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  1. ayuda

    did you move the file to the windata folder? open game,click mods,enable the MM mod,exit the game, and completely reload the game.
  2. can the deco pack be made to work without CC??? please
  3. i take it you are a new player. food processors are possable but bring a dliema.when you are a new player it sounds good to have so many items and options. i will explain the issues. 1> the workplace menu has to be item specific and can become very long. say you want to have mixed veggys as an output.the input has to a+b+c or d+r+f. the game will not go look in the barns and figure out what you have available and take 3 veggys and mix them. you must tell it what veggys to mix.so a line for carrot+bean+potato,a line for cucumber+peppers+onion,etc.every combination means another line in the drop down menu for each workplace. then while playing if you run low on 1 item,you will have to locate the workplace and change it. 2> the inventory menu becomes longer and longer.we can not have an inventory that is food only,and an inventory for each of the game flags-construction,mineral,crafted,misc,etc. so they are all mixed into 1 inventory.it takes over 4+ townhalls to get 1 full inventory on the screen now.the more we add the longer this lst becomes. the debate and discussions pertaining to those points has even caused arguements on various sites. there are players on both sides of the issues. modders have a tough time trying to find a balance for all players. there are several food options already though.the breakfast mod by KID at WOB has grains and coffee with several options.the bakery plus mod gives donuts and pies,etc. for meat there is butchers,smoke houses,a salt house. there is jams,pickles,canning,ciders,ales,whiskey,etc. would you like some cornbread or aot sugar cookies? sausages? smoked fish? trout?pheasnt,wild boar?cranberry,kiwi fruit? how bout fruit juices?? reindeer? bear steaks? there are many many options. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php
  4. at WOB,RED has a butcher that will make roast duck. TOM has a smoke shed mod that will smoke fish or venison.the older NMT mod with compatability 1.07 does still work.there is old salty and old smokey.KID also has a workplace mod that has many small pieces to place next to houses. a butcher for deer,a grinding stand to process flourm,and bakery for bread. 1 thing with adding the NMT,those buildings are easier to build earlier in game. i don't use inedible foods. you have found the problem with using it.not sure what food you are starting with or what all is inedible. you may find trading stone early with a value of 7 to help.you can use the apiary and have honey. KID and RED have some greenhouse options.these can help gain grain or fruit as well.look around http://worldofbanished.com/index.php THERE ARE MANY MODS TO HELP. are you getting too muc h duck and not enough venison and leather? i would recommend the no duck mod to fix that.you can try the pine mod. it will bring different foods that won't be affected by the inedible override. many many options.
  5. yep,then add NMT and other mods from WOB.totally brand new game.CC doubled it and you can double it again.huge difference.many options to fit anyones style or tastes.
  6. glad you found the problem. i never gave blocking them a thought since you said it happened to more than just 1 field.i always leave 1 space open all the way around the fields to insure this doesnt happen.plus it gives the farmer that space to set things down as he harvests.ghost fence should work. what climate settings are you using? it is odd that you have 2 harvests of plums. i never get that to work for crops like strawberry or even the beans.
  7. from what i see @ WOB, you have a woodcutter in the set. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=358
  8. if they are completely planted then i don't think the field size would be an issue.do you have other mods? i had issues and dumped some mods over time.they would plant the fields and then after a few years stop working that field all together. how is your education level?
  9. i would try changing graphic or shadow settings. you then could add the original NAT DIV mod.that will add thatch meadows and be less trees.the updated version is nice but will cause slow downs.the original did not. if the settings doesn't help, i would look at what mods you may be using.you can use task manager and manually close down programs so the computer has more RAM to use for the game also.
  10. did you hit the food limit since you are so well stocked? that would shut down the crops and other food producers including fishermen and gatherers.it should show an icon above the fields then.you can adjust the limits by clicking the gear icon andf then the arrow with the line over it icon. can't think of anything else that would cause it since they are planting the fields. otherwise i would look at any other mods you have added and load the compatability 1.07 mod to fix.
  11. those links date back before the page changed.the old site page.
  12. sounds like you got frustrated and then when you did add the compatability mod, forgt to exit and reload. the game allowed you to play then the mistake caught up on you.when you add any mod,you need to let the game reload and then exit and reload the game completely. you could try loading smaller mods or the CC without the MM.
  13. could be just a bad save file. did you try loading a different save?? i try to keep at least 1 other save when i exit for the day.
  14. yes i did mean hardwood. but yes there is lots of options.it pays to play with the toolbar icons. ghosted decorations,cranes.piles,plants,multiple house and storage options. look around there is much more.sometimes a small icon opens to another world.
  15. the housawares are not made at the same place.it is under a different icon slot than the furniture. remember you have options on the menu for the furniture and hardware furniture too.