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  1. I looked around and found the od that akes 0.07 compatiblle with 1.0.7 but what is the latest cc version I can use with mm? one person said: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.74 MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack \another said: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.71 MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack will 1.75 wotk with .07?? or only 1.71? or 74? Want to get back to playing and I got 3 of my friends to start playing and they will start cc and mm soon so wanted to get the new latest. thanks for the help
  2. I like it better if everything stays in category. overall it seems more efficient to have all houses together and all builds of the same type together. the color coding system that is currently implemented seems to work well so far. I don't wanna have to go through 7 different folders or more to look at all the different types of black smith or houses or bakeries or something else. I appreciate the different mod devs but I dont ever really see the point in segregating them all separately. Doesn't improve efficiency or user friendliness kind of makes it worse imo. It does please and feed into making it to where people will say " I like this dev or I like this dev better" so im going to build only his stuff or mostly his stuff and not open any of the other dev folders. Feeds a bit into a kind of I only want this devs culture stuff. That's how I see it at least. Easy thing all they have to do too is just remember the color of the dev they want to build stuff from. I use stuff from everyone. whatever building is the most efficient by production speed or size I use it. sometimes for looks but usually efficiency by speed or space. Overall I just hope for a megamod update soon with all the new things from 1.75 or whatever version of cc it will be when megamod gets updated. I will just be happy when it does come out. I am on the side of make all things of the same building type together.
  3. Where is this infamous wood butcher? I looked around and couldn't find anything. Not even a wool butcher if that was what was meant to be typed.
  4. You are kind of contradicting yourself. First you say they are too cheap to build and it makes it too easy but then you are complaining they don't give you enough for the resources it cost to build them? Maybe they are cheap to build but there is a draw back which they can only have a family of 3. So therefore that is what makes it balanced. Cheap to build but doesn't house as many people and technically in the long run will cause a population decline(of you don't build more expensive housing). Instead of it being stable at family of 4 or growth at a family of 5,6 or more like other more expensive houses. So far I do like the different houses in the game so far. If anything I think there aren't enough good wood only houses that are small and that can house 4 or more families. For early game purposes. My early games my only problem is stone. Mostly because I am reluctant to build any mines till mid-late game but early on the only wood only houses are tents and settlers tents. Which are super cheap but tent only houses 3 and settlers tent is huge for it being so cheap and it's space efficient. I wouldn't mind seeing a somewhat expensive wood only house that is sort of small size like 3x4 or something like a all wood row house but I'm not a modder yet so. I'll just enjoy the tons of other options I have and deal with my stone famines.
  5. I been using cc for a while and the mega mod for a week or 2. Now with the new megamod update I noticed these weird patches everywhere. I'm pretty sure I didn't see them in the last game I just did. This is my first game with the new megamod .7 update. I know the tall thin things are reeds. and I'm sure the bush with read flowers are rose hips, and I actually don't know what the white bush is but I think I've seen it before. The short dark green patches I have never seen before and there are everywhere for me to not have noticed them before? What are they? Was to curious to wait for a gatherer to eventually pick them up since I haven't even built a hut yet. Have these always been there? Did the spawn rate get increased if so? What are rose hips anyways? I always thought it was weird that they got added as a food. Im also using a mad seed I just started a game with but made new because of the update. And there are a lot more "empty" valley areas too, I guess maybe that's why I see these now than before since there isnt as much thick forest, unless they are new.
  6. So I don't quite understand what you meant? Is this purely only decorations? Or are there resource production building too in here that a missing in megamod? I never cared for decorations but if there are production building in here I would like to know. Thank you.
  7. Awesome! I came just in time! updates 2 minutes ago! I was just wondering too how long till an update with cc 1.71
  8. I have the megamod right now. Do I need this or is it in the megamod already? do I need to use both? I see it says new game only, kind of dont wanna get this and make a new game if I dont have to. Unless it's better I do if its a big difference from whats in the megamod and seeing as how its 1.7 and this is 1.71 Edit: okay I got my answer, I do need to use both. I suppose I'll start a new game them.
