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  1. I have a play style similar to @estherhb, as I turn off disasters, plus I keep the climate setting gentle (usually either mild, very mild or temperate), and use large open maps that usually provide plenty of space to work. Then it's usually just a matter of designing a layout that pleases me. I've gotten pretty good at pushing food and warmth levels to sustainable right away, so I can focus on trade and tweaking health and happiness. I love perfect 5 stars and hearts. Last week, though, I tried out DSSV Stranded Harder. wowzers Adam and Eve has 2 people, 7 tools, 7 clothes, 100 fuel, 250 food, and a cart. Stranded Harder has 4 adults no food, no tools, no storage, and no clothes except the ones on their backs (they're not running round nekked!) It was a bit of a thrill, seeing if I could get them to survive and thrive. Even with easy climates, abundant resources and plenty of space, it took quite a while to ramp up to my normal level (which for me is usually around 750-1000 people with 3 to 5 times the amount of food needed for a year and at least 3 to 5 sets of tools and clothes for everyone, with very high happiness, health, etc.) The only debug cheat I used was "set everyone as educated," because Claude, Marie, Zoya and Bob were highly skilled experts in their fields when they got stranded, and they've taught everyone how to be very efficient! Starting is the best part, and now I'm looking forward to trying out the types I haven't used yet!
  2. thanks i will look at my hotkeys list. i don't think i reassigned any, though. if this works, i'll be quite happy to get that big map back. it's huge and i love it.
  3. How do you get that elusive last half-heart or half-star, to achieve perfect health and happiness? I'm on my usual roll, playing nice easy spacious agricultural cities. working up to 750-1000 folks with TONS of food and supplies, getting my layouts just right, then moving on to the next map. Rectic (weird name - maybe too close to rectum) was up to ~550 folks, with 44444 foods (symmetry is also very pleasing to me) when I realized all that was left to do was grow. Except that last bit of heart or star.... Rectic has parks, bars, libraries, hospitals, cemeteries, statues, plenty of trees, flowers and deco, fully fed, educated and clothed folks, variety of menu, leisure, occupation, well maintained roads, plenty of storage, healthy trade, etc. i have given them utopia, so why the hell aren't they perfectly healthy and happy?
  4. *sigh* none of the usual tips or tricks has reminded me how I fixed this before... but exiting the game -almost- fixes it: if i load a save that had a large map open, covering the UI, sure enough the large map is -still- open but, it is not on top of the UI anymore, and i am able to close it. just got to not use large maps anymore, until i fix my resolution issues. ..
  5. Yesterday my pc pushed an update that reset a ton of crap. I have been trying to undo some of their lousy defaults since, but have forgotten how to fix my game resolution issues. None of my game settings have changed in ages, and I do remember struggling with something similar a long time ago... I thought I'd see if it rang anyone's bell here, too... I prefer the largest map, since my monitor is set up in my living room, about 6-8 feet from my couch. I like the biggest map for the best detail on my 1920x1080 monitor. Today however, opening the big map covered the UI and made it impossible to close the map... (see images attached) I had to exit the game to 'get out from behind' the map... grrrrr What did I do last time that fixed the map size issue? Whatever it was, I was able to normally open and close the big map, it did not block the UI, or prevent use of any UI buttons. Damn Windows 10, I have truly grown to dislike you...
  6. Hello, I apologize if this question is in the wrong place. I looked at the storage chart (http://blackliquidsoftware.com/uploads/monthly_2017_03/58db3a704605a_StorageCapacityChart-page-001.jpg.4ac1d66ca765f686d75f6aa1eb315728.jpg) and the resource gathering wiki (http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/articles.html/resource-gathering/pine-forester-r688/) but didn't see what I wanted to ask. Do any foresters - CC or MM or otherwise - NOT have storage? I prefer my foresters to deliver logs to their nearest stockpile, where I have placed the sawmills and woodcutters I want, to maximize firewood production. I don't like how far woodcutters have to travel to pick up logs when they are all stuffed into the forester building, and I don't want to build woodcutters inside the forester radius, both to avoid them taking tree growing space, and to avoid fuel stockpiles being either too far from neighborhoods or too far from wood cutters... Sorry I don't have screen snips to illustrate. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggested content.
  7. mine also stocks in alcohol venues (like taverns) and unless i'm seeing things, is consumed by locals in addition to being available for trade. i imagine some spicy flowery smelling folks... but i always kind of wanted my locals to consume several of the items that seem to be for trade only, like candles, bedding, etc. it's nice that they use their perfume.
