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  1. Ok, I placed some more fields on a different map seed number. I paid more attention, and I am sure that the field was placed in an area where no clearing, flattening, or other Xs had been used before putting it down. and nothing had been built in the area before. it was nice pristine land, early in the game (spring of year 2, when i had fewer than 40 folks). builders worked normally to make it, and it was in a nice central location. as one large field, it had the smears. when i deleted it and re-drew it huge, the smears were there again, in the same spots. but when i deleted it again, and drew several small fields on the same area, the smeary glitches were not there! and to further compound my mystery, another equally large field, built right next to the glitchy one, also on land that had not been cleared or flattened, also made normally by builders, had not a single smear... i continue to be a bit baffled.
  2. US, I landed in MT 🌲
  3. I played a long session last night on a vanilla 'medium' start condition (50 game years - many hours of uninterrupted banished fun) to see how thatch acts when it spawns map-wide at start. Lovely! But I have almost decided that thatch = kudzu. It completely deforested the entire map long before I hit the 50 game year mark. All that lumber, gone. Trees are too aesthetically valuable to me to enjoy meadows killing them off. Foresters stations create circles of trees (I use a tree life mod, a mod called Wildlife that increases forester, hunter and gatherer radii, and @Necora 's new Pine Set) so I am not short of materials for building, etc. but I found I missed them out in the wild... I double checked that all my Maritimes modular sets are above NatDiv, as per @QueryEverything 's reply to @malcg60 so I'm pretty sure mod order wouldn't change/stop complete deforestation. So I respectfully withdraw my request for thatch to spawn in non-vanilla starts (I will use them when I want wild trees to thrive.) But now I have another question/request: Can NatDiv on vanilla starts be 'turned down' to allow wild plants, meadow and trees to coexist in a better balance? As always, I thank you for your efforts. The Banished community is one of the most supportive around, and Black Liquid modders, and their contributors and supporters, and their site are the best! Lily
  4. Thank you for your reply, and for your continued help and generosity. Your sets are gorgeous!
  5. Hello, Do I need Maritimes Trees 100 if I use Maritimes Pine Set V103 103.01 (updated April 3), as it also contains new forestry towers with maple trees, aspens, apples, oaks, fir, spruce, and white pine? Will these trees only appear in the forester radius if I'm using pine set v103, but spawn all around the map with maritimes trees 100...? Thanks for any information, and sorry if the question has been answered elsewhere.
  6. I have seen this before, with pastures, but yesterday it showed up in a field, and it was quite large. it does not happen everywhere, but only in certain areas of a map. I've never been able to see any pattern to where or when they appear, or similarities in conditions when they appeared. This happen in anyone else's game? Anyone know why, or better yet how to prevent/undo them?
  7. i love llamas, i always think of sims 3 when i get llamas as the default animal at start... *sigh* their goofy little stick legs move so funny, when you watch them closely for a bit. and... stop biting your buddy's butt
  8. Thank you @Bartender for Natural Diversity. I am enjoying the richly improved plants and herbs. I like the thatcher's shed, and the profession, and the seasonality. The little bundles of harvested thatch look great! Meadows are lovely, although I do tend to lay off the staff before they completely eliminate all trees in their area. (A treeless circle is too odd-looking to me.) I am struggling to get used to start conditions now, with new construction requirements (mostly pastures). Even with CCJ 1.75 and MM 0.07 I had a pretty good success rate with my starts, getting food supplies going, tool and clothing making started, and enough firewood to make it through the first 4-5 years, without any deaths... Until thatch... I like a lot of the CC start conditions, and apologize if this question has already been asked, but any chance in the future this will spawn naturally in starts other than the vanilla 'easy,' 'medium,' and 'hard'? Thanks again for all your work, and generosity - sharing with us!
  9. i've seen this a couple times, and i've always kind of enjoyed the idea of my little game folks getting 'banished from Banished.' the irony of a town founded by banished folks banishing in turn...
  10. okay i can use misc barns. but i also hope things will tweak a bit as individual mods update, and later when a new MM rolls out. because the standard medieval barn is my very favorite! it fits with my street plans best and has a reasonable price. the magazine may hold super large quantities, but it's footprint is awkward for my usual street plans and i usually don't get 'building supplies' until my town is pretty stable, when i can afford to either start trading for housewares and supplies, or invest materials and staff in producing them myself. images are: my current load order, it has been as you advise above since last week, when i updated my stuff and tweaked my order. things have been generally smooth since. storage icons menu, with examples. would the dry goods warehouses work, since they still say 'dry goods'? using a misc barn brings up an additional question: native artifacts weren't being picked up until i put down a precious barn, or magazine. once a magazine was down, artifacts could go to either a market or a trading post. but with a precious barn - or a precious cellar - artifacts were picked up and then 'trapped' in their storage. they would not go to trading posts and never appeared in markets.
  11. Another new one on me, suicide! Kind of took me by surprise...
  12. Merci beaucoup! I thank you for your work. Small Village stuff is gorgeous. I'm guessing the new field version will be included in the next update to MegaMod (which I also adore)?
  13. I have been playing with beta game and CCJ 1.75, enjoying all the new stuff. I am also using MegaMod 0.07, and my game is working great. (quick and smooth, very few performance issues once I got my mod order tweaked and my list updated.) I have spotted a couple confusing items, and guess many of these will sort out as mods included in MM are updated and the next iteration is rolled out. Anyhow, I wanted to show a couple things I'm hoping can be explained and/or fixed (sorry if they've already been reported.) construction materials in the minerals stockpile having lumber and building supplies in the minerals stockpile doesn't seem to affect availability or usability. (Mostly I would want it to go to the right place for location purposes.) @Kralyerg mentioned the old materials stockpile was left alongside the new minerals one, until further updates etc. but in the meantime, is there a way to tell which is the new and which is the old(renamed)...? bonemeal isn't picked up (won't go in barns) For some reason, no storage building will take bonemeal for me, except the Magazine. I have tried pretty near every barn, and everything I can remember that held what used to be 'dry goods'. Why the Magazine works, I don't know. Once I put down a magazine, workers grab bonemeal right away (most of it ends up in the markets - although why the magazine has to be present in order for bonemeal to go to market is weird). I'm getting my learning curve smoothed out, with all the wonderful new stuff in 1.75. And I also wanted to thank everyone here who has continued to make Banished so great.
  14. I have tried @Discrepancy's new field that is in MegaMod. It is almost the same color, and has nice parallel plow lines on it. It has a bit different size limits and limit of max 6 (or 8? 10?) builders. (not sure if there's a max on workers once it's built; my fields are pretty consistent 15x7 with at most 3 workers.) I noticed though, that snow does not cover this new field. I will be sticking with the old field due to this, and wondered if it is intentional? Or will be 'fixed'? Or maybe was made specifically for climates without snow...?