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  1. depending on the mods you have you may have a couple options. if you only have CC and no age mods,add a townhall,market,and trade post. that will help bring nomads.i would recommend building your tool,clothing,and food up as you build those. i use the propertime mod.i find it better balanced.the bannies age at the same rate as food is produced.vanilla i think is 6-8 years per game year. the propertime mod is 1:1.the bannies graduate school and become workers about the same time as they can have babies and move out as couples.with it i can judge my housing needs easier. i build a house per every 2 adult workers. you also might like the mini mod.it is great for starting games.has a small workshop to make clothing or tools.its tiownhall doesn't need other buildings to bring nomads.it is very good at bringing small groups early but every 4 or 5 years apart.this gives you time to build houses and resources in between groups,
  2. do you have enough of a comp to run that? the MM combined with the RK is going to eat power. can you do things to cause the error? build some building etc? since you actually are getting the game to load i do wonder if it is a calculation situation. wwhere the comp is trying to calculate something and it doesnt have enough power. can you run at 10x,do the bannies run or skip?walk but half freeze and then step again? as to the mod order itsel. why do you have RK animals and horned animals? the RK has enough animals. your start mods should all be above the RK and MM.those are the mods that affect anything that has to do with starts or maps.i would think the zero nomad and hard labior shouold be moved higher.so also the increased resources.you want them to load before the main mods,otherwise the main mods will write into the game instead. you are missing a lot of the RK functions with it below the MM. if you think your comp can handle all the mods then i would try several things. move all those start mods up.load the debug mod. open the game and open the debugger.use it to quick build a townhall.click the star icon that makes all reources or items visible.open inventory from the townhall.how many blank tags? scroll thru the list looking for missing items.this can help you figure out if a mod is not loading fully. you can also add bannies to the 150 that you say breaks the game. you can also build the oil press and trouble shoot it. what doesn't store in the press ,when does it crash,etc.? next step would be to disable all mods above the main mods of MM and RK. most mod orders will take some give and take to function.we gain this and give up that.becomes a trial and error process.
  3. sounds like maybe an old mod you tested caused a glicth.i try to clear the registry in between games for that reason.we as players can't see what goes on behind the screen. you can look into loading the mod manager at WOB. it is a recent upgrade that allows us to change mod order and add or disable mods without loading the game. the other is the debug. when i reset the mods it is helpful to quick build a TH and check the inventory.this can show missing items or extra items also.the debug is helpful for testing and finding issues.saves having to wait5 for seeds and building everything to test. glad you solved the issue.
  4. no,i ment specialized in what items they store for non-food markets. carts for minerals or logs,industrial market that stored logs,iron,and stone.EB's market sets. carts or markets set to store and move firewood. you are correct seldom are food specific markets helpful.on a very large map they can be helpful to stock grain for mills.i suppose one could use a fruit market to supply a tavern.
  5. to work fully,the NatDIV has to be above the main mod.in your case above the CC. it will work on any map size but does require a medium or at least a general start setting.the tree starts usually override the NatDiv.that being said what you did by adding a thatcher hut and growing your own thatch should have worked. if the buildings are calling for thatch the order should be right.the game limits us from how we can put some mods together,most start option mods will override each other. the thatch should store in the piles as construction materials.there are some mods that have other options. do you happen to have the upgraded version?i do think that has an extra step to bundle the thatch before it can be used.the version is very bad at lagging computers so few players use it. are they storing the thatch? do you have builders.can the bannies reach the fishing pier?is it that the laborers are busy somewhere else? you can try the priority tool to see if that will help.if you placed a lot of buildingzs at once,the bannies could be busy supplying a different 1 or clearing land.the builders could be working on a building that needs some material as well.this will cause buildings to slow down. from the worker menu,click the builders and see where they are.it will pull the builder up, then click his worktool to see what he is building. you can also click a few laborers to see where they may be working. hope that helps find the issue for you.
