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  1. lantern fuel which is used to make deeper mines or lamps around towns.
  2. KEVIN,sadly our modder after many months of learing has sailed away. maybe he'll find jellyfish in his lobster traps or get eatin by sharks.lol yeah there is only so many hours,that is why i thought of a simple shortcut to the processing by just adding the cleanig station. but that was for actual fish varieties. wasn't ment to change the clams or scallops. don't think it takes away from the reason to have different fish,since each fish type has its own fishing spot design. i have a map that does have trout and salmon in it. comes from using the north and the trout shorefisherman mods.but then you have no "fish".
  3. RED;s NMT salt house and smokey process "fish" but without recoding won't any specific fish. a fish cleaning station was a way to solve that issue by designing only 1 building . take different fishes and use the station to re-tag them back to fish so the processors already in game can use the new items. save modders a ton of work. i think there are players who use the processing to add quality and quantity to their food items. i do think a backwoods lake and then modular additions to have bass,catfish,sunfish,etc would be good. maybe add some different shore fishers for salmon as well. could be a nice set.
  4. problems from the forest set. maple sap is not the same as CC. maple sap can not be processed via the CC sugar house boiler.thou syrup can b boiled down into sugar.pine kiln reads "wood" to use to make charcoal,define "wood"? it is not logs or firewood. dude runs back and forth refuses to work.does work when switched to use pine boughs. thess were noted with maritimes above CC in mod order. will run tests with it below CC next.
  5. true but then the mods that salt fish won't read the catfish or bass as "fish".unless you do as RED and build your own building for that as well. just like necora's tuna, you can't can it and make tunafish.lol
  6. i agree. the numbers game and realistics could have been fun . as it stands ,we have not found a way for banis to "use" the items whaht so ever. the silverware was just an example of the v aried items that we peoduce but can't use except as trade items. another game limit reached with no solution or workaround. i was hoping maybe others could come up with some crazy idea and together we could find a way. if the happiness mattered more then we could try to use things to affect it. happiness doesn't matter much though.
  7. that sux. sorry to hear that. me hates operations. take 2 blondes and 2 apples and call us tomorrow
  8. on that note i'll add that it would be nice if the banis used household goods in their houses. or that we could utilize the happiness meter for the banis and then it would increase when they have acccess to goods and go down if they don't have as many or as varied. items like candles,silverware,bedding,furiture should be more useful than just as trade items. would have been good if we could have split the firewood needs of houses and set it to use x% firewood and x% household+x% candles,etc
  9. yea but necora ran off his own way and kept going. he was making such good mods that i didnt want to stop him yet. and in the process i have learned different ways to tweak ideas. while modders are busy with recoding,we can plan and draw ideas for later. what isee so far is a lake that looks like a backwoods lake instead of the decorated rock-surrounded small ponds we have now. 1 side a sore spot for catfish and the other side pier with a rowboat for bass and maybe a small lodge. 1 of the problems i forsee with so many variety of fish is the game reads "fish" and can process it as "fish" but not as bass,trout,etc.do we add a cleaning station to take the varied fish back to "fish" so the processors can use it? or design new processors?
  10. i do wish the dmesticated animals on the map had been where you had to place the wild shepherd and they weren't on the map if you didn't build it. i have found several as ELEMENTAL said by clearing land. i have not played a game past maybe yr 15 so far. i guess 6 isn't as bad as some people claiming to have hundreds. as to POTIS' post,you have choices on how you start. some options have no livestock but you get an extra crop to use. the animals won't go to the pasture until you add a worker either and then it takes a little time. QUERY , i have never seen any wild pigs running around yet. what game are you playing??? are these the pigs that travel with the bunny who drops chocolate eggs too?lol
  11. PAENG,i tried it your way, i took my extra patch files out. black screen. so i renamed the 2 files back to their original 0 and 1 #'s. goodie i now have music too. you fixed it.lol i put my files back and it says 1.07 beta build 170212 does that count?? i do wish you was right thou. it would be easier to explain it to someone else. that is why i asked how many files he had to start from the 1.04 since i thought he said he had startesd with the 1.0. this trick or workaround could be used to bypass steam for other players also.
  12. PAENG, what version banished did you start with??? mine is a 1.0 duct taped and chicken wired together to work. lololol. if i replaced these files it won't work.don't pick on us poor folks that found a free game and spent too much time figuring out how we too could play with mods.lol my understanding of the 1.06 was it fixed 2 errors others were having. 1 was something with orchards and the other was a error when they clicked on a townhall. so i skipped the 1.06.
  13. you can get the eb bakery back by downloading the original file mod and place it above the CC in your mod order.
  14. le see if i can help with this. i have a 1.0 upgraded multiple times to a 1.05 build 160505 and CC journey works at that level. how many patch files do you have in your windata folder? i have 4 numbered 0-3 plus 2 datat files. you can get the 1.05 from shining rock. i actually have the 1.05 beta. the 1.06 was to fix a bug others were having. rename the 1.05 windata patch files to patch 2 and 3.,then copy the windata from the 1.04 to the new 1.05. make sure to link the banished app in the 1.05 to your desktop and u should be good to go for CC journey. when i did the upgrade to the 1.07 i did the same thing adding the 2 new files as patch 4 and 5.
  15. to me this is odd. if i minimze during load i run the risk of fatal error. then i'd have to completely start over. when i am playing the game i can minimize but not during load up or saving. i'm not using stea ,maybe that's the difference.