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  1. It looks like on your hunting windows, there are not enough spaces for all the different items your hunters are picking up. So they may actually be getting mutton, but since they already picked up 4 other items that season it doesn't show up. Regarding the Gatherers, one thing I noticed in MM, is there are some new gatherer buildings that are really cute, but only pick up roots, mushrooms and something else (I think these are the vanilla forest foods). I forget what they are called but there are 3 with different radius. They don't pickup CC items as I found out when trying to use them in my Cherry Tree Forest. They did not pick up the cherries. Don't know if that is what you were using but it might have been the problem.
  2. I think for the "All The Wild Thing" you need a Gatherer instead of the Hunter. Even for the animals, as they are spawned like the wild food. So try a Gatherers Hut and see if that feeds your bannies.
  3. Worked fairly slow with this city so quite a bit of decoration. Tried to stay with the jungle theme. There are more images in the gallery.
  4. From the album Jungle Village

    Using some of the Maritime buildings.
  5. From the album Jungle Village

    Quay side with some new buildings.
  6. From the album Jungle Village

    Old market and hostel.
  7. From the album Jungle Village

  8. From the album Jungle Village

    Filled the valley with cherry trees using the cherry forrester.
  9. From the album Jungle Village

  10. From the album Jungle Village

    Washing mod from WOB.
  11. From the album Jungle Village

  12. From the album Jungle Village

    Town center developed where the river makes a loop.
  13. Thanks for the response. No worries on the lumber cutter. I do like having the smaller, slower building for lumber. With the one in CC I end up with too much lumber usually, so it is nice to have something small for early in the game. Do you know how much rope and lumber are needed to make a dory? I'm okay with it taking awhile but would be nice to know the input amount for planning. I do like the shore fisheries to give my bannies scallops to eat. Om nom nom. I haven't reached the point of having building supplies in a game running your mod, so haven't tried building the Crystal Barn. I do like how it looks. With the stable or milking pen underneath it reminds me of my uncle's and great uncle's dairy barns in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  14. Hey Necora, Just want to say I love the mods you are doing. I have been playing around with the Maritimes 104.3 and have a few questions and one problem. I have it loaded with CC1.6 along with a bunch of other mods, so that might change how things work. First off, I really like the look of the Port Royal buildings. The lumber cutter says it is could produce lumber or firewood but the only option is to create lumber. Not a big problem as there are plenty of other buildings to make firewood but wondered if that was just an oversight. With the shore fishing, I am having problems with the dory builder. So far have been playing for at least 10 years with out the dory builder producing anything. I have rope (although produced with reeds from the CC dock set) and lumber. I was watching the worker for the dory building, and she just went back and forth from the barn trying to get rope. Not quite sure how much of each is needed to build a dory so maybe I just don't have enough? Last question, with the Crystal Barn construction, it needs building supplies. Are these the same as from CC? Because otherwise there is no building that creates them in your set yet. Keep up the good work.
  15. Actually I did go ahead and removed both new mods from the WinData file. Banished with Megamod started right up with no problem. I still wanted to try out those mods so on my other computer is unloaded megamod, loaded up CC1.6 along with NewEngland and the Maritimes as well as a bunch from WOB. Ended up getting the regular error where it won't start because there are too many mods loaded or something. So removed everything but CC, and started Banished no problem. Continued adding mods one by one, starting banished each time. Ended up not being able to load the NewEngland mod (got the regular error) and one of the mods from WOB. Will go back to the first computer and try just adding Maritimes to see if it will work.