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  1. sounds nice, any screenshot examples...?
  2. that was me, too! i was Bonkers for Bakeries! (i was craving donuts at the time.) oh, that was a great map... and even in winter, folks FLOCKED for cherry pie...
  3. Exactly! Black Liquid folks are the best, and Banished wouldn't be half so great without the Colonial Charter mod, every iteration has only gotten better (I started with CC in early 2015, maybe New Frontier? I forget some of the old names, The Forge Awakens, The Golden Llama, etc.) Then there's Mega Mod, I mean just look at the list of goodies, and they're all free - it's amazing. Plus the folks here are so supportive and generous. Wouldn't be half so enjoyable without them...
  4. i love to start over. i usually play a new town up to population 800-1200 then get bored and start over. i love the forest of a new map, waiting to be developed, filling with homes and crops, becoming productive. i love designing neighborhoods and planning layouts for efficient production. i love it when growth is steady and food/fuel are plentiful and stable, and the town reaches that "runs itself" point. it means i have balanced and managed nicely and i can move on to the next one. adding a theme or challenge is a great idea. i once went through as many maps as i could, starting with 1. (i think i got to 600+ before that got old.) then i went through a phase of trying to create only water worlds. (that one didn't last long i admit) now i'm going for a "district" idea, pockets of specialized neighborhoods: heavy industry (mining), art (sculpture), agriculture, etc. and trying to decorate carefully to match my ideas. that's the thing about banished and colonial charter, it can be about as endless as your own imagination. i take breaks too, and go off to sims3 or some cities skylines, but since it was released, i have always come back to banished - over and over.
  5. It may be a bit hard to tell, but this the latest background image for my monitors, two 42" tvs, side by side. I had a couple rip roaring migraines lately, and wanted a perfectly dark solid color, but windows 10 is a bit of a jerk. So I made my own camera scroll folder with these. they are just the right black to soothe my head, and the little loading at the bottom reminds me of one of my favorite things to do: Banish. Now all I need is the soundtrack to play very very quietly while I try to sleep, and my head balm would be complete...
  6. I don't understand flowers. the seeds, when offered by traders are crazy expensive (see screen snips.) but if a trader has the actual flower, it usually has only one, and it's usually only worth 2 units. i would just plant a crop and see what happens, but they also don't seem to ever be the default start crop, at least for me. (and i start a lot of maps, usually 5-10 maps before i settle on one that gives me the stuff i like best... plus i almost always start a new town every time i play, so i am checking/rejecting maps every time.) by the time i can afford flower seeds at a trade post, i mostly don't want them as much as i want other items... do flowers work in the greenhouse? it would be incredible - and worth the expense - if i could pay 35,000 for jatropha seeds, grow them, add their flowers to the greenhouse, and generate seeds in turn to sell back at trade post. why, i'd be rich, i tell you! apart from native artifacts, seeds are the most valuable trade items. i didn't think there was a way to produce them, though. ...is there?
  7. I don't always watch for deaths, once I get a stable population, but super wide comments in the event log catch my eye, and a couple of them so far have been hilarious. Shot attached here is for Alonzalo who was killed at work as a glassmaker. Then last night there was a message about someone who somehow got boxed up in a crate (HOW does that even happen?) but I did not get to him in time to take another screenshot, sorry. Anyone have other shots/stories of goofy ways banished folk die?
  8. back in april, i experienced some crash issues because i installed CC Journey 1.75 but was not enrolled in beta on steam. after opting into beta and making sure compatibility, deco, mega and journey were all in the right order, all my crash issues stopped. (screen snip is of the mod order list i finally updated this month, although the mods have been happily in this order since april.) since then, i have enjoyed many weeks of smooth, stable game play - until today. i can play for 1.5 - 2 hours, then get the dreaded runtime-steam-x64.dll error. town populations are still less than 100, i hadn't time to start trade, and and no serious production chains are going yet, apart from basic food and fuel. i'm using new random maps each time, and doing no terraforming. i have added no new mods. i have changed no mod orders. i have no issues with my GPU or drivers, or other specs. other games - heavier games like cities skylines and sims 3 that are much harder on my system - run as smooth as ever with no crash issues. i am at a loss to explain or troubleshoot this issue....
