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  1. I finally got a new video card. Running games with settings on high. I literally almost cried. Not even kidding.

  2. That disappointed dad expression in your avatar tho. xD

  3. Just in case no one mentioned it, welcome to all our new members and welcome back to all our returning friends. I haven't gotten into using the MegaMod myself (yeah i know, part of BL and still haven't even tried this LOL) but it looks so overwhelming. And I really wanna get back into my youtube series. Hopefully I will do.
  4. For Steam Users, Banished is 6.79 until the 29th.
  5. Woot Sunny is from my part of the world.
  6. Its good to be back. I'm Mysti from Los Angeles, Ca where I share a house with a precocious feline that is the worlds best alarm clock. I love many types of games but I always come back to Banished and have logged well over 2000 hours of game-play. Going for 2000 more! I am also your friendly neighborhood Community Manager for BlackLiquid and one of the mods. I also play other types of games. Right now I'm neck deep into The Sims 4, Banished (duh), Ark Survival Evolved and doing some beta testing for Another Brick in the Mall.
  7. I've already bounced this stuff off of Kralyerg before. I did vote for some of the stuff in the list, but id like to see Mars, space colony, etc also perhaps Roman theme, possibly polynesian theme.