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  1. did you add the recommended compatability 1.07 mod that is step 1. mod order??? pine mod should be at the top. does your computer shuffle the mod order when it crashed? mine is known to do that and it is subtle. might swap just 2 mods,but in mid-game you will find problems.
  2. i had issues with the items not being gathered. i think it is due to conflicts with other mods like the pine set. the new hobbit orchard grower mod added with CC solves this issue.
  3. i use it to help with the NMT mod. works awesome
  4. are you saying i am special or crazy?? LOL. without the old 1,my cows are confused and lots of buildings don't even show in the toolbar. while we are on the subject though. does the new compatability 1.07 fix issues between the 1.06 mods and the new flags and 1.07 mods even without CC?? i have recommended it but never have heard back how well it helps players who don't use CC.
  5. there is 2 of the compatability mods. the older compatability buildings mod and the new compatability 1.07. also remember they have to be in the right mod order. the old goes below CC,the new goes above it. both do different things to help older mods work.
  6. we do have saddles now.
  7. you can check WOB <world of banished > there are some diagnal sets. the rowhouse has a lot of diagnal houses.
  8. welcome to banished. thart is an on-going argument or debate. food doesn't rot and stores forever in the game. food processors are more for the player than to help the bannies. most do nothing except increase the trade value.trade value is not the same as quality or food value. the food value remains at 1. there are a few mods that actually do give more out than they take in.i think REDKETCHUP's mods will do that. take in 1 venison and give back more in roasts,etc. the processors is more for a players likes and ideas.when you 1st start using the processors you will notice the food reserve decrease,which can be frustrating. you think the process should increase and help but it really doesn't.it is realistic though.how much wheat does it take to give a bag of flour? 1 basket of berries makes how much jam? a pound of meat will be less when dried out into jerky or smoked. still it can be a headache when you are tryng to help the bannies but realize you ran low on food. without the food deteriorating over time,this was the best way to find a balance to the processors.the payback though is realy only if you trade the food away.
  9. i wish KRALYERG would make a super large lake map that loaded as medium settings so the nat div mod would be fooled to load at the start.
  10. there is also NECORA'S "riffle mod" that lets you dig and add water. the riffle mod works shallower than the other terraform mod.it also has a different texture to the water.problem you will find is either will be squarish looking.the riffle mod does have more options to help.
  11. don't feel bad. we are still learing too. i am still trying to better figure out my storage since the new item upgrade.i have old 1.06 mods that i like using but they won't store the new items.plus the misc is fertilizer and fodder. new markets move this and store it with food. as you play more,your style and game play changes. i am in the process of trying to decipher things to get a stable population.not sure if the information will be practical to use in a normal game play.
  12. when i build new buildings and set the 1st worker,i turn the allowed worker numbers down. otherwise they will do that. then you have to hunt them down. when a mine is being upgraded to make it dig deeper, i leave the miners alone. they will work as laborers until the mine is ready.then they will go mine automatically. the now-upgraded mine will have a higher allowed worker number though. in which case it can steal other miners from a different mine. the limits can be used to control workplaces better than turning off workers since it is easy to forget to turn them back on. when a tailor or blacksmith,etc hits the limit,he goes work as a laborer automatically.he will go back to keep making tools,etc when they are needed.this saves running out and then realizing why.
  13. you also have 1 laborer to 4 builders. the builders will help the laborer but be slower. i'd set it to 1 builder and 4 laborers. send them to clear land so you have stone and logs built back up.it will take a while since they will be slower now that you ran out of tools.usualy at start i use the mini mod and the workshot that can be used to make tools or coats.for a quick start ,the mini mod has several buildings that can be made easier.
  14. this work: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ZePVZCUPiuQ0RHc09VVktyc1k
  15. i hate those updates. i usually turn them off. i wish they would quit making new versions of windows,makes no sence except so you have to buy a new comp constantly. i have many games that will work on the old XP but do not on the win 7. good luck fixing that mess. you must have a good system to run the new nat div without lags.it slowed everyones games down so far. my bannies started to crawl and skip. i do miss some of the ideas to expand and spinoff mods from the new version. i agree with your thinking on the blueberries,odd that it only happens to CC large and not other maps. 1 thing that was strange with yours is how after so many years you had no trees.i have a forever tree mod but that just stops the trees from dying and falling over.my seasonFX shouldn't be affecting it because it is below the nat div to give a different crop field texture. trees still re-spawn along roads and in areas of the map that have not been cleared.just moving around the map i notice my forrests get thicker. it still makes me wonder why you had areas with no trees at all.even as trees die new should have spawned to make up the difference.