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  1. ok, i have to ask - since i tried in-game and could not get it to work - how do homes use charcoal? i made a test city where i stopped firewood production as soon as i had charcoal production going strong. there were a couple thousand charcoal available in stockpiles and markets, but with no firewood, all my houses started freezing (blue snowflake icons everywhere.) maybe i have a mod somewhere that breaks it for me? i don't think the "no coal in homes" mod affects charcoal, but that's beside the point, as i do not have it installed anyhow... besides some houses and deco, i use CCJ 1.75, MM 0.07 and its deco, compatibility, maritimes, and NAT DIV. i also have the "more per SWILs" (more x per y, stone, wood, iron, and leather versions) but have only enabled for more wood per tree. Mod order is good - everything shows up and works fine. My game is very stable and happy, and it makes me very happy too. but i cannot figure out why homes don't take my charcoal. no biggie, i am happy to make firewood forever. i am just curious...
  2. well, i am hoping this is a judgement-free zone, 'cuz i am about to spill a secret: i torrented banished before i bought it on steam. i am freaking broke, and even at $20, i would not buy a game without many hours of play to ensure i will not get tired of it. and banished is one game you can find almost every mod outside the workshop - cities skylines is definitely not. i paid full price on steam for banished ($20.) i did not get it on sale (it is currently on sale for $5.) and since i feel BlackLiquid adds easily 50% enjoyment to my game, i donated to this site as soon as i could afford to (same amount as i paid for the game - $20 - sorry it couldn't be more, i know your work is WAY more valuable than i can pay!) i never paid full price for CS, because they use the paid DLC model (same as EA sims 3, which i never got at full price). i always wait for at least 60% sale, and usually for 75% since my landlord is so fussy about being paid on time, i must prioritize. all this is by way of replying i have 902 hours on steam, but since i didn't stop playing my pirate version while i waited for the extra spending money, i have no idea how many hours i have in total, but i strongly suspect it is around 1200. and @Freedom just wow... what the heck else do you even have time to do...? edit: it's been 1228 days since the release of banished. if @Freedom has played 5658 hours, that's 4.6 hours per day, every single day. simply amazing. do you play a city to self-sustaining, and then let it run while you do other things? i know some folks can do that. (i can't.) even between jobs i don't have 4.6 hours per day to play. and even if banished is my favorite game, i still get a hankering for variety, and go off to sim or build elsewhere for a while... 4.6 hours per day for 1228 days borders on monomania, and i am in awe.
  3. ...i'm trying to imagine what that would look like and how it would happen... and i can't.
  4. i just noticed - did the random generator name your town ChickenLegRiver or did you?
  5. i looked at the goog for images, and decided quince are not ugly. (unlike buddha hand) but quince seem pretty useless unless cooked: "Quince may resemble pears and apples, but unlike their fruit brethren, raw quince are inedibly tannic and sour." (see http://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/how-to/article/how-to-core-quince) then thanks to @estherhb (the very best resource chart maker!) i found the answers to my own question, what good is a quince IN GAME: they can be used to make fruit jam at the preservist (also need glassware and sugar) and to make tinned fruit at the tinnery (also needs tin refined from tin ore) but i think the tinned fruit should need sugar too, or tummy aches might abound... so as a default start tree crop, quince aren't terribly useful, as you have to get SEVERAL intensive production chains going strong before you can put them to good use (preserves alone will need sugar plantations, sugar houses, shore houses, furnace fuel and glass works. canned fruit will need mines for tin ore, a foundry, furnace fuel, and a tinnery. -- that's a LOT of work -- definitely better (imo) for later , when the city is solidly established and has a bajillion extra laborers available... quite a quince!
  6. ...still maybe not much difference in quality than what's on the idiot box these days... give me a good book any day. i was so happy when libraries came out to serve banished the same way shrines and churches do. i love libraries: reading, learning, imagining - so good for you.
  7. same thing happens with foundry and small blacksmiths. foundry can have up to 6 workers (i think), and starts with default 3 or 4 (i think.) so suddenly no one is making tools because the small blacksmith worker has left for the foundry. you have to set foundry staff to smaller number, or stop it working until you have enough folks. same with large pastures, if you have a huge sheep yard and set the staff number to 5 or 6 folks tending, while also building domesticated animal pens that only have a staff of one, they will fill the pasture first, or you can lower the larger staff number until you get more folks available to assign. hope that makes sense? took me a while to figure out that water well workers are under the market vendor category, so the huge urban market that i set a staff of 12 for, kept taking all available workers, and the wells went without...
  8. no self-respecting window treatment is complete without the equine touch...
  9. i thought of that too, but wondered if i was conflating it with mince, as in mincemeat pie... anyways, they are not my favorite game crop.
  10. Started a new game last night, didn't notice any difference in zoom. New debug seems to work the same as old, I'm using MM 0.07 and CC 1.75. I confess I did not try out the new options, as they are labeled custom0, custom1, custom2, etc. and I don't know based on their icons what they will make (mostly, the icons look like crop baskets...) Is it that I have to go somewhere and set what I want them to be? 'cuz sometimes I would give my eye teeth for some hemp...
  11. I have been playing again for a few days, and have come across a new favorite map, 187. Neuvo Arbol easy start opened with default raspberries, oats, apricots and sheep! Simply everything you need for coats, wine, various breads, and stables. A very fortuitous start. Oats make domestic animals, which are for animal pens but also excellent for trade. Endless supplies of milk, which leads to butter, cheese, cream and (my favorite) yogurt. Plenty of eggs, it's bagel time! Plenty of leather and wool, can you say Peacoat? (I used to have a peacoat IRL...) The other default tree was quinces. now if someone could tell me just what good a quince is, in game, i would be grateful. it is good to be back.
  12. in keeping with the 'bodily function' theme this thread has taken, i must confess the first thought i had when i saw this name was 'farty tree.'
  13. Please don't condemn me, but I am having a tough time deciding which game to play today. I picked up some EPs for Cities Skylines a while ago (they were on a good sale), and have been enjoying the new content. Steam workshop for this game is great. The mods and custom content for CS rival any game I have loved, even sims 3. The community on steam however, sucks. No one there is as generous, communicative, or supportive as the fine folks here at Black Liquid. so I made a list with two columns, Banished on one side, CS on the other... to help me decide...
  14. you used the map and even built buildings on top of the artifact. did it affect anything...? i saw mine, just said nope and started the next map.
  15. I dunno, I must be a "the more the merrier" type. I start medium mostly, sometimes even easy! And I invite people asap. And I build excess houses so they fill up quickly. My biggest challenge is often how to feed the population explosion after I have them build 10-20 houses. Plus I confess, after food and fuel are (pretty much) stable, I run on 5x or 10x speed. I enabled 'proper time' mod once and was just about bored outta my mind.... I love happy folks and pretty neighborhoods (gazebo!), and I love new starts. i play up to around 800-1200 people, then move on to the next map.