  6. when you tried to add the mods before did you remember to exit after the game loaded the mod and then restart the game? failing to do that will crash it. did you unzip the file and only move the PKM file to the WinData folder? markets take the closest supply so in the case of protein the beef or sheep from the pastures instead of the fish.the laborers do drop items all over the map.if you don't have markets,the help scatter the 4 food groups.specialized markets or carts will help store some of the excess godds to get them out of barns and near where you want them.
  7. sounds like you are overwhelmed.that can happen with the MM as it adds so many mods in 1.we recommend playing vanilla and add mods as you go. this works to get used to the concepts.plus every player is different and has their own style and likes. main things you need to have is food,all 4 types. grain,veggy,fruit,and meat.otherwise the health will drop down.next you need firewood,tools,and clothing.there are many options on how to get those.these basics are needed by all in every town.you can make these in each town or move them with a market. otherwise much depends on the map and what the bannies needs are.if you have rivers or lakes they may be in your way or mountains can be harder to work around also.then as education drops or a bannie gets sick etc,the level of food can go down.as you take nomads or add houses the population will grow and need more food and other items.watch your limits.games start with low numbers.if you have not adjusted the limit,buildings will stop producing.in the beginning of the game this can be hepful as these workers do help laborers. as for layouts to help move items,there has been improvements.now we have specified markets to help move certain items.some markets do still move lots of mixed items and may move needed items less often.if you have a production or mine area,remember to make sure you are supplying it with food and needed tools etc.this saves the bannies walking all over to find them. since you say all your barns are full, i assume you either did not take any nomads or you did not build houses for the younger bannies.problem will be when all the older 1's die.then what? there are several ways to get nomads. i do not play the MM. i rather add 125 mods or so and change as i want.there are some that require a TP,TH,and market.some don't require anything.some send nomads every so many years and some every year. after a child goes thru school or hits a certain age,they become a laborer.when this count increases you should also buid more houses.i use a properttime mod that keeps the bannies aging 1 year for each game year. they also go to school til about 16 yrs old and then can marry and move out.at this age they do pair up nicely.so ,i use a 1 house for every 2 worker system to how many houses i need.remember the boardinghouse counts as a house.if i have 50 working adults ,i need 25 houses plus any boardinghouses or barracks. there is so many mods and many are added to the MM. don't expect to learn it all fast.read or check out some city blogs. these will give tips and other ideas.you may want to check out the tips pages at WOB,world of banished,as well.
  8. they are brought,produced, by the quartermaster whcih you need building supplies to build.it will need to be on a river or lake to be built. with the military supplies, you build a blockhouse that will use the military supplies to gain silver and gold to pay the others.
  9. 1 thing i wish we could control the settings separately without overriding other mods.say we could have mods that controlled just the climate. add a mod to change terrains,and others that add or change plants and animals. whereas now,a terrain mod will over ride parts of another mod.for instance,the multiple start mod alters the number of start bannies.the way the game works,it loads that start and skips any other mods.say you have mods A,B,C,etc. the game won't add them together even if all have a medium start. it reads mod A and stops so it doesn't load the rest. just think players would have more control if they could load climate,terrain,and terrain textures separate.then the game could add plants from A+B+C or animals,trees,etc. been nice if LUKE had gave a way for players to choose from a list even. CC does a good job of giving players multiple settings.some players computers won't handle the mod size. taking say the shipwreck start out of the CC.it will work but with CC settings.adding the shpwreck start to another mod like the North means you change things from the North mod.1 of the limits of the game itself.
  10. different markets move different items.logs is moved for the blacksmith and firewood cutter.most people will find an issue with markets storing too many odd items and not enough needed items like food,clothing,and logs. modded marklets help with this.markets don't move items from market to market.to stop a general or town market from storing logs,you can place a log cart or market elsewhere that does move them toward the blacksmith and cutter.you can also try a different market for the town center that will store just the items you want. since all players have different styles there are many options of mods to pick from.depending on your situtation and layout,you may find older 1.06 mods can help. i have only seen 2 or 3 of the older market mods get stuck in a loop and not be able to store something.i still use SLINK's small market set and KID's market puzzle.both have some specific itme mods.a food only,a general but with 1.06 nly flags<this means they won't store many or any of the new flag items.they are limited to items the bannies use>,textles,etc.
