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  1. the 1.75 has a stable in it and is 1.07 version.the mod order i gave should have fixed the issue.the error on save and exit could be unrelated. i am wondering if it is between the stable and the inedible mod.other than mod order,the only thing then will be upgrade to 1.07.or drop the stable mod.
  2. i do believe with the MM, CC recommends using the compatability 1.07 mod with it.and it must be above CC.
  3. mod order:stable population, inedible meat above CC,stable needs to be below CC. do you have it that way?
  4. mine is start menu,documents,banished,screenshots.then i open the pic resize it to 75% and save as jpeg format before posting.
  5. i understand you haven't changed the mods in awhile.however you also stated that you had not built a mill before.based on that the problem itself might not be new.hence my suggestion to re-read the write ups on each mod and be sure of the order.some mods are very touchy about that. i use the older compatability mod and the new 1. they both MUST be in the mod order correctly or i have issues.1 above and 1 below CC. very easy to confuse the 2 mods. i would like to see a pic of which watermill.
  6. not sure it matters to this. the main differnce in the versions is flag limits.we now have more than before.just because a mod shows red does not mean it won't work either.many mods now show red that do work fine.did you try the mod in game?
  7. ough crops can drop due to several reasons,what you describe appears to be a different issue.crops can drop due to cold and snow earlier in fall.farmers become laborers in winter and sometimes get back to fields late.try not to clear land far away in winter.uneducated workers will produce less also.since you have 2 fields andthe new 1 does produce,i will assume you di not hit the limit on textiles.if the field was blocked,i would think it wouldn't produce at all.how spread out is storage and housing? is it possable the barn fills and then he needs to travel farther to finish harvest?
  8. check your mod order.maybe inedible meat and the stable needs to be below CC.not sure why it would cause an issue like that though.did you have a differet old mod before? some are known to hang in the registry and do weird things.
  9. hmmm interesting.normally the nat div gives you meadows here and there.you is right the nat div should be top mod.check some of the screenshots and make sure it is working with the north mod.you could try the lite version of the nat div mod to see if it helps more.i actully went back to the prior version because of lag times.do you see thatch on the map anywhere? that would be best way to find out if the mod is functioning.
  10. what mods are you using? what version banished do you have?
  11. you can control that. there is a bar to set the number of animals in the pasture. move it left and drop the number of animals.it is always good to stockpile food early on to handle populatioon growth and nomads later though.
  12. i would say about 4 gigs but running with stream probly more..
  13. when you enabled CC,did you exit completely and reload?otherwise check the amount of RAM you have available.
  14. add the compatibility 1.07 above CC and that mod solves issues between 1.06 mods and the new flag limits. then you can use old mods if you perfer.many at WOB have already been updated.i use several older mods since some have not been updated and others i prefer where they place in the toolbar.not alll mods are affected by the changes. both compatibilities together help a lot.
  15. that is a lot of bannies on strike though.
  16. i had something similar happen a while back. bannies going homless for no reason.happened no matter how much i built houses. i believe it was the bigger familes mod causing conflicts.once i took that mod out all is fine again.you could also try building normal houses so the bannies willl be able to live as families.
  17. the easiest solution is to not build so many close together.many mods work that way. if you spam the map with the mini pasture lots,you have the same kind of overpowering problem. but most people don't do that.i like the little pens for fort areas but only use 1 of each. if you were tryint to buiild a huge dock town ,then you would want the high output to feed many bannies without crop space. i did have the output way down too low a while back. it was due to mod order and i think it was a necora mod that threw the outputs off. with those mods above CC i had a huge drop.i have changed the order and helped my situation. i believe it was the maritime storage or the crystal cliffs mod. you could tey using those above CC and see what happens. if i remember right i had about 200 duck for each blind.so it was too low.
  18. even if you get the game to start and function there are conflicts. building certain buildings can cause a crash or they don't function properly.main difference is the iron ore.i have made many tests and blog pages here and at WOB.TOM designed the north to unique and more challenging.there are many building mods from the north that can be used with CC if you also load the NMT mod or import the roof tiles. the last attempt i made using the new compatibility 1.07 mod and it also failed. the conflicts are not just related to the 1.07 changes either.i don't recommmend trying to use the 2 mods together.
  19. with only 4Gb ram it will take a while.you can try using the task manager and turn off programs you aren't using.also try disabling autosaves and try dx9 instead of 11.it may take 15 mins just to load.
  20. welcome to CC. did you check out WOB also? worldofbanished. load times varry so much from comp to comp. you can try using your task manager and turn off programs you are not using.i also disable autosaves.
  21. i actually think that rebellious crop addin is causeing the spawning of those berries. at what year do you start to notice the blueberry spreading and taking over? i dropped my game back to the original nat div due to the lag times.as a added note ,KEVIN, when you do the screenshots,it is nice to show some stats sometimes. say like population and housing stats or a long food graph. i post mine at WOB. right now i am working to use all my mods in 1 map.
  22. use ghosted trees or plants.under the ghosted deco there is many things you will like.should be far right icon under decorations.
  23. try turing off other programs that are running but you aren't using when playing.
  24. i was going to say add the compatibility 1.07 to solve this issue. it fixes problems with the new tag limits and older mods.
  25. the maritimes pine mod.it is processed by stuff collected in the pine forest.