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  1. very welcome
  2. this issue with the flags seems to be happening to several buildings.my dock wood finder was storing all sorts of stuff the other day.
  3. the trader fix is so a merchant doesn't come onto the map and cause a error and crash. somehow some merchants are appearing with nothing in their boats causing the game to get confused.i have not seen that happen that i know of. i did have a crash that i did not solve though. i figure better safe than sorry so loaded the mod. i also did a overhaul of my mod since. the compatibility mod is the new 1 for CC and 1.07.it helps avoid errors and conflicts with the new limit flags. CC recommends it i believe even when using the megamod. i do actually use both compatability mods. without the older 1, many buildings i have don't show up in my toolbars. going back to your topic,it is neat to see how everyone plays different.i like going thru other players' mod lists sometimes to see what i may be missing.i recommend some pics along the way with some TH info screens.food graph,inventories,or production. they give more info on how the town works or its history.
  4. you can still use some of the older mods with the 1.07 and CC 1.75. depending on the number of mods,it can take a while to download them and sort the order.i recommend copying the WinDATA you have been using and keep it for a reference of what you used before. a list of the order you are using can help also. there is a trader fix mod at WOb and the compatibility mod here at CC. use both might save an error and crash later.
  5. according to what i am reading,you may want to try loading the indivdual flora mod and use NECORA's mod orders. that way the flora will load before CC.i do hope it will then override the conflicts.
  6. you do not need seeds for these. they will grow and plant fruit trees just like the foresters. you will need a gatherer to harvest the fruits. it is somewhat of a cheat. or you think of it as the bannies propagting wild grapes and apple trees. maples and nuts grow wild anyhow too.
  7. 1 thing i do like with the 1:1 age mod is if you pull up the changelog there are mnay different versions. gives you a way to pick and choose what options you want.nowdays i use the propertime mod which is set to age the bannies at 1 yr speed. my version the kids do start school late but finish at about 16. then they are ready to move out and start families.it does work out good. in early game before you have a school,the kids don't become laborers until 10 or 11.i watch females and when they are 15-17 i will build more houses.this will force males to move with them. if bachelors move by themself and stay alnoe too long, they can stay that way. females even living alone will have babies.this mod extends childbearing into mid 40's and allows old age to 80-90 i believe too.it seems to be a good balance. it will take a lot of micro-managing to function and build a town with only 1 worker.i usually hold off on a school til the 2nd generation. i can't use adam and eve starts with the mods i am using now. i do hope that gets fixed. i agree with the idea of a pair of adam&eves to start a game. i would like to do a game where you start with A&E or a pair of them,do no trading at all,and accept all nomads.debug the seeds and the 1st set or pastures. and grow and advance the technology by yourself.
  8. i think she ment ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and you can get it from (link removed). there seems to be a few versions of it going back to 1986. and it is free there,shhh (Link removed)
  9. what version of banished is it? it should say on the bottom of the screen. 1st i would turn off autosaves.2nd i would clear the banished registry.if none of that stops the crash,then i would disable all mods on that dialog box that pops up when you try to load after a crash.try to play vanilla and see if it crashed.if it does then change from dx11 to dx 9. i would also check other programs that may be running on the comp. how much ram is being used? my comp will crash if i try to do things while the game is loading.once it is loaded i can do other stuff and minimize the screen.
  10. the banished triangle haunts many.
  11. strange. i wonder if it layed down 1 before you clicked the "+" so there is 2 on the same space. now when you click the area it pulls up the 1 that can't be removed. at least the ghosted walls made it look fixed.
  12. when you say you made the planter "impassable" do you mean you used the empty space mod to do that? if so you may be right that it can not be removed. there are also some pieces,especially decorations that have a note added to be careful how you use them.some are difficult and some are impossable to remove.if all you want is to bring the stone fence around the corner than i suggest using ghosted stone walls on that corner.
  13. wow,the fields look much bigger in your pics. that is about what i do. i place fields at 10x10 and average 500 food each. so you have food for 120-150 population based on you farmers.the problem of moving supply can be solved with markets.1 vendor would move a lot of stock closer to population and stop the farmers from filling the closest barns. when i 1st started playing banished, i never liked using the markets cause there really is no money in the game. 1 thing i do also is to stop clearing more land by mid winter so the workers have time to catch up before spring. they can use the extra time to stock their houses up with food and firewood and it makes sure the farmers get baxk to their fields by spring to plant.if they get to their fields late the harvest could be less or none at all. i just had a snowfall in early fall cost me a corn crop completely.stupid thing is the pumpkins take longer to grow yet they didn't get frosted. if you ever find a good balance with CC let me know. i always over produce something and run out of something before i catch it.
  14. don't forget the small refinery and smelter are very helpful early in game to process that iron ore. glad you found the problem. now your pile is probably full of rocks. over at WOB slink made some nice small markets to store the stone and take pressure off the piles. the other thing you can do is adjuct your limits up or down so the workers don't over stock an item. should be an arrow with a line over it icon to get you to the limits.
  15. it is interesting to see how others play the game sometimes. can i ask a few questions? how long have you used the verdant plain setting? i'm too used to the lake maps that terrain plays with my eyes when i try it. with those huge fields how many workers do you have on them and how is your production numbers? it looks good with the wide roads and all the extra mods work well together.