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  1. interesting developments. i am curious as to how the houses would use items. i am sure many modders will want input on that discovery as they will appreciate the animations. while you have been away,there has been much requests for more animals and how you cracked that part of the code. BARTENDER did much work on the vegetation graphics and also the wwater code.have you had a chance to check them out?
  2. KRAY, i ran tests. it is the compatability 1.07 mod that causes the issues. it is happening to the small tavern and i believe it does the same to the other CC taverns. some reason it adds all itme sot store in them.with just CC the taverns work fine.it is a minor glitch since it doesn't stop or mess up the game. ran debug tests placed the small tavern and added supplies. bout the 3rd click it adds srtuff to the tavern with the compatibility 1.07 enabled. took the that out and just left CC on and the items don't add to the taverns at all just ale and spirits,etc.
  3. great to see you back @ShockPuppet good to see new ideas to push the game mechanics farther. is there any way we can come up with an idea to have the bannies use the household items like furniture and candles?this would improve the game dramatically. the food decay option is a great idea. how are you feeling/ do hope your recovery has gone well for you.KRAY has been kind and thrown us some fruit baskets off and on.everyone at WOB does want more though.
  4. i don't use the MM. i would double check the version and what write-ups there are concerning issues with it since the 1.07 upgrade.
  5. i think sometimes you gat a bad map draw.the game loads you a map but no matter what you get no nomads. doesn't happen often but i have seen maps do it.usually after you build the townhall,i would expect nomads in less than 5 years. i have seen it go closer to 10 and once in a while you gte 0 no matter what you do.a bad luck of the draw issue.
  6. the seasonFX mod doesn't do much but doesn't cause issues.i use it to give different texture to the crop fields.EB's irrigation icon has been problematic. you can check on WOB or try putting it below his other mods.there are several versions of that mod.the decoration mods i would recommend trying the compoatable buildings mod. search under WOB home page.there is a linkk from KRAY for it.if you have DS stockpiles that might be causing the icon issue there.try using any stockpile mods above CC including more wood,UI mods,etc.once you have the icons fixed. try checking my post @WOB under tricks for help with mod orders.never hurts to double check things before starting a game to be safe.
  7. did you build a market and trading post? the mini mod will allow you to use just the mini townhall.normal
  8. you have more than 1 issue. step 1 make sure you don't have a mod that includes another mod. this will cause dots.some mods compile others into 1.as for icons under the community icon,you want to re-organize the order so the newest mod from each developer is highest in their group.this helps solve these issues but is not foolproof.after that it does become trial and error and shuffling mod order. 1 other thing that might help is to locate and load the original compatability buildings mod.this pre-dates the 1.07 and goes below CC. it does help fix issues with older mods.you should also check to see if the MM requires CC to work or if it is included.the newer version might be different.
  9. the jade is part of the "my precious"mod .i do not have a link sadly. i do wish for a link to the marble quarry.
  10. will the blacksmith mod still over ride the dock update to iron and alow us to make tools from the iron ore? though there are players who don't like the extra step the iron ore is more historically accurate.i would opt for a choice which the iron as iron mod already does.
  11. welcom to bannished.don't let the quiet full you. it is still an active game.to fix your crop problem try downloading the compatibity buildings mod.not just the compatibility 1.07.there are 2 compatibility mods and both are useful.have you upgraded the game to 1.07? also you may want to check out world of banished for more mods and info.
  12. how long did you give it to load? it does take a while. did you upgrade the game to 1.07?you can try using the task manager to turn off other programs that you aren't using to increase the RAM to help also.
  13. the 1.75 has a stable in it and is 1.07 version.the mod order i gave should have fixed the issue.the error on save and exit could be unrelated. i am wondering if it is between the stable and the inedible mod.other than mod order,the only thing then will be upgrade to 1.07.or drop the stable mod.
  14. i do believe with the MM, CC recommends using the compatability 1.07 mod with it.and it must be above CC.
  15. mod order:stable population, inedible meat above CC,stable needs to be below CC. do you have it that way?
  16. mine is start menu,documents,banished,screenshots.then i open the pic resize it to 75% and save as jpeg format before posting.
  17. i understand you haven't changed the mods in awhile.however you also stated that you had not built a mill before.based on that the problem itself might not be new.hence my suggestion to re-read the write ups on each mod and be sure of the order.some mods are very touchy about that. i use the older compatability mod and the new 1. they both MUST be in the mod order correctly or i have issues.1 above and 1 below CC. very easy to confuse the 2 mods. i would like to see a pic of which watermill.
  18. not sure it matters to this. the main differnce in the versions is flag limits.we now have more than before.just because a mod shows red does not mean it won't work either.many mods now show red that do work fine.did you try the mod in game?
  19. ough crops can drop due to several reasons,what you describe appears to be a different issue.crops can drop due to cold and snow earlier in fall.farmers become laborers in winter and sometimes get back to fields late.try not to clear land far away in winter.uneducated workers will produce less also.since you have 2 fields andthe new 1 does produce,i will assume you di not hit the limit on textiles.if the field was blocked,i would think it wouldn't produce at all.how spread out is storage and housing? is it possable the barn fills and then he needs to travel farther to finish harvest?
  20. check your mod order.maybe inedible meat and the stable needs to be below CC.not sure why it would cause an issue like that though.did you have a differet old mod before? some are known to hang in the registry and do weird things.
  21. hmmm interesting.normally the nat div gives you meadows here and there.you is right the nat div should be top mod.check some of the screenshots and make sure it is working with the north mod.you could try the lite version of the nat div mod to see if it helps more.i actully went back to the prior version because of lag times.do you see thatch on the map anywhere? that would be best way to find out if the mod is functioning.
  22. what mods are you using? what version banished do you have?
  23. you can control that. there is a bar to set the number of animals in the pasture. move it left and drop the number of animals.it is always good to stockpile food early on to handle populatioon growth and nomads later though.
  24. i would say about 4 gigs but running with stream probly more..
  25. when you enabled CC,did you exit completely and reload?otherwise check the amount of RAM you have available.