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  1. the trader is a goofy 1. the old town trader won't accept things but the large vanilla looking trader does. however i wonder if it is becuase NECORA's mods are above CC in my mod order and he has turpentine under a new tag. it seems to add turpentine to materials though.i set the trader to 100 turpentine and it never stores any. same with pine pitch. it is odd that 1 trader worked and 1 did not. i am going to adjust my mod order and will try some things again.
  2. how goes the tree planting up there??? i know you have been busy. i have a couple of questions.the goat pen gives "goat milk".i take it you have plans for that since you didn't just label it "milk"? did you adjust the growth rate or aging rate on the trees? i have experimented and was looking at NILLA's notes as well. seems to take 8+ years to get a good productive growth to the maples and apples.do your forests give domestic animals or are those controled by the CC map? i ask cause i have way more domestic animals than i need and noticed the maple forester did collect some a few different years. i have over 100 of them now and never had that happen before. while you are at trees,any chance of adding walnuts or hickory nuts to the foresters? or would that just take away from the apples and sap?
  3. i wish the individual mods would load into the game that way. go under the community icon when they add to a set like the DS and medevil sets,yet also send houses to the house icon and storage to the storage icon. some mods did this before but not all. i know with so many mods i foget what all i have sometimes. you build a village and then have to chase around to see what hospital or school will look good with it. with CC,sometimes you have to pick and choose by what materials you have.if you start with a grain, you can only build certain mills or silos. if the buildings group together themself you don't have to take time to click all icons to figure out which 1 you can want. just a thought. now that we have the community icon ability can we better use it?? what if under each group the modders have their own space?? like under housing RED has a red tinted RK icon, and also he has 1 under storage,food process,city buildings,etc? same for KID,DS,etc. that still gives the recognition AND could set the buildings to their proper place.then the community icon is for sets like the mission,rowhouse,colonial,etc.but the rowhouses and buildings would still list in both places. do i get 10 stars and a cookie for this idea????? to me this makes the most sence especially if it can be coded to automatically place the mods for the modders.
  4. did you change any mods or update anything during this game?when they emptied the pile ,did you click on it to see if anything was left?what did you do different from the 1st time to the 2nd after reloading the save? maybe the banis were bored or drunk. that is a crazy glitch.
  5. yep it is the woodland looking CC journey trader. i built the vanilla 1 and that does accept the pine resources. might be a cc glitch on the other.
  6. did all the trader issues get fixed?? pine mod above CC, old town trader will not take in turpentine. turpentine says it is tagged as material. i am playing as a 1.06 and a half: 1.07upgrade with 1.71 cc journey which is before the 1.07 upgrade.many mods still 1.06 before the community icon and 1.07 also.newest pine set 102.
  7. ancient chinease man said"be careful what you wish for" . if you upset the wizards, you will find yourself knee deep in piles of papers and codes. it will be worse than staying after school writing on the blackboard 10,000 times "I WILL NOT UPSET THE WIZARD" while all the other students claw their fingernails across the slate.after which draining swamps full of allligators will sound like fun.
  8. PAENG the way to fix all this would be like unravelling christmas lights or knots from a ball of yarn after 2 cats played with it for a week. it would take undoing half the game codes. plant and grow and harvest all types of crops. once those are stored they become vegetables,protein,grain,and fruit. or do we split it 1 step more: meat and seafood,green vegetable root vegetable,tree fruit berry? i agree it would unclutter many menus. i wouldn't wish all the recoding on anyone.and i am sure it would cause many debates.
  9. 'm not drinking with NECORA if he adds mushrooms to his cider. yukk
  10. i like the idea of consolidating all the berry fruits into just berry overall. it would make the menus less cluttered . if it didn't mean changing and rewriting all the codes for CC and other mods, it would be a good idea. we pick strawberry,rasberry,blue/black,etc but they could all work as berry. then the preservist would use any berry to make jams. way it is now,we have to manually tell the building which berry to use. if it runs out of blueberry, it stops working until we change which berry it is to use. happens with yogurt,bakeries,etc. however i don't think a berry can be coded to be universal and used as any berry. the only fix i see would be to recode everything which isn't practical. we need more limits and flags already. lol would be nice if the game did allow this though. like make stew=1 meat +2 vegetables= whatever meat the banis have they throw into pot and add what vegetables they have to it. sadly we have to manually tell them which foods to put in the pot. interesting idea but i think we are too late to the party on this 1.
  11. hmm i think i understand part of that idea. we have strawberry,rasberry,black and blue berry bushes all producing 1 type of berry. when harvested or gathererd what will we get?? blueberry?? there are times the game reads "berry" as blueberry. some of the taverns produce ciders or ales say they use berry but they only use blueberry.just wondering if this will confuse the game?
  12. how bout a building similar to the forest hospital, change the wood grain style and lighten it, add a back door and deck for hunting,add 2 story residences on the ends at least, and add lean to covers for over the boiler and apple press. a modular set to be used for stoarge and a hunting lodge.
