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  1. what is the 2nd pic down? was hoping for more pics of the cider press and sap bioler. keeping with the forrest theme: how bout a small still? and we need a hunting lodge.could do as a storage place or market. could expand it to b modular and have additions to the sides for hunting and gatherer, add residences to upper floors. still need a fur trapper.add it as wild game,and then process for more meat cuts.ranning could give us both leather and furr. furr and leather coats giving more warmth and better trade values.similar to what "the north"mod does with reindeer coats.could do a 20x20 ghost square of a forrest with a lodge in the center. randomly get furs,logs,the pine pitch,sap,etc. with this way u can add animals for the furrs without having to make them animated. going back to the fishing: u could do a lighthouse as a residence. and a fishing pond or small lake.the 1 RED has with the NMT mod is too nice. we need 1 igger and "rougher"looking.say big enough we could use a rowboat in.mayb a small dock and a shack with some tree stumps in the lake.
  2. be advised i played this way for 35+ yrs. the last yr has been full of fatal errors . with constantly saving ,i could get the game to play forward and was not able to force the error so to diagbose why or what was causing them. in the end i bought bloom which is iron ore in the north mod.when the bloom is delivered to a storage pile then it fatal erros. do not buy bloom. however,that does not explain the errors throughout the last yr. i may try to go back 1 more save point n continue this game.
  3. THIS IS cc 1.61 THE FORGE AWAKENS WITH THE NORTH plus several other mods. After several mod re-downloads and shuffling my mod order multiple times,and a war with a dictator<jk/lol>, i did get the 2 mods to work together.i downloaded the newest version i found. then reloaded to the newest beta version. i also added the russian house,as it was newer than the NORTH version. i like having the debug active,not to cheat but its handy to check new mods out with.place CC above The North and turn off all other nordic mods(or you get small funny toolbar icons).with the NORTH above,the game errored and kicked me out. there are sveral differences. subtle changes to some map window terrain,some of the bushes look different,way the snow looks on fields and roads,deer look like reindeer but do not give fur only leather. the stat box has several changes: the calendar now reads by month not seasons and all the icons are shuffled around- food is where the firewood was,logs is where food was,etc. the profession's box has several additions to it, enough that the box is much larger. this covers where i usually have the stat window. opening a few buildings,i noticed the iron icon on the build menus has changed. we also now have a few extra icons under the remove toolbar- quick placeale hunter and crayfish catcher,as well as a firewood gatherer. Please note this is based on the 1st game with both mods active.you would think the game would load the game play of CC and just add on buildings fromTHE NORTH that weren't included. This is not totally the case. As i said the deer are changed. thou i have only checked the mini fisherman,fish are now salmon plus a flyfisherman that catches trout. The hunters all seem to have increased productions. Even the small circle placeable hunter is very productive for such a small area. I assume that it's understood he works a larger area than the placed circle. I did place it near 5 or 6 deer,but even after those were gone the production did not drop off. Even the mini fisherman had a production boost,thou not as dramatic. thou i could have affected it by my game play, the builders seem slower but laborers seem faster. so the game plays faster and slower at the same time. hope that makes sence. traders seem to come less often than just CC. climate and field differences: I chose mild climate as that seemed to fit where i live. I did not realize the changes that the NORTH would affect until i started playing. Playing the NORTH before i noticed i had to adjust the climate up a level to be accurate to my local. I may decide to do that in future games. the temp thru the winter is close to here. However,the summer seems about 10 degrees f and august seems to start fall. temps in august here is 80-90,more like mid summer yet. in game august was 55-65 degrees. fields harvested closer to the begnning of september.overall yields per field is a bout 50% compared to playing with just CC. where i used to figure 1 farmer per 5 ppl, i'd be figuring double that at least. JUST figured i'd log this in case others want to try the 2 mods together. and to give new players a heads up on some of the differences. It's not to say the changes are good or bad. I was surprised how much THE NORTH did override the CC. That was not expected. I haven't played this way long enough to say it is harder or easier than before overall. It's just different and with anything it takes time to adjust ones style of gameplay to that. I do hope as TOM updates and adds to this mod that he also updates the beta versions as well.
  4. NECORA,this mod set is looking better all the time.well done.i'm glad u set that lumberjack up like that.sometimes people don't want the large mill. that will be a good edition.
  5. its a secret.shhhhhh <<dont yell at me the circus closed and now us clowns have nothin else to do.
  6. i'm not a modder so excuse me if this is dumb. how much control over the trees changing with the seasons do you have? could you piggyback a sound onto the changes in the trees? in otherwords as the trees bud you get 1 set of sounds,and then as it leafs you get another?? the crops is about the only thing in game that is close to 4 seasons<plant,grow,harvest,winter> and i bet we have very limited control that way. just trying to think of a workaround. sometimes thinking outside the box helps.
  7. it would be nice if the icons from various mods would add themself in where they belong.sadly they do not. you get a mixture. sometimes houses will add to houses and sometimes as an extra icon then splits down. as RED's NMT had its own icon,it would be nice if that could be added to without having to reload the entire mod set each time. most storage buildings do add where they belong,but not all. i end up with like 5 bakeries,an assortment of mills,etc all scattered here n there.what makes it harder is not all the mills produce the same. some use corn and some barley or sorghum. pain in the neck to remember which is which sometimes.plus all the building requirement materials are different.i even tried to do a list on paper but that is caotic also.not all storage buildings list the amounts.i wish when i scroll over a mill it would say what product it takes. but i realize when you get to the bakery the list would be too big. i don't see a solution. i do think the mega mod would organize many of the icons but that also brings other problems. pressing so many mods into 1 brought a list of problems,glitches,and conflicts. i never added it.to date i have only seen 2 small pieces that i wish i had. as for your problem of switching comps and the icons and toolbar changing: did you change your mod order???? i notice you have several mods that affect the icons and toolbar. try turning them on and off and rearrange the order. if you loaded them and just turned them on in your 1st comp,and then swaped them to the 2nd and just turned them on,the order might be different. the order of the 1st comp is not relayed to the next. the order of the 1st would have been set based on when you loaded each mod.that might have a big effect on things.