  9. i did have @Necora's pine set from the maritimes collection, but now i have nothing because last week, Gordon's sort/list app disabled and reordered all my mods. since then i have not played. i have deleted all mods. when i play again (maybe this weekend?) i think i will install only colonial charter journey, megamod, megamod deco, and compatibility. i like many additional mods, especially the mods i find both here and at WoB. but i know many will change, update, and perhaps even be included in a new version of megamod at some future date. as it stands right now, CC Journey is an incredible and massive mod for banished, and MegaMod plus MegaMod Deco add a fantastic amount of content to the game as well. more than enough to thoroughly enjoy playing, without a huge amount of fussing with ordering, enabling, troubleshooting, crashing, etc. thanks to everyone here who has helped and advised me. you are all awesome.
  10. hi, i got the .pkm file for kralyerg's increased from this thread, but i cannot find any info page or description for it. it's not listed on kralyerg's mod list at the banishedinfo site, and the only references i can find to it here at this site are the discussion threads already referenced. i am wondering if it's not listed anywhere because it's a custom mod, made just for esterhb and never shared widely? but if anyone has a link to a web page with a description or details about it, i'd be grateful. i can't post or send a .txt file for the little sort app by Gordon that you shared because when i ran it, i answered yes, and all my mods were immediately 1) disabled, 2) reordered, and 3) the initial .txt file self-deleted. yay! going to have to start from scratch. unsubscribed from everything at steam (which was not a ton, actually - the steam banished community is paltry.) deleting all mods from windata folder (that weren't already removed by unsubscribing in steam) as soon as i have time, i'm looking up versions of everything i had that either wasn't included in megamod, or has since come out with a newer version due to the 1.75 flag changes, to make sure i have the newest ones. then i'll try to spend a couple days putting everything back, in the orders you suggest here. i think i understand your advice: A) UI mods and mods that change gameplay, e.g. storage, roads, etc. B) start condition mods such as NatDiv and Pine Set C) custom content mods such as houses, buildings, decorations D) Colonial Charter mods in this order: compatibility 1.07 journey 1.75 megamod 0.07 megamod deco 0.07 honestly this sounds like so much work, i may not get around to it for a while. but when i do, i will post my new mod order and report if things are working okay.
  11. @QueryEverything thanks so much for all you continue to do for the community here, you give so much time, it's amazing. a few answers for your reply, sorry if they're jumbled: i think NatDiv grass only shows up on vanilla starts? i have been using nuevo arbol very mild custom start for a long while now, and do not set up a thatcher, so i don't think NatDiv affects my game. (there's no grass, so i don't get thatch unless i trade for it, and i build fenceless pastures and stone houses, etc.) all 4 crashes were with brand new starts and random map seed numbers (not previous saves loaded) so there were no auto-saves to delete. i don't keep old saves much anyhow, and never keep auto-saves. any time i hit save for any reason, i delete auto saves and more often than not delete several previous towns. usually there's 2 or 3 towns in my saves - no more. i was on average 90 minutes to 2 hours into each game, and had no paused buildings. i was generally only 4-8 game years in, i was still getting steady food and fuel supplies going, only adding one or two houses per year, not placing any buildings my folks didn't need right away. i wrote out my mod order list in july (a couple weeks ago) but i've been playing with this order since updating to CC Journey 1.75 back in april, and have neither added, moved, nor subtracted anything since then. i have been playing on average 30-40 hours per month since april, with very smooth steady game performance, until yesterday. here's a steam link to wildlife by Zen Industries, all it does in increase the radius of foresters, hunters and gatherers, and allow for larger staff. i have been using it about as long as the all-mining by Xez, a year or more, without issue. (it only affects the vanilla buildings. you don't get bigger circles or staffs with custom buildings, i think because wildlife is old, released in 2014.) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=343395307&searchtext= my more SWILs (stone, wood, iron, leather) have also functioned fine since i first got them. i will check out Kralyerg's Increased, but since nothing has added or moved or changed or enabled or disabled or uninstalled since april, i'm not thinking the SWILs have anything to do with my crashes. i'm always careful to exit, reload, back up windata, etc. when i make changes or additions to my mods (all your excellent tips and advice.) this would apply if i had changed anything since april, but i haven't. i'll keep trying...