  13. without changing the game functions, how hard will it be to override the way the various vanilla plants look? is it a matter of just changing some graphic files?? curious to hear how you plan to dd these to the game. is your plan to continue and redo all plants???
  14. what aging mod are you using? what sie houses? how many laborers do you keep? nomads?? there are several things to do to control the population. one is to build houses more than you need. this will cause the family to split but increase its overall size. mom takes half the kids but can still reproduce. if you happen to be building houses that only house 3 ,then yes you will not grow. another idea i use, is to take the adult population and divide by 2 that gives the number of houses. you will need to watch the food limit since this should give a good constant growth rate.
  15. DID YOU TRY THE DOCK PIECES or the plank or stone creek bridges? screenshot with the map # would help to see how far it is. the best solution you have now is debug it and build a quick bridge,send the banis over there ,then delete the bridge. tnow they will be stuck on the island.
  16. no matter how i say this it will upset some. we do appreciated modders and all the work they do to make the GAMES we play more interesting.without ALL the modding games like simcity4,farm sim 2013,banished,etc,etc would not be the same.the modding takes lots of work and brings so much to our games.so i mean noooo disrespect to anyone at all. we seem to be stuck between 2 points. the modders having recognition and the ability tio place mods in the game to be user friendly. is there a solution to do both?? players who don't play every day or new players will find houses under houses,storage under storage,etc. if they have to open 10 icons searching for a house they like or a particular building that fits the area they are working on,they will get confused and frustrated. in reality a new player is not going to realize who various icons belong to anyhow. there are times that sets are better to be under a community icon like the medevil set,mission set,rowhouse set,etc. howver, a house,bakery,mill,market,hunter should go under the vanilla icons instead of being added to the toolbar individually or under the community icon either. it is easier to find a house under housing than opeing every icon. the idea of doing both made sence since even the sets could be broken into their proper parts. if you open the trader icon,it would list all the available traders. this is helpful for several reasons. sometimes 1 building won't fit an area but anotheer might. also the sets don't all include every needed buyilding. not all have a medical building,a blacksmith,a herbalist,a school,etc. so us players need to figure out what building will loook good with the set. i realize this makes modders work harder. as i said before,it would be nice if the game automatically places buildings under the icon it belonged to.then a set could be loaded and it would add under the community icon yet the individual buildings would add to their proper place as well. best of both worlds. you can throw me out and slap me if all that sounded rude. it isn't ment to be. us players are funny and srange. WE KNOW THAT. we all have our own ideas and style of playing. but that is what makes this a great game. we don't have to conform to rules and all play the same way. we can build this building and that 1. we don't have to build a whole set this way and make all our towns look the same.
  17. yerah some will be affected but not all. the game doesn't always use the above mod to override the 1's below in the mod order.
  18. i agee with estherhb and paniscus. the vanilla toolbar with a community icon. CC and modders under that. BUT if the mod is just housing then it should be under the housing.city buildings under the service icon and production under a production icon. then sets should go under the community icon also. kind of the best of both worlds in 1. theres times you build a village and want the buildings to match. there are also times you just want to add a school or a church without going thru every icon to see what looks good in this particular area. some of the expansion of the vanilla toolbar was good. where the confusion and clutter started is when mod sets came about. sometimes a mod will place under the icons and sometimes it becomes a set and adds another icon to the toolbar.each mod seemed to add itself in differently. wish the game itself would move all traders under the trader icon or all markets under markets,all barns under storage,etc. more uniform and done without modders having to rewrite all their mods.
  19. does the way the item looks in the forest on the ground have to be the same as the way it looks once the banis pick it up and carry it? say you have a normal looking bear,once the bani collects it does it have to look like a bear while it is being carried? or can it look like a bear and then look like the bani is carrying meat or furs? if so then yeah it would be neat to have a mixture of placed animals throughout the forest.
  20. ouch. them crazy banis won't use salt water to put out fires......hmm i turn off the disasters so that does not happen. did you have any wells?? i would recommend several. try doing a rain dance?
  21. if you figure out the animations of this game ,please post it. the other modders would like to have that info. noone has made much sence of that part of the coding.
  22. most things hae been modded. thou there are always room for new ideas. in the last few mths even much has changed as us players learn more about the game limits,we try to find new ways to work around them. many players have differing opinions on the inedible idea. it has its flaws. biggest 1 being that inedible means they would starve while having food. i do understand your dilema. i read some posts here and the guy was building a different bakery for each baked good. using the bakery plus mod that is a ton of milk and grain.he was having troubles from not having enough space to grow all that he needed. to me those workers that run low on supply become laborers to help elsewhere.i tend to keep banis busy and my laborer count down.we all play differently.
  23. rooftiles are made by the medevil brickmaker.
  24. oh,i'm not saying it isn't possable. but that some mods out there already weren't made with that idea in mind. they won't use "inedible"foods. you can mod new buildings to do both.
  25. i think you are right. the bakery has to be able to store inedible before i uses it. as to "berry", did you have blueberries? the other berries don't seem to work as a 'berry" like rasberry or blackberry.i think jams and ales work the same way in other mods. berry in game means blueberry.