15. From the album Desert town