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  1. This would realy be great and would open a whole new game for mining. Right now i use mines only if i go for some realism, cause otherwise they are very ineficient, especialy those precious mines with their ridiculosly low yeilds. I really wanted to build a sort of a colonial outpost focused on mining for gold and silver but had to give up on the idea when realising that a miner eats few times more value than he mines. Had to switch to tin mining and tinneries and tinware production to brake even. And still its a lot more profitable to just buy ores. Problem isnt so much in mineing yield but the fact that miners cost of living is the same as any other bannie, probably even more if they use more tools than average. So, bigger yield based on location would be an awesome addition to the game, but considering game limitations its probably imposible without some serious workaround. Maybe the way the fisheries produce more if theres more water in their radius, mines could generate more if theres more mountains in their radius. Or have mine upgrades that result in bigger yields. * i am still on CC and coresponding MM so maybe i am unavare of some changes in mining
  2. Thers plenty of bridges and sets for connecting an island or traversing a big lake but in my opinion it often looks very unrealistic that people would build such long bridges in real life, especialy in colonial or medieval times. They used boats and ferrys, and me being a stickler for realisam, was looking for something like that. Considering the game wont allow us to carry bannies over water its up to us to find a workaround. So, modders of all countries unite, and bring us ferries
  3. The problem is not the lack of bridges or getting bannies to an island. I am looking if some modder can make some kind of workaround for visible bridges so that we can use islands without using long bridges that sometimes look unrealistic at big distances and can ruin the look of a seaport.
  4. I've been playing a lot of the water world maps lately cause i like to pretend its the ocean and build seaport towns. I stumbled on a great map which has some islands in the middle which i would love to use, and right now the only way to do that is to build long bridges and connect them, and that looks very unrealistic and doesnt fit well with a seaport look. I know the game doesnt allow for some kind of boat or ferry transport of bannies, so i was thinking of some kind of a workaround for that and came up with few ideas and need someone of the modders to judge how feasible they are. * underwater tunnel - same as a tunnel but under water with entry and exit points that look like ferry stations. This one is easiest but probably imposible * transparent bridge - this is probably doable and would look good exept for the fact that there would be bannies walking on water (i would even prefer this over those long bridges) * waterlike texture bridge - bridge with a roof and a texture that most resembles the water under it. This seams like most doable but it would probably look weird Any other ideas guys?
  5. Still havent played CC 1.7 so maybe i am asking something thats already there. I mostly like to build my towns on shores of big lakes and pretend its an ocean shore and build a harbour town. Thers so much great stuff for building a great seaport but thers only two big decorative ships and one of them looks like it could barely fit 10 bannies and a parrot. I would really like more ocean-faring ships and posibly a war frigate to get a true feeling of a triving trade seaport. Also some ghost rocks that could fit nicely on shores to get a look of a rocky shoreline. And some ghost cannons that go on top of that big stone walls(from medieval town mod i think). Yeah, and more ships
  6. Totaly agree with KevinTheCynic here, theres more than plenty of games with locked stuff, its refreshing to not have to chase some predetirmend goals but to enjoy open game and play any scenario i think off. I even dislike the house upgrades in banished, not the upgrade idea, i am sure thers plenty of people who enjoy that aspect of the game, but the fact that you have to empty a house of resorces, demolish it, clear the remains, bring new materials and build it to reach new tier of house. Thats something that doesnt suit my style of play so theres a lot of houses i never get to build, but luckily now thers so much options with MM that i dont feel left out
  7. I had some big 10x10 vanila piles but cant recall seeing them walk over them. I remember seeing them a lot walking all the way to south side to put or pick stuff which can be anoying when their workplace is on north side of a big pile.
  8. @Bro there is a limit of how deep you can go with optimizing efficiency cause of the games shortcomigs. Game and bannies sometimes act against human logic and theres a lot of aspects you either cant control or would take too much micromanaging. For example sometimes someone dies in a house you built for your forester/hunter/gatherer hub. Someone else takes his work but he could live on other side of map and your efficiency goes way down for some period of time. Theres a lot of examples like this, plus a game can make some very strange decisions sometimes so going too deep for efficiency could sometimes be ineficient itself As for your example with foresters bigger circle wouldnt be more eficient, as can be seen with smaller circle foresters from MM. Forester usualy just cuts old trees and leaves a log whitch then a laborer picks up so a big circle could mean that he has to travel a lot if a log is on far side of a circle which can be ineficient, especialy if he decides he is hungry or cold just before reaching that log
  9. Well thats an very interesting idea. Two questions come to mind. Can bannies walk over that pile or do they have to go around. And does that work only if its 30 tiles in east-west direction cause they tend to put stuff on southern side of piles. Anyway i dont see it as cheating, more of a offset to a lot of shortcomings of game mechanics
  10. Not really sure what you mean with min/max, i asume you mean most whats most efficient work a bannie can do. Like in vanila miners and foresters produce barely enough to feed them while choppers make a ton of value, more then 20 times a miner makes. In MM and CC there is stackburner that makes charcoal from wood and makes ridiculus amount of value ( so overpowerd imho that it feals like cheating). Also now there are ocupations that even make negative value. Check out this site http://www.silisoftware.com/tools/banished-colonial-charter/ they have a lot of info on most buildings and their output. Its not up to date but its pretty good info for most stuff. Havent played much of MM yet, but as i can tell its not so much balanced cause of so many different mods, but for me thats life like and fun. Heres a few occupations that make about 800-1200 of value if placed right, which is great, and that dont have a large footprint. Hunter, gatherer, reed farm, rice planter, tailors, butchers, bee shelter, curing barn... Most ocupations are part of some production chain so while not beeing profitable on there own make vaalue in a chain. One example that bugs me is Cooper which produces barrels and barely makes any value while also making too small quantity of barrels imho. But with quay fisherman and smokehouse there is nice value in that chain. But if you skip barel making and just buy them from traders there is even more value. I still havent played enugh of MM to check all it has to offer so i probably missed something.
  11. What mod has walls like this? Or any mod with walls. I use the latest mega mod and there i can only find palisade walls from the fort set and those huge medieval walls for later game. I like the idea of fortifying a city even if there is no real need for it . And if there where some ghost cannons that fit that would be great.
  12. Really amazing
  13. When loading new mode you should exit and then start banished again. Also C.C and M.M. require a new game. Maybe this helps.
  14. I agree with BuildHappy here, had many trade towns with opppsite ports, some even connected so bannies used them as bridges, and never problems. But when i started using terraform and quay pieces i started seeing boats that just pass without stopping as can be seen in this post : http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/topic/776-traders-not-stopping/ I presume that all boats enter the map from the same point (if not thats really strange) and one of them turns at some point (little less strange). You should see where that happens and if theres some quays or raised terrain there which causes them to go crazy.
  15. So finaly had some time to play and decided to figure whats wrong. After a lot of destruction i found the problem. Two tiles to the right of the draw bridge there was one 1x3 quay piece which can be barely seen because its built on ground. For some reason after destroying it everything became normal. Weird.