  12. i am playing again, and was so pleased to see my first random map give me my favorite things: oats, cherries, spinach, llamas. in game, thanks to oats, i will be able to start domestic animal (DA) production almost immediately, and that means dairy for everyone (plus my town will thrive in trade as DA are quite valuable). thanks to cherries, i will have yoghurt. thanks to llamas, i will have clothing. plus i adore how kicky llamas look when they move. IRL, i had frozen black cherry yoghurt with oatmeal cookies just the other day. yummy! and spinach is my all time favorite vegetable. i eat it raw right out of the bag, like potato chips, only way healthier... And while i was not playing banished recently, i did have llamas - and freezer bunnies and plumbobs and cowplants... so it seems like this map was MADE for me. *sigh* i love this game
  13. Cie Les Meneurs de Loups - Musique médiévale
  14. do you like to lay out your town before you "un-pause" or do you just start plopping buildings willy-nilly, and let your town grow "organically"? i'm pretty fussy about distances and proportions and balance, and getting good happiness radii, but i hate how long it takes folks to lay down a dirt road before they do anything else, so i've grown into a habit: i lay out most my roads on pause, for strategic placement of service buildings, etc. then before i hit play, i delete most planned roads except intersections. that way i know what i want to grow, but waste a LOT less time getting started. i use the delete road tool to visualize an overview of my future roads, to see if they line up the way i wanted.
  15. now that song is stuck in your head! am i remembering wrong, or did Stables9 used to only accept oats to produce domestic animals (DA)? Stables8 accepts all grains except rice, but can be more difficult to construct, if you can't get 4 DA by clearing fields, etc. but now Stables9 seems easier, accepting oats, corn or barley.
  16. it got to around 7-800 population, abundant food, strong steady fuel supply, and a burgeoning docks/trade area. then i had to get some sleep, and when i played next, i started a new town. i use a building's radius to plan most stuff. i place foresters and gatherers to make sure the radius doesn't go over rivers, mountains, buildings, etc. then i lay out roads to keep development out of forester and gather radii. and i have folks pick up all stone and iron inside the radius also, to allow trees and natural foods to use every bit of space in their circles. i stopped using herbalists and apothecaries when herbs became available as a crop seed. if i don't get it as a default crop, i trade for it asap. until then, clearing areas for construction seems to pick up enough herbs to last, and the hospital takes care or any major outbreaks. health is bolstered by access to all food types, and that seems to reduce need for herbs too. but i do wonder, does garlic bread add to health? it is one of my favorites to assign to bakeries, it would be cool if it also benefited health. storage i keep near ports, and only next to food supplies if they are too far away from the ports. then i rely on markets for bringing goods to housing areas. i use libraries instead of churches for happiness, personal preference. i do wish the statue carver had a happiness radius, and maybe the potter. art would be a nice source of culture and knowledge. and if some sort of apprentice hierarchy was possible in banished that would be fun. i always liked the medieval idea of one-to-one learning, becoming a master at a craft and taking years, if not decades, to do so. tv has ruined the idea of apprenticeship. well, no need to dwell on that here. i play with disasters off so crops don't blight. biggest problem i have with crops is getting enough people to harvest before winter gets them. if i build a nomad attractor (attracter?) i usually demolish it when my population is big enough to have 20 builders and 20-40 laborers at all times. i try to keep a 3/1 or 4/1 adult to child ratio, 20 kids for every 60-80 adults, at least during growth, later it needs to diminish or folks start popping up homeless. oh, and i almost forgot to mention, since i do it as a matter of course these days: i set all as educated. home school rules! don't think of it as a debug cheat, think of it as good parenting. i usually end up with happy healthy agriculture communities... i do love a bucolic life
  17. I love @Necora 's Maritimes housing pine lodges and pine cabin. The door on the big lodge in the middle, with the half sun window on top, is just lovely. Makes me so happy. and i thought it funny and typical, when i added new houses, (after demolishing the 'easy start' circle of wood houses - i don't mind the houses, i just don't want them laid out like that. my blocks are more... blocky.) that during the re-allotment of my homeless, the huge family of 5 got stuck crammed in the tiny cabin but the selfish loner dude took the whole huge lodge all to himself...
