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  1. OK, I know what you are saying. I've seen that many times, like taking out a bridge and people walking under the water for a while. I figured we have to wait for the pathfinding to expire. Yes, they are still walking through the fences even after years have gone by.
  2. @Kralyerg Not working for me. Either set lets people pass. I guess this turned into a bug report?
  3. Hi! I'm playing the latest CC and MM w/Deco Pack. What fences are there that will actually not let people pass through them? I wish to use them for traffic flow control. Thanks! -John
  4. I must admit I am intrigued now. If this is a Banished sequel, count me IN! If it's not, it is still very interesting. See this: The only software I've purchased since the year 2000 has been Windows, Age of Empires Gold, and Banished. If you can match anything like those aforementioned titles, then I will buy it. -John
  5. Let us not give up hope! Instead, let us negotiate and pay him a sum for the source code. Then the talented coders here can add multi-core support, integrated CC and MM into the base game, and all manner of other wonderful things.
  6. Lately, the Gemcutter is causing a Fatal Access crash shortly after the workers start working. I'm playing Banished, all the latest builds on everything.
  7. My people seem to avoid hospitals. Is there any way (or any mod) to make them ho to the hospital?
  8. I have all that, P. My town is at 3000. I solved the problem by zero-cost building a poopload of hospitals. I have 149 physicians, and the people were finally all healed. Is that all there is to it? Just "x-number" of hospitals for "x-number" of people? Thanks! -John
  9. I even use the debug menu to cancle all disease, etc., and they still get sick. Despite having a varied diet, high morale, etc.
  10. Is there a "no disease" mod? If not, would someone please be kind enough to make one? I'm playing the latest CC and MM mods. Thanks so much! -John
  11. I, for one, don't mind someone "previewing" a piece of software to see if they want to spend money on it to buy it. But once you've tried it, and decided you like it, then things change. Please support the software you like by purchasing it. -John
  12. If I might interject ... the different variations make it interesting to me. Those inconsistencies are fun to explore and suss out. The sooner we figure everything out, the sooner we'll get bored with the game.
  13. They work slowly, but you only need 2 Domesticated Animals to build a stable and start making your own. Bootstrap yourself early in the game with those and you'll be swimming in them by mid-game. Powerful trading empires can be built this way. Just make sure you have the crops to feed them.
  14. I get missing Ls too. Depends on the zoom/spin, but also I have scaled down the interface(s) a bit to take up less screen space. I frequently see Bonemea, Coa, etc.
  15. OK. I've been running 30X30 on trade chickens. They reproduce fast, and I seem to have an abundance. However, it does take a while. If you can set yourself up for max sizes on trade chooks, then they will do well for you. If anyone is wondering why I even asked my previous question, it's for 2 reasons: 1. To help the OP out; 2. To see if there is a better way than the way I'm doing it. Thanks! -Johntodd