  11. most foresters don't store the logs. to help with efficiency,you may want a market or a market cart to move the logs for the wood cutters. the idea is the close pile is faster for the forester to use and then the market moves the logs faster and closer for the cutters. using a cart ,it works like 2 workers. 1 moves the logs and 1 is always cutting.KID's log depot will also help move logs.these work better than a general market since they aren't storing and moving all other items.
  12. that is an interesting layout. where did you get those sundials in front of the church?there is a lot of time decorating.
  13. game is wild game comes from the pine mod trapper.if you have blank tags then you have a mod issue.looking at your list it is possable that the pine is not included with the MM. i don't use the MM.
  14. they were nomads that you tried to accept.if they can't get across a river or stream this can happen. 1wa y to avoid is save the game when they "arrive" at the townhall. then accept the nomads and pause the game.you should have homeless bannies on the info menu.now that you have located them,can they reach the center of town? are there rivers they can not cross? they might be able to reach you without bridges.they can travel far even thoug they will show hungry and cold.if they can't reach you because they are stuck on the other side of a stream,you now have 3 options. 1>reload and don't accept the nomads.before the next set,build the bridges.2> use the debug mod to build some quick plank bridges.3> send a few builders to build the bridges and hope they get built very fast. if you happened to have a boardinghouse,the nomads won't show homeless. to find them open the boardinghouse and cikck 1 of the bannies living there. clicking the laborers will take you thru a list of them also.
  15. is it by weight or item count? there is a huge difference. stone will weigh more than food. @estherhb if you think of it can you check if the items store in the order they are listed o the market? example say the list in the coding is food,raw materials,minerals,tools,clothing,firewood. than the market stocks food then raw materials,etc.in order. so if you had 10 food and 1000 tools,the vendor would waunder the map looking for the food and not stock the tools even though you have plenty. from what others have been reporting this seems to be the issue. the markets aren't stocking what is available while the vendor is looking for the odd items instead. like food is listed below the other items so the game prioritizes the other items more. thank you
  16. not all markets wil act the same. there are many mods including older 1.06 mods.some markets are set with a % alotted to different items.therefore they can not be filled with only a few items.in other words the market has space saved for food,clothing,firewood,etc so tools won't fill it totally. there are also sets of small markets or carts that can help with this issue. note most of the older markets do not have the coding for the new items,so they will only store the needed items and possably iron and logs. i have only seen 2 that will get stuck trying to store something they can not.. to ESTHERHB's point.you do not want to over or under produce things.under producing is much worse. as then the vendor has to travel to find the items and they become scattered everywhere but where you need them. you can control much with the limits.a newer townhall weill give you the info on how much is being produces and used. also be aware that older mods such as the my precious will still make items per the old rules. this can affect some limits such as textiles. i actually have this mod asd well as others, and have several items still using the old flags. couple pointers: 1> add a pile near mines or forests. i use a general pile in this locations to give them a quick place to drop items. also add a small shed or barn. i have a mod called storageshed. this is an older mod but very handy plus it looks good next to production areas. i use these a lot near shops so the workers have a quick place to unload what items they are making. very versatile. 2> remember what goes into a market stays there until needed by either a bannie in the case of food or a workplace such as textiles. they don't move from 1 market to another. this is helpful. what goes in market "A" will not fill market "B". i use an industrial plaza or some wharehouses near production areas.this market supplies the workers but also ties up some of these excess items. please check WOB,world of banished for many mods and ideas. as you play ,you will develop yur own playstyle and want different or more mods.rthe modders here and there both are awesome at coming up with new ideas.
  17. we need a composter to get rid of feathers and bonemeal and get fertilizer. thing is this exchanges 1 item for another. you can make survival coats with reeds from the dock set.or just trade them away to get them our of the barns. when you said you have CC above the RK and were using the TG,did you have the TG between the 2 big mods? the conflict might have been with the greenhouses from the RK. have you tried TOM's patch to get rid of feathers for the North mod? it might work without the North and be a work around. bonemeal is used by the apothecary.
