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  1. Actually I did go ahead and removed both new mods from the WinData file. Banished with Megamod started right up with no problem. I still wanted to try out those mods so on my other computer is unloaded megamod, loaded up CC1.6 along with NewEngland and the Maritimes as well as a bunch from WOB. Ended up getting the regular error where it won't start because there are too many mods loaded or something. So removed everything but CC, and started Banished no problem. Continued adding mods one by one, starting banished each time. Ended up not being able to load the NewEngland mod (got the regular error) and one of the mods from WOB. Will go back to the first computer and try just adding Maritimes to see if it will work.
  2. So new problem for me. I have been playing banished with MegaMod for awhile with no worries. It takes about 5 minutes to start up but get the black screen and I just wait. I wanted to add some of the new mods, so downloaded the NewEngland and Maritimes mods and put them in my WinData folder. Now when I go to start Banished I get nothing. All that happens is the Task Manager has the banished application running in the background (at about 25% cpu) but nothing else happens. Any ideas?
  3. I have had this happen when I assign laborers to clear some patch of land. They are the ones that deliver the resources to the building site not the builders, so if they have been assigned something else to do, you have to wait until they are done. Or you can increase the priority for your building and they will deliver resources, then your builders will build it.
  4. Those houses look very similar to the Colonial Houses mod by kid already included in MM. I love those houses.
  5. One idea would be a set of theater or "culture" buildings. You could have a range of styles from opera house and theater to dance hall or speakeasy. Not sure what affect they would have. Could be another version of the taverns or maybe like the churches.
  6. I love the orchard foresters Kralyerg. I make a forest node early in the game using a Gatherer, regular forester, and an orchard forester (usually apples, cherries, or peaches). Add a few houses, a barn and perhaps a wood cutter or herbalist, and it's a good start to the game. I don't like having my bannies starve.
  7. Hello all. Happy to see the new site is up. I have been a big fan of city building games for a long time. Started with Caesar 2 many eons ago. Love playing Banished and all the mods (especially CC) have added so much to the complexity of the game. I live on the prairie in Montana USA. Not much to do here so have plenty of time to play games.