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  1. I have only ever seen the 'stop using coal in houses' mod. You can see it both in the steam workshop and at banishedinfo . com. However, I agree with estherhb 100%, getting better balance and profit with charcoal is worth the time and effort, in the long run. I have a lot less aversion to demolishing buildings these days. I'm no longer anxious about build-cost and time investment to have 4 stacks burners near my sawmills, but later tearing buildings down and reclaiming space for housing (or even happiness-radius stuff like libraries). Sometimes I even let my foresters go, and let the trees do as they like, when my fuel needs have leveled out and I'm using 10-15% of the firewood that I was using during growth. Upgrades to housing both reduces how much fuel they need, and tends to happen later when prosperity and balance are greater. For me, this also contributes to less firewood use. Have fun!
  2. Oh, my goodness, mods make it so completely different! More to do; more to make, huge variety of buildings, careers, crops, animals, etc. Folks say 'vanilla' when they refer to the base game without mods or custom content. And it really is like that: vanilla's vanilla, even french vanilla and vanilla bean are not much different (base game valleys vs. mountains). But mods - especially Colonial Charter by Black Liquid! - are like every flavor you've ever tried and many more you haven't, including exotic ones like Goat cheese marionberry habanero ice cream... Have fun! CBLily
  3. ok, i started steam and opened banished. the 'main menu' had no 'map' option (first screen shot). i fiddled around for a while, and figured out that you see the 'map' option when you load a map and choose 'options[ESC]' from the toolbar. that sends you to what i think of as the 'resume' menu. (screen shots 2 and 3) so, i loaded my favorite map 67 and confirmed it's conditions (shot 4). i also confirmed the default crop was raspberries and the default animal was beef cow. (shots 5 and 6) but, when i tried to recreate them - using the same variables in every respect except what i named the map - i got turnips and horses (shots 7 and 8), two of my least favorite foods! pas de cheval; beaucoup de glue! can it be that simply giving a map a custom name can change what you get for crops and animals? je suis un peu confus...
  4. my map size was large (i always leave it on large) and the start was new frontier. i have been switching climates and terrains with every game, so i'm sorry i can't remember those. but here's the giant map overview, if you recognize it. (i thought it was very mild/verdant plains, so i tried to reproduce it, but gave up after about a dozen starts with flat plains, valleys, marsh, etc. all failed to give me raspberries and beef cows) i know there's a way to find the seed number after you've already started a map, but i've never heard of a way to see all those other variables after you've started... if you know how, i can go back and look. i made a separate save of the game before building anything, so i can go back and play it over and over as often as i want... yummy
  5. thank you for the hints, they make me want to keep looking... i did wonder if only my game folk could "see" something like this (if it wasn't visible to me until after one of the game folk saw it first) so i played my map up to 3-400 folks, and ultimately had 4 gathering huts, fully staffed. then before i stopped playing for the night, i went back and searched again, to see if anything new had become visible after many decades of hunting and gathering. still no joy...
  6. do any of the players and/or creators here use mods made by folks other than the Black Liquid folks, or those folks included in MegaMod? i didn't like the way orchard ground color is too bright when i played Northern Pines so i went looking for something like "transparent fields." didn't something like that exist? or am i thinking of 'transparent pastures'? anyhow, i did not find a transparent field/orchard mod, but i did happen to see something called seasonsfx at banishedinfo.com, by a creator called KrazyKiwi. i also saw something called Beautiful World for CC by Owlchemist, but it sounded like some of its features are already in CC/MegaMod (reeds, etc.) my questions are: does anyone here use seasonfx? is the version at banishedinfo.com still working? (it's 2 yrs old, but i could not find it on steam at all...) any suggestions on placement? above both CC and Mega? i have got other workshop stuff working fine with both CC 1.71 Journey and MegaMod v6, but they're mostly buildings and decorative content. (i like the japenese stuff, forest deep stuff, i see fire, xmas trees, etc. thanks for any suggestions http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/267-SeasonFX
  7. might be... i went to northern pines (see screen snips) and NO JOY, no big beautiful stone head or any other cool findings... lotsa deer though. venison for everyone!
  8. i'm ready. they just sitting out on the map...? i'm off to look right now! (had my din-dins, did my chores, it's TIME TO PLAY)
  9. i really want to see this in my own game. where is it, pretty please?
  10. oysters rockefeller!
  11. thank you for your persistence and efforts working towards this. journey has been very fun for me so far. each colonial charter iteration has only gotten better and better. i will await the next, which will surely incorporate these new limits. looking forward to how they will be implemented. i only have one small request (but i doubt it has to do with these 10 limits) is it possible for a butcher to be made able to switch between types of meat without demolishing the building? it would aid productivity if i could tell a butcher to switch to a meat that happens to be plentiful at the moment...
  12. I know it has nothing to do with me, but I have found I love map #67 and that happens to be the year I was born. Default food was raspberries, and I am making wine like Crazy, and trading it by the ton. Default pasture animal was beef cow. One 15x16 pasture with 12 cows and one herder produces on average 1440 units of meat. I've got 6 of these, and 3 butchers can just about keep up. Trading posts are efficient, markets are near every cluster of houses, a fountain and a few libraries are making folks very happy. On an aside note, I LOVE how the upgraded log cabin looks!
  13. Now that I know those eyes are there, I am a bit creeped out... (extremely zoomed in bandicam screen snip, sorry low quality)
  14. Just started my first game with Journey, CC 1.71 on map seed number 59, terrain valleys, size large, climate mild, with Abandoned Village Northern Pines start. Corpses. Wrapped tightly, but quite bloody at the heads. And they yield bonemeal when you have your folks get rid of them. But hey, at least they don't yield meat... Too early to know if more corpses will appear (nobody has died yet.) Also don't know yet how cemeteries figure in this...