  18. yeah,there are a couple mods that the markets will get stuck in loops.the compatability 1.07 mod might override them.in early games,the town is small enough markets aren't needed much. sometimes i will use 1 to empty barns for the farmers and to concentrate all food groups for the bannies.lots of times i'll enable the vendor in late summer or spring just to clear barns before harvest season.if there is 2 areas set up,i often will send the vendor from 1 market to the other. early in game i also leave the tool and clothing limits down.this way the workers spend more time helping the laborers.the bannies won't run out of anything ,and this way too they already live near their main workplace.
  19. depends on what i am in mood for or trying to do.it can take time to find the right setting to start with. as for the bannie count or ages.good luck. i have nomads aand options to nomad catchers to increase populations. have you tried the debug mod? it does have a way to add citizens.the terraform mods give you options to alter terrain. with the debug and terraform combined ,you can make your own map and then save it ,and unpause and play. keep a notebook or txt file handy to log good maps you find. there are blog pages full of maps as well.
  20. so far no. the bannies are limited on how high they can walk. new modders are like genies though.sometimes,they unlock great mysteries.
  21. KID's market puzzle does have some options for food and a general that stocks tools,clothing,firewood,and herbs.EB also has a set.RED's carts help since they are more specific on what they store. remember too that a 1.06 mod is designed to store 1.06 items not 1.07. though they are older mods does not mean they will not work. the mini mod does have a food vendor. combine it with a tool shop,wood chopper, and a clothing maker and you have a start.what you make will be in barns close by and the food vendor will keep all food groups in 1 spot. there are some general market mods out there that will do as you suggested. again these are 1.06 mods but do work. SLINK's small market set does have a general market. be advised if you have older mods, items will still be coded 1.06. such as the "my precious "mod. so yes you still will have silver and gold moved oddly.
  22. here are several age mods. the propertime mod,the norseman,a guy at WOB said he would set 1 whichever way you want it.the 1:1 age mod also has many options,check the change log section.all of those age the population 1 year per game year. i am not sure if that alone will solve what you describe.sounds like trying to find equilibrium where the population graph stays stable. that has been tried. there are blogs about that. to get a decent blanace,you need a ratio of old near death citizens to students and children.the game doesn;t give us the count of those older citizens. it groups them all as adults. each players plays and handles things different. we each learn over time our own styles.some use nomads and some don't.a 1:1 age mod whichever it be,will slow the game down considerably.some think it slows it down too far. i do like them since everything else happens on a year base.you grow food and cut wood in 1 year but the bannies age faster in vanilla.when i want to expand i take a group of nomads.you will need to build supplies to handle them. food,tools,clothing,logs,firewood. other players use different size houses to stunt growth.some only allow the bannies to have 1 child.
  23. i build a small holding pen near the trade post. this is a way to keep them while a pasture is cleared. when you click on the pasture there is a "?" for the animal,you need to select the type based on what you have. click the "?" mark and there will be a list.then set a worker,be sure he goes to the pasture.depending on mods he might go elsewhere. it does take some time for the animals to move themself but the count on the pasture menu should show the # of animals. even 1 animal will breed.soon you will have more.the herdsman will collect eggs and milk. the pasture will have to fill up before you see meat and leather. animals will die if there is no worker for a long time or if you buy them and don't allot a pasture to them.1 worker can handle large pastures of 30x30. be advised this info pertains to regular animals in pastures. there are also "domestic animals" required to build some buildings, trade animals, as well as a chicken,goats,rabbits pens and cow sheds.those do function differently.i won't even try to confuse you with how many "cow" types there is by now.
  24. give the bannies more ale.make sure they have a wife or husband,be sure they aren't crowded in thier houses. a cematary. don't forget the few citizens hiding in the forest areas. they need grain.without a market nearby they will not stock it.they will take the fruit,roots,and deer meat but have no grain. it could also be the game itself. mine will show 99% clothed,even if i have 1000 coats. when you get done,try the Norseman mod by TOM SAWYER. he has made it so happiness has more influence to the game. the bannies start with 3 stars.
  25. what bout using it for the fort ,charter company ,and trades? doesn't the old smelter still do gold?