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  1. is that a lot of well in your fort? why thou?
  2. you had a great map there, and the city is really nice. Use the blackliquidrain mod to lessen the rain.
  3. I dont use the megamod 0.07 I want only the CC:Journey
  4. megamod 0.05 and megamod 0.06
  5. Please bring back the city wall with the portcullis gate. It includes also some diagonal parts. It is first introduce in Megamod 0.05. If cannot do, add some one segment new city wall which is a ghost one. Because I used some of the wall to enclosed a city with a mountain like on the picture attachment.
  6. There is a new city wall set, indeed. But I'm looking for the city wall like this one.
  7. The new building designs of CC:1.7 Journey is really great. But I really miss the city wall with the portcullis thing. I really love that stuff. Please add that, please. . .
  8. I never played Adam and Eve, but I saw the video of how hard it is, hahahahaha You're making a Utopia out of 2 people, just like that. I want to see more of it, because it is great indeed
  9. For now I can't continue my progress for Gahata. I need to study first because Engineering is a hard course. Also, I'm waiting for the 1.7 CC Mod. Thank you all.
  10. hey you! I like you, hehehehehehe
  11. yeah, I remember the texture of ground of Rogue Encampment and Tristram from Diablo 2
  12. Yes it is nice to live in, but I always have the problem of maintaining the food supply.
  13. It took me a while to check all the mod that Gahata contains, it always crashed when mod is not loaded properly.
  14. One Century Gahata: I Randal Goodfolk, son of Ramir Goodfolk, the living witness of the early years of Gahata City. It has been a good job between the commoners and the native people to become one to recreate a City out of scratch. I still reminisce the good old days of our land until the interference of the Mother City. Maybe none of us are ready for the upcoming war but my father and his new Commander, Lauro Coral were getting all the strength we need for the siege we do not know, when to comes. When I came to them to listen to their meeting. I found that Lauro Coral has so many proposal to improve the city. I'm impressed. I approached him and told him that, I thought you were only here for the war, maybe I was wrong perhaps you are here to stay for longer. He agreed, he wants to stay, and little did I know, he is hated now by many of the Natives. I wonder why?
  15. Not crashing but won't start at all. I found out that if too many mods are being loaded, maybe the game don't start at all. About the internet connection. hahahaha My wifi password is given to all who is in need. Maybe one of the reason it is so slow.