  8. NECORA, we need a 30x30 forrested space with a nice hunting lodge in the center with a good storage barn. and modular a loft for the housing. then the "conservationsit" or whatever fancy name we call them,can gather and we get apples,blueberry,firewood,honey,etc from 1 location. then the production limit can be set in the mod.it sounds neat but the problem i foresee is so many itmes from 1 location. maybe have to make a couple 1 for gathering,1 for hunting and trapping,1 for the pine pitch,etc.i'm not a modder but i can come up with crazy ideas
  9. hmm is there a limit to how many items a gatherer can find?? or you can just add more and more to the resource rsc??? we could do honey too then.
  10. you can pause the production in other buildings by turning them off. click on the work icon.dark means it is off. other than that there isn't much control. those limits can't be made too sepcific. you can also set the building to produce what you don't have materials for and that will stop the worker from using stuff. i do that with the lumber mill,set it to firewood and he stops making lumber.there is also a resource building and the traders you can"hide" stuff in then it won't be used either.
  11. for turpentine just show a barrel pouring a black liquid and for pine itch just use a pine cone and some needles. keep it simple.
  12. place it above CC
  13. did u turn off all other mods so they dont conflict 1 another?? 2nd did u turn the mm mod on and exit and reload complatetly??
  14. jut a quick note. theris a problem with the crayfish. the fisherman will work a creak spot for about 10 crayfish each then stop.it did error out only once. not sure why as i was not able to force it to error out again. it's not a big deal since in CC crayfish is harvested by the sea food place. the banis were eating them fast enuough, so i am not sure they will stock the inn.
  15. did you check "world of banished"? they have a new trader there. it was designed to be bigger,not sure of how many traders thou. if you place more markets near the trade post they would keep items supplied closer to help also.
  16. won't this idea make it so you run out of logs alot???? unless the forrester overrides it and can plant anywhere.
  17. ar you playing the north by itself or with CC,etc?which trader? in the north the seed traders take joust coins,dalers.
  18. seems i read somewhere that the farmers start at the sw corner. and if that is blocked they won't work the field.i try to leave a gap of a space or 2 even between the fields.
  19. NECORA, we are not complaining at all. we like variety as well. the fort was a nice addition. as to the colonial style,i hope pilgrim keeps woking on his ideas. that was to be a huge mod set. i changed my game by adding THE NORTH to it. i have no "fish". i have salmon and trout,no "fish".not a big deal. i can't dry or smoke or salt no fish as far as i know.
  20. excellant work KEVIN. i haven't tried making steel tools with the plymouth mod yet aka "plantation" mod. does it matter if above or below CC for that 1?? as i stated,i leave some of the tool makers set to lower grade tools on purpose. that is a gppd workaround but no new players might not think of that. it is always good to keep those modders informed for sure. one of the reasons it was good to see NECORA opt for a break. he was designing and building ahead,lol. glad he has more ideas,but sure his head is spinning by now. you think its time to tell him what he started doing and what he has done went different directions yet?? or should we let him run away with ideas farther?? lol
  21. in those dairies, do you have to select the item it produces?? or do they produce randomly?? i have a "dariy" that works that way instead of the "creamery".
  22. NECORA, sounds like you set the mod to work with the vanilla not CC.most things i guess you can get away with that,must be coal is an exception. when you fix this to work with CC, i'd be curious to know if it works without CC then. KEVIN good job with the testing.why did you try to add a mod and keep playing instead of reloading the game 1st?? that was a ooops?? never do that. always quit when adding a mod and reload entirely. i seldom even try to keep a save game and add a mod to it. as you know the mod order becomes a "needle in a haystack" to find errors. my comp used to shuffle the mod order itself when it fatal error kick out on me. that was very frustrating. glad you is finding the errors so they can be fixed before NECORA gets building mods too far ahead. i am glad you are testing above and below CC both. QUERY,as to the tool shortages, lots of times it's a mtter of running out of a material. iron ore usually. as the game progresses, i like to set the blacksmiths to different tools. 1 to stone,1 to rough,and 1 to iron,etc.plus i have a couple of those "mini's" set to hidecoats that in a shortage can be flipped to tools.i don't know all the #'s,i build villages and try to keep a bs in each so my supplies aren't all stored far away.biggest thing is to remember to up the limits as population grows. and to up it farther of what you are trading. whatever you use at the trading poat gets repulled from stocks. that can cause a shortage to the banis as well.
  23. hmm must been a glitch. i had a guy long time ago when i 1st started using markets. i set a market to stock an area in a far corner where i was going to place a bunch of mines. that 1 guy would run all over the map n stock everything everywheres.i sure miss him ,if u ever find him send him back!!!!!!! plz
  24. you can just put the north below all the others and remember to not click on the brick maker building. it does work. it's different but does play. so far by the way i have no "fish". salmon and trout but no "fish". so i wouldn't be able to process them.
  25. he should go to whichever is closest to him. i think also the vendor may deliver and take goods,but he is many times busy elsewhere.