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  1. LOL, I love both these games! I would also love to subscribe to this map you're making, if you share the map or a save game on the Cities Skylines workshop (or at SKYMODS http://smods.ru/ if you don't like steam) Show us how it turned out?
  2. making a beeline for their new home, directly through the creek. Except for that one lone wiseacre...
  3. say, anyone here running MM8.01 by Kralyerg with NatDiv by Bartender? I have NatDiv above MM in load order, as author recommends, but thatch is not showing up in game, so buildings are not getting built... Is thatch only on certain starts? and on the removal toolbar, where you can choose "remove grasses," does that yield thatch...? thanks for any info, insights.
  4. Hello, I apologize if this question is in the wrong place. I looked at the storage chart (http://blackliquidsoftware.com/uploads/monthly_2017_03/58db3a704605a_StorageCapacityChart-page-001.jpg.4ac1d66ca765f686d75f6aa1eb315728.jpg) and the resource gathering wiki (http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/articles.html/resource-gathering/pine-forester-r688/) but didn't see what I wanted to ask. Do any foresters - CC or MM or otherwise - NOT have storage? I prefer my foresters to deliver logs to their nearest stockpile, where I have placed the sawmills and woodcutters I want, to maximize firewood production. I don't like how far woodcutters have to travel to pick up logs when they are all stuffed into the forester building, and I don't want to build woodcutters inside the forester radius, both to avoid them taking tree growing space, and to avoid fuel stockpiles being either too far from neighborhoods or too far from wood cutters... Sorry I don't have screen snips to illustrate. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggested content.
  5. From the album Nellville

  6. I look for river banks near by that are 90° or parallel, so it is easy to place trading posts in a perfect line, i don't like gaps between them, or to have them not set the same distance on shore. I look for a big enough area to set residential blocks in tidy rows between foresters/hunters/gathers on one side, and fields/pastures on the other, so folks can go to work with minimal travel, but residential blocks are only houses, and things that generate happiness radii. I like a small stream near enough to start clay collection because i make bricks for super fast roads. If I start with animals and seeds, sometimes I will dump a map and try again if I don't get at least 1/2 my favorites on start: wool-bearing animals (sheep or llamas,) a grain that can make DA (domesticated animals) oats, corn or barley, and cherry for trees (simply the best for yogurt, pies, AND taverns.) ...for me, it's all about tidy towns and happy folks
  7. From the album Nellville

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