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  1. with it workijng good,you might want to keep a note of the mod order somewheres.i had a ton of notes amonth ago my comp had issues and ate all them.
  2. at the bottom of the screen when you load banished ,it should say banished 1.07####. those numbers depict the version. i have seen the duck blinds do funny things and give odd outputs depending on other mods and mod order.
  3. if you have a double tag,check to see if you have another mod that brings it also. if so, you can try to move the other mod below CC. this won't always work.i have double mapple sap and eggs from the pine mod.both same names but can't be interchanged. there are chicken eggs and duck eggs.can't use pine "eggs" to build a dock chickenhouse.
  4. use the debug ,click the seed and orchard fruit icons to make all seeds available,then quick build a town hall that will show all acquired livestock and seeds. this list can be different depending on mods you are using.
  5. thank you for the updates,RED.
  6. https://banishedinfo.com/mods/browse try there.the pilgrim NE housing is being redone and hopefully expanded.the angels might be part of the NMT mod. RED has upgraded parts of the NMT to 1.07. check out http://worldofbanished.com/
  7. i switched from CC to modulars. have both the cabin and the frontier mod that includes cabins. my cabins are more gray now than brown.
  8. i think there is an issue with salt and how it is flagged.
  9. you can add most mods to the 1.75. there is the no rain mod that helps. did you try changing graphic setting? disble any other programs not being used. the mini mod is handy. i like the mini townhall that gives nomads without the trading post. you should check out WOB for more ideas also.
  10. i found some issues with this set.the quartermaster provides millitary supplies with a high output. the foward post seems to take more of these than it shoud for a very small payback.taking hundreds of military supplies for spirits for instance.the work camp doesn't store tools.so the worker gets stuck in a weird loop.weird since he picks up stones and drops them at the post now and then. the log cabin houses seem grayer in color.not a log brown.
  11. right by the trees in the same toolbar. there is a plant icon,that is the gatherer.
  12. you sound like you were gone a while. the community button is a year ago. did you upgrade the game to the new 1.07 update?i would throw the banished plus mod out.obsoleted a few updates ago.you may need to clean the registry if issues keep happening.hang around there are lots of new goodies here and at WOB.
  13. check out WOB. there is a post under tips to help with mod order.to get better trees i would check out NECORA's pine mod.
  14. what other mods do you have enabled? did you leave the compatability mod enabled and no onger need it with the MM8? this alone might cause and error.
  15. i actually will disagree with that.i have many older mods. most do work the same as before. as long as the mod DID work fine in the 1.06 version ,it will work in the 1.07. there are storage difficulties.if the mod created something and it was using an old flag,the item will still store the old way. example: my precious is 1.06,the ores will not store under the precious tag now. they still store as they did before. you have to be aware of it and adjust your storages.you can use this to your advantage as well.since an older storage barn or market won't store the new flags,the space will be full of the older flags.the vendor won't be walking around trying to find the new items.take the industrial market from SLINK. it will store stone,iron, and logs it wont fill with thatch or luumber.this can be useful to keep logs moving to supply a blacksmith or woodcutter. some mods were obsoleted with the banished updates.others were never compatable with other mods.some always had certain glitches.many mods aren't affected by the new flags.any housing mods and age mods work as they did before.most decoration mods will as well. the beautiful world mod is 1 that i think was obsoleted when banished updated a few versions back.
  16. be advised those are very old mods.i would recommend turning them off completely reload the game,then try to remove trees on a new map.then add 1 mod at a time back and see which 1 it is.if turning those mods off does not solve the issue,i would recommend deleing the registry and start over.some old mods are known to cause issues and not let go even after you remove them from the windata folder. i use NECORA's pine mod and the NAT DIV mod plus the immortal tree mod.hence it has been a long time ago since i tried any of those mods you mentioned. if your issue is mod order related it might be hard to find.does you map work normal on a different start setting? i would actually think the pine tree start would shut down those other mods.hence, my concerns that you may have to delete the game registry.note deleting th registry will not affect the saved game.it will remain intact as long as those mods are in the windata folder,even if they are disabled.
  17. ESTHERHB,i have never seen that work in CC.i always have to clear then lay roads and watch to make sure the road is finished before anything grows back.i do have grassy roads but it shows no conflict.it didn't matter what roads i put down at all. when i dont use CC but use the same mods,the roads work as you stated. VXL, you can just remove the road space the stone sits on.normally if i run roads through the stone forest area or any forests,i widen the road 3 or 4 tiles wide.in the tree forests it makes it easier to find buildings and see. since VX is running into issues,i will mention 2 more points. there are discussions that the roads are prioritized and builders will leave building construction to work roads. i have not seen this issue at all.in CC,the builders will constuct buildings and after do the roads. some roads may have to be removed to change the road texture depending on the road mods you have.this is due to the coding of the roads and however the modder labeled the roads in the mod program.just be aware of it.if you cant "upgrade" a road, that may be why.
  18. check DS blog at WOB. you may have to import them via a trading post.
  19. check out world of banished.he has lots of other mods
  20. ok,i don't use the MM. based on what you are saying the perfume should store as luxury. i would build a luxury cellar ,add it to the perfumery for close storage.have you tried to send it to a trading post? does seem odd that it isn't being stored in a general barn though.
  21. do you mean the small milk pen?that is way overpowered for its size. there is NECORA's crystal cliffs. it has a dairy that you feed corn to.
  22. did you check the community icon and KIDs icons under that?
  23. try here: much info logged and modders who are hreat with help. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php
  24. ok so it isn't just me or my mod order. nuch appreciated that saves me lots of testing.be glad to see more CC modular sets. thanks for the update.
  25. when i click on the decoration button on the main tool bar,it instantly fatal errors.never even opens up to the other icons.