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  1. game is wild game comes from the pine mod trapper.if you have blank tags then you have a mod issue.looking at your list it is possable that the pine is not included with the MM. i don't use the MM.
  2. they were nomads that you tried to accept.if they can't get across a river or stream this can happen. 1wa y to avoid is save the game when they "arrive" at the townhall. then accept the nomads and pause the game.you should have homeless bannies on the info menu.now that you have located them,can they reach the center of town? are there rivers they can not cross? they might be able to reach you without bridges.they can travel far even thoug they will show hungry and cold.if they can't reach you because they are stuck on the other side of a stream,you now have 3 options. 1>reload and don't accept the nomads.before the next set,build the bridges.2> use the debug mod to build some quick plank bridges.3> send a few builders to build the bridges and hope they get built very fast. if you happened to have a boardinghouse,the nomads won't show homeless. to find them open the boardinghouse and cikck 1 of the bannies living there. clicking the laborers will take you thru a list of them also.
  3. is it by weight or item count? there is a huge difference. stone will weigh more than food. @estherhb if you think of it can you check if the items store in the order they are listed o the market? example say the list in the coding is food,raw materials,minerals,tools,clothing,firewood. than the market stocks food then raw materials,etc.in order. so if you had 10 food and 1000 tools,the vendor would waunder the map looking for the food and not stock the tools even though you have plenty. from what others have been reporting this seems to be the issue. the markets aren't stocking what is available while the vendor is looking for the odd items instead. like food is listed below the other items so the game prioritizes the other items more. thank you
  4. not all markets wil act the same. there are many mods including older 1.06 mods.some markets are set with a % alotted to different items.therefore they can not be filled with only a few items.in other words the market has space saved for food,clothing,firewood,etc so tools won't fill it totally. there are also sets of small markets or carts that can help with this issue. note most of the older markets do not have the coding for the new items,so they will only store the needed items and possably iron and logs. i have only seen 2 that will get stuck trying to store something they can not.. to ESTHERHB's point.you do not want to over or under produce things.under producing is much worse. as then the vendor has to travel to find the items and they become scattered everywhere but where you need them. you can control much with the limits.a newer townhall weill give you the info on how much is being produces and used. also be aware that older mods such as the my precious will still make items per the old rules. this can affect some limits such as textiles. i actually have this mod asd well as others, and have several items still using the old flags. couple pointers: 1> add a pile near mines or forests. i use a general pile in this locations to give them a quick place to drop items. also add a small shed or barn. i have a mod called storageshed. this is an older mod but very handy plus it looks good next to production areas. i use these a lot near shops so the workers have a quick place to unload what items they are making. very versatile. 2> remember what goes into a market stays there until needed by either a bannie in the case of food or a workplace such as textiles. they don't move from 1 market to another. this is helpful. what goes in market "A" will not fill market "B". i use an industrial plaza or some wharehouses near production areas.this market supplies the workers but also ties up some of these excess items. please check WOB,world of banished for many mods and ideas. as you play ,you will develop yur own playstyle and want different or more mods.rthe modders here and there both are awesome at coming up with new ideas.
  5. we need a composter to get rid of feathers and bonemeal and get fertilizer. thing is this exchanges 1 item for another. you can make survival coats with reeds from the dock set.or just trade them away to get them our of the barns. when you said you have CC above the RK and were using the TG,did you have the TG between the 2 big mods? the conflict might have been with the greenhouses from the RK. have you tried TOM's patch to get rid of feathers for the North mod? it might work without the North and be a work around. bonemeal is used by the apothecary.
  6. yeah,there are a couple mods that the markets will get stuck in loops.the compatability 1.07 mod might override them.in early games,the town is small enough markets aren't needed much. sometimes i will use 1 to empty barns for the farmers and to concentrate all food groups for the bannies.lots of times i'll enable the vendor in late summer or spring just to clear barns before harvest season.if there is 2 areas set up,i often will send the vendor from 1 market to the other. early in game i also leave the tool and clothing limits down.this way the workers spend more time helping the laborers.the bannies won't run out of anything ,and this way too they already live near their main workplace.
