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  1. thanks for correcting mme. that is why i still use the no coal mod. BUILDHAPPPY are you using a mod to mkae the charcoal?have you tried the 1.07 compatability mod?
  2. if i told yas how much chicken wire and duct tape i used to get this game to work,i will get banned and kicked out.so no judgement from me at all.glad to have more players to bring more ideas to make the game better.
  3. i don't think houses use charcoal in the newer CC mods.beyond that you may want to check on each modded house and then those that use charcoal place the above CC in mod order.the new thatch from the NAT DIV mod is used by most houses as firewood also.
  4. wb KEVIN. NECORA is away on RL work.as you play with this mod please send us more feedback.i have started a village blog at WOB under testing the north.i am trying to figure out some kinks for when NECORA comes back.be glad to hear feedback. thank you
  5. i have never seen a tailor that will make ALL clothing types.i have several options-pelts,furs,survival,hide,linen,etc.reminds me of the guy who tried to make a bakery for every item from the bakeryPLUS mod. he had a full map and was running out of room last i heard.not sure if he is still at it.he needed more milk and grain than he had land.it was a challenge. someday after the updates slow down i will try a map and build every building and piece of every mod i have that will work in 1 map.
  6. d you need the 1.07 compatibility mod??you could force the issue and load the DS above CC.
  7. ok i think i get the concept.what do you want the reward to be?the way RED coded the trains should work to do as you are asking in that it would take the goods. i do think,i have not tested any,there are buildings now that require "x"amount of a item to function every so often.NECORA built a fishing spot that needs boats to work. it has to be upgraded every so often i belive. i think Ds also developed a similar chain.that idea would work with your ship construction idea.all those modders i mentioned are busy at the moment so this idea may take time.yopur idea does make sence with the fort pieces and functions. so far noone has cracked the game code enough to give seeds without it being a merchant boat.i do not think nomads has been cracked enough to give you "x"number of nomads as an option either.not sure what we could import as a reward.it is an interesting idea.
  8. LOL,RED i thought you had enough to do. you really want to redo the CC mod too?or just break it apart more?
  9. te fodder and perfume use water like craxy now. there is also more leather products by EB. i agree these pens can be overused.i only use them in like a fort setting where it is limited for space. thatch has different options coming in the next update.i would like to see RED expand the fodder to a dairy barn to produce milk and fertilizer.i think a combination of thatch and fodder and mayb a grain might be a good option for a future fodder field mod.i do know at the moment RED has his hands full with the NMT upgrade.
  10. i think clothing has like 2 options warm and warmer. there are survival coats<reeds+feathers>hide coats,wool,fur,and pelts now.under CC with the NFT there is many more options also.
  11. this happens with several types of tools. my understanding is they use as they are suppose to. say stone tools reads"steal" but acts like stone tools.
  12. actually the names don't matter. just the number code. and yes it can be a pain to find a special map. i recommend keeping a paper handy to write down some as you do find them. there are blogs here and there that you can search tru also.the size can affect the way the map looks too. if you find a mpa that is close to what you want,you might try changing just the size.
  13. is there am updatd version? NECORA just put out a few updates before he left for a while.yes it works with journey.
  14. those aren't ghosted. it is a handy mod though. KID made roses and more to at WOB.
  15. try this link. it has several lilacs,daffodils and other trees and flowers.http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=652.0;attach=13417
  16. NECORA'S raffle mod
  17. the NAT DIV and NECORA'S pine mod are must haves ,ESTHERHB. after that it depends on playstyle and tastes.
  18. or start a psture and have little trade cows.
  19. i wonder if it has to do with the way they store items. some barns i think store by %. so say it is suppose to store "x" at 25%+ this and that to make up the 100%. if some how you made a diferent item all of a sudden that % would change. say you made ropes but hadn't before. the game math gets changed and it caused a glitch. instead of falat error and kicking you out of the game,it sent the workers to sort the barn instead. i'd be curious to see if they do put it all back. if they do save the game and compare hose items to what was in it before they did this. with the new limit flags there have been several hiccups with storage. i have had the log finder from the docks store all kinds of stuff including food and beeswax.
  20. the best place to check inventory is the townhall.these bannies move stuff all over the place. the mini mod town hall is quick and easy to make to keep an eye on things early in games.
  21. i know the feeling. i tried to do a mixture by overlapping several of them and have 1 forester plant a few years on each. if i had cleared the old trees 1st, it may have worked better. since though,NECORA made the maple and apple forest. don't think i have tried the other orchards since.
  22. you need to upgrade the banished game to 1.07 version and then the CC will work.or you could load the CC NFT and that would work with the 1.06 banished.
  23. whamod is the marble quarry in???? as to your conflicts: are you using the compatibility 1.07 mod??
  24. if nothing is being built,i would check to be sure the building they are working on has materials to be built.click on the builder and click the tool icon. he will tell you where he wants to work.sometimes it may be that he needs reeds or something to be delivered to that spot. say you plant a decorative apple tree but have no apples,the banie can't build it. if you happened to set a lot of these out,the builder gets stuck. it is like he decides to do nothing or get confused. you can assign more builders by clicking on the construction site and adding to the allowable workers there.this can help when you have several projects at once. you can choose to leave 1 to finish here and the rest to go on to the next. laborers supply the builders. if they are busy clearing a huge area then building will be slow also.
  25. very welcome