  18. seriously! ten! i think that's enough... p.s. i have two 42-inch monitors, so if one fell, i GUESS i'd be okay with the other.
  19. this might not be the worst thing, as @Diospectre recently gave me food for thought: "Avoid building hospital too close to the residential or crowded area (e.g. markets) if possible. So once a citizen gets sick, it won't spread out a lot while he is being healed in the hospital." i have always put a full size hospital in the middle of my most dense neighborhoods, because of the happiness radius. now, all i see is the first few sick people running into the hospital, potentially infecting everyone they pass, which is a lot of folks, 'cuz it's in a high-pop. area. i will think twice about hospital placement next time. post is here:
  20. yes, i learned this the hard way. i quit my game to go to work, came back, and could never build on those places where the road was unfinished (semi-transparent) and deleted. now i am careful to do as much road as i need before "un-pausing" or saving, and i'm enjoying my "intersections only" method, it helps get folks done with roads faster at the beginning, so they go do their "real" jobs. and seriously, where's the screenshots of this six island paradise?
  21. IKR? it's just that the widgets i use, and keep perpetually open during play, and the exact positions i put them in, are basically The Only Right Way To Do It. as are yours, i'm sure. and yours and yours etc. p.s. this map is definitely mine, it has my name (Leigh is my middle name).
  22. i have, but find it is not big enough for my purposes. i like making a huge plan, and pulling the view all the way back to see long roads making arrow swift travel in my towns. comes from being from a fly-over state, i guess, wide-open areas with fast roads. i also put down roads, lay buildings, pause buildings then delete roads. but not as often as i used to because, i'm also starting to use wider roads now and if i delete all the roads before they're built i may not remember what i intended to do (i'm old). and because i'm adding gaps for future home landscaping. one of my folks may decide to start baking in the back yard and selling her cherry pie at the farmers market, or someone may decide to keep bees, or put in a well. not to mention all the deco i should definitely use more of... (wow way to mangle a sentence.) and finally because i may not un-pause enough of them very fast. i don't like to keep un-built items on pause too long, especially fields and pastures, because the timber starts to fall away. all that potential firewood... my initial road lay-out is always spacious (flat maps really work for me) and letting the key intersections get built really helps me stick to my "vision."
  23. cable knit! i knew it! ...so there have been about 5 quakes in my area tonight. i was in banished and my apartment started shaking... freaked me out, first thing i thought was "i never turn on natural disasters, what gives?" might not have noticed, epicenter was almost 100 miles away, but my monitor almost tipped over on me. *sigh* first world problems...
  24. ...so does anyone know what the custom0 through custom9 are supposed to be assigned to? are they not yet assigned? can i assign an item to one of them for myself? yeah, i know i don't really understand modding or how the flags, etc. work. sorry for my ignorance. just curious, there's all these new buttons, and they seem to do nothing.