  8. WCIF the small seed only trader? (not kid's alotofseeds, the other one) Thanks! edit: answer blimey! found it here: KTMRMBST kid1293/ themed mods/ rowhouses modular businesses/ small traders
  9. Quick question, WCIF the garden workplace that I think must be needed to process vegetables into edible food? I have a few thousand vegetables, but only 120 food... I chose vegetable as a start condition, from the list, and vegetables are the only crop available when I build crop fields, but I no longer know where to find the garden workplace, or if it is even the only way to process vegetables into edible foods... Thanks
  10. hello, my game crashed after i had been playing for about 9 hours (game year 29), when i clicked on the Tiny Town Hall near my traders (see image below). before the crash, i wasn't doing much else, just watching fields clear and waiting for traders. (i pin the inventory tab of town arrivals during trades to make sure i don't give away the farm.) i went back in to the autosave to get screenshots and see if i could reproduce the crash. Not sure how far before the crash it autosaved, but it can't have been long as i have it set for every 5 minutes. my mods list/order is also shown here. my questions are: why did clicking the tiny town hall not crash the game immediately when i opened the autosave, as that's what i did to cause the previous crash? i know the town arrival icon greys out (becomes unavailable) after you build one, i used to use a trick of not releasing until i plopped several along the river at my trading area, 'cuz i knew i wouldn't be able to build more once i let the button go. but now with beta MM8, i am only building one of anything that greys out, in case that has anything to do with causing crashes. does it...? now, i have one each of several creators town halls, as many of the smaller ones that i can find, to make up for not plopping 5 or 6 town arrivals. do town halls from different creators conflict with each other? i remember seeing a crash report with MM7 due to clicking town halls, any so far with MM8? i think the post i remember also had to do with the compatibility mod, which MM8 won't ever need, as the flag stuff is all okay now? thanks for any info
  11. sure, but how can it cause crashes if it isn't even enabled?
  12. gosh, i thought i was experiencing delays now that banished takes 3-4 minutes to load. my pc is a medium-low-end gaming rig, here's some of my speccy: CPU Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz 37 °C Haswell 22nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard Acer Predator G3-605 (LGA1150) 38 °C Graphics 1535MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (192-bit) (Sapphire/PCPartner) 42 °C i think banished is light compared to my other building and sim games, it has never stressed my pc much, or taken long to load, or been slow to respond in-game. that's partly why i can't figure out what i did wrong to keep crashing...
  13. ugh, not using beekeeper or any honey production at the moment. nothing changed or new in mod order. still crashing. time to stop trying for a bit, i guess.
  14. one stop all mining has its own icon on the main mine menu (see image), and has never "tucked into" other submenus. in game, it's called "multi mine." i don't really need a mine that never runs out, but i do love a mine that produces iron, stone and coal simultaneously, as this does. i found it a long time ago on steam, by xax, who has clearly stated he is done with banished and banished modding, but he posted his source code on nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/banished/mods/47? i am happy to hear the radius increaser, wildlife, might not be problematic. it was never an issue before, maybe i'm lucky and it isn't going to be... thanks. i like the little beekeeper, i think the small stand model comes from kid1293's bigger beekeeper that has a few apple trees (see image) but if it is broken now, that's okay. thank you very much for helping me narrow down the cause of my crashes. i was able to crash again 2 more times, both with that beekeeper. now i will just refrain from using it. thank you for all your generosity and work, i love Colonial Charter, and MegaMod is dreamy! i'm going to go play more!
  15. thank you as ever for your help and advice. i made several changes based on your instructions, and am still crashing after 4+ hours of play. some additional questions and observations, plus my newest mod list/order: a) i updated ridiculous storage and increased cc, thanks for the info, sometimes stuff has newer versions faster than i'm aware... b) i pulled Covering, South Africa Housing, Garden Walls Utility, not realizing before that they were in MM8. i had earlier pulled 25-30 items now included in MM8, and thought i got all my duplicates, but must have missed these. c) can an out of date mod cause crashes if it is not enabled? in my previous list, Medieval Town was not enabled. (i pulled it anyhow since it's in MM8) d) for my newest list, i disabled one stop all mining and wildlife. i can let go of the mining one if i have to - altho' i don't think it is causing the problem. i am also what @Vrayna calls a serial restarter, so my mines likely won't run dry before i move on to my next town. but i would be sad to let go of wildlife, as it increases the radius of foresters, and agriculture and forestry are always the pillars of my towns. (this is also why i use iron is iron, as it is the way vanilla banished handles iron, and i much prefer farms and foresters to forges and smelters...) but again, i don't think this is causing the problem. wildlife and one stop mining have never conflicted (for me) with any previous version of Colonial Charter or MegaMod. this might not always stay true, depending on what is added to MegaMod in future, but i have not been able to find any newer or better radius increasing mods. ( i have looked a lot...) can it be possible that if neither Colonial Charter nor MegaMod contain any radius increasing elements, that maybe wildlife has nothing to conflict with...? that would be wonderful e) when my game crashed this time, i was doing the exact same thing i was doing when it crashed last night: trying to click on the tiny bee keeper to assign a worker to it. i have no idea if this is a coincidence, or if there is an issue with this @kid1293 item, but i will start a new game and debug some buildings including this one to see if i can reproduce the crash. if it turns out the crashes happen for me every time i use this bee keeper, i will just not use it. there's another small bee stand, i think in @Discrepancy's small village menu...? that i like just fine. (backyard bees make me very happy, so a small building is welcome.) thanks to all for any advice or suggestions. p.s. i hopped out to start banished just long enough to capture a screen snip, and lo, the crash happened again, exactly when i tried to click on kid1293's beekeeper to assign a worker. that's 3 times in a row, i am strongly starting to suspect this little workstation isn't going to be possible in my towns... i enjoy kid1293's things very much, and use his "themed mods" "build a workplace" items a LOT.