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  1. Seen that thread before. It's an awesome read. I have a map going that I think I will try to run forever. We'll see how it works out. THanks! -Johntodd
  2. Anybody ever play a map for over 1000 years? I'm working on a map I think I can take that far. And with my new computer upgrade, it should be able to run decently with a large population. I'd like to challenge anyone to a long-running map contest. Informal, of course. Just post in this thread from time to time and share with us the glory of your achievements. Anybody got any tips on how to run a town this long? Thanks! -Johntodd
  3. @Vrayna OK, it worked. Removing Bigger Wheelbarrows allows stuff to go in to the Taverns. Thanks! -Johntodd
  4. Interesting idea. I'll try the ideas. They *DO* go into alc/lux warehouses just fine.
  5. Sorry if this has been mentioned: My alcohol/luxuries never make it into any kind of recreation building. No tavern, Peck and Hen, Ricewine distiller (dock set) or anywhere. Doesn't matter if the building is staffed or not, it's a no-go. I'm using: CCNoSmoke, Bigger Wheelbarrows Latest MM8.
  6. Seems to speed up loading after a couple of times.
  7. UPDATE: OK, I did it, and it worked. The alc/lux were moved into the taverns like they were supposed to. But, keep in mind, this is the first time that has happened to me. I always put storage next to production, and labor (or ale wenches) take from storage and put it into the taverns. So something has changed. Thanks for the help and the wonderful mods! -John
  8. I think it's a flag issue. I always put storage next to production. I put textile and clothing storage next to my tailors, etc. There are alc/lux storage next to the wine makers. Wine gets stored there, and sometimes shows up in further away storage. But it never gets to the taverns (etc.)
  9. It goes to general storage - barns, magazines, etc., and also into alc/lux warehouses/barns. It goes everywhere it should, except taverns, etc. So they are being produced.
  10. I don't have the traders set to get any, and there are butt loads of wine and rice wine in storage. I'm an experienced Banished player (from 2014), so unless I'm doing something completely retarded (wouldn't be the first time!), then there is a bug somewhere.
  11. OK; I raised the textile limit and got my muskets. I turned off disable hunger and now they are eating like piggies! Thanks! What about the alcohol/luxuries?
  12. Magazine has been moved to "Forts and Palisades".
  13. Oops. I think that's right. Next session I shall uncheck it and see what happens. Thanks!
  14. I have 3 bugs to report, my apologies if these are already reported. 1. Food. I have a pop of ~1000, but only using ~15 (that's fifteen!) food per year. 2. No alcohol/luxuries are making it's way into any tavern at all, even with staffing filled. 3. My Fort Blacksmith won't make anything. Says it's hit some limit. The tools and forged limits are way higher than inventory, so it should be making muskets. I'm running MM8 RC2, and CCNoSmoke. Thanks! -John
  15. Hope it works!