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  1. you say banished 1.07 but what build #? the latest version does allow for more building material requirements. when is the crash happening? does the laptop have enough memory to play the game? the MM takes a lot of it
  2. "right click" be advised the files have to be unzipped tot he pkm files.ony the pkm files are needed. make sure you un block the security settings.before you unzip the files. right click, check properties,open the security properties and un block. i keep 2 folders on my desktop 1 for the game files and 1 to load new mods into. this way i have a folder for a backup of mods i don't use all the time.
  3. ght click on the banished icon,scro down and click "file location". you could also go under the window icon search banished and locate the folder that way.
  4. there are wharehouses that you can specify the items. however you have to move items in and out manually. you set the amount to store and that goes in,then you decrease it to send the items back to other areas. you can check world of banished for these.
  5. there is no good or simple solution. you can trade excess coal,use it to process tools,etc, or store excess in a wharehouse manually. the other option would be to revert the gold and silver back to the old flags. this would take it out of the mineral limit flag but add them to the textiles.it won't stop the coal. you can also burn coal as fuel to heat the houses. decreasing the firewood limit should help push them to use the coal.you can make more furnace fuel to use the coal as well. you could add a muklti min mod that will produce stone and iron and coal at the same time. your best bet is probably to increase the limits and process the extra items.also send the items to the building construction locations. there it is not counted in the inventory.you can pause the buildings after the materials are there to slow construction.
  6. you can look into an age mod, the propertime mod or 1:1 age mod.they will help balance the game speed. in vanilla the bannies age at a fast rate. with the mods the bannies age and then breed at the same speed as everything else.this would slow down the population growth. there are different options as to how soon they go to school and graduate,etc. as you increase food and production did you add a market and more barns? did you build a school? if the education drops ,food production will go down.a townhall will allow you to check the production rates each year to be sure you aren't falling behind. another thing that will cost you crops is the bannies being busy elsewhere at spring. if they are clearingi land way over there and spring comes,they may not get back to the fields in time to plant.farmers work as laborers in the winter.try to plan projects so the bannies are done in late winter.
  7. bannies will have babies while they are in a boardinghouse. once you build a house for 1 couple there is room in the BH for more bannies.1st did you check and inccrease the food limit? failing to do this means you can only produce 5000 food. more fields etc will do no good.
  8. you might have 2 types of bricks. depending on which mod makes them.good that they work for the building supplier,then they will for CC construction. you should have at least loaded REDs tradingpost fix.you might get crashes due to merchants from 1.06 mods. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1638.msg32035#msg32035 you can use CC storage barns for some materials. the new flags do tidy the storage up.if you load smaller mods, the laptop will handle them better. the large mods use a lot more memory space. make sure you check the build # on your game before adding many 1.07 mods. there was a beta and a final cut version and those #'s are different.
  9. you say the bricks are stored at the canal dock. is that the older NMT mod or the new RK CHOICE mod? that will decide which flag they are being made and stored under. if you are using the older NMT medeival mod than you need to use the CC compatability 1.07 mod. this mod bridges the flag changes so bricks can be used between the 1.06 mods and 1.07 mods.failing to do this means these bricks willnot work for CC construction either.the other option would be to replace the older NMT mod with the upgraded canal or RK CHOICE mods. IF you are already using the RK CHOICE then you should be storing bricks in a general pile. the original start pile or any placed GENERAL piles.as RED pointed out you also have a construction pile option.the RK has some specail markets with it as well. with this mod, you do not need the NMT canal mod.canals are included with the RK CHOICE. note: many markets only store materials that the bannies themselves use, such as food,tools,clothing,and firewood. this is done to stop these odd flagged items from being stored everywhere.
  10. how long did you play the vanilla game before adding mods? what you describe sounds like understanding of the game issues not a mod issue. bannies idle for many reasons. they hit the limits and cant work,they have no tools,they are waiting for materials,happiness or ill,etc. moving into houses is also dependant on other factors. you fatal error could be as simple as enable mod and EXIT THE GAME ENTIRELY. then re-start the game and play. failing to exit after enabling mod is by far the biggest reason for crashes. the game will reload once you enable the mod. you must exit after that.
  11. short cut-right click on desktop icon,click properties.then click open file location. smart move make desktop shortcut to add more mods later. if you load a lot of mods,make a folder on desktop to download into.then you can find them to unzip. 4 files? must be special i have 8....or is it special ed?? noooo, i am not goina delete any and try to break my game.
  12. good luck with the program i would like to see a chart after. the formula isn't simple. from what i have seen,crops grow slower at 70 or less than 80+. so if your summer temp hits 75 but most is below that,the crop takes longer to produce if the temp holds closer to 80,they can mature faster.that is normal crops not tropicals.have heard that above a certain temp growth does slow back down.think it is like 90+. most of the formula is in code not released by the game developer.
