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  1. can someone from the bl team make a bookmark icon like the previous CC site?
  2. Greece ........ ouzo , tzatziki , pita gyros .....ooppaaaaa
  3. i didnt use auto trade even when i had to manage about 70+ trading posts . i wanted to be sure that i buy the food i want meaning only the food that cost 1 and pay with the things i wanted.
  4. now that new cc 1.7 finaly arrived i stop playing this city..and because it havent been any land left for development.....last update for this city.....final population 24068
  5. @stileswhen i said i start in the corner i ment the fotos not the game because i start take screenshots opposite to the orientation of the mini map. for you to see it better you can click the foto and then at the left bottom corner it says full size click it and it opens in a new tab click again and you can "zoom" to see better. but everything is under control. the only thing that matters in this game is FOOD.. the others i dont really care much about.. i cant say how much it took me to get here ...i started somewhere around summer but i havent been playing for almost all summer because ...summer in greece doesnt match with pc gaming at least for me.. after summer i started play more.. houses are REDketchaps New Medieval Town 3 floor @ShockPuppet and i play with the medium size map and we dont have more than 3 floor houses..
  6. this town is all about the numbers.. i tried to align the fotos so you can see the whole side of the map as 1 picture. its like a grid 4X3 but i started at the down right side of the mini map
  7. @stiles Not a single farm.....As @Azure Lyrrix said massive export of Jade statues. the 26 traders you see are just the ones waiting to trade the 30000 food they bring.. i have 60 CC food only traders bringing 30000 every time x 4 times a year (4 t/y 4 seasons its my assumption to calculate the amount of food .. i dont know for sure how many times they come.... so 60tr X (4t/y X 30000) = +- 2,200,000 food per year + 7 vanilla traders + all animals