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  1. I'm having the same issues. After not having played Banished for a long time, I played it today with all my old mods, including Megamod 0.06. It worked fine, until I decided I wanted my mods up to date. I was very excited to find out about this new Megamod, so I downloaded it when I found it. That's when my troubles began. The game simply wouldn't load. I tried re-installing the game, unsubscribing from all workshop items, verifying the integrity of local files, the whole shebang. Just now I got into the opening screen of the game with Megamod (no other mods installed or subscribed), and it allowed me to start a new map, but while loading that it crashed and I got the message that "A fatal access violation has occurred in d3d11.dll" I have 1.0.7 (Steam version) running on a Windows 10 pc, i5 7400 (3 GHz), 8 GB RAM