  7. depends on what i am in mood for or trying to do.it can take time to find the right setting to start with. as for the bannie count or ages.good luck. i have nomads aand options to nomad catchers to increase populations. have you tried the debug mod? it does have a way to add citizens.the terraform mods give you options to alter terrain. with the debug and terraform combined ,you can make your own map and then save it ,and unpause and play. keep a notebook or txt file handy to log good maps you find. there are blog pages full of maps as well.
  8. so far no. the bannies are limited on how high they can walk. new modders are like genies though.sometimes,they unlock great mysteries.
  9. KID's market puzzle does have some options for food and a general that stocks tools,clothing,firewood,and herbs.EB also has a set.RED's carts help since they are more specific on what they store. remember too that a 1.06 mod is designed to store 1.06 items not 1.07. though they are older mods does not mean they will not work. the mini mod does have a food vendor. combine it with a tool shop,wood chopper, and a clothing maker and you have a start.what you make will be in barns close by and the food vendor will keep all food groups in 1 spot. there are some general market mods out there that will do as you suggested. again these are 1.06 mods but do work. SLINK's small market set does have a general market. be advised if you have older mods, items will still be coded 1.06. such as the "my precious "mod. so yes you still will have silver and gold moved oddly.
  10. here are several age mods. the propertime mod,the norseman,a guy at WOB said he would set 1 whichever way you want it.the 1:1 age mod also has many options,check the change log section.all of those age the population 1 year per game year. i am not sure if that alone will solve what you describe.sounds like trying to find equilibrium where the population graph stays stable. that has been tried. there are blogs about that. to get a decent blanace,you need a ratio of old near death citizens to students and children.the game doesn;t give us the count of those older citizens. it groups them all as adults. each players plays and handles things different. we each learn over time our own styles.some use nomads and some don't.a 1:1 age mod whichever it be,will slow the game down considerably.some think it slows it down too far. i do like them since everything else happens on a year base.you grow food and cut wood in 1 year but the bannies age faster in vanilla.when i want to expand i take a group of nomads.you will need to build supplies to handle them. food,tools,clothing,logs,firewood. other players use different size houses to stunt growth.some only allow the bannies to have 1 child.
  11. i build a small holding pen near the trade post. this is a way to keep them while a pasture is cleared. when you click on the pasture there is a "?" for the animal,you need to select the type based on what you have. click the "?" mark and there will be a list.then set a worker,be sure he goes to the pasture.depending on mods he might go elsewhere. it does take some time for the animals to move themself but the count on the pasture menu should show the # of animals. even 1 animal will breed.soon you will have more.the herdsman will collect eggs and milk. the pasture will have to fill up before you see meat and leather. animals will die if there is no worker for a long time or if you buy them and don't allot a pasture to them.1 worker can handle large pastures of 30x30. be advised this info pertains to regular animals in pastures. there are also "domestic animals" required to build some buildings, trade animals, as well as a chicken,goats,rabbits pens and cow sheds.those do function differently.i won't even try to confuse you with how many "cow" types there is by now.
  12. give the bannies more ale.make sure they have a wife or husband,be sure they aren't crowded in thier houses. a cematary. don't forget the few citizens hiding in the forest areas. they need grain.without a market nearby they will not stock it.they will take the fruit,roots,and deer meat but have no grain. it could also be the game itself. mine will show 99% clothed,even if i have 1000 coats. when you get done,try the Norseman mod by TOM SAWYER. he has made it so happiness has more influence to the game. the bannies start with 3 stars.
  13. what bout using it for the fort ,charter company ,and trades? doesn't the old smelter still do gold?
  14. anther thing that will help is turn off any programs you are not using or don't use at all. bluetooth,office files,etc.
  15. you could try the norseman mod from TOM.you have 3 stars and then build happiness up. with your harder starts,the min mod,work place and quick hunters are handy.