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  1. that is bizarre. i never knew the trees would totally disappear. would the forever tree mod stop that since the trees don't die off?
  2. USA,originally pa but have been all over the country.living on the ny-pa border in ny now.
  3. sanity??? what is that?
  4. tinned cuccumbers is pickles the game is wrong.lol. the problem is the menu has gotten too huge. it sounds good to have different varieties like fish=bass,trout,catfish,salmon,etc. the problem is the "etc". i have 1 idea since i live here but someone else has another idea cause they live there.so we have many names for the same item and several species also.it does become an encyclopedia list of items. the other side is themod coding. as you have seen with the wine,to make various wines you have to change what the input is for each different item. if i make jelly from berries,i have to list each type of berry separately and then you have to choose which berry the building will use.when it runs low on strawberry it won't just use blueberry. it will stop work until you tell it to change. it becomes tedious and does add more work for the modders too.
  5. to help there is the more wood from trees mod and NECORA's trees do add more logs per tree also.you can also burn reeds or thatch.most houses will burn it though they prefer wood.
  6. or some of the start situations from CC can be out-modded to work above and with the nat div and a vanilla CC game set up.like the sjip wreck,forts,native village,etc.there are several adam and eve mods that should work if above CC and loaded 1st. i do think in future versions most likely this will be added to the CC.
  7. at WOB,we had a discussion on the aging mod. there were several adjustments made thur the thread. you may try checking the propertime mod and blog there. also the 1 year is 1 mod had several changes and 1 site has all the variations still: https://banishedinfo.com/mods/browse . i used to use the plus mod but it is obsolete and may be causing the problems.
  8. PAENG,in 6 hours we had to rename your post.lol.NECORA, reinvented water. wow. the lakes and ponds we can make will look completely different.
  9. you is a busy beaver. i see you have learned to skip rocks,lol.i am amazed at how much you have changed the game in such a short time. i wonder what off the wall idea you will come up with next? while you are making the list of future fixes,please rememeber to fix the black cannons. i do miss my forts.
  10. there is a lite version,ANNI. i have not tied it as my understanding was it would do away with the grass.i like the grass look but wish it wasn't harvested and fill piles.though it is a WIP and may be more needed as this mod is expanded.that is not a complaint.
  11. that problem seems to occur more and more lately. no idea why. last 2 files i tried to load of any size were like that.
  12. everyone plays diferent. each individual mod has to be balanced itself for productivity,trade value,sizes,pupose,etc. and as QUERY stated not everyone's ideas are agreed upon.some mods are good for game starts and the building material idea is better for later in the game.usually the firewood needs are adjusted better for the more advanced housing.part of the problem isn't the mods but the game itself. the bannies can not use all the various items that have been created. it would be better if happiness mattered more. and i do wish the furniture,candles,and silverwares could be used. there is so many trade goods.those problems many have tried to fix. DS,i did try modding with FS13. i still have files all over this computer. was building a super map that was a compilation of like 5 maps onto 1. it had buildings and decorations from like 10 maps or more.i never could get some of it figured out though. i had no luck at coding machinery. i was able to redesign the animal farms and add to them and added some crops. i thnk the map had like 10 animals and 12 or more crops. some day i will pick it back up and work on it more. modding gives me headahces and fits.thing is i never got to play much either,lol. it is so easy to make just a simple mistake in the coding and it can take forever to find those.
  13. yah life does have its ups and downs. i sure hope you is happier in the end of it all though. that counts.
  14. sometimes i wonder if statements come across that way because of a bad translation from 1 language to another.there are mods that can not be built unless you have rooftiles also. and those arenot included in the MM.i agree it has to be a big job to put the MM together without conflicts,or as few as there seems to be. i chose not to load the MM but do have many of the individual mods.i always felt i would have less conflicts and more control of the mod order. PILGRIM where have you been ?? on strike????lol.you built the houses and then you disappeared like you ran away.it was a big task in such a short time.i was curious as to what you would do next. you did have good ideas to continue the set. RED,we like options. if the game throws us on flat ground and gives me an odd grain, can do stuff still. i have a root cellar and i have options to build mills before i get to lumber of mines. i bet the indians laughed at the white man when he asked where lowes home improvement was so he could build a house.columbus didn't land next to a nice iron mine either. and PILGRIM is still stuck with gray houses at plymouth rock before the indians told him how to make red dye and windows for his nice colonials. what century is this anyhow??? just this year you all invented grass meadows.and poor NECORA iss till trying to learn how to skip rocks across the creeks(streams).maybe some day soon KRAYLERG will create the moon and sky for us.lol
  15. nope it isn't. best i got was 95%. tried 2days.
