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  1. Carbon Steel Tools are an option available in the upgraded Medieval Blacksmith.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Hope it lets you spend less waiting time... To be clear, I've been using this Alt+Tab trick* at game startup for a long time. I've never have had an issue with it. No weirdness, no crashes, everything normal. It significantly speeds up the initial game load but not the loading of saved games. Nor would I try it while trying to save a game. Impatient me has always switched to do something else while the game loads. It was only when I actually waited at the black screen that it hit me how long that way takes. For what it's worth, I use Direct X 9 as it works better with my dual monitor setup. *or as elemental points out, simply tapping the Windows key, in either case minimizing Banished while it loads
  3. A way to get Banished to load much faster? I can get Banished (with CC/MM) to launch in 8 minutes 30 seconds, or in just 50 seconds on my PC. Slow way: Click to start Banished and don't do anything more. Just wait for the screen to go black while the game loads. Eventually the Shining Rock logo appears followed by the start screen with the music. Elapsed time is about 8:30 (510 seconds). Speedy way: Click to start Banished. Alt-Tab back to the desktop (Banished minimized to toolbar). Wait to hear the game's startup music. Alt-Tab back to the game. Elapsed time 0:50 seconds. A 90% faster load time. This is very repeatable. Exit the game completely and restart over and over with the same results. Anyone else get similar results? Or offer an explanation as to why results the results are so vastly different. I'm running via Steam on an average 64-bit Windows 10 desktop. I assume your times will differ but I'm curious if the overall effect is the same. I did find that from a cold start (from computer off) the slow way takes about the same time and the speedy way extended to 2:30. But still, that's a a 70% gain. I guess this is what comes of trying to figure out why Gatherers stopped collecting wild oats, flax and rose hips with MM 0.07 and Banished 1.0.7 beta.
  4. Sticky Note Reminder for any next update to this great chart: Squash is missing from the unmodded vegetable section. Candles are missing from the CC building materials section.
  5. Kralyerg, There is an issue updating the Category Names mod related to the vanilla-Banished "String _name / String _text" pairs. Only 8 of 40 vanilla items are referenced in the .rsc files. (Root, Blueberry, Herb Ale, Iron Tool, Steel Tool, Coal, and Iron.) The mod kit's BanishedKit_1.0.4.141123\resource\Dialog\StringTable.rsc file contains a "StringTable rawMaterial" section with all the needed entries but as neither ColonialStringTable1.7.rsc nor MegaModStringTables0.06\Dialog\StringTable.rsc (nor any other .rsc file) contains a copy of this section, I obviously cannot update them. Hopefully this section was left out only because prior to this nothing affected these entries? If so, can this section be included in some .rsc file (ColonialStringTable1.7.rsc or StringTable.rsc perhaps) without major recoding? Or is there an alternate way to accomplish this? Below is a copy of the "StringTable rawMaterial" section with the "_text" updated for the Category Name mods. Otherwise it is exactly as listed in the mod kit's StringTable.rsc file. StringTable rawMaterial { Entry _strings [ { String _name = "Log"; String _text = "BM Log"; } { String _name = "Stone"; String _text = "BM Stone"; } { String _name = "Iron"; String _text = "BM Iron"; } { String _name = "Coal"; String _text = "-F Coal"; } { String _name = "Tool"; String _text = "-T Iron Tool"; } { String _name = "SteelTool"; String _text = "-T Steel Tool"; } { String _name = "Firewood"; String _text = "-F Firewood"; } { String _name = "Potato"; String _text = "FV Potato"; } { String _name = "Wheat"; String _text = "FG Wheat"; } { String _name = "Corn"; String _text = "FG Corn"; } { String _name = "Cabbage"; String _text = "FV Cabbage"; } { String _name = "Squash"; String _text = "FV Squash"; } { String _name = "Bean"; String _text = "FV Bean"; } { String _name = "Pumpkin"; String _text = "FV Pumpkin"; } { String _name = "Pepper"; String _text = "FV Pepper"; } { String _name = "Apple"; String _text = "FF Apple"; } { String _name = "Cherry"; String _text = "FF Cherry"; } { String _name = "Pear"; String _text = "FF Pear"; } { String _name = "Peach"; String _text = "FF Peach"; } { String _name = "Plum"; String _text = "FF Plum"; } { String _name = "Chestnut"; String _text = "FP Chestnut"; } { String _name = "Pecan"; String _text = "FP Pecan"; } { String _name = "Walnut"; String _text = "FP Walnut"; } { String _name = "Fish"; String _text = "FP Fish"; } { String _name = "Chicken"; String _text = "FP Chicken"; } { String _name = "Venison"; String _text = "FP Venison"; } { String _name = "Beef"; String _text = "FP Beef"; } { String _name = "Mutton"; String _text = "FP Mutton"; } { String _name = "Mushroom"; String _text = "FV Mushroom"; } { String _name = "Onion"; String _text = "FV Onions"; } { String _name = "Blueberry"; String _text = "FF Berries"; } { String _name = "Root"; String _text = "FV Roots"; } { String _name = "Herb"; String _text = "H Herbs"; } { String _name = "Egg"; String _text = "FP Eggs"; } { String _name = "Wool"; String _text = "DG Wool"; } { String _name = "Leather"; String _text = "DG Leather"; } { String _name = "WinterCoat"; String _text = "-C Warm Coat"; } { String _name = "WoolCoat"; String _text = "-C Wool Coat"; } { String _name = "LeatherCoat"; String _text = "-C Hide Coat"; } { String _name = "Ale"; String _text = "L Ale"; } { String _name = "Chickens"; String _text = "Chickens"; } { String _name = "Cows"; String _text = "Cattle"; } { String _name = "Sheeps"; String _text = "Sheep"; } { String _name = "SeedApple"; String _text = "Apple Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedCherry"; String _text = "Cherry Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedPear"; String _text = "Pear Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedPeach"; String _text = "Peach Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedPlum"; String _text = "Plum Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedChestnut"; String _text = "Chestnut Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedPecan"; String _text = "Pecan Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedWalnut"; String _text = "Walnut Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedCabbage"; String _text = "Cabbage Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedCorn"; String _text = "Corn Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedPotato"; String _text = "Potato Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedSquash"; String _text = "Squash Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedWheat"; String _text = "Wheat Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedBean"; String _text = "Bean Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedPepper"; String _text = "Pepper Seeds"; } { String _name = "SeedPumpkin"; String _text = "Pumpkin Seeds"; } { String _name = "LeatherCoatRequire";String _text = "Hide Coat [Leather]"; } { String _name = "WoolCoatRequire"; String _text = "Wool Coat [Wool]"; } { String _name = "WinterCoatRequire"; String _text = "Warm Coat [Leather + Wool]"; } { String _name = "ToolRequire"; String _text = "Iron Tool [Log + Iron]"; } { String _name = "SteelToolRequire"; String _text = "Steel Tool [Log + Iron + Coal]"; } { String _name = "CoalRequire"; String _text = "Coal"; } { String _name = "IronRequire"; String _text = "Iron"; } { String _name = "AleAppleRequire"; String _text = "Ale [Apple]"; } { String _name = "AleBlueberryRequire"; String _text = "Ale [Berries]"; } { String _name = "AleCherryRequire"; String _text = "Ale [Cherry]"; } { String _name = "AlePearRequire"; String _text = "Ale [Pear]"; } { String _name = "AlePeachRequire"; String _text = "Ale [Peach]"; } { String _name = "AlePlumRequire"; String _text = "Ale [Plum]"; } { String _name = "AleWheatRequire"; String _text = "Ale [Wheat]"; } ] } I've completed updating all the other files, and am hoping there is a work around to get these vanilla items included too. Thanks. -Freedom
  6. Didn't think it would be that easy, but had to ask... Working on all the files now. Will enter preceding hyphens since the existing version uses hyphens already, albeit not at the beginning.
  7. Thanks. If I can ask a few questions about process, preference, and efficiency (aka, my laziness)... Does/will the Inventory Window's Sort-By-Name function handle leading characters such as a space or hyphen? Basically, does it do a standard ASCII sort? If so, then by prefacing the C, F and T categories (Clothes, Fuel, and Tools) with a hyphen, or preferably a space character, (e.g., " T Iron Tool" or "-T Iron Tool" rather than "T Iron Tool") we'd get a much better sort order IMO. These 3 important categories would be at the top followed by building materials, dry goods, the various foods, health and luxuries. For me, it would add a bit of priority order to the category listings. Still not perfect, but based on how I play, I'd scroll a lot less looking for answers. A simple question of preference. Would dropping the trailing category hyphen provide a cleaner look? For example, replacing "DG-Reeds" with "DG Reeds" and "DG-Cured Leather" with "DG Cured Leather". I find scrolling though a long list is less distracting without the connecting hyphens. Any opinion or preference? Local/global. I fear I know the answer but will ask anyway. Are the "String _name"/"String _text" pairs only local to each specific .rsc file --meaning do I have to edit each and every file to categorize the _text value (of each of the seven instances of "Broccoli" for example ) --or-- hoping against hope, are they more global in scope --such that if I create a single .rsc with a single instance of each _name/_text pair and this single file gets handled last (after all the other .rsc files created their _name/_text pairs) then this last file will override the value(s) initialized by the earlier files. This latter approach would certainly be simple, easier to maintain, and less prone to error. Also unlikely maybe? Note: Thanks to whoever put in such great effort with the existing versions of the category files!!
  8. I do remember reading your caveat back when it was released. Just thought it odd that no mention of the mod exists on the new website. Anyways, if you would post or PM the old Category Names file and the new CC & MM string tables, that would be great. I'm happy to help out and get this mod updated. Thanks.
  9. Whatever happened to the Category Names mod? I can't find any mention of it here. MegaMod and 1.7 may have poked holes in it but it was/is a good workaround given the limitations on modding the inventory windows. Is it "on the list" of updates? What's needed to help it along? To be sure, nothing but respect, awe, and a huge thank-you for everything you folks have accomplished.