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  1. One bug to report so far, Kid's Gothic Farm BeeKeeper causes a crash when placing. A shame it is one of my favorite sets. I also had to update 7zip in order to open the .rar file, but had be having some problems with other .rar files so all good. Thanks for all your hard work Kralyreg.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. I do have CC above your mods so that explains the issue. Other than the charcoal everything else seems to be working great. I started the pine forest to be able to make maple syrup, then discovered I could use firewood. I do like the way the pines look in contrast to the maples so worth it for that. Just ended up with way to much charcoal. The new trees are really gorgeous.
  3. Necora, I have been playing with the newly released Pine Set. Really like it and the trees look great. It seems the Pine Set overwrites the vanilla trees on some of the starts which is interesting. I like the look. I encountered a problem with the pine pitch kiln. It seems really overpowered. In one year with a collection of 140 pine boughs, it created 2255 charcoal. That is a lot of charcoal. Also while the charcoal is being stored as fuel (which it should be), it is not using the fuel limits. Also it is listed as industrial fuel on the building interface but is not using that limit. Not shown on the attached image is originally I had the fuel limit at 500 for firewood, and the charcoal blew past that without stopping. I am using CC as well as a bunch of other mods.
  4. Those maples look much better. I agree with everyone else, it's amazing how far you have come with this mod.
  5. Calli74, I get the same error with the Sherbrooke Saw Mill interface. I was going to post about it but haven't had time to play and get a screen shot in the past few days. No problems with the Mill itself although I think the worker for it walks through the wall next to the door instead of going through the door. Bannies using it as a bridge use the door though. I like that feature of it (the inclusion of the bridge). When placing it I had to level one side of the stream because it wasn't quite straight enough but otherwise works and looks great.
  6. It looks like on your hunting windows, there are not enough spaces for all the different items your hunters are picking up. So they may actually be getting mutton, but since they already picked up 4 other items that season it doesn't show up. Regarding the Gatherers, one thing I noticed in MM, is there are some new gatherer buildings that are really cute, but only pick up roots, mushrooms and something else (I think these are the vanilla forest foods). I forget what they are called but there are 3 with different radius. They don't pickup CC items as I found out when trying to use them in my Cherry Tree Forest. They did not pick up the cherries. Don't know if that is what you were using but it might have been the problem.
  7. I think for the "All The Wild Thing" you need a Gatherer instead of the Hunter. Even for the animals, as they are spawned like the wild food. So try a Gatherers Hut and see if that feeds your bannies.
  8. Worked fairly slow with this city so quite a bit of decoration. Tried to stay with the jungle theme. There are more images in the gallery.
  9. From the album Jungle Village

    Using some of the Maritime buildings.
  10. From the album Jungle Village

    Quay side with some new buildings.
  11. From the album Jungle Village

    Old market and hostel.
  12. From the album Jungle Village

  13. From the album Jungle Village

    Filled the valley with cherry trees using the cherry forrester.
  14. From the album Jungle Village

  15. From the album Jungle Village

    Washing mod from WOB.