  9. I have not touched or modified my rivers or waters at all so its not something I've bugged out. I will say my river system is a bit odd shaped but so far I have had no problems. Aside from the merchants going back on themselves. They come down stream then when I dismiss them they do a 180 and go back up stream instead of down stream. Kind of weird because if they come from down stream the path is much shorter. But I was begging for a merchant to come because I have no building supplies and its early in the game still so I have no means of making any yet. So I was intensly watching for one to come and I have 5 trading post so I really want one... haha Finally one came with another behind it not too far behind. I watched the first one come and it didn't turn into the first one, so I just thought okay maybe its just going to the last one or one of the one's in the middle. But nope, it completely went past all of them so I thought okay... I know I didn't already talk to him or anything. I kept watching him and there is a big lake in the middle of the river so I thought well maybe the river is messing up their pathing, so maybe its gonna circle the lake and come back and it kind of half circled it and at some points I thought he was gonna completely turn around but nope! If anything I felt like he knew I was watching him so he was messing with me >.< haha... well once he got to the other side of the lake he just went on down the river.. Me confused I was "Okay? I guess hes just going?" I kept watching him and then as soon as he went off map. BOOM! notification a merchant has arrived? WTF? and there he was... Like a mysterious rebel who defies all laws of banished physics.. With the other one that was behind him. Which had no problems going strait to my trading post. Anyone have any explanations of this? or have had a similar thing before? With either their merchants doing a 180 on themselves or teleporting? I did read one post about how one guy had merchants going up and down stream but that's about it.
  10. Would it work if she built a market next to it? Maybe the vendor will take it out so he can distribute it. I know they are always stealing my ale and mead.
  11. I tend to only really build marketplaces at far away areas of my cities, I am going to make a city that is high density and more manufacturing focused, so I am going to build marketplaces everywhere to experiment. I have made a city that was very large without any marketplaces. and somewhat had no problems. so going to see the difference now. And is herbalist that important? haha I always make sure to build one in the middle of my city because I know they need it to get herbs to eat. but I dont build them everywhere. And I still wish and long for the day when I can just say and mark what thing to not put or to only allow things into a curtain barn, and to tell my citizens they are banned from eating certain foods. STOP EATING ALL MY HONEY AND DRINKING MY MILK. I feel like im always yelling something like that to my citizens.
  12. I will agree with you there on having houses close to the workplace. I have definitely seen in my games, a huge jump in productivity when I put my houses next to or closer to the workplace. I guess the overall purpose of this thread is to figure out how to further increase productivity. A question im kind of having now is. who brings materials to the workplaces? is it by the workers only or is it by laborers and vendors too when they have free time? I never really paid attention to that before if that is a thing. Because I have had some workplaces far from there resources before and as far as I could tell(maybe didn't pay attention too much) their production wasnt hindered or maybe it was and didn't notice. haha. But im sure I would have noticed if it was significant and they were producing nothing. And I hope someone else can give some insight to the market place mechanics,as people see this post
  13. Thanks for the answer "half answer" haha. I put bank barns(best storage for food and a large variety of almost everything) everywhere near houses and production areas, along with some of the specialized warehouses, the stone and iron warehouse and then the wood dock storage. I use the megamod only. And those buildings are the best for highest storage per tile. The other thing I was wondering is if they help with industrial production. I noticed for example some of my marketplaces would have stuff like iron ore and feathers and reeds. I asked about the cross coverage thing because I was wondering if they happen to chain on eachother, like materals or food travel across the markets to evenly distribute them out or do the workers just walk all the way across town to collect them from the source.
  14. I've been playing banished since late 2014, and started using CC when Curse of the Golden Llama 1.4 just came out back in March of 2015. And I always personally hated using market places. They take up so much space and have such a large footprint and have very little storage for there massive size. so they don't even hold a lot of whatever they are holding and distributing. Really that is my only complaint about them, they have so little storage space by per tile for the space they occupy, and for the area they service the don't cover a very large area going off of (market footprint)/(total area serviced) the larger markets' cover and occupy a large percentage of the area they cover to what they service. And the small ones are nice for there size to the area they cover but then you have the problem of lots of citizens doing essentially nothing and the amount of stuff they hold is only enough for 2 people worth of food to carry. I watched a market cart before and it would constantly go from 9%-100% to 0 to 100% full capacity nonstop. Okay I'm kind of ranting and not explaining my main purpose, the point of this post is, how useful or not useful are marketplaces? I have done games and built city's before with no to barely any marketplaces. I tend to just not build them but sometimes I do. Just encase maybe they help in some way. Or are they purely just cosmetic? And then I tend to not even staff them at all if I do build them. I just want to know do they actually help with productivity or don't? I wanted to run an experiment or if anyone knows already. if I build a network of marketplaces that overlap with each other do the vendors take stuff from other marketplaces to put it in theirs? I tend to build mass production centers. all food production in this area, all clothes produces in another all tools produced in another and all mining in a corner. Another question is, if they are useful and I should build them, which is the best one? has the most storage? Or is best for servicing a large area for its size? I tried finding as much information as I could before this post; but most of all the market buildings don't have complete info on there storage capacity on them in the megamod. Only a few of the marketplaces have there data in the data sheets. Along with a lot of other missing data. That I am experimenting and trying to figure out myself. Thanks in advance for any replies or help, would really appreciate it. Especially since the beginning of me playing banished I've always never was for the large market place, looks nice but... P.s. This was written at 3am in the morning/middle of the night hope you can read it and understand what I'm trying to say
  15. Does this work with the megamod?