  16. nooooo don't kill RED's mods. different players play different and have different ideas. simple solution is what modders always tell us: if you don't like a mod don't use it. sure some people want the game to be harder. but others play to expand and cover maps,some play to make nice looking cities. others might like to build several different villages or towns. not everyone's style is the same. this is the main reason for so many mods.that is also why banished is still playeed and popular. the freedom to play as we want not to follow rules and forced to play the same way as everyone else. i wasn't trying to cheat either. i use RED's brick maker because i like the llooks of it. plus i like the looks of the claypit. if i am playing to build a forest town, i like to use the dryer to make deer jerky. balancing a mod set is not easy. balancing all the mods at once would be crazy. and more players would be unhappy than happy with such an idea.
  17. can we get a google drive link for this and the other mod???? for some reason i get this to about 80% and it quits,says it is loaded but the file is short.thank you.
  18. would loading NMT above CC fix this also? i have had to do that with NECORA's pine set due to the charcoal. i did load the new compatability mod and found i still needed the older version with it. i was missing some storage buildings and was trying to test another mod so tried turning the old 1 on and got many buildigs back.
  19. do you plan to expand this mod so the piles can include the other materials??? lumber,iron ore,etc? or would we need a new wharehouse and building set also??
  20. i found a glitch with the pine set today.when loaded above CC, it turns the cannons in the northern frontier forts solid black. i tried several different mod orders and narrowed it down to the pine set.
  21. can we get another link for this mod? i use an older browser so can not get dropbox to show up. thanks be glad to run some tests.
  22. if you do as you hae stated,odds are the old house will have enough bannies that it won't allow the other half of the family to move their. the bannies will be homeless or go to a boarding house.some houses allow 3 bannies some 4,some 5. all will allow a larger family to move in,like nomads or at the game start. after the initial family, thenumber of children the family can have is limited by the house size.you could pause the game and desstroy both houses,unpause the game and then reclaim 1 house. this should set the family back into 1 house.if you then turn off your builders,the other house can be reclaimed later since only a builder can tear it down.or keep prioritizing other buildings to keep the builder too busy to tear down the house. remember,these bannies are funny people. whatever you think they should do,they will do something else. they are known to get lost in the woods for no reason and freeze or starve. they are known to swim across rivers and then walk all the way around it to get back.that is part of the game sometimes we understand them but many times they do whatever they want themself.lol
  23. i think the game sets survival coats and hide coats the same. and then you have warm coats<hide+wool> and warmer coats<wool>. there is also,pelt coats < from NECORA'S pine mod> and fur coats.plus the fort has its own clothes as well.as ESTHERHB pointed out, the feather and reed survival coats is good as a quick way to make coats early in game. they are a good way to get rid of surplus feathers and use the survival coats for trading. this will help your hunters to find deer instead of ducks unless you use a duck blind hunter:
  24. you can try to clear the area before you set it to pasture or crops. this will speed it up since you are using laborers instead of builders. also,i usually build a small pasture lot near the trading post to keep livestock that i get from trading. once the pasture is finished then just move the animals. depending on how many animals you are purchasing at a time,they should multiply in this smaller pasture as well.
  25. check your adult to housing ratio. i try to maintain 2 adult to 1 house. it sounds like you are building too many houses and the bannies would rather live by themself or "single" than to leave houses empty. depending on the age mods you are using,early in game this is actually an advantage. you should see your child count go up. this will occur more with split families since houses can only hold so many.you now have 1 adult less per house so you should get 1 more child per house after a few years. word of the wise:watch your food count. children eat 100 food,just as much as working adults. otherwise,you will think you have food and all of a sudden it will drop off badly.