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  1. I dunno, I must be a "the more the merrier" type. I start medium mostly, sometimes even easy! And I invite people asap. And I build excess houses so they fill up quickly. My biggest challenge is often how to feed the population explosion after I have them build 10-20 houses. Plus I confess, after food and fuel are (pretty much) stable, I run on 5x or 10x speed. I enabled 'proper time' mod once and was just about bored outta my mind.... I love happy folks and pretty neighborhoods (gazebo!), and I love new starts. i play up to around 800-1200 people, then move on to the next map.
  2. ewww.... Colon
  3. You can't quite tell by screenshots, but this weird river flows up around and down, just fine, past this glitch. I did not stay and play, so I have no idea if traders would freak out getting past (or through) this...
  4. I thought it sounded familiar when the random generator gave me the same name! I would be curious to see if it was the same seed number too...
  5. "died unexpectedly" is so nondescript.
  6. This smudgy stuff (underlined in small screen snip) appears sometimes on lakes, and usually covering much smaller areas. It does not hinder or alter the game in any way I can tell, and while game is playing, it doesn't seem to be visible. It seems to be visible on map overviews only. I am posting this in case it has happened to anyone else, or if anyone knows what it is. This one seems quite a bit larger than I've seen before.
  7. When I changed from The Forge Awakens to Journey, I didn't pay as much attention to mod order as I should have, and I kind of flipped out when 6 fully staffed forester stations and 5 sawmills couldn't keep a population of less than 800 warm. I mean, I was running out of room to put more foresters! The problem was that I was using a few resource improvement mods like more wood, but didn't make sure they were above Journey. Once I got my mods reordered, I got back the ability to balance land use, staff and population with firewood. Since then I have added a few additional mods and my order is as follows: ridiculous storage by kralyerg several (7) of necora's maritimes sets tree houses and forest deep by nomad wildlife by zen industries more stone more iron more wood natural diversity by bartender 1.07 compatibility CC 1.75 Journey mega mod 0.07 mega mod deco 0.07 I think foresters and sawmills were struggling because Journey and MegaMod loaded above 'more wood' upon install, and canceled it out. Once I moved them below, I experienced the balance I had gotten used to...
  8. I can't stop adding overviews to this list of nuevo arbol cities. I get up to year 30-40 with new cities, usually have 400-600 people, everyone is happy and fed, all the jobs are filled, and there's plenty of folks as laborers to help out with any extra tasks. So I pull way back to see as much of the city as my screen allows, to see how everything turned out, and take a screenshot. Makes me so happy...
  9. yes, the 2 larger houses on the right side of the screen shot are by despo20 as i mentioned (but did not link, sorry.) the smaller skinny white/brown house on the left is one of new houses added to Colonial Charter by Journey, the Officer Townhouse. It is found in the Row Houses part of the menu (see images below), it takes 45 lumber, 3 building supplies, and one housewares to build.
  10. Welcome back! I'm very glad to hear you are well. Please continue to take good care of yourself and your loved ones. You were missed!
  11. i have always wanted to use chilies to make a version of "jalapeno jelly."
  12. I noticed recently one of my Maritimes menu items shows no name when i mouse over it, and I don't know if it is a legitimate glitch or due to my mod order or something else I did wrong?
  13. this happens to me sometimes when i forget to use the corner pieces. sometimes folks seem to "sink" when they move off or on to quay/dock pieces. i think it might help to use corner pieces where the dock or quay attaches to land, even when you can't see them, they might alleviate some "sinking."
  14. I have always been a Cash, not an Elvis. I was raised on Boy Named Sue, et al. And turnabout is fair play, but Dean? not lyrical at all...
  15. For stockpiles I use kid1293's yard covers, and I love them. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1649.0 I also put these over his tiny outdoor workers like grinder, toolsmith, tailor etc. These tiny workers are so small, they fit almost anywhere, and are really flexible and efficient, giving them a "carport" is the least i can do for them...