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  1. Yes, thank you for the ideas. I have created an account at world of banished and browsed their stuff. More excellent examples of creativity and generosity. The 10 worker large port is handsome; I like the stone look. But... I am still more interested in specialized trading ports. e.g. food only or industrial items only, etc. That’s why I love the ones included in MegaMod so much, except for the too-small staff.
  2. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I searched references to trading post for a long while and didn't see anything asking this: I love the specialized traders, they seem to get boats at higher frequency with bigger loads. But, their staff (5) is too small, especially when the city get over 1000. Regular trading posts can grow to a staff of 20, which makes a difference when auto-trading and/or picking up custom orders which can really get big (biggest one I have seen so far was 85,000 units) It takes 5 workers a horribly long time to put all that stuff away, even when magazines are close by. If 20 seems like too big a staff, I'd go for 10, it would at least double how fast stuff gets put away. Thanks for considering my request.
  3. oh you guys, this thread makes me wish i could afford to donate! flat freaking broke right now, but when tax returns arrive, i will pitch in (just dough, i have no useful coding/modding skills) until then, thanks to all who work so generously and tirelessly for banished.
  4. Potatoes, everyone gets a bucket o' spuds
  5. When I want to just have fun designing a lovely town, I do use the debug menu to 'cheat' additional food and supplies for my banished folks while they build. But yesterday something weird happened. Normally when you add 1000 items via debug menu, it only increases the number of items that were already present. In other words, if your town has never grown, produced or traded for an item, it should not appear in your storage when you use the debug menu. But as you can see from the inventory lists pictured, I suddenly ended up with very small amounts of MANY items, rather than the extra 1000 potatoes I expected to get. Additionally, not all (or even many) of the crop foods increased. Only items well along the production chain appeared, like tinned fruit and copperware. I think this might be related to either my map seed or maybe the quay storage buildings? Either the map has a fault or the quay storage somehow unlocks stuff. I'm leaning toward the map seed explanation. Have you ever experienced anything similar?
  6. I started naming my towns after their map seed number, to make it easy to keep track. I am using a different sequential map every time. I started at 1; I am starting 54 tonight. I don't ever expect to make it to 4 or 5 digits...
  7. I am having fun with my Bonkers for Bakeries. Only got ten bakeries in this town, perfectly spaced for happiness radii. Crop fields and pastures doing okay, but frustrated by how many friesian cows I need to generate butter for croissants. Maybe use domesticated animal pens more next time. Can't keep up with soybean demand for vegetable oil press, but not giving up on my donuts! Medium start map gave sorghum seeds but later I turned to rice because no other grain has quite the yield as rice paddy on water... Now I have no shortage of sake either!
  8. All hail BL_ShockPuppetCC Dev I saw the reddit asking for folks to help develop icons for upcoming cc and immediately thought of this:
  9. I learned the same thing during my first Bonkers for Bakeries trial. I thought I hit the jackpot when a grain (sorghum) was my map's first preferred crop, since they seem to yield more, or am I imagining that maps 'like' their first preferred crop (the one in orange at the top of the list)? But during the lean years my flour mills and bakeries had nothing to work with because folks were eating the grain direct. I don't think there's a way around it. I tried using the resource depot to keep folks from eating the grain, but even then when I release it for the mills, folks would eat it. I thought I read a long time ago that some grains are inedible until processed - and that flour is also inedible until turned into baked goods - but a couple grain crops (corn, sorghum) can be eaten without milling, as we do IRL. But now I can't find anything on the intertubes about this... If it is still true, I would happily turn half my sorghum fields to wheat to help keep my flour production up even when food is generally more scarce. (Usually due to me plopping too many houses at once and having to scramble to keep up when they have their mini-baby-booms.) If true, could you also give your stables a type of grain that folks wouldn't eat raw?
  10. I don't always watch for deaths, once I get a stable population, but super wide comments in the event log catch my eye, and a couple of them so far have been hilarious. Shot attached here is for Alonzalo who was killed at work as a glassmaker. Then last night there was a message about someone who somehow got boxed up in a crate (HOW does that even happen?) but I did not get to him in time to take another screenshot, sorry. Anyone have other shots/stories of goofy ways banished folk die?
  11. I also have steam version. I have NEVER liked the way steam handles (mishandles) screenshots for any game. I use bandicam (free version) for FPS limiting on other, older games (which is super easy and works like a dream, btw) and I have come to enjoy it for screenshots as well. Often I want my UIs in the shot, but if not, I just close them individually. bandicam puts an ugly logo on video, if you use the free version for that, but they do not on plain old screenshots, so it's great for me. Attached shot is just a random shot of a trading post, I have a weird habit of watching newly-purchased animals make their way to their pastures, it amuses me.
  12. I've set a kind of challenge for myself, I want to go Bonkers for Bakeries. I want to build 15 bakeries and set them to produce everything but hardtack (I don't like it - don't know why.) I'm still planning the layout, but I think they will be in a 3x5 grid with enough space between to allow houses to fill each happiness radius. Gonna need a large flat map! Beyond their residential zones (in the happiness radii) will be their production chains (crops, mills, pastures, etc.) I want donuts, but I usually don't do presses (oil or olive) because they seem too much work. But pink icing with colored jimmies? Gotta have donuts... Soup kitchens and pub meals are a step in the direction of restaurants, but one day maybe my little banished folk will be able to craft Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Onions, peppers, cheese, steak, hoagie - yum!
  13. I use tiered houses with urban markets all the time. One of my favorite dwelling types, I always alternate the black and brown style roofs for a kind of checkered look, and leave a gap of 1 or 2 spaces between sets to allow for deco items later. Screengrab shows several next to a standalone bakery with a fountain between.
  14. Plantations are terrific. They are a pleasant visual contrast to regular fields. I also use mine for coffee beans, hops, and grains that are not edible until they are processed for bakery (milled into flour).