  13. he safe jobs mod will cut down on deaths. i think the guy who made it also made the safety hole modi use that 1 and do get less sicknesses. when you say you checked the "integrity",i take it you mean you went in and cleared the game registry? some old mods were known to hang in the registry and cause issues in different games ,even after they were removed from the WinData folder. so if you get a lot of weird stuff happening,that is 1 check to make.if you test a lot of dfferent mods over time,you do want to clear that. for an aging mod: i use the proper time mod by KID at WOB. this sends kids to school from 10-16,marriage and move out on their own about the same age.this is a 1:1 age mod.bannies breed and age 1 year per 1 year game time.my version allows me to have 85 yr old bannies. early game i have helpers when kids hit 10yrs old.<non-educated> later when i add a school,they move out and pair up as they graduate. to me it is a good balance. mod order is getting trickier lately. in your case, you want as much as you can get below the MM.so the african addon mods should be low in your order.
  14. did you turn them off when you started the new game?there is an option to do so. otherwise you will probably have a bunch of disasters at once.
  15. yes,we only have a limited number of flags and many many items. you can add a wharehouse mod,there are several at WOB. this woud store the iron ore surplus,taking it away from the limit. works much like a trade post but is storage.you could build the foundry and smelt the ore into iron. i actually leave a BS making rough tools and the higher grade tools i make closer to mines. i never have much of a surplus setting the minerals to 2000 at the game start.
  16. it woud take re-inventing the pasture. make the pasture a workplace, randomly gives say beef and dead cows or a 0 output some years. this random output would simulate losses due to theft.the assigned worker would die randomly from gunshot.
  17. your field option might be doable with some twists. RED has orchards set to fruit in the RK mod.this separates 1 from the 3 crop types.you could make a field mod with a shed to grow the grain.thenuse the fields to grow veggys. the mod would function as a work building but can be coded. it might grow food all year long thou. CC did design the plantation field texture.they might be abe to give you input on developing a 3rd option. another option would be to create new seeds. a veggy seed exists to grow a mixture of veggys in 1 field and then a sorter separates them after harvest. KID did that. you could cre3ate a grain and a fruit seed and resort them after harvest as well. instead of buying all the many seeds you would only need to buy the grain,veggy,and fruit seeds.this way does take more workers. it wont by itself change the field ground texture.
  18. you have 2 tools. click the builder and the too icon on his menu wil pull up what he is working on.many times it might be a place that is waiting on a material.you might see him finish buildings even as the main 1 lays stuck. the other tool is to reclick the building when it is placed and lock that menu to the screen. say i am placing buidings in a forest.very hard to find them in the trees.i will lay down the gatherer and reclick that building without moving the mouse. then lock it and set the menu to the side of the screen.when the builders are done building,i can assign workers or disable that buiding until the houses are built. in your case,did you place something across a stream or river? maybe the builder can't get there. if it says 0 or 2 then you either need to assign builders or they are busy elsewhere. you can run the priority tool over it and call the builders to finish it soon.it is the arrow icon on the 1st toolbar.
  19. not at all i can follow that. explanations like these hep us help others.
  20. have heard of that but never had it happen i do try not to run over 3 tiles up a hill.after that the bannies dont work it. was your pasture out on the map edge? that becomes no mans land and can add to the glitches. the bannies have minds of their own and are known to weird stuff. you never know what they might do next.
  21. short answere: someone let the genie out of the bottle and it went wild
  22. most comps shut us out of that. usually at 100-150 most comps crash out.a few have done it with just vanilla and no mods. check out some thread pages at WOB. irrelevant has a long map.well over the 1000. 3500+ http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=726.msg51299#msg51299
  23. combination of several. CC can burn thatch if you use the nat div mod above. that gives 1 grass texture and is burnable and the vanilla base buildings require it. the wood houses,pastures,hunter,and gatherer. if you add KID's forest outpust mod for the nat div,those buildings will require thatch also and use it as fuel. putting the FO mod above the RK and the thatch under gives you fodder grass all over the map. this fodder is fodder-thatch,cause it does work as thatch. it can aso be fed to a stable barn,produces more fertilizer. add the CC dock mod below this and you now have reeds to bundle as well.add the nat div back below that and you can grow either thatch or fodder grass<2 different huts>. thatch and fodder are interchangeabe and either works as the other. so both can be burned and both can be fed to the RK stables to produce fertilizer. the RK woodchopper bundles the thatch/fodder. my houses will burn any of the options. would you like me to turn bison ionto american buffalo too and make them roam the map? thank you KID and RED. can only do what the many modders allpw us to. just tonight ,i figured out you can terraform lakes and the terrain will be lush grass no rocks or dirt.
  24. by bog i take it you mean sod. we do have thatch and fodder. plus an option to make bundles. there is also reeds and reed bundles. my bannies can burn thatch-fooder<a combination of the 2>as is or bundled,firewood,and fire bundles of reeds. they do prefer firewood and then bundles over the thatch. some construction does require thatch as well. not 1 mod but several to do that. no bannies burn cow dung but they do collect fertilizer and use it in greenhouses. goodf luck figuring out the food equation. it is a juggle between trade value which does the bannies no good and increasing the volume of food which it their main concern.not all mods process food equally or not all modders use the same math formula.