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  1. at WOB,RED has a butcher that will make roast duck. TOM has a smoke shed mod that will smoke fish or venison.the older NMT mod with compatability 1.07 does still work.there is old salty and old smokey.KID also has a workplace mod that has many small pieces to place next to houses. a butcher for deer,a grinding stand to process flourm,and bakery for bread. 1 thing with adding the NMT,those buildings are easier to build earlier in game. i don't use inedible foods. you have found the problem with using it.not sure what food you are starting with or what all is inedible. you may find trading stone early with a value of 7 to help.you can use the apiary and have honey. KID and RED have some greenhouse options.these can help gain grain or fruit as well.look around http://worldofbanished.com/index.php THERE ARE MANY MODS TO HELP. are you getting too muc h duck and not enough venison and leather? i would recommend the no duck mod to fix that.you can try the pine mod. it will bring different foods that won't be affected by the inedible override. many many options.
  2. yep,then add NMT and other mods from WOB.totally brand new game.CC doubled it and you can double it again.huge difference.many options to fit anyones style or tastes.
  3. glad you found the problem. i never gave blocking them a thought since you said it happened to more than just 1 field.i always leave 1 space open all the way around the fields to insure this doesnt happen.plus it gives the farmer that space to set things down as he harvests.ghost fence should work. what climate settings are you using? it is odd that you have 2 harvests of plums. i never get that to work for crops like strawberry or even the beans.
  4. from what i see @ WOB, you have a woodcutter in the set. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=358
  5. if they are completely planted then i don't think the field size would be an issue.do you have other mods? i had issues and dumped some mods over time.they would plant the fields and then after a few years stop working that field all together. how is your education level?
  6. i would try changing graphic or shadow settings. you then could add the original NAT DIV mod.that will add thatch meadows and be less trees.the updated version is nice but will cause slow downs.the original did not. if the settings doesn't help, i would look at what mods you may be using.you can use task manager and manually close down programs so the computer has more RAM to use for the game also.
  7. did you hit the food limit since you are so well stocked? that would shut down the crops and other food producers including fishermen and gatherers.it should show an icon above the fields then.you can adjust the limits by clicking the gear icon andf then the arrow with the line over it icon. can't think of anything else that would cause it since they are planting the fields. otherwise i would look at any other mods you have added and load the compatability 1.07 mod to fix.
  8. those links date back before the page changed.the old site page.
  9. sounds like you got frustrated and then when you did add the compatability mod, forgt to exit and reload. the game allowed you to play then the mistake caught up on you.when you add any mod,you need to let the game reload and then exit and reload the game completely. you could try loading smaller mods or the CC without the MM.
  10. could be just a bad save file. did you try loading a different save?? i try to keep at least 1 other save when i exit for the day.
  11. yes i did mean hardwood. but yes there is lots of options.it pays to play with the toolbar icons. ghosted decorations,cranes.piles,plants,multiple house and storage options. look around there is much more.sometimes a small icon opens to another world.
  12. the housawares are not made at the same place.it is under a different icon slot than the furniture. remember you have options on the menu for the furniture and hardware furniture too.
  13. are you using the "bigger families " mod? i had an nissue where bannies were kicking people out as fast as i built houses.been a long time ago.took several years to figure out what was going on and why.it was a residency mod and the bigger families i am no longer using so i assume it was that 1. i have not seen an aging mod do it by itself.not saying it can't be affected by some other mod though. i use proper time mod from WOB.
  14. best would be the plantation field. but u can grow them in a crop field,the herb grower from the dock set or KID's spice and bakery mod.
  15. i do wish this idea worked for the vanilla maps too. be neat to find some old ruins of past towns or something.
  16. did you all check out WORLD OF BANISHED as well? they have lots of mods and info there. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php
  17. did you finish it or run out of room? @BuildHappy
  18. run the mill for a while then switch the mill to firewood. when you want more lumber switch him again. there isn't much of a easy solution.we were lucky LUKE gave us the extra limits last year. there is so many itmes it is hard to balance them all.
  19. there is 2 different mulberry's. the silk mulberrry has its own special orchard.is your mulberry forest orchard giving you red mulberries?
  20. it does make it more interesting. it slows down the game a lot. i also try to throw out some tid bit info now and then to help new players.and give more looks to various mods for ideas too. i really wanted to finish the TOWNS map where i built every mod.computer kept fatal errorring out on me.
  21. that is one of the great things about banished.there is no right or wrong way and everyone can make their own game and rules. i've heard of players taking an adam and eve start and run without nomads a long ways. i know IRRELEVANT has the longest map ever and he still plays it.there is a player who made a bakery for each different bakery item using the bakery plus mod.so many options makes the game fun and different. though i don't use the MM,i do have over 115 mods and adding to it constantly.each time i try to weed my files and clear my registry and old saves. i have played different ways over the years. i think everyone's playstyle developes and changes over time. lately i have been doing a"settling of america series". i started with some mods and built a landing fort area as a base to send out other settlers from. went on to build other towns or maps. been almost a month since i blogged any towns. i've been sick since before the holidays. finally i am feeling better and hope to continue the series soon. you can check it out at WOB: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1730.0
  22. look under storage and then the normal barn storage. there should be several options there. food and material barn and some carts.
  23. it is good to see pieces of CC split out for the other players to use. however this mod needs some adjustments. i debug tested it without CC. the indian trader could use different options besides ale and iron tools. he stole almost all my tools just in a quick test. there quartermaster is a bit high on producing the military supplies.lot faster than being used. especially noticable since it is not required to build the workplaces.i wish hardtack was still being used by some of the workplaces as well.the work camp seems low on outputs. the set can only make wool and leather uniforms.the CC set has more options as well as another tailor building. the 1 tailor should have at least leather coats added.the work time for the forward outpost is high. it took him longer to produce anything. i axtually thought he was not working at all. oh, and the decoration tents require linen that there is no way to make.the ceremonial grounds are way too good. nobody gets killed by arrows but the output is high.can we trade those at the indian trading post? i was glad to see new tent houses for the indians that can be used for housing.can the camp fire come with an actual fire working? can the barracks be given an option to split it in half and have a family of 5 or 6 live in each half? Another good option would be the towers to be used as hunters and find elk,bison,and turkeys randomly with leather. that way there is someone using the towers.not all the towers but an option to place 1 or the other. then a player could build a long wall with 5 towers but only 2 or so are actually hunting towers. it would be nice to see additions to the indian set as well. a medicine man as a doctor,a trapper,a tailor that makes survival coats or leather coats. thanks for the hard work and time you all have put in. hope to see more parts of CC split off next year.
  24. you can use the NMT with the compatability 1.07 mod added.then the NMT items will work for CC or vise versa as well. RED is in the process of remaking a ton of stuff. since you like KID's wildwest mod,be sure to check out EB's mods. there are some farmhouses and leather shops.you can make saddles now.
  25. have you checked out the pine mod? i did not realize syrup has no food value for the bannies. i agree that should be fixed. the production is probably based partly on realism and fnding a balance with the trade values.the pine mod does use charcoal or firewood to boil the sap down. the sap is inedible until boiled into syrup.