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  1. Does the math for optimal crop field size carry over into the size of plantations?
  2. What do the "Tool X" shortcuts affect? EDIT: I found out what they do myself
  3. I'm playing on CC 1.75, Banished 1.0.7 Beta, and I just found this and the Unhappiness mod that I really wanna use. Are they compatible with the Banished beta and that version of CC? EDIT: I just loaded them up and there doesn't seem to be any problem using them. However, not all buildings that could be assumed to bring happiness have a purple circle around them. I'm mostly talking about some of the religious buildings under the government category (some of the bigger ones don't have one). Is that supposed to be?
  4. Hey, I remember there being a production chain chart, like one giving an overview of (all) production chains, for previous mod versions back when I used to play Banished some time ago, but I can't seem to find a similar one for TFA on the wiki or anywhere. Is there one recovered from before the previous forum went down?
  5. Another guy lead me to this web page that someone managed to import input/output data to before the old forum went down: http://www.silisoftware.com/tools/banished-colonial-charter/index.php?m=&e=1